Pryor is now a Seahawk

The Raiders have traded quarterback Terrelle Pryor to the Seahawks in exchange for a 2014 seventh-round pick, the team announced. adds that the 49ers were also in the running for Pryor's services. Oakland reportedly would have released Pryor, a supplemental third-round pick in 2011, if it didn't find a trade partner.

Pyro's take: This is a very shrewd move b Seattle. The 49ers were also in the running to make a trade for Pryor, and by making this trade the Seahawks insure that the 49ers are stuck with Blaine Gabbert if Kaepernick goes down.

We saw how explosive Terrelle can be, and going to Seattle will put him with a coach who will get the most out of him, if called upon. Pryor still has a lot of fantasy upside, so if you draft Russell Wilson, you better think about grabbing some TP before flushing your last draft pick away.

04/22/14, 11:39 PM CDT by Houdini

It's Super Bowl or bust for Vernon

“We must win a Super Bowl title,” 49ers tight end Vernon Davis tells NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk in an interview that will air on Tuesday. “You play this game, that’s what you play this game for. You play the game to go to the Super Bowl and that’s the only reason why we play to win and make it to the Super Bowl. So anything short of that would not be acceptable and I think my teammates know that as well.

“I mean, we’ve had multiple opportunities to make it and to win it. When we were playing back in New Orleans we played the Ravens we had a great opportunity in front of us but we just didn’t seize the moment but you know what the unique thing about it is we get another chance. We still have the same chemistry, the same guys that are back in the locker room but we have another chance to do it again.”

Pyro's take: I think we all knew that already, but why not fuel the off-season fire. The 49ers will have a more prolific offense this season, with everyone back and healthy. Davis has proven that he is a major redzone threat, and a player who can a lot without a ton of targets(only 84 targets last season).

Davis will be a top five tight end this season, with potential the potential to finish second to Jimmy Graham for a second straight season. Which when you think about it makes him the best tight end, as Jimmy is no tight end.

04/22/14, 11:08 PM CDT by Houdini

Newton talks about his recovery and receivers

Newton said he’s recovering at a “rapid pace” from March 19 surgery to tighten the ligaments in his ankle. Newton’s surgery came six days after the release of Steve Smith, the franchise’s all-time receiving leader who was cut after 13 seasons in Charlotte.

Newton said he was surprised when he learned the Panthers planned to let Smith go.

“Did it catch me by surprise? It caught all of us – if you were in the 704 region, you were caught by surprise,” Newton said Tuesday at Bank of America Stadium. “Everybody in the Carolinas was surprised, including myself.”

“Hopefully when we do play the Baltimore Ravens it will be guts and – whatever he said – everywhere on both sides,” Newton said. “We all understand who Steve Smith was and what he brought to this community, to this organization. And it was a hard-nosed mentality. He has taught a lot of players under him, including myself, the attitude (of) don’t take nothing for granted.”

In addition to Smith, the Panthers lost three other receivers in free agency – Brandon LaFell, Ted Ginn Jr. and Domenik Hixon. To replace them, they signed Jerricho Cotchery, Jason Avant and Tiquan Underwood, none of whom is considered a No. 1 receiver.

Though Newton won’t be on the field with the group until training camp, he said he has “plenty of time” to develop chemistry. He met with the new receivers for the first time Monday, when the Panthers began their offseason program.

“We had a great talk. A lot was said, a lot was given, a lot was taken,” Newton said. “No matter who or what the receivers look like, this is a team game. We all are (aware of) what has been done this offseason as far as acquisitions and trades and releases. But the fact is we have our team right now.”

Pyro's take: In terms of fantasy Cam has an uphill battle facing him in 2014. There is a good possiblity the best receiver on the Panthers will come via the draft next month. That is not great news for Cam, who finally showed the development as a passer last season, and would really benefit from having a game changing play-maker on offense.

As far as his ankle injury, he seems to be doing well, but he will definitely need to be at a 100%, as he will likely be running more this season. The lack of weapons is the biggest reason to fear Cam this season in fantasy drafts...unless you believe in Tiquan Underwood, Jericho Cotchery and Jason Avant.

04/22/14, 10:27 PM CDT by Houdini

Dalton looking for a big contract extension

The public backing from Lewis and new offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, who told SiriusXM Radio this month he sees Dalton "on the cusp of something really good," leave Dalton confident in his status within the organization.

In fact, their comments have him saying he feels he's the face of the franchise.

"I do," Dalton said. "I feel like in everything that Marvin has said, that Hue has said and everybody here has told me that and has told everybody that. I'm confident with that. I hope to spend a lot of career here. Hopefully, we can get something done."

"I'm very confident in what I've done," Dalton said. "The people who are the critics, they look at all of the negatives. They don't look at all of the stuff that I've accomplished. They don't look at that I'm one of three quarterbacks in the history of the NFL to do certain things. They don't look at that kind of stuff. They want to find ways to tear me down, but I'm not worried about that. They can say whatever they want. All that matters is what everyone believes in this organization and what I believe in myself. That's how I go about my business."

Pyro's take: Dalton has reason to make these statements. In his first three seasons with the Bengals he has made the playoffs each year. Even if those games have not gone his way, the fact is the Bengals had never made the playoffs in three consecutive seasons until Dalton took over. Dalton is one of only five quarterbacks to reach the postseason in his first three seasons.

The Red Rifle is also holds the franchise single season record for passing yards with 4,293, and touchdowns with 33, both set in 2013. There is no doubt that Dalton is and will be the starter in 2014, but he is angling for some big money, similar to the contracts signed by Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan. It will be interesting to see how much he gets, but this deal should get done before the season. The Bengals can't afford to start over at quarterback again.

04/22/14, 10:14 PM CDT by Houdini

Geno beleives he will be the Jets starter

There is no question in Geno Smith’s mind who the Jets starting quarterback will be. The second-year signal caller said Monday he expects to beat Michael Vick out in the team’s latest edition of a quarterback competition.

Smith simply said, “Yes,” when asked if he still expects to be the team’s starter. He then gave his explanation why.

“My belief in myself,” Smith said. “Knowing that I’m going to take every action possible to get better and to come into this season a better player; having a second year in [offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg’s] system and with [quarterbacks] coach David Lee and with Rex [Ryan] as the head coach is going to do wonders for not just myself but everyone on the offense.

“A lot of it is going to come down to production on the field. I just believe with the experience I’ve gained and the direction we were heading in as an offense and where I see myself as a second-year player, I just believe I’m more than capable of being the starter.”

Pyro's take: Geno has belief in his abilities, but I am not sure anyone else in New York agrees with him. Had Smith been able to establish any type of consistency or growth his rookie season the Jets would not have run out to sign Michael Vick.

The simple fact for the Jets is that their fans expect and demand them to not be a mediocre team. That is why they went out and signed Vick, as well as Eric Decker and Chris Johnson. This team is all in to win, and while he had faith in his abilities, it will be Vick who gets the nod as the starter. Now we all know Vick, so expect to see Geno by week 6.

04/22/14, 10:04 PM CDT by Houdini


Chris Johnson will now be part of the New York Jets. He signed a two-year contract after being released from the Titans. His new contract has a base of $8 million with yardage incentives. He will join the backfield of Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory. He will also join the new-comers of Michael Vick, Eric Decker, and Jacoby Ford.

Pyro's take: This guy really hasn't done much since his 2,000 yard 16 touchdown performance in 2009. In his last three years he has averaged just 1,123 yards on 272 carries which is a low 4.1 yards per carry average, and over that span has only scored 16 touchdowns. Last year they brought in Shonn Greene to push Johnson, and now he joins a team with two running backs already established with the team in Ivory and Powell. Obviously, Johnson is more talented, but he lacks the rugged carry style of Ivory, and Powell is a better receiver. More than likely, Chris Ivory will be the goal-line and short yardage back, Powell the third-down back, and Johnson in between all of that. Look for CJ to have a small dip in last years all-around numbers

04/17/14, 02:52 PM CDT by Michael Valverde

Williams wants to prove Bucs made a mistake

Saying he wants to prove the Bucs made a mistake by trading him to the Buffalo Bills, receiver Mike Williams admitted he has to ‘grow up a little bit more.’’

Despite that acknowledgement at his introductory press conference with the Bills Monday, Williams insisted that he was guilty mostly of having a big heart and said two stories about his off-field problems weren’t factual. He refused to specify but claimed some of the charges against him were unfounded.

The spate of trouble surrounding Williams prompted the Bucs to trade their No. 2 receiver to the Bills Friday for a sixth-round pick in the NFL draft next month.

“I’m going to go out and prove they made a mistake and this is a great decision for the Buffalo Bills,’’ Williams said.

Pyro's take: Lovie Smith has quickly put his stamp on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by sending their second best receiver packing. Instead of trying to work with Williams, Smith figured it was better to send him to Buffalo for a sixth round draft pick.

This is a nice score for the Bills, as it cost them nothing for a player with a chip on his shoulder. Williams will definitely help E.J. Manuel in his second season. As for the Bucs, I am not sure what they are going to look like on offense, but it will most likely look bad.

04/12/14, 01:16 PM CDT by Houdini

Manning working with receivers, but not Demaryius

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has gathered most of the team's wide receivers and tight end Julius Thomas at Duke University this week for the well-planned headstart on the offseason work.

Newly-minted Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders tweeted a picture of the group Tuesday, a photo that also included Wes Welker, Andre Caldwell and Julius Thomas. And that set off the requisite amount of social media panic in the local zip codes on the Front Range because the Broncos' No. 1 wide receiver, Demaryius Thomas, was not in the photo. Or even at Duke for that matter.

Cancel the panic. There is no rift or bubbing controversy. Thomas is still recovering from a left shoulder injury he suffered in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Pyro's take: Talk about a Super Bowl hangover. Kam Chancellor is the reason Demaryius can't play catch with Peyton, but I have a feeling that their chemistry will be fine once the season starts.

This workout session will be more important for Emmanuel Sanders, Andre Caldwell and Julius Thomas. Peyton and Demaryius proved over the last two seasons that they are on the same page. Peyton should have his top target back soon.

04/12/14, 12:41 PM CDT by Houdini

Wide receiver now Buc's draft target?

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trading away their wide receiver 2 in Mike Williams, it now leaves a gaping hole behind Vincent Jackson. Anyone have confidence in Skye Dawson or Chris Owusu in your lineup next season? Didn't think so. In a deep draft for wide receivers we expect the Buc's to select multiple guys to provide some depth but when do they start?

Pyro's take: I think they start right away with the seventh overall pick. If Sammy Watkins is available at 7 they select him after just a second after they are on the clock. If Watkins is off the board, which I believe they will, then they should select Mike Evans with slightly more hesitation, but not much. Evans might actually be a better fit with the Buc's and new quarterback Josh McCown who is used to having a big, talented group of wide receivers coming from Chicago.

In selecting Evans the Buc's top 2 would rival that of the Bears in size and skill and McCown will be a happy man. Tim Wright also looks like he will work in at wide receiver next season along with his tight end duties so adding one more pass catcher in the first round would make the starting unit dangerous. Evans learning under Vincent Jackson, who is similar in size and speed, would be an ideal situation, especially with Jackson now north of 30.

Look for the Buccaneers to select the best receiver available at 7 and add another player for depth in the middle rounds.

04/04/14, 11:53 AM CDT by Stagg Party

Johnson released from Titans

"As an organization, we want to thank Chris for his contributions to the Titans," general manager Ruston Webster said in a release. "Chris produced many memorable moments, broke franchise records and was durable over his six-year career with our team. We have had an open dialogue with Chris' agent, Joel Segal, over the last few weeks, and we appreciate the patience and professionalism they have shown throughout this process.

Pyro's take: Johnson will now be looking for a new team for next season and while it is very late in free agency he should still have quite a few suitors. While many teams have already filled their starting running back roles earlier in free agency, Johnson should find a new home in the next week or so. Johnson will be looking for a starting role that he might not be able to find at this stage in his career.

Johnson looks like a candidate to become a strong complimentary back in a committee if he can find the right situation. Johnson still possesses game breaking speed and the ability to take it the distance from anywhere on the field. It is hard to see a fit where Johnson gets as many carries as he has with the Titans the last few years but he will still be a player to keep your eyes on draft day even though he might no longer be CJ2K.

04/04/14, 11:38 AM CDT by Stagg Party

Bills trade for Buc's Williams

The Buffalo Bills have worked out a trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for wide receiver Mike Williams, it was announced Friday.

The Bills will send a sixth-round pick in next month's draft to Tampa Bay in exchange for the four-year veteran, pending a physical.

"Mike Williams is a competitive, tough wide receiver who has the size and athleticism to add competition to our receiver position group," Bills coach Doug Marrone said in a release.

Pyro's take: Williams fantasy prospects have took a dive since a good year in 2012. Williams burst unto the scene as a rookie in 2010 posting double digit touchdowns and also scored 9 in 2012. Williams will now be finding a new home after a tumultuous offseason which ultimately led to his trade out of Tampa.

Depending on how his leg heals up from his stab wound, Williams could be a good buy low option for the Bills at just the price of a sixth round pick. The Bills now have what seems like a well balanced receiving corps with the 6'2" Stevie Johnson and 6'2" Mike Williams on the outside, the polished Robert Woods in one slot, and the speedster Marquise Goodwin as a situational deep threat.

Williams' fantasy prospects for next season are a bit murkier as of now with an inconsistent quarterback at the helm, and numerous other weapons around him. Keep an eye out to see if the Bills make any other moves with their wide receiving corps to see if anyone will be worth owning for your starting lineup.

04/04/14, 11:15 AM CDT by Stagg Party

Britt brings new dimension to Rams

The St. Louis Rams have signed former Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt to a one-year, $1.4M deal, including $550,000 guaranteed. The maximum value of the deal is $2.9 million.

Pyro's take: Britt has elite size for the position at 6'3" 223 pounds, something the Rams have really lacked in their starting lineup as Brian Quick has failed to live up to expectations thus far in his career. Britt also brings a speed element that Quick lacks as he has mid 4.4 speed. Britt's size-speed combo could be exactly what the Rams need as they look to take some of the pressure off Tavon Austin.

Britt is also reunited with Jeff Fisher, who was the head coach in Tennessee when he flashed enormous talent early in his career. Beyond Tavon Austin the rest of the Rams receiving corps is nothing special, so Britt will definitely have an opportunity to win a job and some targets. Britt is on a one season show me contract with the Rams, so there is little risk in this deal for them, but for Britt he will need to show that his drops and inconsistency are a thing of the past in order to earn a new long term deal in the league.

04/02/14, 03:16 PM CDT by Stagg Party

Green nearly outscored Gates from week 6 on

Ladarius Green might not be the hottest commodity at the tight end position right now, but come draft day I will be taking a shot at his skill set. In fact, starting in week 6 of last season Green nearly outscored Antonio Gates. Gates collected 53.4 standard fantasy points over the final 11 weeks of the season compared to Green's 50.8.

The former fourth round pick could be this season's Julius Thomas and well worth the late round flier you'd have to spend on him.

Pyro's take: What's not to like about Ladarius Green for next season? He is big (240 pounds and growing), tall (6'6"), and fast (Rivers called him the fastest player on the team last season). He also put up an insane 22.1 yards per catch in limited work last season. All he needs is a steady diet of targets and this guy will be a fantasy superstar. For a three week stretch during last season when he received 16 targets the guy was able to turn in 9 catches for 206 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The talent is there now he just needs the opportunity, look out for Green come draft time and he could pay major dividends for your fantasy squad.

04/02/14, 11:09 AM CDT by Stagg Party

DeSean's deal is 3 years 24 million

Last night DeSean Jackson agreed to join the Washington Redskins to the joy of his new teammates DeAngelo Hall, and more importantly RG3.

$16 million of the deal is reported to be guaranteed, a large sum for a player with some new found character issues.

Pyro's take: This deal seems like a fair price from someone of DeSean's ilk. He shouldn't be paid like a top ten wide receiver, but top 20 one should not argue that too much for a player with his skill set. DeSean will now join what looks to be a formidable Redskins offense, as long as RG3 can return to form under Jay Gruden.

For Jackson's personal fantasy perspective however, this deal definitely doesn't increase his value, it is hard to see him signing anywhere that could have. DeSean will now look like more of a wide receiver 2 next season then being on the cusp of WR1 where he finished last season as the tenth receiver in fantasy.

04/02/14, 10:48 AM CDT by Stagg Party

DeSean Jackson officially a Washington Football Team member


Pyro's take: This wouldn’t be an ordinary offseason if Dan Snyder didn’t spend money on a big signing. Adding DeSean is going to be huge for all the players on Washington now that there’s a WR that can take the top off of defenses. The talent on this team now has to make Jay Gruden blush with RG3, Pierre Garcon, Alfred Morris, and Jordan Reed.

Fantasy owners and fans of gratuitous taunting should be excited too, unless you really wanted to draft Aldrick Robinson. Dalton last year, under Gruden’s offense, threw the ball 586 times, good for 8th highest in the league. There’s every reason to hope for the best with the starters on this new offense.

The only words of caution for fantasy owners are to keep tabs on these alleged off-field activities that got him cut in the first place.

04/02/14, 12:25 AM CDT by SUITS

Martin cleared to return

"CLEARED!!!! Excited to be back y'all!!"

Doug Martin on his Twitter account.

Pyro's take: Doug Martin had a tremendous rookie season but suffered a sophomore slump before a season ending shoulder injury. New Head Coach Lovie Smith has already anointed Martin as the team's bell cow back so he will have the opportunity to return to his fantasy glory of his rookie season.

The Muscle Hamster should see a heavy workload as Lovie Smith has a tendency to lean on his lead backs during his time in Chicago. He is a three down back that should strive in a way similar to the role Matt Forte played for Lovie in Chicago. Big things are on the horizon for the 25 year old running back next season as the Bucs look to rebound from a down season.

03/31/14, 01:08 PM CDT by Stagg Party

Blount but Steel

LeGarrette Blount signs with the Steelers. He will get a two year contract that is worth $3.85 million and carries a signing bonus of $950,000. Blount had his best year last year, as he had 5.0 yards per carry average and seven touchdowns. He also torched Indianapolis in the playoffs for four touchdowns and 166 yards rushing.

Pyro's take: Steel-Town isn't the best place for Blount to land, fantasy wise, as Le'Veon Bell is the primary ball carrier in Pittsburgh. LeGarrette will most likely see approximately 10 carries a game, and with no receiving skills, he is faced with a very tight ceiling on his fantasy production. Furthermore, LeGarrette Blount has never been a full time rusher in his five seasons in the NFL, I would expect that trend to continue. His worth comes in hand-cuff only, if you want to take Le'Veon in your draft, other than that, he should be ignored.

03/29/14, 05:22 PM CDT by Michael Valverde

MJD back to Cali

Maurice Jones-Drew will be coming back to Cali after signing on with the Oakland Raiders. MJD is a product of De La Salle high school in Concord, which is about a half hour drive to Oakland. Jones-Drew college days were at UCLA before being drafted in the second round by the Jacksonville Jaguars. MJD has put up some monster numbers in Jacksonville, but his overall stats have declined in the past few years.

Pyro's take: Maurice Jones-Drew has had a solid career up to this point. If he had a better offensive line and didn't need a medic so often, he would have had a great career. Don't expect much out of Jones-Drew this year as moving from Jacksonville to Oakland isn't the greatest leap in overall team talent. For the Raiders they have an emergency back-up for their emergency back-up as it will probably be a race to see which player gets hurt first, Darren McFadden or MJD.

03/29/14, 02:42 AM CDT by Michael Valverde

DeSean is Gone

The Philadelphia Eagles on Friday released wide receiver DeSean Jackson, a move that comes just two years after the playmaker signed a five-year contract extension.

The Eagles' decision to cut ties with one of the most electrifying players in club history comes after the team uncovered information on Jackson's off-field connections and activities, a source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. In addition, they decided to release Jackson rather than trade him to another team that might be unaware.

Pyro's take: DeSean must have really been doing some bad stuff under the radar last season because he was a huge contributor to an electric Eagles offense. DeSean will now be searching around the league for a new team but his fantasy value took a huge hit today. DeSean was coming off career highs in receptions (82) and receiving yards (1,332) and scored nine touchdowns last season but those numbers will be hard to duplicate in a new uniform.

DeSean will have a number of suitors but will be without a number of others due to their already spent cap space and his newly uncovered gang connections. While DeSean finished last season in the top 10 for Wide Receivers it is tough to find a match in which he can put up similar numbers next season unless he is willing to take a small, 1 season show me contract.

DeSean is just 27 years old and coming off a career year so he will still have fantasy value no matter the team he signs with, just how much depends on where this former Eagle lands.

03/28/14, 01:19 PM CDT by Stagg Party

Moreno not Marino

Knowshon Moreno has signed a one year contract with the Miami Dolphins. Moreno easily had his best year as a Bronco as he ran for 10 touchdowns and caught three more. When healthy, Knowshon has been productive in the three major factions of the game (blocking, running, and receiving). These skills have shown why he was a first round choice by Denver.

Pyro's take: This is a great move by Miami. They have had busts at running back the last few years. Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas have not produced up to expectations. Yes, the offensive line is garbage, but these guys just have not contributed. With Knowshon, Miami will have someone that can contribute anywhere on the field.

03/27/14, 02:14 PM CDT by Michael Valverde




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