February 25, 2018


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Dion Lewis

New England Patriots

Pass Catching Backs Set To Dominate

On first downs this year, the Eagles allow a 65% success rate on RB-passes. That ranks 29th in the league. Dion Lewis averaged 6.5 YPA and a 59% success rate, and James White averaged 7.7 YPA and a 58% success rate on first down passes this season.

02/04/18, 10:36 AM CST by Wheeler


James White

New England Patriots

Pass Catching Backs Set To Dominate

On first downs this year, the Eagles allow a 65% success rate on RB-passes. That ranks 29th in the league. Dion Lewis averaged 6.5 YPA and a 59% success rate, and James White averaged 7.7 YPA and a 58% success rate on first down passes this season.

02/04/18, 10:36 AM CST by Wheeler


Philadelphia Eagles

Attack With 11

The Patriots defense is particularly susceptible to runs out of 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WRs), allowing a 61% success rate and 6.0 YPC to offenses when rushing from this formation. The Eagles are one of the most run heavy teams from 11 personnel, recording nearly 60% of their total rushes from 11 formation. The Patriots haven’t faced teams like this often, the teams the Pats faced in the playoffs, Tennessee and Jacksonville were last and 5th lowest respectively rushing from 11 formation. This is a massive advantage for the Eagles if they recognize it and use it.

02/04/18, 10:32 AM CST by Wheeler


Jay Ajayi

Philadelphia Eagles

To The Left, To The Left

New England started the season off with one of the worst rush defenses in the entire league, but things have really shifted over the second half of the year. Prior to their Week 9 bye, the Patriots had allowed a 44.70% Success Rate to opposing running backs, the third-worst in the league. That's dropped to about 38% since, and they've had the fifth-best rush defense by Success Rate since Week 12. New England's especially been good at stopping runs to the left side of the field, which just so happens to be where Jay Ajayi has really made a mark since joining the Eagles in Week 9.
I don’t look for Ajayi to make his mark in this game. I know it’s a lazy narrative, but a Blount revenge game seems to really be in the cards here.

02/04/18, 10:30 AM CST by Wheeler


Zach Ertz

Philadelphia Eagles

Pats Could Hit'em Where It Ertz

Zach Ertz leads the Eagles in targets (39) with Foles under center, drawing at least eight in three of their four full games together. Keyed by FS Devin McCourty and SS Patrick Chung, the Pats allowed the NFL’s tenth-fewest receiving yards to tight ends (720) this season, only four opposing tight ends have reached 50 yards through 18 Patriots games.
If Foles continues to pepper Ertz with targets we could see a big game for Chung or McCourty.

02/04/18, 10:25 AM CST by Wheeler


Nelson Agholor

Philadelphia Eagles

Plenty Of Fluids

The Eagles’ biggest pass-catcher personnel mismatch is Nelson Agholor against Patriots slot corner Eric Rowe. Rowe can struggle with quick change of direction, Agholor’s foremost strength. Agholor runs 87% of his routes in the slot, and New England allowed solid games to Eric Decker (6/85/0) in the Divisional Round, and Allen Hurns (6/80/0) in the AFC title game. Agholor still ranks second behind Ertz in Foles targets (29), but has had a surprisingly quiet playoffs with just 7 targets.
This will have to change if the Eagles plan on moving the ball, but Agholor has been sick with the flu for the past few days. He received intravenous fluids Saturday and will play, but it doesn’t sound like he’ll be 100%.

02/04/18, 10:22 AM CST by Wheeler


Danny Amendola

New England Patriots

Danny Playoffs

The Eagles finished second worst this season in percentage of passing yards allowed coming after the catch. Philadelphia struggled on short and intermediate throws this season, specifically to the middle of the field, where they allowed the third-most yards per passing play in the league. Brady was a top-five player in passer rating on these types of tosses. Amendola's been a monster in this year's playoffs for New England, grabbing hold of 22 targets in just two contests, accounting for over 24% of New England's targets. He should continue to play a role on Super Bowl Sunday.

02/04/18, 10:20 AM CST by Wheeler


Rex Burkhead

New England Patriots

Rex Back

Despite being listed as questionable for Sunday’s AFC Championship game vs. Jaguars, it appears as though Patriots’ RB Rex Burkhead will play.
This will cut into the 13 targets Amendola saw last week.

01/20/18, 10:49 PM CST by Wheeler


Adam Thielen

Minnesota Vikings

Making The Wright Move?

Adam Thielen (back) is questionable for Sunday's NFC Championship game against the Eagles.
He's fully expected to play after limited practices the last two days. He probably won’t be 100 percent so if you’re putting in a line-up you might want to pivot to Diggs or save some money and drop down to Jarius Wright who grabbed three-of-six targets for 56 yards Sunday and has established himself as the number three WR in this offense.

01/20/18, 10:31 PM CST by Wheeler


Leonard Fournette

Jacksonville Jaguars

Ankle In Question Again

Fournette aggravated his ankle in the Divisional Round and was limited early in the week. He was left off the injury report for Sunday's AFC Championship game. Fournette saw a heavy workload last week getting 27 touches in Jacksonville's upset of the Steelers. T.J. Yeldon rushed five times for 20 yards and a touchdown and caught 3-of-3 targets for 57 yards. If you’re looking for a cheaper option I expect we see Yeldon to be used to keep Fournette from aggravating the injury early.

01/20/18, 10:23 PM CST by Wheeler


Tom Brady

New England Patriots

Give Him A Hand

Reports are that Tom Brady threw the ball "incredibly well" during Friday's practice. He is listed as questionable for Sunday's AFC Championship game against Jacksonville, but I don’t think there was any real doubt that he’d play. Keep in mind what D-Rex spoke about on the Pyro Podcast 303 andScott Barrett tweeted about Brady last week:
Weeks 1-10: 21.2 fantasy points per game, 110.9 passer rating
Weeks 11-17: 14.2 fantasy points per game, 87.3 passer rating
The hand injury on top of his achilles injury, as well as going against the Jags #1 rated pass defense could keep the Patriots attack grounded this week. Lewis is the obvious play, but if Burkhead (Q) comes back it could be he or White that steals the show.

01/20/18, 10:22 PM CST by Wheeler


Tom Brady

New England Patriots

Tom Still Terrific?

Tom Brady was first listed on the team's injury report with an Achilles injury heading in to Week 11.
Weeks 1-10: 21.2 fantasy points per game, 110.9 passer rating
Weeks 11-17: 14.2 fantasy points per game, 87.3 passer rating

Fantasy Goo: This should line up for a good week for Brady, Tennessee is 8th in fantasy points allowed to RB’s, but just below average against QB’s. The Patriots are 13 point favorites on Saturday Night, if Brady doesn’t do it at home in prime-time then something is wrong.

01/09/18, 07:30 PM CST by Wheeler


Alvin Kamara

New Orleans Saints

Primary Role Shifting

Saints have run 5 times at/inside opponent's 5-yard line over last 4 weeks (including playoffs):
Alvin Kamara 3 carries, Zach Line 1, Mark Ingram 1. Kamara was in on all 3 Saints run plays at/inside 5 vs. Panthers last week, including Line's 1-yard TD run.

Fantasy Goo: If you’re trying to decide between Kamara and Ingram for the playoff run, Kamara looks to be the much better play.

01/09/18, 07:20 PM CST by Wheeler


Jay Ajayi

Philadelphia Eagles

It's A Trap

Jay Ajayi (knee) is practicing in full for the Divisional Round.

Fantasy Goo: Atlanta is 5th in fantasy points allowed to RB’s this year and they are more susceptible to pass-catching backs. Todd Gurley rushed 14 times for 101 yards in the Rams' Wild Card loss to the Falcons, adding four receptions for 10 additional yards. Ajayi might have been drafted before Gurley this year, but that was clearly a mistake. Ajayi has talent, but he’s far from a good option this week.

01/09/18, 07:16 PM CST by Wheeler


Chris Hogan

New England Patriots

Back in Action

Chris Hogan (shoulder) is expected to return for Saturday's Divisional Round game against the Titans.

Fantasy Goo: He’s going to take a couple of weeks to get in tune with the offense, I’m looking to save him until the Super Bowl if you’re in one of those one and done fantasy playoff tournaments.

01/09/18, 07:14 PM CST by Wheeler


Drew Brees

New Orleans Saints

Strength vs Strength

Saints RBs led NFL during regular season in receptions (9.0) and receiving yards (77.8) per game.
Vikings held opposing RBs to fewest yards per target (4.2) and 3rd-fewest yards per game (30.6).

Fantasy Goo: The Vikings have been absolutely sick in all aspects on defense this year. If the Saints are going to pull this one out it sounds like it’s going to have to be a Brees week, I’m not so sure he’s going to be the guy you want to start on the road this week.

01/09/18, 07:12 PM CST by Wheeler


LeSean McCoy

Buffalo Bills

Not The Real McCoy

LeSean McCoy said if he plays Sunday, "I want to be able to cut well enough to where I don't have a lot of pain cutting. I just want to be close, or the best as far as 100 percent as I can get. The type of game like this, you got to lay it all on the line.”

Fantasy Goo: McCoy is a poor play against the Jags this week. The Jags strength on defense is against the pass (#1 in FP allowed), but they are still strong against the rush (11th). I’m not taking any Bills on fantasy playoff squads or in DFS this week.

01/04/18, 09:29 PM CST by Wheeler


Derrick Henry

Tennessee Titans

Arrow Pointing Down

DeMarco Murray (knee) didn't practice again Thursday. Derrick Henry show ready to go.

Fantasy Goo: The way to attack KC is through the air, they rank 9th in fantasy points allowed to RB’s. They will most likely be in negative game script. KC hasn’t allowed any team to score over 20 points in Arrowhead all year.

01/04/18, 09:27 PM CST by Wheeler


Julio Jones

Atlanta Falcons

No Fly Zone

Julio Jones finished 11th in NFL in red-zone targets but caught only 5 of 19. He finished 4th in targets inside 10 but only caught 4 of 11.

Fantasy Goo: The Rams have a strong pass defense, especially against outside receivers, but are second worst in fantasy points allowed to RB’s. Freeman and Coleman are the only Falcons I am considering this week.

01/04/18, 09:25 PM CST by Wheeler


Kenny Golladay

Detroit Lions

Under the Radar

In the first game with TJ Jones (shoulder) on IR last week, Kenny Golladay played 95% of snaps and led DET WRs with 8 targets.

Fantasy Goo: Marvin Jones has a history of shredding the Packers defense and is a solid play at $6500 on DK, but Golladay is half the price ($3300) and will probably see a similar number of targets. If Detroit had something to play for I’d be stacking the heck out of this game, but I still think it’s smart to have one of these guys in the line-up this week.

12/31/17, 09:46 AM CST by Wheeler


Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs

Rookie Debut

Patrick Mahomes was 2nd in PFF’s QB Rating when kept clean in preseason. He rushed for 744 yards, 22 TDs in his last two years at Texas Tech. Denver has allowed multiple passing TDs to six-straight QBs not named Petty or Brissett.

Fantasy Goo: The rookie was supposed to take over for Alex Smith much earlier this season, but Smith and the Chief’s came out firing on all cylinders and kept the rookie on the bench. Mahomes will get his chance this week as Smith gets a week off before the playoffs. Denver may be packing it in, but they still have one of the best defenses and I expect they will play more inspired this week against a division rival.

12/31/17, 09:32 AM CST by Wheeler


Week 3 - TE Player Rankings

Week 3 - TE Player Rankings

Posted by Dawgmaticå on 09/20/11

by   The Archer


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TE Player Rankings – Week 3



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Tight Ends



1.       Rob Gronkowski (@ Buf) – I’m telling you, if this guy’s last name was Jackson or Johnson or whatever, I would STILL call him “Gronk”.  He simply looks and plays like a guy named Gronk.  That said, with Aaron Hernandez out for the near future, Rob Gronkowski should have a field day out there racking up stats at a record pace.  It won’t matter who the Patriots are playing, though the Bills DID give up the most TDs to tight ends last season and allowed the second most fantasy point to them as well, Gronk is going to go nuts no matter who it is.  Get him in there and don’t even THINK of taking him out for awhile.


2.       Jason Witten (vs Was) – How far do you really think Romo can throw the ball with a cracked rib?  Well, maybe still a lot farther than you or me, but he definitely won’t be at full tilt this Monday night.  With Miles Austin out for the game and Dez Bryant still iffy with his quad injury, I expect Witten to see at least 10 targets in this one and possibly even more than that.  Oh, and by the way, in his last game against these Redskins, Jason put up 140 yards on 10 catches with one TD.  Just sayin’.  OH, and one MORE thing:  If Romo isn’t ready to play or has to be taken out in the middle of the game for any reason, guess who Jon Kitna’s favorite target is?  Yep, “The Groomsman”, Mr. Witten.


3.       Antonio Gates (vs KC) – Taking Gates out of the number one slot was really tough to do, especially against a completely decimated Chiefs team, but I had to do it.  The Chargers could very easily be up by a wide margin at halftime and might take Gates out of the game to rest his plantar fasciitis.  Of course, he could very well be the reason San Diego crushes KC, so I have to leave him at least in the top-3.


4.       Jermichael Finley (@ Chi) – The Bears don’t give up many TDs to tight ends, but they sure do allow a ton of catches and yards to them.  Finley has merely been so-so through the first couple of weeks, but the guy has to break out sooner or later, and I’m thinking it could be this week against their inter-division rival.  Last season against the Bears, Jermichael caught all nine of his targets and took them for 115 yards.  Something tells me he’ll have a shot to repeat those numbers on Sunday.


5.       Fred Davis (@ Dal) – If nobody has Fred Davis in your league for some reason, go grab him immediately.  The guy is one of the more athletic TEs in the league and it seems he’s put enough space between him and Chris Cooley to warrant a weekly start.  Dallas was really good against tight ends last season, but not so much this year as they’ve already given up two touchdowns and 150 yards to them through two weeks of action.  Grossman loves his TE, so get Fred in your lineup.


6.       Jimmy Graham (vs Hou) – Most people would say that Jimmy Graham hasn’t quite lived up to the super-hype he was receiving before the season began, but when you look a little closer, he’s actually on pace for 80 receptions, 1,080 yards and eight TDs.  Those are some serious TE numbers, folks.  This weekend looks to be another shootout against the high-powered Texans, so get Graham in your lineup and expect some top-flight numbers.


7.       Greg Olsen (vs Jax) – Cam Newton won’t be able to live off the bomb to Steve Smith all year long and will have to start checking down to his talented tight end sooner or later.  My guess is it’ll be this week against a Jags D that allowed the third most fantasy points to tight ends last season and don’t look to be much better in 2011.  Jeremy Shockey is being used more as a blocking TE in this offense, which leaves Olsen free to release off the line and act like the wide receiver he really wants to be.


8.       Vernon Davis (@ Cin) – Vernon has been a huge disappointment thus far, but this week’s matchup against the Bengals could be what the doctor ordered for him to get off the schneid.  Cinci has already given up a couple of TDs to tight ends this season, so I expect Alex Smith to look his way quite a bit.  Besides, Vernon already opened his mouth to the team/coaches looking to be fed a little more going forward, and my guess is that they will adhere to his demands.


9.       Marcedes Lewis (@ Car) – The monster that is Marcedes Lewis is back at practice and ready to suit up for the Jags this week.  Carolina has been pretty bad against tight ends this season and with coach Jack Del Rio opting to go with the rookie under center this week, Lewis might be looking at a ton of targets from Blaine Gabbert.


10.   Dallas Clark (vs Pit) – Colts players are falling down the totem pole left and right these days, but if I had my choice of one guy I had to have on my team, it would be Dallas Clark.  First off, Kerry Collins is not a throw deep type of quarterback, so I look for him to dump it off to Clark more often than not from here on out.  Second, his O-Line is getting him killed at this point, so some shorter drop-backs and quicker passes to Clark might be the answer.  He won’t be the Dallas of old, but he still could have some worth here.



Rounding out the rest of the Top-25 TEs...


11.   Tony Gonzalez (@ TB)


12.   Owen Daniels (@ NO)


13.   Dustin Keller (@ Oak)


14.   Kellen Winslow Jr. (vs Atl)


15.   Scott Chandler (vs NE)


16.   Evan Moore (vs Mia)


17.   Brandon Pettigrew (@ Min)


18.   Jermaine Gresham (vs SF)


19.   Ed Dickson (@ StL)


20.   Ben Watson (vs Mia)


21.   Todd Heap (@ Sea)


22.   Jared Cook (vs Den)


23.   Lance Kendricks (vs Bal)


24.   Jeremy Shockey (vs Jax)


25.   Chris Cooley (@ Dal)



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