Staggs delivers an early as hell Tiers for the 2017 season

Stagg Party's 2017 Tiers v1

Posted by d-Rx on 01/20/17

Welcome to my first iteration of Tiers for the 2017 season. Tiers are my building block for drafts and will shape my draft strategy real time allowing me to craft a team that is best equipped in my eyes to win the championship. My tiers will change a ton in the offseason, and as you can tell there are no rookies involved at this point. Situations are going to change a ton after the Superbowl, this is in no way a set piece that I will not change. If you have a specific question, feel free to hit me up in the comment box below. 


Stagg Party's 2017 Tiers v1 Chart





Andrew Luck is my number one passer for next season, mostly because it is hard for the guy who finishes first at that position to do it year in and year out. Aaron Rodgers will remain a top tier option as he has shown consistent year-to-year finishes.


I am expecting a rebound from the likes of Russell Wilson and Cam Newton next season, but they are in no way sure things, drafting a quarterback as a backend QB1 allows you to move on from them quickly without much love lost.


Philip Rivers, Andy Dalton, and Eli Manning have all been passed by younger players I feel have greater upside in redraft formats, while I would be okay with any of these as a QB2 I want a little more from my QB1 and I am not sure their teams as currently constructed will allow.



Running Backs


The top tier of running backs is pretty clear and each looks locked in as a top-five pick next season barring an unforeseen injury or semi-foreseen suspension. Each of these players has shown the ability to carry their team any given week, and can bolster your fantasy team as well.

Players who were stars in the past or for short bursts of last season are on display in Tier VI. Eventual landing spots for some of these players will matter greatly, but a few years of lackluster health and production make them tough to trust on a weekly basis.

While there is some talent coming into the league at running back, as it looks to be a deep running back class with some stars at the top, it is unlikely a runner cracks my top-five backs this season like Ezekiel Elliott did last offseason.



Wide Receivers


Tier I & II look pretty similar to last season for me, with just two players falling out of the ranks of the elite, Allen Robinson and DeAndre Hopkins, by no fault of their own. Mix up Tier I and rank them any way you want, but there is a pretty clear distinction between first and second tiers for me.


The previously mentioned stud wide receivers with crap quarterbacks make an appearance in Tier IV for me as I just can’t pass up talent like theirs in favor of volume from a guy like Jarvis Landry. Maybe its because I like being beaten down or the fact I believe talent can beat out situation on occasion, whatever it is I will be willing to take each of these guys fairly high next season.


Tyreek Hill is the ultimate wildcard, he has been going as a fifth-round wide receiver in some early mock drafts, but if that’s the cost he wont be on my team. Hill was touchdown dependent and frankly scored on a historic level of his touches. The argument will now be more touches means more chances to score, but we have seen this tale fail in the past with the likes of Cordarelle Patterson and Tyler Lockett.


Tight Ends


The first thing you will probably notice is I have no tier one tight end, is it because I am an idiot? Well that’s up for debate, but it is mostly because I want to remind myself that spending a top-three round pick on a tight end rarely works in your favor. I might need to make a similar stance with the quarterback position, but at least there I know a quarterback will be good, tight end can be a complete crapshoot.

The usual suspects round out the de facto top tier among tight ends, and until I see more from someone else that is unlikely to change. Tyler Eifert feels like the closest to entering that realm of the elite, but if he feels like that he also must feel like he is going to be injured for at least a few games.


The tight end class is deep in the draft, and looking at a lot of the names in the middle tiers it is about time we got an infusion of talent. While rookie tight ends rarely pay off, there will be a lot of interesting teams for them to land on and potential targets to go their way. 




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