An Introduction to Pyropedia™

An Introduction to Pyropedia™

Posted by d-Rx on 11/09/12

an introduction to pyropedia





Like anything we do content-wise on, we want (one of) our newest offerings, Pyropedia™, to be a journey of total awesomeness. Anything new that we introduce has to pass the Pyro® litmus test, it has to be something fresh and exciting, it needs to be different from anything already in existence, we need it to be smart, respectful, witty and most of all it needs to be extraordinarily entertaining for anyone that loves the NFL. Pyro® is definitely a fantasy football website first and foremost, but at it's core, the most important thread we weave here is the Nation Football League. Without the NFL, fantasy football couldn't exist, and without the amazing stories that have happened and personalities that have come along in the history of this league, there wouldn't be the same passion that fans feel for the World's most exciting sports league.

For starters, Pyropedia™ is an interesting look at the history of your favorite NFL team through remarkable individual "moments" that helped build (or in some cases destroy) the 32 franchises of the NFL. These moments can be of a visual nature, and be a video or an interesting photograph (we will have limited meme/gif animations here younglings); or it can be a insightful piece that breaks down the remarkable career of a legend like Earl Campbell. Some moments will be short and sweet, and others are among the longest (in word count) stories we have on our site. If we see an amazing shirt online that we think you should buy, we'll put it in Pyropedia™. If it's interesting and worth a minute or 10 of your time - it's going to be included within the prolific Pyropedia™ team and player pages that we have spending our waking moments to realize.


The Pyropedia™ Manifesto

Pyropedia™ will be an entertaining and robust growing document for NFL stories. Think of it as a approachable Frankenstein of the visual nature of ESPN the Magazine, the encyclopedia nature of any Wiki out there, story telling craftsmanship inspired by the likes of the late-great Steve Sabol or John Madden, all bundled with the respect and understanding of the sport that inspires so much emotion for so many people world-wide.  

Basically there are THREE reasons to have Pyropedia on

First: We are totally football geeks and this is basically pigskin porn to us, we love the game of football (the NFL being it's highest form) so much that we want to supply you with the wonderful stories of football; hopefully allowing you a moment to have a good time. We want to create the place where you get the history of your team with all the nuances of being a fan of that team.

Second: There are a lot of great football stories out there that haven’t been told, or haven’t been told enough and we (d-Rx®, Dawgmaticå and Houdini) want to tell them to you. When we are talking about the NFL together, the 3 of us learn so many new nostalgic nuggets that each of us never knew about, we want to help spread the word, and let these stories be heard. Selfishly, to unearth this information is a part of the process for us and we feel that us and our Pyro writers will be even better suited to inform others such as yourself if we/they are omniscient about the farthest reaches of the NFL, that it will help our product elsewhere on the site.

Third: The fact that girls aren't usually attracted to guys in their mid to late 30’s that run fantasy football websites is not really worth it's own point here for “third”, but we’ll include it anyway… man, we should have started a band… ah, piss off!

Within Pyropedia all of our "Legends" articles will be housed, the greatest players for each Franchise will have cool write-ups shedding new light on interesting morsels of information. I mentioned the Earl Campbell Pyropedia player page above, but here is one that Houdini wrote up this week on the Cleveland Browns best player ever, Jim Brown (link to come). Wikipedia is cool and all, I use it daily - but instead of our Legends pieces being a Wikipedia copycat, Pyropedia Legends pieces are going to have the flavorful, and addictive Pyro® voice that makes readers want to keep coming back for more (see my Bo Jackson or Jerry Rice pieces). The more you read these pages, the more you will learn about your favorite teams. For you blowhard wanna know everything types, Pyropedia will have you at the top of your game in a conversation with any fan of any team.  Did that just sound like a Milton Parker commercial there for a moment? Good!

We pride ourselves on uncovering many of the untold stories that make each Franchise unique and compelling.  We are giving you a different view of these Franchises in order to cover the history of the game we love! Some times a moment is portrayed in a fun way, others very serious, say like the passing of someone like Chris Henry, but always, at least mostly with a respectful approach to the tale. As mentioned, we believe that Pyropedia will act as a growing document that will continue to expand it's contents, the waters will run deeper and deeper for the stories that we are uncovering.  Pyropedia will be your go-to resource for to all things NFL. At a team and a player level, over time, Pyro will be the finest database of original content, and maybe one day soon, user-generated content. As Joe Biden said when Obamacare was passed into action, "This is a big fuckin' deal". This is a true passion of ours and something that we think is exceedingly absent on the internet today, we're going to rectify that! 

TO COME: A VEN DIAGRAM OF PYROPEDIA and it’s topics or maybe the ven of the inspiration like ESPNMAG/WIKI/ect  

We want you to come to when you are looking for information on the NFL, not Wikipedia.  We truly care about the content that we are producing and will give you all the history in one place with the seasoned analysis and fun that is the trademark of   This is the next big thing and something that we are extremely proud to bring to the marketplace.  We will have the entire Pyropedia up and running by the start of next season. Check out teams like the Chicago Bears (link to page here) and Green Bay Packers (link to page here), to see the starting point of what we have crafted for two of professional footballs oldest teams.

Over time we will make this a more interactive activity with our users and fans, but for the moment, we are in the lab experimenting and cooking up the dish… get ready to be blown away by Pyropedia. 



Here is a little Q&A that may help define what Pyropedia is now and what our steps will be to further it's reach and depth as the months march forward.

01: What inspired you to create Pyropedia?

There are many times when you are trying to look up interesting stories on your favorite team and have to go to 20 different places to find the story or fact you are looking for.  At Pyropedia you will be able to find all that you are looking for in one place.  We are all such huge fans of the NFL, that as we starting thinking about all the great stories we knew about the Bears, just from being fans, and then realizing that a lot of these stories are not found on the internet in any meaningful way.  Then when we wanted to dive deeper into other teams and we found it difficult at times to find any information on the stories that we knew happened in these Franchises.  Some teams have better coverage than other teams out there (Green Bay, Chicago, and Pittsburgh) as compared to (Tampa Bay, San Diego, and Detroit).  This is a major emphasis for us.  We want all the Franchises to get to the same attention and love that the big boys get.  That is our goal.

We are online scouring for NFL factdom and information more than most, and we have realized over the past 4 years that from a historic standpoint, there aren't many sites that tell the tale of the NFL well.

02: A lot of players have played in the NFL during it’s existence, how many players do you think you can really do solid Pyropedia™ player pages for?

This is not going to be or Pro Football Reference, as you say, there are just too many players in the league at any given time and to go back thru the 90+ years the NFL has existed, just not possible. For the time being this site will be less about the stats of the NFL, and more about the soul of it. We are telling a tell, not crunching the stats for you here on Pyropedia™… as things grow, that can change – hell there is no reason we shouldn’t buy in the next few years – none, but for the moment, we want to tell the stories and pain the picture in a Bob Ross manner.


03: How do you guys decide what moments you want to cover?

Houdini, Dawgmaticå and myself are hanging out talking football all the time, sometimes when we are sick of work, we take out the notepad and start conversely mentioning moments for these franchises, we put them all in the mix, and the best ones go first. The goal for this is enormous, it’s a huge undertaking, we know that first hand when we spent February and March writing moments for our first 6 teams (Bears, Packers, Giants, Cowboys, Jets, Steelers).


04: What is your favorite thing about Pyropedia™?

Here is something great about Pyropedia content for us, and a real draw for us as a content provider. Each team will be accessible to read by our readers… forever! Truth is, a week after Dawg’s Player Rankings Week 10 piece is available on our site, its pretty much never read again. The shelf-life on a lot of our content is very short, and with Pyropedia we can have stories and moments that live in the content cycle longer, bloggers (this is not a blog) like to call this pillar pieces which is a term that is relevant to why Pyropedia was invented.

05: How can I submit a great NFL moment/story to you guys in hopes that you write about it on Pyropedia?

Please send any comments, ideas, missing credits, praise, hatred and NFL fandom to contact [at]



by d-Rx® but as usual, many contributed!