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Pickups - After Week 10

Pickups - After Week 10

Posted by d-Rx on 11/13/11

by   The Archer


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rex grossman pickups and drops week 11


Pickups & Drops - After Week 10



Pickups After Week 10:


Rex Grossman - QB - Washington Redskins


Well, it wasn't his greatest game, but at least Sexy Rexy is back in there doing his stuff.


Coach Shanahan must have finally realized what a mistake it was to have put his faith in QB John Beck, so it looks like Grossman will get the reins for at least a little while, if not through the end of the season. His ability to put up large numbers every once in a while makes him intriguing as a backup QB for your fantasy team, especially with so many others falling like flies around the league.



Vince Young - QB - Philadelphia Eagles


Turns out Michael Vick broke a couple of ribs in the first quarter of the game on Sunday, yet didn't tell the coaching staff because he wanted to complete the game. probably should have told them you dumb-ass because your awful play was painful to watch and played no small part in your team losing the game!


That said, Vick fantasy owners need to grab Vince Young if he's available in case he can't play against the Giants next Sunday night. I mean, how much worse could Vinsanity do for your team?!?!



Matt Leinart - QB - Houston Texans


With starter Matt Schaub possibly done for the season with a Lisfranc injury, Matt Leinart will be called upon to play under center for the Texans for as long as he is needed.


By no means is he the answer to all your prayers at QB, but because Houston has one of the leagues better sets of skill-position players (running backs, wide receivers and tight ends), Leinart is certainly worth a look if you were a fantasy owner of either Schaub or Matt Cassel (out indefinitely due to hand surgery).



Lance Ball - RB - Denver Broncos


This one is a bit of a reach, especially if you don't have Willis McGahee and/or Knowshon Moreno, but Ball at least did well enough in their absence on Sunday to be trusted should he end up starting due to injury.


McGahee looks like he'll be fine, but Moreno supposedly need season-ending knee surgery so keep an eye on the news throughout the week just in case grabbing Ball off the wire becomes a necessity.



Joe McKnight - RB - New York Jets


LaDainian Tomlinson has a sprained left MCL, the same type of injury that slowed him down considerably a few years ago for the Chargers in the playoffs. Couple that with the fact that he's been playing at a less than mediocre level since the first month of the season and it looks like the Jets will finally have their chance to get McKnight involved in the offense.


With Shonn Greene only playing so-so at best this season as well as being a terrible pass-catcher out of the backfield, look for New York to get the explosive McKnight involved in the offense enough to see at least 10 touches per game for as long as LT21 is out.



Donald Brown - RB - Indianapolis Colts


Brown has looked pretty good running for the Colts as of late, though it's likely he'll lose some playing time once Joseph Addai comes back from his injury.


It's possible, however, that with this season being lost, Brown gets an extra-long look in the last six games to see if he has anything worth holding onto for next season. Again, this one is a pretty hard-core long-shot, but if injuries have left you desperate, you could do worse.



Steve Smith - WR - Philadelphia Eagles


If you happen to own Jeremy Maclin, Steve Smith could be a nice pickup to grab as a "just in case". Maclin (hamstring, separated shoulder) will have a tough time suiting up to play against the Giants next weekend, so it's quite possible Smitty will be the one getting a start based on how he played in his stead on Sunday.


With DeSean Jackson out and Maclin all banged up, Jason Avant found himself having a little trouble getting open for Vick, so Smith became his guy for the majority of the game. Stevie ended up with 47 yards and five catches on 10 targets, numbers that may get better next week if Maclin can't make it.



Vincent Brown - WR - San Diego Chargers


Vincent looked pretty awesome out there on Thursday night against the Raiders, though his playing time may not stay the same if Malcom Floyd returns to the lineup next weekend (which is certainly in question right now).


Still, he definitely put on a show and could easily end up passing Floyd on the depth chart seeing the Malcom is about the most average receiver in the NFL.



Harry Douglas - WR - Atlanta Falcons


If Julio Jones ends up missing any more time with his bum hamstring, Douglas will certainly be worth a look on the wire seeing how he grabbed eight balls for 133 yards lining up opoposite Roddy White in his absence.


Douglas was actually billed as one of the fastest receivers in the NFL when he started playing a few seasons ago, so you wouldn't just be picking up a slouch who has no chance at success as Harry was a real prospect back in 2008.


Julio looks like he may need some time off to really cure that injured hamstring, so go ahead and take the chance on Douglas here.



Jerricho Cotchery - WR - Pittsburgh Steelers


This one is more for just Week 11 and maybe Week 12, depending on when Emmanuel Sanders makes it back into the lineup.


That said, Jerricho was clearly the WR3 for the Steelers this past Sunday as it looks like Hines Ward was demoted from that position into the WR4 slot against the Bengals. With Ward being as slow (and old) as he is, he simply can't keep up with the pace of the game anymore, so the coaching staff decided to use the dependable Cotchery in three-receiver sets over him. The move made a huge difference with J-Cotch catching two balls for 29 yards and the game's first touchdown.


Just know that this is only a move good for one or two weeks as the aforementioned Sanders will take back the WR3 slot upon his return



Titus Young - WR - Detroit Lions


With news that Calvin Johnson (undisclosed injury) is iffy to play in Week 11, those of you who have him on your fantasy team might want to take a real hard look at rookie Titus Young.


Obviously Young won't be a savior for your team, but he has had four games of 50-plus yards so far this season, including two in the Lions last two games (he also had a touchdown in one of those games).



Drops After Week 10:



Here are a few guys you might have been holding on to, but can probably cut ties with at this point:


Peyton Hillis - RB - Cleveland Browns


Hillis has already been ruled out for Week 11 and has been largely ineffective even when he does make it out onto the field. If you're hurting bad at RB, go ahead and keep him on the off-chance he turns things around, but don't expect any miracles.



Maurice Morris - RB - Detroit Lions


You probably grabbed him when you saw the Jahvid Best was going to be out for awhile, but our bet is that you haven't even used him. If you have, you were likely just as disappointed with the results as it seems the Detroit coaching staff is.


The signing of Kevin Smith and slight usage of him despite his only being on the team for a short time indicates that a change is coming to the backfield real soon, whether it be with Smith leading the way or a return of Best.



LaDainian Tomlinson - RB - New York Jets


The guy has basically done nothing since Week 3 of the season and now that he's injured his knee again, you can't expect production to make a turn for the better anytime soon. Cut him loose and go take a chance on someone else at this point.



Hines Ward - WR - Pittsburgh Steelers


If you were holding onto the old man hoping that he'd somehow find the elusive fountain of youth, you can put your hopes to rest now...both he and the Steelers have called off the search.





Pickups After Week 9:



Most of the players on lists such as these at this point are guys that are highly unlikely to be available, but may have been dropped in your league for various reasons or are simply out there on the waiver wire by sheer chance.



Earl Bennett - WR - Chicago Bears

After missing 5 games with an injury Cutler looked happier than a pervert in a porno shop last night having #80 out there to actually catch the balls he's drilling in there. If the offensive line of the Chicago Bears can give Cutler that kind of time for the rest of the season, they can challenge anyone in the league. That defense is fast as hell. I like what I saw last night.


Roy Helu - RB - Washington Redskins 

Helu secured the starting job for the rest of the season with his play against the 49ers on Sunday. Ryan Torain can safely be dropped at this point.


Kevin Smith - RB - Detroit Lions

This one is simply a flier as the Lions just signed him on again with Jahvid Best's status being unknown for the time being. He showed a lot of heart and adequate skill during his rookie campaign with the Lions back in 2008, but serious knee and shoulder injuries knocked him out of football over the next couple of seasons after that. He probably won't have much of a role, but if you have RB problems, have room on your bench and are looking to take a chance on someone, Smith may be your guy.


Laurent Robinson - WR - Dallas Cowboys

With Miles Austin (hamstring) finding himself injured yet AGAIN and likely out for 2-4 weeks, Robinson will be bumped up into the starting role opposite Dez Bryant and immediately become a viable starting fantasy option as a WR3.


Jacoby Ford/Denarius Moore - WRs - Oakland Raiders

For whatever reason, both of these receivers started for the Raiders this past weekend while Darrius Heyward-Bey stood on the sidelines for most of the game. Moore had a team-leading 12 targets, Ford had six, whileT.J. Houshmandzadeh (4) and Chaz Schilens (2) both came away with more targets than DHB (1). With everything that the Raiders gave up to get Carson Palmer, it looks like they will cater to whatever he wants out on the field...and it looks like he wants Moore and Ford out there instead of Heyward-Bey.


Austin Pettis - WR - St. Louis Rams

Fellow rookie WR Greg Salas had been working out of the slot for the Rams for a few weeks now and doing quite well. However, Salas will be out for the year after fracturing his left fibula in the 4th quarter of Sunday's game. That opens the door for Austin Pettis, who actually caught four balls on five targets for 43 yards after Salas went down. With as much as Sam Bradford checks down to his slot guy, Pettis is as good of a waiver add as anybody at this point, especially for those playing in PPR leagues.


Leonard Hankerson - WR - Washington Redskins

Hankerson was highly regarded going into the 2011 NFL Draft and is just now getting a good look by the Redskins. The combination of Coach Shanahan stating that Anthony Armstrong will no longer have a chance to start and Leonard being on the field for all but ONE snap on Sunday, it looks like the rookie is here to stay.


John Beck is NOT a very good quarterback, so Hankerson won't have much of a chance to be fantasy relevant while he's in there. However, we're guessing that the Redskins go back to Grossman sometime very soon, a move that would make a deep-threat like L-Hank worth a flier at this point.


Jacob Tamme - TE - Indianapolis Colts

This one is only if you are desperate at the tight end position as Dallas Clark wasn't doing squat this season up until his possible season-ending leg injury this past Sunday. Tamme came into the game and ended up leading the team in targets (7), but only caught two balls for six yards on the day. He did, however, do well filling in for Clark last season when he went down, so you never know.




Pickups After Week 8:


Kevin Faulk - RB - New England

Faulk returned to the Patriots from the PUP list last weekend and immediately took over his old passing-down role. No one can claim to know what goes through Emperor Belichick's head, but whether it's a trust factor or just his idea of messing with everybody, Faulk happened to have the most carries as well.


Tashard Choice - RB - Washington Redskins

The Cowboys finally decided they had enough of Mr. Choice and put him out on waivers for the world to grab. As expected, the intradivision rival Washington Redskins put in a claim for him (on Halloween, no less) with their RB situation looking like a steaming pile of $*&#, but he likely won't play until Week 10 due to his recent hamstring injury.


Ben Obomanu - WR - Seattle Seahawks

We've mentioned Ben Obomanu before, but feel we should do so again with him looking like a solid bye week fill-in as of late. With the Seahawks turning to the pass more than ever, you could do worse if you happened to be strapped at the WR position.


Laurent Robinson - WR - Dallas Cowboys

Robinson actually looked pretty darn good in the WR3 role last Sunday night as he now has two 100-yard games in the Cowboys last four contests. He's always been a talented guy at 6'2", 200-pounds, but seems to have finally found a niche as the WR3 in Dallas after being kicked around the league a bit his in first few years in the league.


It's quite possible his obvious improvement this season has something to do attending Larry Fitzgerald's Wide Receivers Camp during this past off-season. Both Sidney Rice and Dwayne Bowe attended Fitz's camp after disappointing starts to their careers and look what happened with them...


Tarvaris Jackson - QB - Seattle Seahawks

After tossing up his first 300-yard game against a Bengals squad that was only allowing 189 passing yards a game this past weekend, Tarvaris is looking like he might be a pretty decent bye week fill-in at quarterback for the next few weeks.


Jonathan Baldwin - WR - Kansas City Chiefs

Baldwin was taken in the first round by the Chiefs for a reason, and it seems they are finally coming to fruition here in the middle of the season. First of all, the kid is huge at 6'4", 230-pounds, but he's also pretty fast running the 40 in just under 4.5 seconds. After a nice, long TD pass from Cassel on Monday night, it looks like Kansas City might try to get his freakish upside more involved in their offense going forward.


Curtis Brinkley - RB - San Diego Chargers

The guy has a bullet lodged near his heart, but looks to finally get some playing time on what is normally a stout running team. With Mike Tolbert currently injured and Ryan Mathews leaving the Monday night game with a groin injury, Brinkley could end up with a starting role as soon as next weekend. If not, he's at least carved out some sort of role with the nice fill-in performance he had and with Mathew's injury history, you just never know.


That said, Brinkley also reportedly suffered a concussion in the Monday night game, so it looks like all three of the Chargers RBs are banged up right now...


T.J. Houshmandzadeh - WR - Oakland Raiders

We're kind of joking on this one...and kind of not. Basically, what the Raiders picking this guy up means is that the team and coaches are fully committed to Carson Palmer for the time being. Why else would they sign a 34-year-old slow receiver (pretty much the LAST thing the Raiders would normally do) other than to provide Carson with someone he's familiar with?


Housh will play, maybe even this weekend, though he'll likely work solely out of the slot and only on third downs, so he's really not worth a damn in fantasy...or in reality for that matter.


Chris Ogbonnaya - RB - Cleveland Browns

We would never tell you to pick up a guy with such a lack of talent like Ogbonnaya if it wasn't a bye week and if there wasn't a chance for him to produce, but there IS a possibility Ogbo ends up starting this week with Montario Hardesty out and Peyton Hillis' health still in question.


Watch the news coming out of Cleveland this week to see if he's worth a one-week flyer. If Hillis seems to be okay, don't bother.



Drops After Week 8:


Here are a few guys you might have been holding on to, but can probably cut ties with at this point:


Montario Hardesty - RB - Cleveland Browns (Injured Calf - expected to miss at least two weeks)


Danny Woodhead/Stevan Ridley - RBs - New England Patriots


Thomas Jones - RB - Kansas City Chiefs


Lee Evans - WR - Baltimore Ravens


Andre Roberts - WR - Arizona Cardinals


Devery Henderson - WR - New Orleans Saints


Austin Collie - WR - Indianapolis Colts


Anthony Armstrong - WR - Washington Redskins


Mike Williams - WR - Seattle Seahawks


Chad Ochoschizo - WR - New England Patriots


Steve Smith - WR - Philadelphia Eagles



Pickups After Week 7:



Shaun Hill - QB - Detroit Lions

Stafford will have an MRI on Monday for his ankle/knee injuries and if they end up keeping him out at all, Hill is a must-have...ESPECIALLY for Stafford owners


DeMarco Murray - RB - Dallas Cowboys

OBVIOUSLY if the rookie is still available, you gotta go grab him after that record-breaking performance


RB Michael Bush - RB - Oakland Raiders

He'll be going on a bye in Week 8, but still, if McFadden's sprained foot is said to keep him out longer than one week, you have to grab him...if he's still available, of course


Roy Helu - RB - Washington Redksins

Tim Hightower could be done for the year with a torn left ACL but we'll see for sure after his MRI on Monday. With Ryan Torain's own injury-riddled past, you'll want to grab Roy Helu now if he's still available


Knowshon Moreno - RB - Denver Broncos

Willis McGahee has a fractured hand though it's not known how long he'll be out just yet. Moreno will immediately take on the lead-back role and could end up a solid RB2 for whoever picks him up


Pierre Thomas - New Orleans Saints

If it comes out that Mark Ingram will miss any time, Pierre would see a significantly increased workload in his absence


Phillip Tanner - RB - Dallas Cowboys

Tashard Choice came out of the game with an injured left shoulder; he lost another fumble; and was completely ineffective yet again


Alfonso Smith - RB - Arizona Cardinals

If he was dropped during the last couple of weeks since Beanie Wells has been back, go back out and get him now as Wells might be out again with a knee injury. We'll know more after his MRI on Monday


Jabar Gaffney - WR - Washington Redskins

If it turns out Santana Moss is out for 3-4 weeks with a fractured left hand, Gaffney will see a much larger role in this offense


Anthony Armstrong - WR - Washington Redskins

Again, Santana Moss could be out for 3-4 weeks with a fractured left hand, so Armstrong could be the one to slide into a starting role next to Gaffney. He's at least worth a look


Emmanuel Sanders - WR - Pittsburgh Steelers

If Hines Ward's busted up ankle keeps him out at all, both Sanders and Antonio Brown will see a lot more targets


Michael Jenkins - WR - Minnesota

Bernard Berrian is supposedly about to be released while Jenkins was tied for the most targets on the team and caught a TD pass this last weekend. Ponder also seemed to like his size quite a bit


Demaryius Thomas - WR - Denver Broncos

Thomas saw 10 targets from Tebow (more than double any other player on the Broncos) and scored a touchdown this last week. Not too shabby of a season debut


Evan Moore - TE - Cleveland Browns

Ben Watson went out with a concussion on Sunday and Moore did well in his absence. Evan was already a big red-zone target and would see a lot more catches otherwise if Watson happens to miss any time


Visanthe Shiancoe - TE - Minnesota Vikings

Shiancoe has basically been nonexistent since his 2009, 11-TD campaign, we know. However, like with Michael Jenkins, rookie QB Christian Ponder continued to go after the bigger targets out there with Shiancoe getting eight balls thrown his way while catching his first TD of the season



Drops After Week 7:


Charlie Whitehurst - QB - Seattle Seahawks

WOW did Whitehurst look bad. You know you're pretty much worthless when your teammates can't wait to get Tarvaris Jackson back under center.


Tashard Choice - RB - Dallas Cowboys

Choice has been given every chance in the world to take on some sort of role in this offense and has failed more miserably each time. Dump him


Tim Hightower (if he tore his ACL) - RB - Washington Redskins

Keep an eye on the news over the next 24-hours before dropping him but at this point, it's not looking too good


Earnest Graham - RB - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Graham looks to have torn his Achilles tendon and if so, will be placed on IR and be done for the year. Check the news to be sure, but this looks like a done deal


Devery Henderson - WR - New Orleans Saints

In a game where the Saints scored 62 points and set records all over the place, Henderson was only able to catch one ball for nine yards on a measly two targets. That just about says it all


Brandon Gibson - WR - St. Louis Rams

Gibson was a healthy scratch this past weekend with Brandon Lloyd joining the team. The future doesn't look much better with Mark Clayton close to returning



Pickups After Week 6

Christian Ponder - QB - Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings simply have to play the rookie and see what they have at this point. McNasty is now McMarginal. This is not the "win now" that they thought they were to start the season, so if they can't win with him in there, why not continue losing while at least teaching their future QB how to play at this level.  Sidney Rice must have been on to this fact when he went to Seattle, a place where free-agent WRs go basically to get cut a year and a half into their deal.  It's not a good time in Minnesota right now...especially for Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin owners.


Carson Palmer - Selfish D-Bag - TRADED TO THE OAKLAND RAIDERS

Let us just mention that this guy is NOT a good NFL QB anymore...but at least he'll be playing.  Though Palmer's skills have eroded far past the value of his name, he could end up being better than someone you already have (i.e. - Donovan McBenched).  Still, it's hard not to notice how much better the Bengals have played without "me-first" guys like Carson Palmer, T.O. and Ochoschizo as they already have as many wins in 2011 as they did all of last season.


Bernard Scott - RB - Cincinnati Bengals

Cedric Benson has been running away from a suspension for a few weeks now but when it finally happens, Bernard Scott will be getting the carries on what looks to be a competitive team. He's not great, but we still believe Boat Party Benson will be getting at least a two-game suspension this year and possibly even more.


Montario Hardesty - RB - Cleveland Browns

We said to grab Hardesty all the way back in Week 2 but at this point, he needs to be mentioned again.  The fantasy world was positive the Browns were going to force-feed Hillis this past week in order to keep the jerseys selling, but after suffering from something far worse than the Madden Curse (hamstring injury), it didn't quite end up that way.  Montario was already getting the ball more lately and with it looking to be at least a RBBC the rest of the season, we just hope you didn't go too high on Peyton in your draft.


DeMarco Murray - RB - Dallas Cowboys

With Felix Jones having a high-ankle sprain and Tashard Choice being part of what cost the Cowboys the game against the Patriots last week, Murray is the guy you're going to want here.


Greg Salas - WR - St. Louis Rams

The Rams trade for Brandon Lloyd today makes this rookie wideout from Hawaii pretty much a non-factor, but if you are in Dynasty leagues or have to play a rookie...or just like stockpiling white WRs on your bench...he could be your guy and turn into something down the road.


Mark Clayton - WR - St. Louis Rams

It looks like Clayton could be making his return to the field this coming week. Last year Mark had 10 catches for 119 yards in the season opener and then followed it up with two TDs the next week. Bradford loves him so it's possible he becomes a starter from day one.



Drops After Week 6

Matt Ryan - QB - Atlanta Falcons

We're not actually telling you to flat-out drop the guy, but Matty Ice is Ice cold in fantasy football all season. Things could turn around for him, but you might want to think about trading him to another owner who is still high on him.


Mike Sims-Walker - WR - FREE AGENT

The Rams just released Sims-Walker to make room for WR Brandon Lloyd (traded from Denver for a sixth-round pick), so along with the Jacksonville Jaguars, that's now TWO teams with awful wide receivers that have let him go in the last year.


Brandon Gibson - WR - St. Louis Rams

You could maybe hold onto him if you're in a deep league and hope for the best, but we just don't see him contributing anymore this season.


Denarius Moore - WR - Oakland Raiders

Denarius looks like he was more of a two-week wonder than anything else. With DHB stepping up, Louis Murphy back in the mix and Jason Campbell going down, it's looking like his run might be over.


Donovan McNabb - QB - Minnesota Vikings

Pretty sure we've had him as a drop every week but at this point, we're stressing that he should be nowhere near your team.


Jason Campbell - QB - Oakland Raiders

The word is he's likely done for the year but at the very least, he'll be gone for the next six weeks. As it is, if you were at the point where you needed to play him on your team, you probably weren't going to make the playoffs in your fantasy league anyway.


All New Orleans Saints RBs...except maybe Darren Sproles

With Chris Ivory coming back next week and quite possibly being thrown into the mix immediately, we're not entirely sure who to drop (probably Pierre Thomas if anyone actually has him), but they ALL lose value regardless.  With Pierre putting up just 11 yards on seven carries (including a lost fumble) this past weekend, I think the Saints may actually start to de-activate him shortly.


Chris Cooley - TE - Washington Redskins

Cooley will need to have surgery on his fractured left index finger and should be out at least 4-6 weeks because of it. The Redskins are thinking about shutting him down for the season with his left knee being a bother all year as well, so cut him loose now and grab someone who at least has a little bit of value left in him.




Pickups After Week 5


Curtis Painter - QB - Indianapolis Colts

Curtis has played so well that it looks like Manning may be in jeopardy of his job... Ha! The guy is basically like a modern era Don "Magic Man" Majkowski. Anytime a guy can look like Jeff Spicoli and chuck the ball three-quarters of the way down a football field, I'll like him.


Jackie Battle - RB - Kansas City Chiefs

Looks like the Chiefs have finally found the guy they want to hold Jamaal Charles' jock for the rest of the season...


Earnest Graham - RB - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

At this point it's looking doubtful that LeGarrette Blount (knee) gets out on the field in Week 6. In fact, Coach Morris has already stated that Graham will be his feature back and get the "bulk of the carries" against the Saints this Sunday.  Considering his PPR value, he's worth grabbing for at least this coming weekend as he's shown in the past (898 yards and 10 TDs in 2007 as a replacement) he can work as a starter if the situation arises.


Delone Carter - RB - Indianapolis Colts

With Joseph Addai going down for at least this weekend and possibly up to a month, who do you think the Colts are going to want to test out as a possible permanent replacement for the future? Donald Brown?  Nope, been there, done that.  They'll be taking a look at their fourth-round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, RB Delone Carter, to see if he has what it takes to work with Peyton Manning in the Colts backfield next season.


Ryan Torain - RB - Washington Redskins

Torain looked like a man on a mission in Week 4 when he finally got a chance to prove himself to Shanahan once again...and prove himself he did.  If Hightower's shoulder is bothering him even the slightest bit, you can bet Torain will be starting against one of the worst rush D's in the league this weekend (Philadelphia) and getting the lion's share of the carries.  It doesn't hurt that the Redskins have two more bottom-of-the-barrel rush defenses, Carolina and Buffalo, coming up in Weeks 7 and 8 either.


Early Doucet - WR - Arizona Cardinals

Arizona's WR2 had 16 targets this past weekend!!! That's right, 16 targets!!!  If opposing defenses are just going to double Larry Fitz all the time, Doucet will be left with a lot of fantasy value out there...


Doug Baldwin - WR - Seattle Seahawks

That was one seriously disgusting (in a good way) display out there against the Giants last Sunday. Eight catches on nine targets, 136 yards and one TD while five of those eight catches went for over 20 yards apiece. That's good enough for him to be on my squad any day of the week...


James Jones - WR - Green Bay Packers

Listen, Aaron Rodgers doesn't play favorites and can get any one of his sixteen receivers 100 yards and a touchdown if he wants, but it looks like James Jones has played his way into more snaps, so that certainly can't hurt.


Damian Williams - WR - Tennessee Titans

With Kenny Britt out, Damian has now caught a TD pass two weeks in a row and put up 66 yards on six catches last weekend.  If your WR corps is hurting, you could do worse.


Naaman Roosevelt - WR - Buffalo Bills

Starting WR Donald Jones just went down for at least a month with a busted ankle, so Roosevelt will get a shot to work out of the slot with David Nelson moving outside. He's not big (6'0", 190 lbs) and he's not incredibly fast (4.59 in the 40), but the Bills seem to have something going on over there on offense and he did catch five passes on seven targets last weekend.  He's a long-shot, but if you need someone to fill in during a Bye week, he could work.


Greg Little - WR - Cleveland Browns

If for some reason he was dropped during the Browns Bye week, snatch him up immediately as he was just promoted to the starting lineup and could see the most targets on offense going forward.  Serious playmaking skills here.


Jeremy Kerley - WR - New York Jets

Kerley replaced Derrick Mason as the third WR for the Jets at some point during last Sunday's game against the Patriots and turned in a nice three-catch, 35-yards and one TD performance.  Again, he's a long-shot seeing that the Jets will be turning back into a running team again, but you could do worse as a Bye week fill-in.


Jake Ballard - TE - New York Giants

 He's seems to be making plays and scoring TDs on a weekly basis and with Eli throwing the ball around as much as he is right now, you have to add Ballard to your team.


Jared Cook - TE - Tennessee Titans

If he was dropped based on his early season lack of production, now's the time to grab him. Maybe his promise will finally be realized with Britt out and Chris Johnson looking a little sluggish.


Other Guys to Keep an Eye On:


Jason Avant - WR - Philadelphia Eagles

Joel Dreessen - TE - Houston Texans

Steve Breaston - WR - Kansas City Chiefs



Drops After Week 5


Tarvaris Jackson - QB - Seattle Seahawks

Injured, and was never a fantasy-relevant QB anyway.


Donovan McNabb - QB - Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings finally won a game...and they used AP28 to do it. McNabb was absolutely AWFUL against a bad Arizona pass D, yet they still won despite him.  Coach Frazier is going to realize sooner or later that the only way this team is going to win is by running Peterson into the ground, which means it doesn't matter who quarterbacks the offense... which also means McNabb is expendible.


Kyle Orton - QB - Denver Broncos

The Donkeys are 6-22 in Orton’s past 28 starts. Suck it Merrill Hoge, you idiot!  It's Tebow's time to arrive.


Ryan Grant - RB - Green Bay Packers

First of all, the Packers don't run the ball enough. Second, James Starks is better. Third, Ryan Grant is coming off of season-ending surgery and is playing like it.  Trade him for whatever you can get.


Jerome Simpson - WR - Cincinnati Bengals

Jerome is looking a little lost out there without his weed...


Donald Driver - WR - Green Bay Packers

It's tough to drop a Packers wide receiver because, well, you just never know...but you have to with Driver. Rookie WR4 Randall Cobb is looking FAR better than Driver is out there, so it's tought to see Donald making any sort of fantasy impact from here on out.


Guys Who Are Drops Due To Injury:


Josh Morgan - WR - San Francisco 49ers

Donald Jones - WR - Buffalo Bills




Pickups After Week 4:


Isaac Redman - RB - Pittsburgh Steelers

The fact is, this is a bit of a stretch when you're talking about a season-long fix, but he's on a good team and if Mendenhall goes down for more than this week, he could end up being an amazing pick-up for your team.  He's a hard runner who will always have something to prove as a career-long back-up. I'd rather have him on my bench than a Marshawn Lynch any day.


Kendall Hunter - RB - San Francisco 49ers

If Frank the Tank is healthy, you obviously can't start this guy, but if you already have Gore on your squad, he's a no-brainer as a handcuff. With his latest ankle injury, Gore has officially become the most brittle RB in the league and the chance he stays healthy the remainder of the season is pretty much nil. Grab Hunter while you can.


Preston Parker - WR - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If it seems like young Preston "Spiderman" Parker is getting a lot of looks from Freeman, you'd be right.  He's on pace for 64 receptions at this point and catches almost everything thrown his way (16 catches on 21 targets). He also leads the team in receiving yards and has been far more dependable than Arrelious Benn thus far.  If your wideouts are near the bottom of the barrel, at least consider this guy. He'll be available.


Jacoby Jones and Kevin Walter - WRs - Houston Texans

Jacoby is the preferred pickup of the two, but we assume someone in your league already has him on their squad. If not, grab him immediately as he was the workhorse last year during the three games Andre Johnson was out.  Walter, however, isn't too shabby of a find either. Andre will be out for at least the next three games and Jacoby can't replace his numbers alone. The tight ends will get a ton of work, but Walter is big at 6'3" and could grab a few TDs along the way.


Jared Cook - TE - Tennessee Titans

We assume somebody in your league had him on their squad at some point, but it's quite possible they dropped him along the way as well.  We say this because one of our buddies dropped this dude in a league a couple of weeks ago, yet picked him back up because of the Britt injury and made it worth it with that long TD last weekend.  Cook may only have seven catches on the season thus far, but he's a physical freak and is about to show the world his stuff.  Grab him if he's still available.


Jermaine Gresham - TE - Cincinnati Bengals

Gresham might actually be available in your league if everyone around you was scared to grab Bengals players with a rookie QB running the show. We doubt it, but it's possible.  If not, trade one of the guys mentioned later in the "Drops" section and get them to give you Gresham in the deal. You won't be sorry. The guy wasn't taken in the first round for nothing, and he's finally starting to show it.  It just so happens that when the Bengals win, this skyscraper of a man catches a TD. When they lose, it's because Dalton didn't get it to him enough.  He's averaging seven targets a game thus far, though we expect that number to rise as the year moves on. Rookie QBs end up loving their TEs by the middle of the season.


Drops After Week 4


Mark Sanchez - QB - New York Jets

He needs more time to throw, but it's obvious this dude is not the answer for a ring.


Kyle Orton - QB - Denver Broncos

We said it last week and got a few jeers because of it, but we'll say it again this week anyway:  Grab Tim Tebow!  The Tebow era is set to begin in Denver. Maybe not this week... but soon.  There is no chance whatsoever the Broncos go with Brady Quinn as they've never thought of Quinn as their QB of the future. Plus, in terms of fantasy, Tebow is literally ten times the asset that Quinn could ever hope to be.  In three starts last season, Tebow averaged 26.6 fantasy points a game (basic scoring system) which would have put him at second in the league behind Vick. It's hardly ever recognized just how huge of an advantage a really good running QB is in fantasy.


Donovan McNabb - QB - Minnesota Vikings

Put a fork in him from a fantasy perspective.  If you grabbed him in your draft hoping for a resurrection in Minnesota, we think you've found your answer. It's not going to happen.


Ryan Grant - RB - Green Bay Packers

If you can't stay on the field, you can't stay on my roster... 


Shonn Greene - RB - New York Jets

We might be jumping the gun on this one because the possibility is still out there that he does a little something with this "ground-and-pound" mentality Coach Ryan wants to take on again... but we doubt it.  Basically, trade him now while he still has a little value in the league because when he doesn't do a thing against the Patriots this weekend, he'll have no value at all.  We had high hopes for him, but Shonn just might be the biggest bust of the year.


Reggie Bush - RB - Miami Dolphins

After a great opening game as a Dolphin, it's not a good time playing this guy week-in week-out.


Johnny Knox - WR - Chicago Bears

Dane Sanzenbacher is dropping pass after pass and they still seem to like him more than a beefed up but still manhandle-able Knox.


Kellen Winslow Jr. - TE - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It's the same old story with this guy. Year after year after year, we hear just how good he looks and how strong he is and how much athletic ability he shows after some time off.  However, potential does not always meet it's ceiling.  Sell him on his name and look for a guy with some real potential like the aforementioned Jared Cook, or maybe Ed Dickson if you can.


Chris Cooley - TE - Washington Redskins

Fred Davis is better and Chris is hobbling around out there. Again, sell him on his name if you can.




Pickups After Week 3:


Victor Cruz - WR - Giants

Mario Manningham has been cleared to play in Week 4, but Cruz looked like a beast out there on Sunday. I think he took Manningham's job personally.  He's at least the #3 guy on NY now.


Torrey Smith - WR - Ravens

He actually dropped a pass that would have given him 4 TDs. This kid is fast, but don't expect him to be scoring multiple TD games moving forward. His ahhh moment is in the rearview mirror in my opinion.


Nate Washington - WR - Titans

11 targets last week and 9 this week. With Kenny Britt gone, he's the WR1 for the Titans, which may be his demise, I bet he's double covered moving forward and doesn't do too much, but maybe he' this years Brandon Lloyd and builds a great repoire with Hasselbeck.


Titus Young - WR - Lions

I'm in love with this kid. As the season goes on he'll get better and better.


Kendall Hunter - RB - Niners

Gore sprained his ankle in the Bengals game and is most likely out this week, so Kendall Hunter is a great pickup. Don't get too excited though, because Gore is a good player and hasn't been able to get anything rolling this season thus far. The 49ers look like the are going to suck more nuts than their fans in the Castro.


Bernard Scott - RB - Bengals

Bernard Scott will get 3 games to score fantasy owners some points before Cedric Benson comes back from his suspension handed out by the Führer. The Bengals look like they can put some points on the board, so if you are in a pinch at RB, maybe Scott turns out to be alright.


Tim Tebow - QB - Broncos

If he's still out there... and you are hurting at QB or have a team with more than 1 loss and want to make a potential pick that could REALLY help your team, I'd pick him up in a minute. Denver is 1-2 and Orton has looked like a soiled tampon so far running the John Fox show.  A change is comin' soon... Tebow is a solid fantasy QB, he showed that last year with both his arm and his legs.


Dane Sanzenbacher - WR - Bears

If the Bears are never going to run the ball then Dane Sanzenbacher needs some consideration. Roy Williams bits, Knox is incosistant and it seems like Cutler already trusts this undrafted slot receiver. He's the white guy possession receiver on a team that never runs the ball.


Donald Jones - WR - Bills

When I was watching that amazing Bills vs. Patriots game yesterday I kept asking "who is this #19 guy on the Bills flying past everyone"?. He looked like a Jacoby Ford meets Percy Harvin clone out there. He had 5 catches on 10 targets, over 100 yards and a couple miss throws that could have gone for big plays (he gets open), with Roscoe Parrish down Donald could blossom this year on a solid fantasy minded NFL team. Seems like there are enough balls to go around. 


Stevan Ridley - RB - Patriots

Green-Ellis looked like crap while the even bigger and tougher Ridley looked real good.  He could eventually take on the goal-line/short-yardage role with a team that has actually been in the Top-6 in rushing TDs each of the last five seasons.


The other Steve Smith - WR - Eagles

Depending on Maclin and if his hamstring is okay or not Steve Smith (used to be on the NYG) will get an uptick in opportunity. This is only if you are hurting bad at WR or need a flex guy, because he is coming off an injury, so I don't want to push damaged goods on you.


Alfonso Smith - RB - Cardinals

Wells should be back, but Alfonso looked a ton better than Crapster Taylor and could be the #2 guy from here on out... and we all know Wells' injury history...


Andre Caldwell - WR - Bengals

Jerome Simpson could very well be in jail real soon. We had Jerome on our pickup list last week, but then he got busted with over 6 pounds of marijuana at his house. Caldwell had six catches on Sunday compared to Simpson's one. Remember Jordan Shipley is already out for the year as well. Caldwell should be WR2 opposite A.J. in the next week or so.


Montario Hardesty - RB - Browns

It's a bit early, but he looked good and was supposed to be the guy last year before he got injured. But that was before Peyton Hillis replaced LeBron as Clevelnad's favorite athlete. Remember the man on the Madden 12 cover isn't injured, he's just sick. Strep throat will be gone this week with antibiotics, he's already cleared to be with the team, so this isn't MONO or anything that could keep him out for a few weeks. 


Vince Young or Mike Kafka - QB - Eagles

Grabbing one of these guys should really only happen if you own Mike Vick. Not sure if Vince Young is coming back soon or if the Eagles are going to go with Mike Kafka again, but it's obvious that Mike Vick is going to be banged up all season. This is why many of us stayed away from him in our drafts. Anyway, although I am a Northwestern fan (grew up 3 blocks from Dyke Stadium, now a more PC named Ryan Field) Kafka looked terrible on Sunday when he got in the game. Don't expect much.


Randy McMichael - TE - Chargers

Antonio Gates replacement. Not much more to say about the guy than that, he's been in the league forever and I can count the fantasy points he's scored in his life on 2 hands and 1 foot.



Drops After Week 3:


Mike Sims Walker - WR - Rams

I wouldn't flat-out drop Sims-Walker unless you have a very limited bench. I'd try and trade him though, because he's not any good, so try and see if there is someone in your league who has a liking for him and trade him for almost anything with a pulse.


Hines Ward - WR - Steelers

They have too much young talent to warrant the old man being on your bench collecting digital dust while he collect social security. You aren't going to start him with a straight face, pick someone up with a semblance of upside. I'd rather have Randy Moss or Terrell Owens on my bench at the faint chance they may come back and play for the right team... I'm not even kidding.


Roy Williams - WR - Bears

I guess his ex-girlfriend that turned down his engagement telegram offer knew he was washed up before the Bears front office did. This putz is a waste of bench space and will be out of the league next season. He'll be doing his idiotic first down dance on the Toronto Argonauts for years to come.


Dallas Clark - TE - Colts

We are advising a fire sale on Colts skilled position players this year in fantasy football. We miss Peyton, but they miss him more. Save yourself the headache, it was all Peyton, not Collie, Garcon, Wayne or Clark.


Chad Ochocinco - WR - Patriots

He dropped a TD catch this week that would have won the game for the Patriots. He's lost in his own psyche, the confidence is at an all time low and he has most likely lost Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's trust at this point. Chad's skills have fallen and they can't get up, at least not on a winning team.


DeAngelo Williams - RB - Panthers

Don't actually drop him yet, we are being dramatic, but it looks like he's not going to live up to the big contract he just signed.




Pickups After Week 2

Rex Grossman

Chad Henne

Matt Hasselbeck

Daniel Thomas

DeMarco Murray

Dexter McCluster

Roy Helu

Tashard Choice

DeMarco Murray

LeRon McClain

Jerome Simpson

Denarius Moore

Emmanuel Sanders

Eric Decker

David Nelson

Nate Washington

Fred Davis

Tony Scheffler


Drops After Week 2

Any Chiefs or Seahawks




Pickups After Week 1

Cam Newton

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Rex Grossman

David Garrard

Ben Tate

Caddy Williams

Darren Sproles

Early Doucet

Jordy Nelson

Randall Cobb

Jacoby Jones

Devery Henderson

Scott Chandler

Fred Davis

Ed Dickson


Drops After Week 1:

Too Soon






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