Player Rankings - Week 15

Player Rankings - Week 15

Posted by Dawgmaticå on 12/15/10

QB Player Rankings – Week 15


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1.           Peyton Manning (vs Jax) – The Colts haven’t been in a position like this for a long time, meaning they haven’t had to fight for their playoff life since as long as I can remember.  The one man they depend on the most is Peyton Manning, and he’ll be the one pulling them up from mediocrity back into the light.  The last time he threw for less than 300 yards against these Jaguars was early 2008 while averaging over two TDs against them during that span.  Believe it, he’ll come alive this Sunday and show the football world what he’s made of again and by the way, in case you hadn’t noticed, Manning is now leading the NFL in passing yards (4,028) and has a chance of outdoing Dan Marino’s record of 5,084 yards in a season.


2.           Tom Brady (vs GB) – Brady’s hot streak right now is unprecedented and doesn’t look like it can be stopped by rain, snow, or anything else nature has to offer up.  Green Bay actually has one of the best pass defenses in the league, but with the short dink-and-dunk game that Belichick and Brady have going right now, there’s simply no way to stop it.


3.           Drew Brees (@ Bal) – Brees has multiple TD passes in eight of his last nine games and five 300-yard games in his last seven.  Make no mistake about it, a Cool Brees is flowing through the NFL right now, and though Baltimore may still be a formidable defense, Matt Schaub showed that they can be beat through the air last week, so don’t you go worrying about Brees when it comes to domination this Sunday.


4.           Philip Rivers (vs SF) – Rivers has taken a pretty severe dive these past few weeks, but because of the matchup against the 49ers this Sunday, that’s about to change.  When the Chargers need him to pass, like they will against a tough San Fran rush D, he always performs.  Confidence should be high against this team, so sit back and watch your team get off to a great start this Thursday.


5.           Michael Vick (@ NYG) – Putting Vick this low in the rankings rubs my fantasy soul a bit wrong, but the fact is, the Giants held Vick pretty well in their last game, so it’s tough to expect the magic he’s put forth in every other game this season.  That said, Vick normally does better on the road and doesn’t seem to have a problem going up against division foes, so please don’t think about scratching him this week against a very tough New York Giants defense.


6.           Matt Schaub (@ Ten) – Schaub has been awesome for fantasy owners the past couple of weeks, though it might have something to do with Andre Johnson finally being healthy and stepping his game up to a different level.  In a game that’s sure to get a ton of hype with Andre going up against Finnegan, you can be sure that Schaub will let the chips fall where they may and let ‘Dre take control of this game.  In other words, he’s a good bet.


7.           Matt Ryan (@ Sea) – Seattle has a terrible pass defense (30th in the league) but are pretty decent against the run.  Basically a perfect combination for a QB to do well.  Ryan isn’t an elite quarterback yet, but in a game like this where the Falcons want to gain some momentum and stay ahead of the Saints, you can be sure he’ll be looking for Roddy White a bunch and tossing the pill around enough to warrant a fantasy playoff start.


8.           Jon Kitna (vs Was) – Kitna threw for 242 yards and two TDs against Philly at home last game, so against a much worse pass D than the Eagles sport, you can expect at least that much this weekend at home against the Redskins, and possibly a whole lot more.


9.           Eli Manning (vs Phi) – Eli had his prayers answered last weekend with Hakeem Nicks coming back, though he also might have lost Steve Smith and Mario Manningham in the process.  Not to worry, because not only is Nicks twice as good as the next two guys on the team, but it looks like Derek Hagan is actually pretty good as well.  The Eagles give up a TON of passing TDs, so a couple of touchdowns and some decent yardage for Manning look to be a good bet.


10.       Joe Flacco (vs NO) – Flacco might find himself in a shootout this game, which can only mean good things for your fantasy QB.  The Saints haven’t given up much against the pass this year, but they also haven’t faced a cat like Joe Cool in his hometown in awhile.  He won’t win you your week, but he’ll put up enough stats to make you happy in this one, especially if the game end up with a final score around the 30’s like it should.


11.       Carson Palmer (vs Cle) – Palmer started his new job at the local downtown Cincinnati Wendy’s this week, but the word on the street is that he still cares more about studying the playbook in his office than making sure that every burger comes out square.  Earlier this year against the Browns, Palmer threw for 371 yards and two TDs in Cleveland en route to a 23-20 loss, so you can be sure that he’ll be doing everything he can this Sunday to make amends for the inter-state embarrassment.


12.       Kerry Collins (vs Hou) – Kerry Collins?  Seriously?!?!  Well, he had three TD passes last week against the Colts, so he’s definitely on a bit of a roll, but against a defense three times worse against the pass?  You can bet on the old man putting up some nice numbers, especially with Kenny Britt coming back and Chris Johnson taking up a bunch of the defensive attention.


13.       Josh Freeman (vs Det) – The only game Freeman didn’t throw for a touchdown pass in this year was against the Pittsburgh Steelers back in Week 3.  That said, he also hasn’t thrown for three TDs yet on the year either.  If you start him, you’re taking a bit of a gamble, but against the Lions down south in Tampa, where the weather runs warm and doesn’t affect the receivers or the passing game, you might do well in taking a chance on him.


14.       Jay Cutler (@ Min) – Cutler had an awesome game against this Vikings team back in Week 10 throwing for 237 yards and three TDs, but that was at home.  Cutler has always been more of a home-town QB, but the Vikings seem to be in a bit of disarray lately, especially with their stadium being “Mother Natured” out of operation.  Don’t expect the world, but if you’re sitting there with Cutler, Orton, Sanchez and Fitzpatrick to think about, take your chances on Cutler.


15.       Jason Campbell (vs Den) – Campbell is probably the most quintessential mediocre QB of all-time, but that’s not to say he doesn’t have his moments.  This Denver defense, and entire TEAM for that matter, is so completely disemboweled that even a Jason Campbell is worth starting against them.


16.       Matt Hasselbeck (vs Atl) – Hasselbeck will be getting both Big Mike Williams and Ben Obomanu back this Sunday, which should make this game a lot more interesting than it was going to be.  Atlanta has a better than average defense, but if there’s one glaring soft spot, it’s their pass D.  The 35-year old QB has proven on occasion this year that he still has a few nice fantasy weeks left in his old bones, so if you were depending on Rodgers and don’t have any sort of confidence in who you had backing him up, Hass won’t be too bad of chance to take.



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