Pyro Fantasy Football Power Rankings - Week 13 Power Rankings for all 32 NFL Teams

Pyro Fantasy Football Power Rankings - Week 13 Power Rankings for all 32 NFL Teams

Posted by d-Rx on 11/29/12

pyro fantasy football power rankings  - week 13



Pyro Fantasy Football Power Rankings

Week 13 Power Rankings for all 32 NFL Teams


Welcome to the Fantasy Power Rankings. This weekly article is where you will find out which teams are dominating, or are being dominated, on the offensive and defensive side of the ball, in terms of Fantasy points. See below to see who the BEST team in the league is. These charts and our insight will help you visualize how the season has gone to this point, and give you a better feel for how the season will go week to week.  By using these charts you will have a better understanding of which matchups to exploit on a week-to-week basis, and DOMINATE your fantasy league.  This chart also includes averages at the bottom so you can compare a team’s score to the average and see exactly where they stand in evaluating the matchups.





top scoring offenses in the NFL for fantasy football - week 13 - 2012



The Texans and the Lions got into a shootout early on Turkey day and if you went to hard on Blackout Wednesday you probably would have missed it if not for overtime. Johnson and Johnson each had big games as Calvin put up 140 yards and a TD while Andre put up 188 yards. Stafford and Schaub each put up big games battling beyond the final minutes for a victory. If it weren’t for one of the most unexplainable calls with the throwing of a challenge flag and being penalized who knows how this game could have ended, but at least it provided us some entertainment.

The Oakland Raiders offense really struggled against the Cincinnati Bengals, a team with a defense that is looking better each and every week. Carson Palmer didn’t have his usual 50 attempts as the Raiders failed to put drives together. He did have 34 attempts but only finished with a meager 3.4 yards per attempt. Marcel Reece continued his productivity but without Darren McFadden this offensive has been lacking those explosive games from the run game.

Three teams rose three spots in the rankings doing it on the biggest stages in football, Thanksgiving Day, Sunday Night, and Monday Night. The Giants offense got back on track with help from the run game and Eli Manning distributing the ball all over the field. The Cowboys offense has been working with the normal consistency of Jason Witten and the sudden explosion of Dez Bryant, who has brought the receiving corps into the top 5 for the first time this season.  Cam Newton and the Panthers absolutely put it on the Eagles defense as Newton threw for two touchdowns and ran for another two, by far his best game of the season. These offenses are all very good and should continue to rise up the boards in the home stretch of the season.

The Colts offense fell four spots in the rankings. With a very limited run game to support Andrew Luck it is no surprise. An offense with a running game like the Colts have and a rookie quarterback was overachieving being in the top 10. Luck has been absolutely phenomenal in his rookie season but still needs a piece in the backfield to take this offense to the next level, an Edgerrin James to his Peyton Manning.






these defenses let the most and least up against each position for fantasy football points



The Pittsburgh Steelers have overtaken the top spot from the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers fell a little bit by taking on one of the best offenses in the NFL led by Drew Brees. Brees was able to throw for 3 touchdowns that helped the Saints cause but also threw two touchdowns to 49er players. The 49ers defense is still one of the best in the league and when they take on the Rams this weekend you might expect them to regain the top stop sooner rather than later.

The Lions saw their place in the defensive rankings fall 6 places after a 34-point effort from the Texans offense. They were top five against running backs until Arian Foster came in and put up over 100 yards and 2 scores and Forsett added 87 yards and a TD. Overall the 34 points allowed to the Texans added 3 points, raising their points allowed scored from 61.2 to 64.2.

Two defenses made big jumps, some can be attributed to dominate defensive performances and some can be attributed to other defenses such as the Jets and Lions being destroyed by opposing offenses. The Broncos had the lowly Chiefs in town and had newly minted starting quarterback Brady Quinn to contend with and they did their jobs by not allowing a touchdown on the day. The Bengals kept the Raiders in check allowing only 218 total yards. The Bengals allowed only 3.6 yards per play and absolutely killed the Raiders drives, allowing only 10 points.

The J-E-T Jets Jets Jets lost Fireman Ed and lost by 30 to the Patriots in a bad weak for the team. Everyone on the Patriots got involved in the scoring fest without Gronkowski to take the all the touchdown celebrations. The Brady show was in full force as he threw for 323 yards and 3 scores through the air and also added one on the ground. The running game was also very effective amassing over 150 yards. All of these factors caused the Jets to topple 10 spots in the rankings.







differential week 13 - fantasy football power rankings

The Denver Broncos have taken advantage of the Ben Roethlisberger injury and taken the reigns as the top team in the AFC. Peyton Manning has this offense functioning on all cylinders, the loss of McGahee hurts as they now turn to Knowshon Moreno to carry the load, a job he has failed to do in the past. The defense has also stepped up its game in the last few weeks in a similar fashion as last season. As each week goes past it feels like the Broncos are getting stronger and stronger, making them a legitimate Superbowl threat.

The Bengals have been absolutely on fire since coming off their bye and have now made their way all the way to 8th in our rankings. With a suffocating performance against the Raiders the Bengals defense made a jump and with their offense flowing through AJ Green the Bengals are making another run for the playoffs. The Lawfirm has also stepped his game up over the last two weeks giving the Bengals good balance and a shot at maintaining their rank as a top ten offense.

The New York Giants and Carolina Panthers each jumped 5 spots in the rankings. The Carolina Panthers and their lowly record showed what they are capable of on offense Monday night and their defense has been much improved over last year, with a better running game and a few other pieces on defense they could be a team to be reckoned with as soon as next season. The Giants offense stepped up on Sunday night and did so with balance. They put it on the Packers and showed why they are one of the most dangerous in the NFL especially in prime time games.

The Philadelphia Eagles have continued their dissent down the board falling another 5 spots. The Eagles defense has been one of the worst in the league, even after the firing of Juan Castillo. They seem to get worse and worse every week and it looks like they have lost all confidence. It got even worse after the game when the cut Jason Babin, a guy who produced 18 sacks for them last season. The Eagles have now fallen from perennial playoff contender to league doormat and the only player providing any excitement is Bryce Brown who will be forever blocked by All-Pro LeSean McCoy. 



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