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Pyro Power Rankings Week 15 (2016)

Posted by d-Rx on 12/13/16

The power of power rankings is a huge advantage over your unknowing competition. It gives a distinct number for the strength of a team's position group in terms of fantasy points scored, and an idea of how poor a defense is against a particular area of the other team's attack. In developing power rankings for fantasy football it is important to start with points scored as they are the engine that drives your fantasy team. Dominant offenses produce dominant fantasy players and they are the guys chosen in the first few rounds of your drafts.


These charts are based off all numbers accumulated during the 2016 season. As the season goes along these numbers grown in strength as more and more teams have exploited or struggled against the opposing team. The differential in fantasy points scored and allowed will have a strong correlation to which teams are truly the best in football as time passes, so as always, pay attention.


Which positions on each team are scoring the most fantasy football points thru 14 games played? 


Pyro Power Rankings - 2016 FF Points Scored Thru 14 Games

You can also use the points scored chart in selecting your streaming options as a plug and play option or as a bye week fill-in. Teams in GREEN are the best fantasy options, while teams that display in RED are underachieving to say the least. A few shrewd calls in bad matchups for you can be the difference between a win and a loss, and dramatically affect your positioning going into the playoffs.


Which defenses are letting up the most fantasy football points at each position thru 14 games played?


2016 FF Points Allowed Thru 14 Games - Pyro Power Rankings

The best way to use the points allowed chart to your advantage is to check out your players matchups for the week. When your guy is facing a RED unit against him then you might want to bump him to the bench this week and avoid the disappointment or temper your expectations, however this is best used with lower tier players, because as they say, play your studs. When looking at the points allowed chart, think of it as a stoplight GREEN means go (start 'em), and RED means stop (sit 'em). You can also use the points allowed chart to find tasty matchups for your bye week fill-ins, or to get a jump on the competition in finding the next big in season pick up.


In the points allowed chart, colors and ranks are flipped. Every week Pyromaniac will highlight the five best matchups in GREEN meaning these are the defenses you want to target. Pyro will also highlight in RED the toughest matchups, which typically means they are worth avoiding. Target those green matchups when streaming and avoid the red.


Who's the best at scoring fantasy football points & allow the least against them thru 14 games played?


Pyro Power Rankings 2016 FF Point Differential thru 14 games

While the points scored and the points allowed chart are the most important to your team on a weekly basis, I find it important to look at the differential for each team as it is a pretty good indicator of team strength overall as the first ten teams in differential all made the playoffs in previous seasons. You can use this in the fantasy playoffs as an indicator of whether a team might rest it’s starters or whether they will be battling another playoff caliber team in a battle for seeding. It is also an interesting way to look at which team is the best in the NFL and is a valuable tool for picking the winners amongst your friends.


When I first suggested the idea of a fantasy football power rankings it was based off of what we felt the strength of each team was in terms of position groups (i.e. the Cardinals wide receiving group) and their rank amongst the league. It is know a staple for examining matchups each week, knowing how important it is to look at each side of the coin and how to plug and play against the best matchups. No matter how you use Pyro’s Fantasy Football Power Rankings, it is a valuable asset in your weekly arsenal. Hopefully this has given you some new ideas in how to use our power rankings to further dominate your competition, Pyro style.



By: Stagg Party


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