Pickups After Week 6 - Waiver Wire

Pickups After Week 6 - Waiver Wire

Posted by d-Rx on 10/15/12

pickups and drops from week 6



Pickups After Week 6 - Waiver Wire


As we do every week, Dawgmaticå, Houdini and myself looked through the best players that aren't likely to be on fantasy rosters yet, narrowed down the list and then do a brief write up on those players. Well, here's the problem with that for this week... we hope this isn't a trend, but truthfully we didn't see any guys that we thought would really bring anything to the table for your squad from this week. While writing these guys up, I realized that I don't advocate any of these guys actually getting picked up by any of our loyal patrons. So, I've taken a plan B approach here and have chosen to go back through our previous list of pickup players and point out the ones that still appear to be available in most leagues and try to convince you to go that route instead.

I do mention the hand full of guys just below, but it is almost just to do so... I don't believe any of the 4 guys from this week will provide any fantasy football production this year, so it's really just fantasy fluff reading - please take it as so.

Monterio Hardesty - RB - Browns - Trent Richardson got a helmet to his ribs yesterday, but he's already saying "I'll be ready for next week". Hardesty got the first TD of his career (3rd year pro) in his first action of the season. I'm going to take a guess that the Browns aren't looking for any controversey and that Trent will get all the action in next weeks game against the Colts. Basically, we don't think you should pick this player up, we mention him because he had a nice game out of nowhere yesterday, but we can't advocate picking him up and ever inserting him into your starting lineup.

Baron Batch - RB - Steelers - Baron had double digit carries in week 6 (10), and he had a 1-yard touchdown in week 6 as well - which could be cause for us to list him as a potential pickup for this week, but here's the problem. In his career for the Steelers he has 16 carries for 34 yards and that 1 TD. That's 2.1 yards per carry. We're not ready to tell you to pick a guy with that kind of résumé up - we just can't do it.

Felix Jones - RB - Cowboys - If it was up to DeMarco Murray, he would have continued playing yesterday. His sprained foot isn't anything that is going to put him on the shelf. We thought Felix had a nice burst yesterday, and that touchdown run of his was impressive, but if you pick him up, he'll collect digital dust on your interactive bench. 

Marion Moore - WR - Dolphins - If you got fantasy points for being on the right end of blown coverage by the defensive secondary, we'd say this is your guy... don't go grabbing at straws here folks, he hadn't caught a pass since 2010 before yesterday, he's not a part of the plan for the Dolphins offense.


Here are some of our previous week's pickups, many of which are still available in fantasy leagues, take a look and if you see one of these names available, they are better options that the chicken scratch listed above:


Jake Locker - QB - Titans = is owned in 8% of ESPN leagues

Brandon Weedon - QB - Browns = 6%

Russell Wilson - QB - Seahawks = 12.3%

Christian Ponder - QB - Vikings = 36.6%


Alex Green - RB - Packers = 28.4%

William Powell - RB - Cardinals = 3.1%

Joique Bell - RB - Lions = 3%


Daryl Richardson - RB - Rams = 4.1%

Kendall Hunter - RB - 49ers = 15.2%

Andre Roberts - WR - Cardinals = 50.7%

Mike Williams - WR - Buccaneers = 54.7%

Andrew Hawkins - WR - Bengals = 31%


Josh Gordon - WR - Browns = 2.4%

Randall Cobb - WR - Packers = 34.9%

Heath Miller - TE - Steelers = 64.7%

Scott Chandler - TE - Bills = 46.1%

Brandon Myers - TE - Raiders = 1.6%



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