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December 17, 2014
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Targets - From Week 11 (2012)

Posted by d-Rx on 11/24/12

targets from week 11 graphic - andre johnson






Every week Pyro® takes a look at who was fed the ball the most in the previous week and who was starved from fantasy football opportunity. In week 11 there are some new faces to keep an eye on, and some regulars to the list! 

We’ve added a twist to the PYRO Targets Report.  You see in the RB and QB charts, I’ve included a new column – LOOKS.  For RB’s, LOOKS = Carries + Targets.  For QB’s, LOOKS = Pass Attempts + Carries.  The purpose of the report is to show overall involvement in the offense, and we agreed at PYRO HQ to add this wrinkle in, as it is a better indicator of the data we’re after.   

If you’re a first timer just checking in for this weekly report, here’s how we break it down…

The Gravy Train…

The Gravy Train showcase is to “target” the guys who will be regulars at the top of the list throughout the season.  Rain or shine, this crew will find a way to be here most weeks.  These are your work horses that you can ride to your league’s playoff door.

Eating with the Big Dogs…

This section showcases guys who had a great feeding by their offensive coordinators this week but who will see the top of the list infrequently.  Or, a fresh face on the rise that has shown he just may belong with the Big Dogs.

Dude, Where’s my Pizza…

Here’s where we highlight this week’s batch of players that normally should be fed but we’re starved out over the weekend.




Quarterbacks (Pass Attempts + Carries)


targets from week 11 chart - QBs



The Gravy Train…


Even though Tom Brady had only the 14th most looks this week, he absolutely made the most of his opportunities. As usual he completed two thirds of his passes and looked crisp all game long. He made sure to get Gronk involved early and often and made sure he had a monster performance. He showed Andrew Luck a thing or two as well putting up a stellar 10.1 yards per attempt. Tom Brady made the game look easy and that is what legends do.


Eating with the Big Dogs…


Ummmm are you kidding me? Matt Schaub now is second in the record books for passing yards in a single game? A feat that Manning, Brady, Rodgers, and Brees have not accomplished. He put up 527 yards in an overtime shootout with the Jags and who had their backup quarterback and third string running back playing feature roles in? It’s not like he was inefficient either putting up a 9.6 YPA and throwing 5 TDs. Schaub led the Texans to victory and helped everyone on the offense have big days except for the usual top dog Arian Foster who was only able to muster 92 yards on his 31 touches.


Dude Where’s my Pizza…


John Skelton must be asking much more than that after this weekend. He started off terribly and was quickly pulled for an overmatched rookie. The Cardinals already had a 13 point lead and matt Ryan was on his way to throwing 5 INT’s but Skelton found himself squarely on the bench. The Cardinals are now officially reeling and know even less about their quarterback situation than they did at the beginning of the season. 



Running Backs (Rushing Carries + Receiving Targets)


targets from week 11 chart - RBs



The Gravy Train…


Trent Richardson continues to get look after look with almost no back to take a few carries from him. This weekend he saw an incredible 35 looks. The best part of owning Richardson right now might be the added value he is receiving in the passing game where he was targeted 8 times a Darren Sproles type number. He caught 6 of these targets for 49 yards on top of his 95 rushing yards. With a workload like his, there is nothing for an owner not to like.


Eating with the Big Dogs…


Jalen Parmele had 27 touches this weekend. The thing is he was probably in zero of your lineups and probably not even a twinkle in your eye. He wasn’t overly effective with his carries gaining only 83 total yards but it was better than the game Rashad Jennings decided to bring resulting in negative yards. Parmele probably will never see a workload like this again but he at least got a few more than 15 minutes for fame.


Dude Where’s my Pizza…


In what looked like a prime matchup for Stevan Ridley to exploit and have a big game he only got 13 looks. He also didn’t do very much with his looks managing only 28 yards on his 13 carries. Luckily for his owners he was able to find the endzone or else this would have been devastating to owners. The part that worries fantasy owners the most is that he is nonexistent in the passing game, and when the Pats get into a shootout he will most likely be tied to the bench because of it.



Wide Receivers (Receiving Targets) 


targets from week 11 charts - WRs



The Gravy Train…


A.J, Green scored again for the ninth straight game and is approaching a Jerry Rice record of 13 straight games. In only his second season even being mentioned with the GOAT is a huge honor. He continues to be targeted often, surpassing 100 looks on the year. He saw 12 targets on the day, catching 6 for 91 yards. No one can complain about the production of Green this season and at his age his ceiling looks amazing.


Eating with the Big Dogs…


Justin Blackmon had a huge game and showed great chemistry with backup quarterback Chad Henne. He saw 13 targets and now has 72 on the season, the targets have been there but the production has been lacking. He finally had a breakout game averaging over 30 yards a catch on his 7 catches. He also showed game breaking ability catching an 81-yard touchdown.


Dude Where’s my Pizza…


A number of big name receivers were less targeted less than they ever should be. Colston was targeted 6 times, Eric Decker and Jordy Nelson were each targeted 5 times, and Brandon Marshall was targeted a lowly 4 times with Jason Campbell at the helm. Each of them have averaged way more targets over the course of the season and they each must be asking their signal callers to be fed a bit more.




Tight Ends (Receiving Targets)


targets from week 11 chart - tight ends



The Gravy Train…


Jason Witten continues to get the ball thrown his way constantly. He saw another 8 targets and is already the most targeted tight end in the league. He continues to catch a lot of passes but he will never be the touchdown producer that Gronk is or a Big yardage guy like graham but he will continue to be targeted, catch a lot of pass, and average about 10 yards a catch. With the up and down play of many tight ends in the league you could do much worse on a week to week basis.


Eating with The Big Dogs…


Dallas Clark looked like the Dallas Clark of the Colts and so did his stat line. He was targeted by Freeman 11 times on Sunday and is continuing to look better and better each week. He caught 7 of his 11 targets for 58 yards and a score. If Clark can continue to produce at a similar level the Buccaneers can really start to look like an offense that no one in the NFL would look forward to playing with an elite running back, two good receivers, a good quarterback, and a good tight end in Clark.


Dude Where’s my Pizza…


Antonio Gates had another game where he went home scratching his head wondering where his targets went. The Chargers played the Broncos who happen to give up the most points to opposing tight ends. Gates was licking his chops and so were his owners, but as usual this season with Gates was frustrated by Philip Rivers getting only 4 targets, catching only 2 for 17 yards.




by Stagg Party


- 11/24/12


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