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December 19, 2014
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Targets - From -&- Thru Week 15 (2012)

Posted by d-Rx on 12/19/12

targets from week 15 - calvin johnson






Every week Pyro® takes a look at who was fed the ball the most in the previous week and who was starved from fantasy football opportunity. This is our week 15 edition, we tell you how many targets each player got this week and even break down the season total!

We’ve added a twist to the PYRO Targets Report.  You see in the RB and QB charts, I’ve included a new column – LOOKS.  For RB’s, LOOKS = Carries + Targets.  For QB’s, LOOKS = Pass Attempts + Carries.  The purpose of the report is to show overall involvement in the offense, and we agreed at PYRO HQ to add this wrinkle in, as it is a better indicator of the data we’re after.   

If you’re a first timer just checking in for this weekly report, here’s how we break it down…



The Gravy Train…

The Gravy Train showcase is to “target” the guys who will be regulars at the top of the list throughout the season.  Rain or shine, this crew will find a way to be here most weeks.  These are your work horses that you can ride to your league’s playoff door.


Eating with the Big Dogs…

This section showcases guys who had a great feeding by their offensive coordinators this week but who will see the top of the list infrequently.  Or, a fresh face on the rise that has shown he just may belong with the Big Dogs.



Dude, Where’s my Pizza…

Here’s where we highlight this week’s batch of players that normally should be fed but we’re starved out over the weekend.




Quarterbacks (Pass Attemps + Carries)

targets from week 15 - quarterbacks chart - tom brady leader



The Gravy Train…

Tom Brady tried to bring the Pats all the way back on Sunday night and with his running backs ineffective and fumble prone it was all on his shoulders as he had 68 looks this week. Brady attempted 65 passes and completed 36 of them. Tom wasn’t his usual flawless self as he threw 2 interceptions to only one touchdown through the air while also adding one on the ground.



Eating with the Big Dogs…

Sam Bradford found himself second this week in looks as he threw all over the vulnerable Minnesota Viking’s secondary trying to bring the Rams back from a 26 point deficit. He attempted 55 passes when he typical averages 30 pass attempts a game. He had a lot of junk time yardage and scores, but to fantasy owners each and every yard is important. Bradford threw 3 touchdowns to only 1 interception and put together one of his best fantasy days of the season.



Dude Where’s my Pizza…

Eli Manning had another of his head scratching performances on Sunday against Atlanta. He only had 25 looks as the Giants were blanketed by the Falcons 34-0. Manning failed to get the ball in his playmakers hands and also threw 2 interceptions. The Giants and Manning have fizzled lately and now must fight to get into the playoffs when a month ago they looked to have the stranglehold on the division. Manning needs to step up his performance over the next two weeks for both his team and fantasy owners a like.




Running Backs (Rushing Carries + Receiving Targets)


targets from week 15 - running backs chart - darren mcfadden leader



The Gravy Train…

 Arian Foster just continues to pile up the looks as he saw 29 on Sunday and leads Adrian Peterson by 41 on the season. Foster is a consistent fantasy producer and as long as the Texans are content to keep feeding him the ball he will remain a highly valuable commodity in today’s running back by committee NFL. Foster was also very efficient as he averaged over five yards a carry on his 27 carries and added 2 receptions for good measure. Foster and Peterson are now competing to be the number one pick next season and each has made his case so far this season.



Eating with the Big Dogs…

DeAngelo Williams and Mike Tolbert both had some fantasy relevance this week for the first time in what seems like all season. DeAngelo got the lion’s share of the carries compiling 22 while Tolbert displayed his nose for the endzone scoring twice on his 9 carries. Both were more effective than they had been all season and helped Carolina to a 31-7 win over the Chargers. Both also showed their chops as pass catchers, especially Williams who caught both of his targets for 51 yards and a score.



Dude Where’s my Pizza…

Doug Martin was a disappointment in what looked to be a great matchup sure to bring home the next round of your fantasy playoffs. Martin got 14 looks but after a while the run game was abandoned as the Buc’s were down big. When he did get the looks he was also ineffective as he took his 9 carries for 16 yards. The only saving grace he might have had is if you were in a PPR league and his 3 receptions brought you a few points. Martin has been one of the best running backs to own so far this season and he must do more to bring you home that championship that all of us desire.




Wide Receivers (Receiving Targets) 



targets from week 15 - wide receivers chart - calvin johnson leader




The Gravy Train…

Andre Johnson really turned it on towards the midpoint of the season and hasn’t looked back since as he had another big game on Sunday. Johnson saw 13 passes thrown his way and caught 11 of them. He took those 11 catches for 151 yards and a score. Johnson has performed big for Fantasy owners who stuck with him after his lackluster first half performance. With opposing defenses focused on stopping Foster Andre can exploit the secondary for big games, and when he does it is to the delight of his fantasy owners.



Eating with the Big Dogs…

Michael Crabtree has shown a real chemistry with Colin Kaepernick and exploited the Patriots secondary on Sunday night. Crabtree has finally shown up to his talent level this season as he could break 1,000 yards for the first time in his career. On Sunday Crabtree saw 12 targets and caught 7 of them for 107 yards and 2 scores. The young Kaepernick seems to be looking his way more and more and Crabtree has been producing with all the added targets.


Dude Where’s my Pizza…

Kenny Britt after exploding for a big game was only targeted 3 times. The Jets stuck Chromartie on him pretty much all game as they are pretty evenly matched in terms of size and athleticism. Britt is a guy who needs the opportunities to make plays as he can use his size and strength to battle defenders for the ball. Britt must be chomping at the bit for more chances for him and his fantasy owners.




Tight Ends (Receiving Targets)


targets from week 15 - aaron hernandez


The Gravy Train…

Aaron Hernandez saw 20 passes thrown his way and made good work of them. You would like to see him catch a few more of his targets though as he only caught half of them. Hernandez surprisingly with all of his athleticism doesn’t gain a ton of yards and only amassed 91 on his ten catches this weekend. Hernandez has also been very good in the redzone since Gronk has gone down and added another touchdown to his tally Sunday night. A healthy Hernandez is a scary sight for any defense.



Eating with the Big Dogs…

Dallas Clark saw 12 passes thrown his way on Sunday and caught 8 of them. He didn’t gain very many yards but his 8 catches helped keep the offense on track until Freeman threw one of his 4 interceptions on the day. Clark has looked better as the season has gone on and may be reaching full stride in the final weeks of the season.  If Clark can constantly catch a good number of his targets he will be a nice safety blanket fro Freeman as he has two potential big play receivers on the outside.



Dude Where’s my Pizza…

The Bronco’s tight ends were left pretty much irrelevant on Sunday as Peyton hooked up with Eric Decker early and often. Dreessen was only targeted 3 times and Tamme wasn’t targeted at all as the Ravens held the tight ends in check all game long. Both of these tight ends must be asking for more than scraps as they have both been solid fantasy options this season and their quarterback has been absolutely on fire.





by Stagg Party


- 12/19/12


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