Pyro Fantasy Football Power Rankings - Week 11 Power Rankings for all 32 NFL Teams

Pyro Fantasy Football Power Rankings - Week 11 Power Rankings for all 32 NFL Teams

Posted by d-Rx on 11/16/12

pyro fantasy football power rankings - week 11


Pyro Fantasy Football Power Rankings

Week 11 Power Rankings for all 32 NFL Teams



Welcome to the Fantasy Power Rankings. This weekly article is where you will find out which teams are dominating, or are being dominated, on the offensive and defensive side of the ball, in terms of Fantasy points. See below to see who the BEST team in the league. These charts and our insight will help you visualize how the season has gone to this point, and give you a better feel for how the season will go week to week.  By using these charts you will have a better understanding of which matchups to exploit on a week-to-week basis, and DOMINATE your fantasy league.  This week we have added averages at the bottom so you can compare a teams score to the average and see exactly where they stand in evaluating the matchups.




fantasy football pyro power rankings for NFL offenses



The Cincinnati Bengals jumped an impressive 6 spots in the rankings on the arm of Andy Dalton who completed 4 TD passes to 4 different receivers. He was efficient, completing 70% of his passes on the day and just spread the bay all over the field against the Giants. The Bengals offense jumped into the top 10, now ranking 8th being carried by their wide receiver corps, most notably AJ Green who has now scored a touchdown in 8 straight games. The complimentary receivers of Andrew Hawkins and Mohamed Sanu have also picked up their play the last few weeks giving Dalton and the offense more options to throw to, with all the attention being on AJ Green their emergence has really helped the offense take it to the next level.

The Bears offense was stymied on Sunday night in a sloppy game by both teams. So far this season the Bears offense has failed to meet expectations, coming in at 22nd in our rankings currently. This offense with the addition of Brandon Marshall was expected to take a jump but so far this season they have just been middle of the pack. The offense is being dragged down by the absolute terrible performance of their tight ends, which rank dead last in the league in everything except sucking. Now with Jay Cutlers concussion things are only looking worse, especially with a tough matchup against the 49ers on Monday night. With game manager Jason Campbell potentially starting the Bears defense is going to need to continue carrying the slack of the offense.

The Ravens and Bills each took big steps this week, putting up big numbers against lackluster defenses. The Ravens dropped the double nickel against the Raiders who have been absolutely torched the last two weeks. Flacco had a big game where he had 4 total touchdowns, throwing to the forgotten Dennis Pitta and the explosive Torrey Smith. The Bills shredded the Patriots defense with good game from Fred Jackson, CJ Spiller, and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Texans and Giants both fell in the rankings this past weekend. The Texans as expected fell a few spots by taking on the stingy Bears Defense. The Giants however took on the Bengals who were a bottom third defense and struggled mightily. The Texans fed Arian Foster the ball all night long in what was a wet and wild game in Chicago, he carried the team to victory after lousy production from pretty much every other player on the offense. The Giants offense struggled again both running and throwing the ball as Eli has been roughed up and looked even worse that last few weeks.





fantasy football pyro power rankings - the NFL defenses that are allowing the most fantasy football points


The San Diego Chargers Defense has been making big strides over the last few weeks and now is on the cusp of the top-10. They don’t dominate in one category, but they are above average against quarterbacks, running backs, and tight ends. As for defending wide receivers they are only slightly above average. The defense has been making strides the last few weeks and slowly moving up the leader boards.

After a rough couple of weeks to start the season the Pittsburgh Steelers have battled back to be one of the most stingy defenses around. They now come in second in the points allowed rankings, in the top five against quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers. They are also above average in defending tight ends. They are doing this all without one of their best defensive players in Troy Polamalu. The Steelers are absolutely creating havoc against the quarterback, currently representing the stingiest mark against opposing passers.

The Chiefs have been pulling their defense out of the cellar the last few weekends and jumped 6 spots this week in the rankings. How much of this can be attributed to playing the rusty Byron Leftwich who might have the slowest release in all of football outside of Tim Tebow is up for debate. When Big Ben was in the game the offense seemed to be clicking, once he was out the game looked much different, but hey who are the Chiefs to complain as they finally caught a break this season.

The Atlanta Falcons defense was picked apart by Drew Brees and the Saints offense. After this dismantling the Falcons fell 8 spots in the rankings. They allowed Jimmy Graham a huge game of 146 yards and 2 scores while also allowing a 148 rushing yards. The Falcons are now below average in stopping the run, something that is usually a must for a team that wants to go all the way.








fantasy football pyro power rankings - differential from week 10 to week 11



The system continues to be enamored with the play of the Detroit Lions despite the fact they keep losing football games. They got beat up this week by Adrian Peterson and a Percy Harvin-less Minnesota Vikings team. Lucky for the Lions our rankings don’t take into account special team as they would most certainly be lower on the list. Blair Walsh kicked 4 field goals on the day and the last time these two teams played the return game of the Vikings was the deciding factor. The Lions have to get this area of their game fixed if they plan on winning games at the rate they did last season.

The Dolphins again had a terrible game where they were absolutely demolished by the Tennessee Titans 37-3. They remain at 25 in our rankings but just two weeks ago they were being talked about as potential wildcard contenders, how quickly things can change in today’s NFL. The Titans aren’t very good either so a whooping of this magnitude is quite the eye opener.

The San Diego Chargers now sport a positive differential. They are still a 4-5 team but look to be on the rise. Philip Rivers has performed at his best the last two weeks and they look to keep the momentum going this weekend in a big division game against the Peyton Manning led Broncos. This team must push it to the next level in the next few weeks if they plan to make a late season playoff push like they usually do under Coach Norv Turner.

The Buccaneers plummeted 6 spots in the rankings somehow in a game that they won by ten. Their defense has been lacking getting torched in the passing game allowing Rivers to put up 337 yards and Ram cast away Danario Alexander to pile up 138 yards. The Defense also recently traded away Aquib Talib so don’t look for any improvement in the pass coverage in coming weeks. Luckily for the team the offense has seemed to turn a corner and keep this team in the win column in recent weeks.




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