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December 22, 2014
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Targets - From Week 5

Posted by d-Rx on 10/10/12

targets week 5 - reggie wayne





Who was fed the ball in week 5 the most and who was starved out of fantasy football opportunity last weekend… that is what this piece is all about. ya can't score fantasy points without having the ball in your hands.

We’ve added a twist to the PYRO Targets Report.  You see in the RB and QB charts, I’ve included a new column – LOOKS.  For RB’s, LOOKS = Carries + Targets.  For QB’s, LOOKS = Pass Attempts + Carries.  The purpose of the report is to show overall involvement in the offense, and we agreed at PYRO HQ to add this wrinkle in, as it is a better indicator of the data we’re after.   

If you’re a first timer just checking in for this weekly report, here’s how we break it down…

The Gravy Train…

The Gravy Train showcase is to “target” the guys who will be regulars at the top of the list throughout the season.  Rain or shine, this crew will find a way to be here most weeks.  These are your work horses that you can ride to your league’s playoff door.

Eating with the Big Dogs…

This section showcases guys who had a great feeding by their offensive coordinators this week but who will see the top of the list infrequently.  Or, a fresh face on the rise that has shown he just may belong with the Big Dogs.

Dude, Where’s my Pizza…

Here’s where we highlight this week’s batch of players that normally should be fed but we’re starved out over the weekend.


Quarterbacks (Pass Attempts + Carries):

quarterbacks looks in week 5 - chart



The Gravy Train…

Andrew Luck was unleashed after the bye week to the tune of 61 looks. People underrate Luck’s athletic ability but at the combine he put up Cam Newtonesque numbers, he ran the ball 6 times for 24 yards and a TD, an nice bonus to any quarterbacks day especially one that also threw it 55 times. Luck and Wayne have shown chemistry, and luck is leaning on the older statesman and it is doing wonders for both of their games.


Eating with the Big Dogs…

Kevin Kolb attempted 50 passes on Thursday. He was under pressure a lot by the Rams defense being sacked 9 times but still picked up his share of yards, 289 to be exact. With an anemic rushing attack that has now also lost Ryan Williams this guy might have to spend all season chucking into the double coverage towards Larry Fitzgerald. Let’s just hope these two can start finding the endzone together.


Dude, Where’s my Pizza…

Joe Flacco had been a fantasy revelation through the first 4 weeks of the season, he has weapons and a big arm and many of us have been waiting a season or two to see Flacco throw like he did the first four weeks. Then he threw out a stinker. He completed less than half of his passes, didn’t find the endzone, threw an interception, and didn’t lead his to a touchdown all game, all this against a defense that had been getting torched through the first 4 weeks of the year. 



Running Backs (Rushing Carries + Receiving Targets): 


targets week 5 - chart



The Gravy Train…

Jamaal Charles has been seeing carries like never before in his career. He has usually been an 18-21 touch guy but has seen that rise to about 25 a game. He has put together a couple of 30+ touch games much to the delight of those of who waited a few rounds to get him. He may return to the 18-21 touches again but we have all seen what this guy can do and we all know that it only takes one touch for this guy to put together a big game.



Eating with the Big Dogs…

Ahmad Bradshaw seemed to take whatever running back by committee debate there may have been in NY and smash it to pieces, with a little help from an injury to Andre Brown. He carried the ball 30 times for 200 yards and a score. He was also targeted 6 times catching 4 for 29 yards. Needless to say that if this guy can hold onto the ball so he stays out of Coughlin’s doghouse and stay healthy he could have a monster year.


Dude, Where’s my Pizza…

This Carolina run game has seemingly disappeared. What looked like the best backfield in the league has been stifled so far this season and definitely was this weekend. DeAngelo Williams scored negative points thanks to his fumble and Jonathan Stewart managed 16 yards rushing. Cam Newton is even struggling mightily; I think this is one case that needs major reconstructive surgery.




Wide Receivers (Receiving Targets): 


week 5 targets chart - wide receivers



The Gravy Train…

Reggie Wayne is the league leader in targets so far this season, even though he has played in one less game than many of these other guys. He saw 20 targets this past weekend in the ‘Tribute to Pagano’ game and caught 13 for 212 yards and a TD. Those of who thought Reggie Wayne might have a resurgent season with an actual quarterback much like Steve Smith last year have been reaping the benefits.


Eating with the Big Dogs…

Andrew Hawkins had 14 looks and 13 targets on Sunday. He is cemented as the number two on a team that has a great number one. He might not have turned this into a huge game but 5 catches for 47 yards can be a stepping stone to much bigger things especially for a seeing 7 targets a game. If you have him in a PPR league you probably already love this guy.


Dude, Where’s my Pizza…

Andre Johnson has looked pretty awful this season. A guy that was taken in the second round of many drafts saw 6 targets Sunday and guess what his season average is for targets, you guessed it 6. Owen Daniels has seen more targets than Andre this season. This offense is clicking on all cylinders but it looks like Johnson has been left out in the cold, if you get a trade offer for this guy because of his name recognition I’d hit accept. 




Tight Ends (Receiving Targets):  


week 5 targets - tight ends



The Gravy Train…

Tony G, we might need to start calling this guy ironman in the same way we have Cal Ripken. This guy just keeps going and going. The part I love most about this guy is that when he is targeted he seems to catch it. On the season he has been targeted 47 times and caught 39 of them good for 83%. On Sunday he was even better catching 13 of his 14 targets for 123 yards and a touchdown. We might just start calling this the Tong G train….


Eating with the Big Dogs…

Jacob Tamme ended up being second in the league in targets this week. He caught 6 of them for 50 yards. Tamme has shown a connection with Manning and is one of the top tight ends in targets so far. Dreessen has seemed to be the man in the redzone so far though scoring 3 times to Tamme’s once, so they might be hurting each other for fantasy purposes.


Dude, Where’s my Pizza…

Jimmy Graham left the game with a sprained ankle, but before that he really didn’t look all that involved in the offense this week being targeted only 2 and catching one pass for 4 yards. Jimmy is the best tight end out there so we all hope he gets healthy quick because this guy is fun to watch. If you spent an early pick on tight end your team is probably struggling because the big 3 of Gates, Graham, and Gronk have not been putting up numbers anywhere close to their career years. 




by Stagg Party


- 10/10/12


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