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December 22, 2014
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Targets - From Week 12 (2012)

Posted by d-Rx on 12/01/12

targets from week 12 graphic - brandon marshall





Every week Pyro® takes a look at who was fed the ball the most in the previous week and who was starved from fantasy football opportunity. This is out week 12 edition, we tell you how many targets each player got this week and even break down the season total!

We’ve added a twist to the PYRO Targets Report.  You see in the RB and QB charts, I’ve included a new column – LOOKS.  For RB’s, LOOKS = Carries + Targets.  For QB’s, LOOKS = Pass Attempts + Carries.  The purpose of the report is to show overall involvement in the offense, and we agreed at PYRO HQ to add this wrinkle in, as it is a better indicator of the data we’re after.   

If you’re a first timer just checking in for this weekly report, here’s how we break it down…



The Gravy Train…

The Gravy Train showcase is to “target” the guys who will be regulars at the top of the list throughout the season.  Rain or shine, this crew will find a way to be here most weeks.  These are your work horses that you can ride to your league’s playoff door.


Eating with the Big Dogs…

This section showcases guys who had a great feeding by their offensive coordinators this week but who will see the top of the list infrequently.  Or, a fresh face on the rise that has shown he just may belong with the Big Dogs.



Dude, Where’s my Pizza…

Here’s where we highlight this week’s batch of players that normally should be fed but we’re starved out over the weekend.




Quarterbacks (Pass Attempts + Carries)


week 12 targets for Qbs charts



The Gravy Train…

Matthew Stafford might not be the most consistent quarterback this season but he is consistently getting a ton of looks. He always seems to be towards the top of the chart and currently leads the league in this category. He has been up and down throughout the season with scores ranging from a low of 9 in week 11 against the Packers to a high of 31 in week 8 against Seattle (ESPN Standard Scoring). He does however have the best wide receiver in the game that has really started to turn it on the last couple of weeks, so things are starting to look up. He absolutely lit the Texans up on Thanksgiving to the tune of 441 yards and 2 scores.



Eating with the Big Dogs…

Someone inexplicably decided that it was a good idea to give Ryan Lindley the ball again Sunday, and even worse that person decided it would be a great idea for the guy to attempt 52 passes. He was able to surpass the 300 yard mark but also threw 4 costly interceptions. His point per total per look was .08 (4/53), and a number that is more often used to describe someone’s blood alcohol level. Compare this number to the Joe “Average” Flacco’s of .33 and you have to wonder how drunk Ken Wisenhunt was for giving this guy the start.



Dude Where’s my Pizza…

Josh Freeman must be scratching his head a little after this weekend. He drove the Buccaneers up and down the field to the tune of 256 yards passing on his 30 attempts but the offense faltered in the redzone in a very winnable game against the Falcons. Doug Martin did not carry the team down the field but he got all the glory scoring twice, while Freeman was left with a goose egg in the TD column. The muscle hamster wasn’t his usual efficient self, being held to under 3 yards a touch and yet he got into the endzone. Freeman would not be complaining if they got the win but in the loss he must think he could have made a throw or two instead of settling for another field goal attempt.


Running Backs (Rushing Carries + Receiving Targets) 


targets from week 12 - running backs chart


The Gravy Train…

Ray Rice saw 31 looks this weekend and was the most involved in the passing game he has been all season where he saw 9 targets. He was also very efficient with all his touches putting up 164 total yards. He was amazing on that 4th and 29 and looked explosive again after looking a little hampered the last few weeks. When the Ravens are dedicated to feeding the ball to Rice they are hard to beat, and it also makes your fantasy team a touch beat.

Eating with the Big Dogs…

Two running backs stepping in for their injured starters were very productive, Bryce Brown and Knowshon Moreno. For Moreno well it came as somewhat of a surprise as the guy had been inactive for much of the season but he stepped in seamlessly into the starting role of Willis McGahee. He had 24 touches on Sunday and while it didn’t set the world on fire like Brown he did have 111 total yards against a rugged San Diego defense. Moreno has talent, he was a former first round pick, he just needs to be consistent and prove he is a starter in this league. Brown did set the world on fire Monday night to the tune of 189 total yards and 2 scores. He is a big back at 225 pounds but showed everyone that he has some wheels to go along with that size, he averaged 9.3 yards per carry in relief of LeSean McCoy. Brown was amazing more than matching his season rushing total on Monday night.

Dude Where’s my Pizza…

Ahmad Bradshaw seemed to play second fiddle to Andre Brown on Sunday night, so he must have used some Voodoo to get the man on IR so he can get his looks. It had been almost a 50/50 split but now Bradshaw looks like he will return to the front of the line with David Wilson playing a more complimentary role in future weeks. On Sunday night Bradshaw was able to do a lot with a little on his 13 looks he was able to put up 131 yards and a score. Bradshaw owners just need to help for his health as he always seems to get dinged up when asked to carry the full load.


Wide Receivers (Receiving Targets)  


targets from week 12 for wide receivers chart



The Gravy Train…

Brandon Marshall rejoiced as Jay Cutler returned to the starting line up and so did Marshall’s fantasy owners. Last week he saw 5 targets from Jason Campbell and this week that was the number of targets he didn’t catch. He was targeted 17 times and caught 12 of them. The Bears offense looked like it had a new focus on short routes and quick decisions and the chemistry between Jay and Brandon made this look like a great idea as they connected 12 times. Marshall’s day could have been even bigger though if he didn’t let a 40 yard touchdown pass go right threw his hands.

Eating with the Big Dogs…

Andre Roberts was just about the only person happy to see Lindley in the starting lineup. He was targeted 13 times, one more than Larry Fitzgerald and was actually able to make use of his high targets catching 9 of them for 92 yards he also added a carry for 13 yards. Roberts has been having a nice season opposite of Fitz, now if only they had a quarterback to speak of this receiving corps might actually do some damage around the league.

Dude Where’s my Pizza…

After being one of the top targeted receivers threw 8 weeks, Victor Cruz has started to look a lot less superhuman. He was only targeted 6 times by Eli Manning this weekend but another score was his saving grace. He caught 3 of his targets for 36 yards. Defenses seem keyed in on Cruz’s ability for the big play and are starting to do all they can to take it away and it has most certainly worked over the past few weeks. Victor has incredible big play ability and the Giants are at their best when he is able to showcase it.


Tight Ends (Receiving Targets) 


week 12 targets for tight ends chart


The Gravy Train…

Jason Witten saw another plethora of targets on Thanksgiving, notching another 15 to further grow his tight end leading 111. Dez Bryant has finally stepped up the last few weeks becoming a true number 1 receiver and it is making life easier for Witten. Witten is always at the top of Romo’s list and when Dez takes the top of the defense it leads to easy pitch and catch between the tight end and his quarterback.

Eating with the Big Dogs…

Pettigrew tied Witten for the most targets by a tight end this week at 15. This is a very unusual spot for him as he is usually just a more complimentary piece in the Lions offense than a game changer. He always seems to make a lot of catches but never turns them into anything more than a few yards here and a few yards there. He was able to catch 8 of his targets for 74 yards. Pettigrew needs to make more big plays if he ever plans to be more than just another guy in Detroit.

Dude Where’s my Pizza…

Vernon Davis had another one of those games where Harbaugh forgot to let him off the bus. Against Chicago it looked like Kaepernick and Davis had real chemistry and that he was going to look for him a lot. Well that all changed Sunday when Davis got 1 target, and Delanie Walker stoke all his targets and made the most of them to the tune of 81 yards. Whoever the quarterback is in San Francisco has to make a more concerted effort to get Davis involved as he is a true game changer at the tight end position.




by Stagg Party


- 12/01/12


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