Tim Tebow - Crucifixion & Resurrection

Tim Tebow - Crucifixion & Resurrection

Posted by d-Rx on 09/30/11

tim tebow crucifixion & resurrection


Tim Tebow - Crucifixion & Resurrection


Earlier this week, we put out our Pickups & Drops piece for this week and included Tim Tebow in the list as a QB we think, if available in your league is a good pick up. Whoa… the response we got on comments from our readers on Pyro®, Bleacher Report and Twitter was pretty harsh, a backlash of sorts.  I'm not sure if people love and/or hate this guy so much because of his hyper obvious affinity for religion, because he was so successful in college, or because people are just jealous of him and his life. But let me be clear, people are passionate about all things Tebow. More so than football player I've ever followed. The topic reminds me somewhat of Democrats vs. Republicans, it's just a lot less important to the success of our country and much more fun to talk about at the same time. Tebow is big shit, regardless of what happens to him in football in the future, this guy is a cultural phenomenon.  


As I write this article the Kyle Orton led Denver Broncos are 1-2, with their only win coming in a nail bitter to the Cincinnati Bengals, regarded by many as the worst team (franchise) in the NFL.  Their two loses came at the hands two less than stellar opponents in the Raiders and Titans, both also really close games. Orton has 5 TDs and 3 INTs and 2 fumbles, one 300 yard passing game and 2 under 200 yard performances. He hasn't been exactly terrible, but he hasn't shown that he can be the leader of a winning team. He seems to get turned around at various points of every game and make a couple really boneheaded plays. 


With the writing on the wall, and the Broncos looking certain to miss the playoffs again, Broncos fans are looking for some excitement and chanting Tebow's name early in every game so far this year. It's pretty obvious the franchise is in a pickle here, and regrets asking for too much in the Orton to Miami trade, because they aren't going to get jack squat for him now, and this "Tebow thing" is going to become more and more of a distraction to the team each week until they make a change. If they keep losing, which I expect them to, there next 2 games are against the Packers and Chargers, they have to see what else they are working with at the QB position- they will have to start Tim Tebow and let the kid learn on the job, or fall flat on his face trying. If he's not the answer, they need to determine that now and plan accordingly through the NFL draft, trade or free-agency.


I understand that Tim Tebow currently sits at #3 on the Denver Broncos depth chart, but he and not Brady Quinn will get the start when Elway and Fox decide to yank Kyle Orton. Tebow is a first round pick that cost them multiple picks, Orton was acquired for Jay Cutler, and as for the #2 QB Brady Quinn trade, Denver dearly wishes they had that one back… just check out the cover of Madden 12 if you don't believe me. The knock on Tebow is that he doesn't have the mechanics to get things done at the NFL level. The pundits claim his accuracy is poor and his throwing motion is too slow because the ball takes too long to get out (he brings it up from his hip). Really? I've watched this guy play a lot of games over the past 5 years and I'm not buying any of it. Most of the time I watch Tim, I'm shocked at how he can make these plays with his feet and how forceful he is on the move, the guy is so friggin' strong and sturdy. Whether he's running or throwing, it's Tebow's strength, size and foot speed that makes him great. His arm isn't the greatest, but I look at a lot of guys that succeed in the league that have succeeded in the league without coming into the league as the greatest passer. It's really unfathomable to me that people think that #15 is in over his head as a NFL QB, and I believe people are underestimating the skills of Tebsus Christ himself.



tim tebow is jesus



Let's take a look at the 3 games that Tim started at QB last season, and take inventory on what he's done in game time against the best football players in the world. In his first start last year against the Oakland Raiders, Tim Tebow did something that only 2 other players had done in the 90 years the NFL has existed - he ran for a 40 yard TD and then threw for a 30 yard score in the same game. He did this in the first quarter of his first ever NFL start. Ok, this kid looks pretty good, seeing that the other 2 players were Mike Vick (2002) and Kordell Stewart (2000) - both freak athletes. In his first game as a pro Tim had a 100.5 passer rating, that 40 yard TD run and TD throw, zero interceptions and no fumbles. The Raiders won the game handedly, but that's more due to the fact that the turnstile Broncos defense let up 502 yards of offense, including TDs of 71 and 73 yards. Can't hang that one on Tim Tebow, rookie or not.


Ok, so, I know what you are thinking after reading about his first game in the NFL, there's no way this guy, a 2-time NCAA National Champion, and the only sophomore to ever to win a Heisman Trophy winner can play at this level… right? Wait, what the hell are you talking about? That's an amazing game if you ask me, seems to me that people want to crucify this kid and put him on the cross and hammer nails through his hands and feet to me. 


I told what he did in his first start, so let's look at his second game as a pro. Timmy led the Broncos to a comeback victory against the Houston Texans. The Broncos were down 17-0 at half and Tim thru for 308 yards passing and won the game on a 6-yard touchdown with 3 minutes to go in the 4th. He threw a 23 yard TD in that 4th quarter as well. Man this guy really sucks, how could he possibly lead an NFL team to a victory Meril!? Curse you Josh McDaniels. Again, he has himself another very solid second game and scored fantasy owners some nice points.


In the last game of the season Tim Tebow get's his third NFL start and faces the best December team in memory in the San Diego Chargers. Tebow almost had another amazing comeback win, scoring on another 6 yard run, this time with 26 seconds left. He came up 5 points short, but ran for 94 yards and had over 200 yards passing. The Broncos lost to the Chargers by 21 points in week 11 with Kyle Orton running the show. Seems to me the Tim had a better showing than Orton, the guy that many people are saying is obviously the better QB for the Broncos. 


What am I missing here? Orton is a smart guy, a solid QB, but you know what you get with him - the ceiling is set, and it's not Being John Malkovich low, but there's not much headroom. He's never started in a playoff game. He's never won a National Championship. He's never been ranked higher than 15th at the QB position in fantasy points (not that Tebow has either… yet) - his resume isn't exactly impressive. So Tebow has had 3 starts, and played really suprisingly well. So why do people want to hate on him and pronounce that he doesn't deserve a chance to show the Broncos what he can do. I certainly feel, he's afforded himself that opportunity, at least to have a season to show us what he's got.


It hasn't happened thus far, but the levee is going to break, and the team will have no choice but to take the bib off and let the young fella' play.


When that happens, whether he turns the team around or turns into a bust and is a slot receiver or scat back a year later - he'll score you fantasy football points. If he plays, and I feel he will, he'll be more than just fantasy football relevant, he'll be explosive because he can score on the ground. He had 6 TDs rushing on top of 5 throwing last year alone, that's impressive. As Dawgmaticå mentioned on our podcast this week, last year in his 3 starts Tebow averaged 2nd most fantasy points per outing at QB in the whole league, being only bested by Mike Vick. The guy can play. 


So, before asking us "how can I trust what you say if you are telling me to pick up Tim Tebow, the 3rd string QB on a shitty Broncos team"… look at the numbers, look at the setting in Denver, digest the person and believe in Tebsus and your sins will be forgiven. The resurrection of Tim Tebow is coming.



tim tebow billboard in denver - broncos fans



Merril Hoge vs. Tim Tebow


Here are a couple of quotes by Merril Hoge, obviously a guy that is steamed he was given a girls name, one of the lamest Chicago Bears I can remember. He sued the Bear's team doctor and won a $1.55 mil settlement because he tried to be a tough guy while the window to his playing career was slamming shut and pretended to be healthy enough to go, he played against advice and got hurt pretty bad in the process. Glad you are ok and alive guy, but you are a TLP (total loser putz) for sure.


“Sitting watching tape of Bronco offense from last year! Orton or Tebow? It’s embarrassing to think the Broncos could win with Tebow!!” -Hoge on ESPN 


“I just watched Tebow throw five out routes to a wide open wide receiver, He was 1-for-5! Two went in dirt two in the stands! That throwing motion he changed? You can’t change who you are! Just watched two throws and he throws like he did in college!! College credentials do not transfer to NFL, rah-rah speeches do not work! You must possess a skill set to play! Tebow struggles with accuracy!” -Hoge on ESPN 


Ok, so Merril is an obvious hater, which is fine, there are plenty of them out there... Merril Hoge's longest run, in 825 attempts as a "fullback" is 41 yards. Tim Tebow's longest run, in 43 attempts is 40 yards (as mentioned above, a TD). Merril Hoge had 34 touchdowns in a 114 game 8 year career. Tim Tebow has 11 in 9 games played (granted I understand he is a QB - work with me here, trying to sway the jury with any means possible, maybe I should have been a defense lawyer). I watched those 3 games too, and basically Merril Hoge can put a banana in his tailpipe, he doesn't know squat. I can't wait till he eats his words and Tebow is playing in a Pro Bowl. I really think it will happen sooner than later.


Tim Tebow's Response:

tim tebow merril tweet!/TimTebow/status/98927763821563904 



Why some people love Tim Tebow so much:


-He's might be a virgin waiting for his wedding night to consummate the marriage and finally go balls deep

-It's hard to imagine the kid doing anything mean to anyone

-He cries when he doesn't win his third straight NCAA championship, and the team rallies around him and actually feels bad for him

-He's a good guy, that stands for the right things and works hard at everything he does, he wants to be the best

-He's a pretty handsome guy for someone born in the Philippines 

-He's a winner

-He always has a smile on his face

-He's the proverbial first one in the film room and weight cage trying to get better



Why some people hate Tim Tebow so much:


-He does overly religious stuff, like being in a Anti-abortion commercial during the Super Bowl

-His Bible scripture eye black is now outlawed in college football

-He's seemingly perfect in many ways men want to be, making him the alpha male

-Chicks really seem to want to lose their virginity to Tebow

-He's in his tightey whities in the current Jockey commercials

-He works harder than we do, he gives more effort... he's a wonder boy

-He beat the crap out of your favorite college teams more than once

-He grew up priveleged

-He says all the right things and is so positive 


tim tebow pyro character

Please visit Tim Tebow's Pyromaniac player page here:


it's not gay if it's with Tebow sign

This sign is hilarious... not that there's anything wrong with that.



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