Pyro Fantasy Football Power Rankings - Week 15 Power Rankings for all 32 NFL Teams

Pyro Fantasy Football Power Rankings - Week 15 Power Rankings for all 32 NFL Teams

Posted by d-Rx on 12/13/12

pyro power rankings for week 15 - fantasy football power rankings for all 32 NFL teams



Pyro Fantasy Football Power Rankings

Week 15 Power Rankings for all 32 NFL Teams



Welcome to the Fantasy Power Rankings. This weekly article is where you will find out which teams are dominating, or are being dominated, on the offensive and defensive side of the ball, in terms of Fantasy points. See below to see who the BEST team in the league is. These charts and our insight will help you visualize how the season has gone to this point, and give you a better feel for how the season will go week to week.  By using these charts you will have a better understanding of which matchups to exploit on a week-to-week basis, and DOMINATE your fantasy league.  This chart also includes averages at the bottom so you can compare a team’s score to the average and see exactly where they stand in evaluating the matchups.




fantasy football points scored by NFL offenses chart - week 15 2012 NFL season



The Broncos offense has been getting better and better each week and it now looks like Peyton knows the ins and outs of this offense just as he did in Indy. This offense has survived the loss of its top running back and is now in the hands of a former first round pick that had been wasting away on the inactive list. Moreno showed his versatility this week both on the ground and through the air and was also entrusted with keeping Peyton upright. These receivers are also some of the best in the league and have an immense young talent in the form of Demaryius Thomas who should continue to get better and better as the years go on.

What was thought to be the Panthers biggest strength at the beginning of the season has turned out to be one of their more glaring weaknesses so far this season, as the running backs have left a lot to be desired. We can blame some of this on the touchdown vulture that is Cam Newton  and also some terrible run blocking but it also has a lot to do with their complete ineffective especially when you compare their performance to last season. Injuries have played some part in the lackluster performance but what was expected to be a three headed monster of Jonathan Stewart, DeAngelo Williams, and Mike Tolbert has barely produced like one good back. Their 13.9 RB points per game has fallen to 5th worst in the league.  

Two teams battling for a playoff spot in the NFC east both jumped 5 spots in the rankings this week. The Redskins have been led by RG3, who is currently fantasies top scorer, all season long and have used their spread attack to slice through defenses. The Giants however have been a strong running team and are getting 21.4 points a game from their backfield. Bradshaw and company have been explosive and provided some of the more memorable rushing games of the year this season and they are now tied for 4th in fantasy points by their running backs.

There were 4 teams who each fell 3 spots for various different reasons this past week. The Packers played in crappy weather and were unable to get their passing game going to its typical peak performance level. The Colts got into a drag out battle with the Titans but didn’t put up the numbers they usually do in the pass game while still pulling out a victory. The Bengals and Cowboys each fell as they were in a defensive battle each keeping the other teams offense in check. All four of these teams will look to rebound this weekend as they will all be battling for playoff positioning.





fantasy football points given up by NFL teams by position



The New York jets defense rose 3 spots as they had the fortunes of playing the Jacksonville Jaguars who were featuring their 4th running back of the season. The Jets defense’s strength even without Darrel Revis most of the season has been its play against opposing wide receivers as they are among the best at shutting them down. The Jets are susceptible to the run game however as they have allowed opposing running backs to put up over 20 points a game against them. Rex Ryan knows this teams shortcomings and has been trying to run the ball a lot so the team doesn’t get into shootouts and allow his underwhelming quarterback to get the most important stat of all, the W.

The Atlanta Falcons defense has been in freefall in recent weeks and now finds itself in 14th. The Falcons are not strong anywhere on defense and allow the opposition to attack whichever way it sees fit, whether that is through the air or the ground. Recently Atlanta has been getting torched in the run game allowing 19.9 points to opposing running backs, not to mention the 116 yards Cam Newton just put on them for their second loss of the season.

The Cowboys and Rams both jumped 5 spots in the rankings as they are able to keep opposing passing games from destroying them. They both allow slightly below average numbers to quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends. If these teams could bolster their run defense they would be ready to take that next step into the realm of the elite defenses.

The Houston Texans defense took a big freefall this week falling 7 spots as they were demolished by the Patriots on Monday Night Football. The Patriots were able to succeed greatly in the pass game early, gaining a big advantage and then let their running backs go to work to completely deflate the Texans defense and leave J.J. Watt standing on the sideline next to his coaches when all was said and done. The Houston Team has proved in primetime that they can be passed on and when an elite quarterback comes to town they can give up big points.







differential in fantasy points scored by NFL offenses and NFL defenses in 2012 - week 15


The Patriots with their shellacking of the Houston Texans were able to vault themselves all the way to second in our rankings jumping three spots. The Patriots always seem to show up for primetime games when the whole nation is watching and usually do so in a big fashion, especially the Stetson man himself. The Patriots are also known for taking the offenses best weapon away from them and forcing them to go another direction and execute to perfection. On the other side of the coin the Texans fell 4 spots as their defense was torched and their offense was held in check. Matt Schaub was eventually pulled for TJ Yates, more to save him from injury than his performance, but that is just an idea how absolutely terrible this game was for the Texans.

The Seattle Seahawks were the biggest riser this week as they jumped 6 spots after dropping 58 points on a tough Arizona Cardinals defense. Their defense also showed up in a big fashion as they shut out the Cardinals and forced 8 turnovers. Dominating is the only word the Seahawks can use to describe this performance as they destroyed 2 quarterbacks and also scored 2 defensive touchdowns. The only way this could have gone any worse is if the Cardinals would have lost another quarterback to injury. The Cardinals on the other hand were the biggest fallers this week falling 5 spots all the way to 29th. Ever since starting off as one of the biggest surprises around the Cardinals have been one of the biggest freefalls I can remember. Time for a new direction in Arizona as the quarterback play has been some of the worst in recent memory. 




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