May 22, 2018


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Eric Ebron

Detroit Lions

Ebron Could Use Some Luck

Colts signed TE Eric Ebron, formerly of the Lions, to a two-year contract. Coach Frank Reich called Ebron an "elite tight end."

The last time we saw Andrew Luck healthy (2016), the Colts used 2+ TE sets at the 3rd-highest rate in the NFL and had the 6th-highest target share to TEs.

04/01/18, 11:32 AM CDT by Wheeler


Carlos Hyde

San Francisco 49ers

Hyde and Seek

Browns agreed to terms with RB Carlos Hyde, formerly of the 49ers, on a three-year, $15 million contract.

Obtaining Hyde has several trickle-down effects; first it replaces Crowell who signed with the Jets, it probably diminishes Duke Johnson’s value a bit. Hyde is a better all-around back than Crowell was and will certainly take over the goal-line work seeing that he’s got 20+ pounds on Duke. It also reduces the likelihood that Cleveland takes Saquon Barkley with the 4th pick in the draft. They will most likely look to draft a defensive player (Chubb) or trade down again.

04/01/18, 11:28 AM CDT by Wheeler


Jerick McKinnon

Minnesota Vikings

McKinnon Goes West For Gold-Rush

49ers agreed to terms with RB Jerick McKinnon, formerly of the Vikings, on a four-year, $30 million contract.

McKinnon averaged a ho-hum 3.8 yards a carry for the Vikings and scored three rushing touchdowns. By contrast, San Francisco's former lead runner, Carlos Hyde, averaged 3.9 yards an attempt in 2017 and had eight rushing touchdowns.

It appears as though Shanahan is enamored with McKinnon's athletic metrics, but I'm not so sure he was "pounding the table" to get him. This move could push the Niner's to cut Joe Williams.

04/01/18, 11:12 AM CDT by Wheeler


Mike Wallace

Baltimore Ravens

Eagles Keep Improving

Eagles signed WR Mike Wallace to a one-year contract.
Mike Wallace can still move posting a top five max speed among wide receivers last season. He will fill the void left by Torrey Smith as a speed vertical threat.

04/01/18, 11:08 AM CDT by Wheeler


Terrelle Pryor

Washington Redskins

Jets Searching For Weapons

Jets agreed to terms with WR Terrelle Pryor, formerly of Washington and Cleveland.

Second year in a row on a new team doesn’t really help Pryor's cause, but I like the idea of him on the field with Teddy Bridgewater at some point. I would imagine, with some creativity, the Jets could really design some innovative gadget plays.
The Jets receiving corps really looks like a bunch of question marks at this point though, no telling what the week-to-week outcome will be with these guys.
Jermaine Kearse: 65 catches, 810 yards, 5 touchdowns (2017)
Robby Anderson: 63 catches, 941 yards, 7 touchdowns (2017)
Quincy Enunwa: 58 catches, 857 yards, 4 touchdowns (2016)
Terrelle Pryor: 77 catches, 1007 yards, 4 touchdowns (2016)

04/01/18, 11:04 AM CDT by Wheeler


Carlos Henderson

Denver Broncos

Sleeper Watch

Broncos coach Vance Joseph said the team is "counting on" Carlos Henderson making an impact in 2018.

If you are paying attention to Staggs projections there is plenty of opportunity for Henderson to step into a solid number of targets in the slot. Henderson was hindered by injury and awful QB play last year. Being drafted in the 18th round or later in best-ball leagues, Henderson is the late round flyer that should be on your radar.

04/01/18, 11:00 AM CDT by Wheeler


Ben Watson

Baltimore Ravens

Watson Returns To Big Easy

Saints signed TE Ben Watson, formerly of the Ravens, to a one-year contract.

Watson had 74 catches on 110 targets for 825 yards and 6 TD’s when he was with the Saints in 2015. After missing 2016 he had a pretty good year with Baltimore last year despite an anemic offense, with 61 catches on 79 targets for 522 yards and 4 TD’s. He’s not a bad late round flyer TE. He’s basically free right now, but I expect by the time the season starts he’ll be being drafted within the top 20 at the position.

04/01/18, 10:54 AM CDT by Wheeler


Jeff Janis

Green Bay Packers

Janis Truthers Challenged

Browns officially signed former Packers’ WR Jeff Janis.
The combine superstar never amounted to anything in Green Bay, I highly doubt Cleveland is the place for him to finally break-out.

04/01/18, 10:50 AM CDT by Wheeler


Thomas Rawls

Seattle Seahawks

Jets Sign Rawls

Rawls had five RB1 games in 2015, one in 2016, and has been a disappointment since. He’s not worth your time in fantasy, but he could cause enough disruption in the Jets backfield to cut any upside we might have hoped for from Isaiah Crowell.

04/01/18, 10:48 AM CDT by Wheeler


Allen Robinson

Jacksonville Jaguars

Coo coo ca choo Mr. Robinson

Bears signed WR Allen Robinson, formerly of the Jaguars, to a three-year, $42 million contract.

This is a great move for Robinson and Chicago. Nagy’s offense and the young QB, Trubiski, should benefit Robinson at least as much as Bortles did, and Chicago gets the top WR in free agency.
Everyone on the team will be in a new scheme so there will be an adjustment, but as they start to gel we should see a big second half. Robinson’s recovery from a torn ACL doesn’t scare me away from drafting him in the late third/early fourth, his current MFL10 ADP is 43 overall while his Draft app ADP is 59.9. I expect Robinson to be somewhere in the range of 75 receptions, for 1100 yards and 8 TD’s.

03/24/18, 08:25 PM CDT by Wheeler


Sammy Watkins

Los Angeles Rams

KC Building Strong Air Attack

Chiefs signed Sammy Watkins, formerly of the Rams, to a three-year, $48 million contract.

I’m a big Sammy truther so getting him in the 5th or 6th round is a pure power move. His current Draft app ADP of 87.1 is an absolute steal, his MFL10 ADP of 69.5 is still a great value in my opinion. There are quite a few options for high targets in KC so I don’t expect him to see the 128 targets he saw his rookie year, but he should definitely see more than the 70 he saw last year. He’ll have an entire offseason to work with the near-rookie QB, and at age 25 he should have enough burst left to have a 70 catch, 1050 yd, 8TD line. For his career he has 16 receptions on 30 targets for 12 TD’s in the Red Zone, and 9 receptions on 13 targets, for 8 TD’s inside the opponents 10. He should be the exact WR the Chiefs need to get over the hump. As a team the Chiefs were 34/75 for 13 TD’s in the Red-Zone last year and 12/24 for 10 TD inside the 10.

03/24/18, 08:19 PM CDT by Wheeler


Kirk Cousins

Washington Redskins

Vikings Like That

Kirk Cousins plans to sign a three-year, fully-guaranteed contract from the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday. The deal is believed to be for around $86 million, and reports are it will be fully-guaranteed, a landmark for an NFL free agent.

Should be a lateral move for Kirk as far as fantasy, better WR’s, but fewer passes thrown in this offense. A healthy Dalvin Cook should be able to run out the clock if they are up in the second half of games and take the ball out of Cousins hands near the end zone. It should also help the overall efficiency of the offense so all in all it increases his floor, but cuts any garbage-time production we’ve seen with Washington. Kyle Rudolph becomes a big benefactor here, Cousins loves his TE, especially near the end-zone.

03/24/18, 08:16 PM CDT by Wheeler


Case Keenum

Minnesota Vikings

Denver Makes Case

Broncos signed QB Case Keenum, formerly of the Vikings, to a two-year, $36 million contract.

Well, I was hoping for more than a bridge QB for my favorite WR (D. Thomas), but this is a definite upgrade from the three stooges Denver put behind center last year.

03/24/18, 08:13 PM CDT by Wheeler


LeGarrette Blount

Philadelphia Eagles

Detroit Sparks Up Blount

The Lions signed free agent RB LeGarrette Blount to a 1-year deal worth $4.5M. He’s back with Matt Patricia, as the New England ties are strong.

The Lions have needed a true goal-line/power-back for years. I expect Blount to get between 150-200 touches and all the short-yardage carries. Detroit’s offense doesn’t really fit what Blount brings to the table, but I expect Patricia will have some influence over how the offense will operate from here-on-out.

03/24/18, 08:10 PM CDT by Wheeler


Cleveland Browns

Money Ball: The Sequel

Hate to start out the offseason with the Cleveland Browns, but they are makin’ moves!
Browns acquired: Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry, Damarious Randall
Browns gave up: 2018 3rd-round pick (No. 65), 2018 4th-round pick, 2019 7th-round pick, DeShone Kizer

Building with experienced quality performers that have something to prove, by selling inconsequential draft picks is exactly what Sashi Brown was building up for. It’s a shame he won’t be around to reap the rewards, but these are quality moves for a win-now mentality.

03/09/18, 09:37 PM CST by Wheeler


Tyrod Taylor

Buffalo Bills

Hue Looks To TyGoat

Browns left tackle Joe Thomas, who's pondering his future, is a fan of Tyrod Taylor and has said so on the ThomaHawk Show podcast.

Tyrod is just one season removed (2016) from being the QB11 in average fantasy ppg, including seven 20+ point weeks and six 15+ point weeks. Given the current talent on the O-line and skill position weapons he could improve on those numbers. He has the potential to be this year’s Alex Smith, definitely heading my late-round (12+) QB picks now.

03/09/18, 09:32 PM CST by Wheeler


Deshone Kizer

Cleveland Browns

Packers Get In On The Fun

The Packers have traded for QB DeShone Kizer from the Browns to Green Bay.

This is the best possible scenario for Kizer, who was thrown into the fire last season. Getting the chance to develop and learn behind the best in the business is the best chance he has for longevity.

03/09/18, 09:30 PM CST by Wheeler


Torrey Smith

Philadelphia Eagles

On The Move Again

The Eagles trade WR Torrey Smith to the Panthers for CB Daryl Worley. Torrey Smith could fill the old Ted Ginn role which makes this fairly interesting. Stagg Party says it’s more of a boost for Cam than Torrey himself.

This is an absolute perfect fit, someone who isn’t going to demand the ball, but can take the top off a defense while McCaffrey, Olsen, and Cam work underneath. Torrey is looking like a great late-round flyer.

03/09/18, 09:28 PM CST by Wheeler


DeMarco Murray

Tennessee Titans

Henry Hype Train Has Clear Track

DeMarco Murray was released by the Titans.
No surprise here, expect Derick Henry to be a lead back with 250+ touches, but they will bring in someone that will play the third-down, pass-catching role out of the backfield. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sign someone like Jerick McKinnon or Rex Burkhead, or even Darren Sproles or Charles Sims. There are also plenty of options in the NFL draft, Henry won’t be a true “Bell Cow.”

03/09/18, 09:17 PM CST by Wheeler


Marquise Goodwin

San Francisco 49ers

The Name Says It All

Marquise Goodwin and the 49ers have agreed to a 3yr extension worth $20.3M & 10M guaranteed.

Shanahan has found his big-play threat at a reasonable price. Goodwin caught 56 balls for 962 yards last season, but only had two TD’s. None of his six longest plays (33+ yards) were from Garoppollo so it leads me to believe they will still be looking for a top of the line WR, even with Garcon coming back from injury.

03/09/18, 09:15 PM CST by Wheeler


2013 Pre-NFL Draft Fantasy Football Player Rankings - Wide Receivers

2013 Pre-NFL Draft Fantasy Football Player Rankings - Wide Receivers

Posted by Dawgmaticå on 04/02/13

by   The Archer


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2013 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings - Pre-NFL Draft Edition




2013 Pre-NFL Draft Wide Receiver Rankings


Wide Receivers 1-40

Click Here For Wide Receivers Ranked 41-100 



If you want to take home the trophy, you have to stay ahead of the game, folks. Winning fantasy football championships ain't easy, but can be a heck of a lot simpler if you make it a year-round process instead of just a seasonal hobby.


The 2013 NFL Draft is coming up on Thursday, April 25th, but even though the rookie additions may change future rankings, we still know where most of this year's free agents have signed and shouldn't be deterred from learning as much as we can about the upcoming season.


I decided not to try and project any rookies in the rankings below as it would be too difficult to assess their value without having the slightest idea where they might be playing. Either way, there will be many more installments of player rankings in the coming months, so enjoy this pre-draft rendition and let us know what you think.




Calvin Johnson - Pyro Character

1.          Calvin Johnson (Det) – Would you believe that even though Calvin Johnson set the single-season NFL record for receiving yards (1,964), had the fourth-most receptions ever in a season, and topped the world in fantasy points for the second year in a row, there’s still room for improvement? It’s true! His five touchdown catches was the worst 16-game output of his career and extremely unlikely to happen again. Somewhere in the double-digits is a far more reasonable forecast. 2,000 yards is certainly within reach as well, especially if Stafford gets him double-digit targets every game like he did last year (13 of 16 games, actually). The wide receiver position will be stacked again this season, but Calvin is in a different stratosphere than the rest and would be well worth a first-round selection.





Julio Jones - Pyro Character

2.          Julio Jones (Atl) – I was fully expected 2012 to be the year Julio Jones took the fantasy world by storm, but it turned out he needed just a little more seasoning and confidence for it to happen. Now that he has it, there’s not much that can stop him from jumping up into the top tier of fantasy wide receivers. If Julio can turn up his play at home and stay clear of the minor injuries that held him to a 79-1,198-10 stat-line last year, he’ll join the short list of contenders to Megatron’s fantasy crown in 2013.





A.J. Green - Pyro Character

3.          A.J. Green (Cin) – After 11 weeks of the 2012 season, A.J. Green was well on his way to a fantasy scoring crown with a nine-game TD streak, 911 yards and 10 total touchdowns under his belt. However, the final stretch wasn’t as kind to Mr. Green’s fantasy owners as he caught just one TD over the last six weeks of the season. This year, Green should have no problem returning to a dominant fantasy level again if Andy Dalton continues to target him over 10 times a game like did in 2012. The progression of Jermaine Gresham and health of both Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones should take some heat (and double-teams) off Green this year as well.




Dez Bryant - Pyro Character

4.          Dez Bryant (Dal) – Dez Bryant came on like a madman during the last half of the season, grabbing 10 touchdowns during one seven-week stretch (Weeks 10-16) and putting up the most fantasy points of any receiver in the league over the final five weeks. Is this the Dez Bryant we’ve all been waiting to see? I believe so, and it looks like the guy is here to stay. In 2012, Bryant caught 92 balls for 1,382 yards and 12 touchdowns. Believe it or not, I expect each of those categories to rise in 2013 and if so, Bryant will be a legitimate contender to Megatron’s crown as the top fantasy wide receiver.





Brandon Marshall - Pyro Character

5.          Brandon Marshall (Chi) – The Beast had the best season of his career in 2012, putting up career-highs in receptions (118), yards 1,508) and touchdowns (11). It wasn’t much of a shock, either, after the Chicago Bears reunited Marshall with his favorite QB, Jay Cutler, in a trade with the Dolphins last offseason. Some may predict a bit of a drop-off for Brandon in 2013, especially with the expected step forward by second-year receiver Alshon Jeffery sure to come, but I don’t see it. If Marshall can put up those monster numbers without a secondary receiver to take the heat off of him, then who’s to say he won’t do even better with a player like Jeffery lining up opposite him? Either way, the signing of pass-oriented head coach, Marc Trestman, will make up for the targets that Alshon will undoubtedly steal from Marshall, so I’m expecting another huge year for The Beast.





Demaryius Thomas - Pyro Character

6.          Demaryius Thomas (Den) – What’s NOT to like about Demaryius Thomas in 2013? He can still run like the wind at 6’3”, 230 pounds; he still has one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game throwing him the ball; he still has Eric Decker on the other side to protect him from being double-teamed; and as it turns out, the Broncos have one of the easiest schedules in the league this season. His consistency is phenomenal as well, as Thomas either caught a touchdown or went for 100 yards in 13 of 17 games (playoff game included). After grabbing 94 balls for 1,434 yards and 10 TDs in his first season with Peyton Manning, I can’t imagine Thomas getting any worse now that they’ve built some chemistry.





Percy Harvin - Pyro Character

7.          Percy Harvin (Sea) – The migraine issue may not be plaguing Mr. Harvin anymore, but that doesn’t mean the guy isn’t still a headache. That being said, for all the complaining about the way he’s used in the offense and his contract disputes and whatever else, Percy Harvin really is a special player. Before his 2012 season was cut short due to injury, Harvin was well on his way to the first 100-catch, 1,000-yard season of his career. Granted, those numbers may not be as special as they once were, but as is the case with the running quarterbacks of today’s game, Harvin’s fantasy potential skyrockets when you consider what his abilities in both the running game and special teams play bring to the table. Marshawn Lynch may not draw the same defensive attention that Adrian Peterson would have this season, but when you throw what QB Russell Wilson can do as a runner into the mix, you'd have to think that Harvin should have even more space to do his thing than he did for the Vikings last season. Assuming there are no snags in the deal and the trade goes through, Harvin will still be primed for a top-10 fantasy campaign as a Seattle Seahawk.





Michael Crabtree - Pyro Character

8.          Michael Crabtree (SF) – Crabtree was having a relatively mediocre 2012 season until the San Francisco brass unleashed Colin Kaepernick on the football world. From that moment on, Crabtree was one of the best wide receivers in the game, both in real life and in fantasy. Nobody ever doubted the talent within this kid, but his skills were barely tapped into through his first three and a half years in the league. However, with Kaepernick at the helm, Crabby had the second-most fantasy points over the final five weeks of the regular season. If the last half of 2012 and his 20 catches for 285 yards and three touchdowns during the ‘Niners three playoff games are any indication, it looks like a new fantasy star has been born.

*** I do not believe the acquisition of Anquan Boldin hurts Crabtree's fantasy status entering 2013. In fact, if Boldin can draw a bit of coverage away from Crabby, it may help. ***





Andre Johnson - Pyro Character

9.       Andre Johnson (Hou) – I have to say that Andre Johnson surprised me a bit this past year. At 31 years old, I simply didn’t see him being able to perform at that high of a level anymore, but quite obviously, I was wrong. In fact, if it weren’t for a continuation of his career-long bout with touchdownitis, Johnson would have easily been a top-5 fantasy wideout in 2012. The big question for Andre heading into 2013 will be if his 32-year old body will be able to withstand a full 16 game season again, as he really wasn’t expected to at all last year. If he can, he should end up right around the top-10 fantasy receivers once again as I can’t see a whole hell of a lot changing in that Houston Texans offense.





Vincent Jackson - Pyro Character

10.       Vincent Jackson (TB) – I have to say that I really didn’t expect Vincent Jackson’s numbers to go UP with Josh Freeman under center instead of Philip Rivers, but up they definitely went. In fact, V-Jax set career-highs in catches (72), yards (1,384), yards per catch (19.2) and fantasy points per game (11.7). The only category he failed to increase was his TDs, but eight isn’t too shabby of a number there, either. With running back Doug Martin coming on as a force to be reckoned with, defenses were unable to play the deep ball last season; a little bonus Mr. Jackson will likely take advantage of again in 2013. I’m not sure he repeats his gaudy numbers from 2012, but he definitely has the upside of a WR1 in 2013.




Randall Cobb - Pyro Character

11.       Randall Cobb (GB) – When he got his chance to start after Greg Jennings went down to injury, Randall Cobb took full advantage of the opportunity and never looked back. Showing to be a jack-of-all-trades within the Packers high-powered offense, Cobb quickly gained the respect of Aaron Rodgers and actually became his go-to guy after just a few games as a starter. Because he can play in the slot, on the outside or even out of the backfield, he’ll be an invaluable tool once again in 2013, especially with Jennings likely to leave via free agency. However, he’s not Rodgers favorite target in the red-zone, nor is he the best deep threat on the team, so it’s tough to figure out just how high the bar is for him in fantasy this season. His versatility and playmaking abilities still make him the most intriguing receiver on the Packers, though, and he should be a very solid, if not outstanding WR2 this season because of it.





Roddy White - Pyro Character

12.       Roddy White (Atl) – “Old Man” Roddy (32 in November) keeps on plugging along as he once again found himself in the top-10 fantasy receivers at the end of 2012. He did so by posting the third-most catches (92), third-most yards (1,351) and fourth-most TDs (7) in his career while averaging over 11 fantasy points a game for the fifth straight season. The ascension of Julio Jones should take a little wind out of his sails this upcoming season, but Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense are pretty well locked in at this point and should be even better entering their second year playing in OC Dirk Koetter’s offense.





Larry Fitzgerald - Pyro Character

13.       Larry Fitzgerald (Ari) – Larry Fitz is a really tough one to call at this point for a couple of reasons. First, the Cardinals have a new coach in Bruce Arians who plans on implementing a new offensive system, so even for the mighty Larry Fitzgerald, there might be a bit of a learning curve. The good news is that Arians likes to throw the ball down the field, so once the playbook is learned by all, Fitz should actually benefit from the change. The second problem to consider is more obvious one as it's plagued the Cardinals for quite a few years now; the quarterback situation. If Arizona doesn't pick up another QB in the offseason (and considering the free agent market out there, they may not want to), Fitz will have one of either Kevin Kolb, John Skelton, Ryan Lindley or Brian Hoyer throwing to him. Yuck! Even if the Cards end up drafting a QB, whoever they grab won't be seasoned enough to do much better, so Fitz will once again have his work cut out for him. With all that said, looking at what Bruce Arians did for Reggie Wayne last year gives me confidence that Larry will be able to get the job done and come back into fantasy relevance this season. He'll probably be more of a WR2 instead of the WR1 he was in years past, but anything is possible for a guy with his uber-talent.





Victor Cruz - Pyro Character

14.       Victor Cruz (NYG) – Not only did Eli Manning miss the presence of a healthy Hakeem Nicks last season, but Victor Cruz seemed to miss him as well. Defenses shifted more double-teams Victor’s way once they noticed that Nicks could be guarded one-on-one, though even through the added attention, Cruz was still able to set career-highs in catches (86) and touchdowns (10). Where he lacked from his breakout 2011 season was in the “big play” department, as his yards per catch dropped a full six yards from 18.7 to 12.7. If Nicks comes back healthy this year, both Cruz and Eli Manning will benefit. If all goes according to plan, the upside here definitely extends into the WR1 range, especially if RB David Wilson can draw extra defensive attention with a good start to his sophomore season.





Jordy Nelson - Pyro Character

15.       Jordy Nelson (GB) – Jordy Nelson’s big-play ability on one of the highest scoring offenses in the league makes him a candidate to win any single week for your fantasy team. However, his inconsistency and injury woes from a year ago keep him from climbing any higher in the rankings at this point. It will be interesting to see how much of a difference it makes for Nelson not having Greg Jennings out there anymore (assuming he leaves), as it could either slide more coverage his way and hurt his stock, or garner more targets from Rodgers and help his stock. Until we see how things unfold during the summer, he’ll stay here in the mid-WR2 range for me.





Marques Colston - Pyro Character

16.       Marques Colston (NO) – Colston is about as steady Eddie as it comes for a fantasy wide receiver, though every once in awhile, he can blow the cover off a week and go for 140 yards and multiple TDs. I believe the return of Sean Payton to the bench helps Colston a bit, if only because Payton knows his value better than anyone and will make sure he’s used properly because of it. If I didn’t believe that Jimmy Graham is about to have a monster year, I’d probably rank him higher, but with Colston about to turn 30, I think youth prevails a bit here.





Pierre Garcon - Pyro Character

17.       Pierre Garcon (Was) – For about one quarter, Garcon looked well on his way to having an outstanding season for both the Washington Redskins and his many fantasy owners. However, torn ligaments in your foot can really put a damper on things and as it turned out, Pierre would miss six full games and be thoroughly hampered in quite a few others. Once he learned how to deal with the pain, Garcon returned to relative awesomeness putting up solid WR2 numbers from Week 12 on. When healthy, the kid is a serious game-changer and with his speed and RGIII throwing him the ball, his fantasy potential ranges up to the high-end WR2 range. Even if Griffin ends up missing the first six games, I don't think Garcon would take much of a hit (if any) with Kirk Cousins at the helm seeing how Cousins actually got Garcon his most targets of the season in his one start last year.





Danny Amendola - Pyro Character

18.       Danny Amendola (NE) – So once again, the mighty and powerful Ozelichick thinks he can play musical chairs with his offense and still dominate the NFL world. This time, however, he decided to venture into new territory by booting Brady’s security blanket (Welker) and bringing in substitute, Danny Amendola. Now it’s true that Amendola is four and a half years younger and very much the type of receiver Brady needs, but how quickly can he learn the Patriots complex offense and how well can he run it once he does? My guess is that Danny Boy will pick it up just fine, but that the game-day rapport between he and Brady will take a bit of time to develop. Amendola’s final statistics should end up slotting him as a fantasy WR2, but watch out for a handful of duds along the way. 





Eric Decker - Pyro Character

19.          Eric Decker (Den) – Where Eric Decker fell short in yardage last year (1,064), he more than made up for in touchdowns (13). The kid certainly has a knack for the end zone, which was only amplified by the addition of Peyton Manning last March. Now that he’s been playing with Manning for an entire year, who knows how high his stock will rise, but it will be tough for him to outscore the guys I have ranked above at this point… even though he DID end up eighth on the fantasy list last season.




Reggie Wayne - Pyro Character

20.       Reggie Wayne (Ind) – Even though Wayne was outstanding in his first season playing with Andrew Luck, I can't help but see a drop-off in 2013. It's not so much because of his age (though he will turn 35 during the season), but more because of two other factors. First, the Colts lost their offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians, when he accepted the head coaching job in Arizona. Arians was a pass-first guy, as evidenced by his rookie quarterback heaving up the fifth-most pass attempts in the NFL last year, so obviously that will hurt Wayne a bit. The good news is that their new OC was the same guy who ran the Stanford offense while Luck was there, Pep Hamilton. The bad news is that Hamilton incorporates more of a power-running game in conjunction with a short passing game, so Wayne will lose out a little more there as well. The second thing that could affect Wayne's fantasy value is that all the other young wide receivers and tight ends (T.Y. Hilton, LaVon Brazill, Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen) will all be better and demand more targets. In the end, Wayne should be fine, but don't expect the same gaudy numbers from a year ago.





Wide Receivers 21-50



21.       Steve Smith (Car) - MOVEMENT:  Even - No change

Smitty may not be getting any younger, or taller, but he doesn’t seem to be getting any worse, either. While 2012 wasn’t his best season to date, especially with only four notches in the TD column, you can’t complain too much about 73 catches for 1,174 yards. Since Carolina doesn’t look like they’ll be changing much in their offense this upcoming season, including the use of Smith as their WR1, you have to think he’ll be able to at least match last year’s statistics, and possibly out-do them. One more thing to consider: Smitty has a streak of scoring seven or more touchdowns in every odd-numbered season since 2003. Obviously 2013 is an odd-numbered year.


22.       Hakeem Nicks (NYG) - MOVEMENT:  +2 (was #24)

Hakeem Nicks’ talent is undeniable, but so are his injury-prone ways. 2012 turned out to be a major disappointment because of them as he missed a full three games during the year and was never completely healthy for the other 13. In fact, because Nicks has burned so many with his injuries, I would venture to say that nearly half of all fantasy owners will end up ignoring him in their drafts this season. Though I can’t say I blame them, Nicks can be a legitimate high-end WR2 (and maybe even better) if he can come back and stay healthy, so make sure to grab him when he starts to slip down the draft board.


23.       Torrey Smith (Bal) - MOVEMENT:  +4 (was #27)

I was expecting Torrey to take a big step forward during his second season in the league last year, but 2012 turned out to be a near carbon copy of his rookie 2011 campaign. At this moment, his ranking here is a bit on the cautious side because of the lack of improvement, but I expect him to rise up the charts as the offseason wears on. With Anquan Boldin traded to the 49ers, Smith will be asked to (more like FORCED to) take on a bigger role in the Ravens offense, which he certainly has the skills to do. Look for a wider range of routes to be run by the youngster in 2013, a task that should bring a higher volume of catches, yards, and possibly even touchdowns.


24.       Dwayne Bowe (KC) - MOVEMENT:  -1 (was #23)

2012 was another disappointing season for the immensely talented Dwayne Bowe, as the 28-year-old missed the Chiefs final three games while putting up career-lows in both touchdowns (3) and fantasy points per game. That being said, it was probably the worst team and worst quarterback situation he’s ever played for as well, so there is certainly reason for optimism in 2013. While the Chiefs’ new quarterback, Alex Smith, may not be Hall of Fame-bound, he’s still a ton better than the crap they threw out there last year and could be the best QB Bowe has played with in his career. I’m expecting a nice bounce-back season here.


25.       Antonio Brown (Pit) - MOVEMENT:  -3 (was #22)

Antonio ended his up-and-down 2012 season on a high note, catching a touchdown in each of the Steelers last four games. Still, it was concerning to see his yards-per-catch slide from 16.1 in 2011 down to just 11.9 last year, but his fantasy value should be on the rise, regardless. With Mike Wallace gone from the lineup, Brown becomes Ben Roethlisberger’s top receiving option and should see a nice uptick in targets, receptions, yards and maybe TDs because of it.


26.       Greg Jennings (Min) - MOVEMENT:  +10 (was #36)

Jennings missed half of the 2012 season with what was thought to be a normal groin injury at first, but turned out to be an abdominal tear requiring surgery in the end. He should be just fine, physically, going into the 2013 season, except now he’ll be acting as the Minnesota Vikings WR1 with Christian Ponder throwing him the ball as opposed to being with the Packers and Rodgers. How much the switch will affect his fantasy status is somewhat unknown right now, though it’s been inferred that Jennings will fill the role played by Percy Harvin in the past, so he might be just fine. We’ll see how things play out over the summer in OTAs.


27.       Wes Welker (Den) - MOVEMENT:  -10 (was #15)

So Welker decided not to resign with the Patriots this offseason, instead opting for the slot receiver role in Peyton Manning’s offense over in Denver. It’s a different style of offense to be sure, so I believe Welker will take a bit of a hit in the statistical column, but I can still see him grabbing around 80 catches or so for somewhere around 1,000 yards. I wouldn’t expect many touchdowns, however, as Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker pretty much have that category covered.


28.       Mike Wallace (Mia) - MOVEMENT:  -3 (was #25)

One thing Wallace has been able to do consistently during his first four years in the league is catch touchdowns, which he did again in 2012 grabbing eight of them. However, his “me-first” type of mentality showed itself even more in his inability to stay focused during the season with his offseason contract situation looming. All that aside, Wallace could very well rise up this chart if he and Ryan Tannehill show to have a nice rapport at some point during the offseason, but my guess is that the in-game harmony will take a little time to develop regardless.


29.       James Jones (GB) - MOVEMENT:  -1 (was #28)

With Jordy Nelson in and out of the lineup and Greg Jennings hurt for half the season, Jones really stepped up his game and ended up leading the entire NFL in touchdown catches with 14. His main bugaboo from years past was his hands, but after working hard in the offseason, he rarely dropped a pass in 2012 and became a guy Aaron Rodgers could really trust. Now, with Jennings gone, Jones will see full-time action once again and though I doubt he hits the 14-TD mark again, he still has the upside of a mid-range WR2.


30.       T.Y. Hilton (Ind) - MOVEMENT:  +1 (was #31)

Who knew that the Colts selection of wide receiver T.Y. Hilton in the third round of last season’s draft would end up having almost as much of an impact as the selection of QB Andrew Luck? Hilton showed to be the biggest playmaker in the 2012 offense, flashing enough speed and agility to break a long TD on any given play. His role in the 2013 offense should be even larger this season, though some may be worried about the Darrius Heyward-Bey signing during the offseason. Considering the fact that Hilton outscored (in fantasy points) Reggie Wayne during the second half of the season, I highly doubt DHB will take away any of his playing time. The kid is electric and could very well end up 10 spots higher than this in my rankings over the summer.


31.       Kenny Britt (Ten) - MOVEMENT:  -2 (was #29)

Randy Moss (played with Britt in Tennessee) and Ray Rice (college teammate) both believe Kenny Britt has the necessary tools to be a top-five wide receiver in the league, and I believe they are correct. However, I also agree in Moss’ assessment that Britt needs to get his mind right to do it. Now I can’t say that I know Kenny on a personal level, but I think it’s pretty fair to say that because this is a contract year for him, this is the best chance we’ll have of seeing him put it all together. I’ll be keeping my eye on him throughout the offseason for sure.


32.       Chris Givens (StL) - MOVEMENT:  +11 (was #43)

Givens proved to be more than just a speedster last season and seems capable of handling a significant role within this 2013 Rams offense. With Danny Amendola selling his soul to the Belichick, Givens will get the chance and could end up a real steal if you can get him as your fourth wide receiver… or maybe even your third.


33.       Danario Alexander (SD) - MOVEMENT:  +17 (was #50)

The reason why Danario went undrafted back in 2010 is the same reason the Chargers tendered him at his original-round level this offseason and why he has only played in 28 of a possible 48 career games; injuries. However, the kid is 6’5” and can actually really f’ing play, as evidenced by his 658 yards and seven touchdowns in the Chargers final nine games last season. Alexander hasn’t been able to make it further than 10 games in a season yet, but when/IF he does, you’ll want to be the guy who took a chance on him.


34.       Cecil Shorts (Jax) - MOVEMENT:  -8 (was #26)

The fantasy stat I can’t get enough of with this guy is that Cecil Shorts had either a touchdown or 100 yards in every road game he played in 2012 (seven games). Not an easy feat for any NFL player, much less a receiver on the Jaguars. If he can stay healthy (i.e. – no more concussions) and the Jags somehow come up with a bit of improved quarterback play this season, Shorts has a chance to be a legit WR2.

35.       Kendall Wright (Ten) - MOVEMENT:  Even - No change

Kendall Wright was not only underutilized as a rookie last season, but he was completely miscast as an underneath slot type of receiver as well. His speed, big-play ability and athleticism are unique and SHOULD be on display in 2013, especially with Nate Washington falling out of favor late in the season. Wright has every chance in the world of becoming the breakout player of the year, so make sure to keep track of his progress over the summer.


36.       Justin Blackmon (Jax) - MOVEMENT:  -3 (was #33)

Blackmon spent the first half of his rookie season trying to find his way into the offense and the second showing why he needs to be a focal point going forward. He’s a beast with the ball in his hands and a future force to be reckoned with, but with Maurice Jones-Drew back, I’m not sure he’ll get enough offensive attention to be a fantasy star just yet. His prospects will improve if Chad Henne wins the job over Gabbert, strange as that is to say.


37.       Josh Gordon (Cle) - MOVEMENT:  -5 (was #32)

It took a little while for Gordon to get up to snuff with both the Browns offense and the speed of the NFL, but once he did, he looked like a real gamer out there. Standing almost 6’4” and weighing 225 pounds with wheels, Gordon has a chance to be one of the better wide receivers in the game, though I’m not so sure it happens this season with Trent Richardson set to be the focal point of the offense. There’s certainly WR2 fantasy potential, though.


38.       Stevie Johnson (Buf) - MOVEMENT:  +2 (was #40)

I’m not the biggest Stevie Johnson fan from a fantasy perspective, but he’s one of the more consistent players around and can be used as a steady WR3 on teams with explosive players elsewhere. However, the Bills moving to a more run-based offense this year and the rumor that Stevie might slide into the slot position takes away some potential.


39.       Lance Moore (NO) - MOVEMENT:  +2 (was #41)

Lance Moore may not seem very special being an undersized receiver who has never been a WR1, but he’s also one of only EIGHT wide receivers (and two tight ends) to have at least six touchdown catches in four of the last five years (injured for nine games in the one he didn’t). Marques Colston happens to be one of the other eight receivers, which is kind of my point. Lance Moore, though maybe a bit ordinary, happens to play in a very special offense that makes him worth considering as a WR3 on your team. Most people will let him slide pretty darn far, so go ahead and grab him as a steal later on. He’s worth it.


40.       DeSean Jackson (Phi) - MOVEMENT:  +4 (was #44)

So all the hoopla with D-Jax this offseason is that his skill-set looks to be a perfect fit in new head coach Chip Kelly’s offense and that Jackson is going to take off this upcoming season. While it all sounds interesting, especially within the space-driven style of Kelly’s offense, I’m going to need to see it in action over the summer a bit before trusting in DeSean again. I’ll keep you posted.




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The list above will undoubtedly be turned inside out and on its head over the next 5-6 months, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't bitch and moan or simply express your opinion over who should be ranked where and why. In fact, I encourage the input (no matter the type), so leave your comments below or email me at


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