RB Player Rankings for Playoffs Week 1-  01/03/12


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If you're still playing fantasy and need a little help, come check out our Pyro Playoffs Player Rankings!


Each week we will analyze the playoff matchups for each position and give you our fantasy outlook.


Want to know who the Top RB play is for Week 1 of the Playoffs?


Hint:  This year, he became the only player in NFL history to have more than 1,200 yards rushing and 600 yards receiving while playing in only 13 games.


Check out our Pyro Player Rankings for the week to find out the answer.


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arian foster week 18 playoffs player rankings


(Rankings will be updated throughout the week)



RB Player Rankings – Playoffs Week 1


Cincinnati @ Houston – Saturday, Jan. 7th – 4:30pm ET

Detroit @ New Orleans – Saturday, Jan. 7th – 8:00pm ET

Atlanta @ New York Giants – Sunday, Jan. 8th – 1:00pm ET

Pittsburgh @ Denver – Sunday, Jan. 8th – 4:30pm ET

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Running Backs                                     (Updated:  Friday, Jan. 06 - 03:34PM CT)


1.         Arian Foster (vs. Cin – Saturday, 4:30pm ET)

2.         Kevin Smith (@ NO – Saturday, 8:00pm ET)  

3.         Ahmad Bradshaw (vs. Atl – Sunday, 1:00pm ET)

4.         Michael Turner (@ NYG – Sunday, 1:00pm ET)

5.         Isaac Redman (@ Den – Sunday, 4:30pm ET)

6.         Darren Sproles (vs. Det – Saturday, 8:00pm ET)

7.         Willis McGahee (vs. Pit – Sunday, 4:30pm ET)

8.         Cedric Benson (@ Hou – Saturday, 4:30pm ET)

9.         Chris Ivory (vs. Det – Saturday, 8:00pm ET)

10.       Ben Tate (vs. Cin – Saturday, 4:30pm ET)


11.       Pierre Thomas (vs. Det – Saturday, 8:00pm ET)

12.       Brandon Jacobs (vs. Atl – Sunday, 1:00pm ET)


13.       Jason Snelling (@ NYG – Sunday, 1:00pm ET)


14.       John Clay (@ Den – Sunday, 4:30pm ET)

15.       Lance Ball (vs. Pit – Sunday, 4:30pm ET)


16.       Maurice Morris (@ NO – Saturday, 8:00pm ET)

17.       Jacquizz Rodgers (@ NYG – Sunday, 1:00pm ET)


18.       Bernard Scott (@ Hou – Saturday, 4:30pm ET)

19.       D.J. Ware (vs. Atl – Sunday, 1:00pm ET)

20.       Keiland Williams (@ NO – Saturday, 8:00pm ET)

21.       Brian Leonard (@ Hou – Saturday, 4:30pm ET)




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- 01/03/12


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