Pickups and Drops - Before Week 13

Pickups and Drops - Before Week 13

Posted by d-Rx on 11/30/10


Pickups and Drops

by Pharmacist ForgetItJake™



Kerry Collins - This is an indictment of Rusty Smith more than an endorsement of Collins.  Stay away unless you are in a 32 team start 2 QB league.


Derek Anderson - After that post-game interview, he is ready to prove the world wrong. Totally kidding, if you are out of the running and play your best friend that buys lap dances when you go to the strip club, pick up DA and play him to do your buddy a solid. It's worth 4 dances of your call... Otherwise, stay away.




Brian Westbrook - Sad as is it to say Frank Gore is done for the year. 23 carries for 136 yards and an 8-yard touchdown makes him the best pickup on the board by a long shot.


Toby Gerhart - Might as well join the mad scramble to pick up Peterson’s backup.  Gerhart is a solid pro who would make a nice bench player on even the best teams.


Maurice Morris - Detroit is still moving the ball and even though Thursday seems like a month ago let’s not forget Mo-Mo put up almost 20 points on T-day.


Peyton Hillis - Keeping you awake/honest.  By the way, I told you to get this guy after Week 1 when he put up a whopping 65 yards and a TD.




Ben Obomanu - He has shown flashes before but this is a high risk pickup.  Could be waiver wire material by next week’s article.


Danario Alexander - If someone dropped him and you need WR help get this guy before he gets hurt again.  Oh, too late.


Davone Bess - With Henne starting again Devone may reach his PPR potential.  Don’t expect many games like Week 12, though. 


Earl Bennett - This offering comes with a caution sign attached. But if Cutler keeps it up, his Vanderbilt comfort zone side-kick has a chance to score fantasy points.



Greg Olsen - Cutler looks as good as I’ve seen him so Olsen may have some value yet.  This whole team has been a surprise; may as well take a chance on a talented TE in that mix.


Michael Hoomanawanui - is someone you will look at the #'s and want to pick up, but he's injured and will be out for 4-6 weeks.  Don't make that mistake.