Weekly Matchups - Week 12 - Thanksgiving Day Game - Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions

Weekly Matchups - Week 12 - Thanksgiving Day Game - Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions

Posted by Dawgmaticå on 11/23/11

Weekly Matchups Thanksgiving Football - Week 12 - Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions



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Green Bay @ Detroit


(Player Rankings based on Top 32 QBs, 50 RBs, 75 WRs & 32 TEs)




Green Bay Packers (10-0)


Packers Schedule


Opponent Defensive Ranks

Detroit Rush Defense – 2011: 134.7 Yards Allowed/Game (27th) || 6 TDs Allowed (T-6th)

Detroit Pass Defense – 2011: 193 Yards Allowed/Game (5th) || 10 TDs Allowed (T-3rd)


Green Bay Offensive Cast


Aaron Rodgers (QB Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #1)

2011 Season: 238/329 – for 3,168 Yards, 31 TDs & 4 INTs || 48 Carries for 176 Yards & 2 TDs


The only reason I can see fantasy owners sitting Aaron "It Out" Rodgers on their bench for a game is because they happen to be a Lions fan and also have Matthew Stafford on their team. This is also probably the toughest pass defense he's faced all year, but if his offensive line can give him a little time, I just don't see him failing to produce.


James Starks (RB Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #36 – LISTED AS QUESTIONABLE TO PLAY)

2011 Season: 120 Carries for 541 Yards & 1 TD || 28 Recs for 210 Yards & 0 TDs


If Starks comes out in pre-game warm-ups and tells the coaching staff he's ready to go, then he's not too bad of a play this week with the Lions play against the rush being the weakest part of their defense. If he's hobbled at all, however, he'll either split carries with Grant or maybe even sit out altogether.


Ryan Grant (RB Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #44)

2011 Season: 73 Carries for 267 Yards & 0 TDs || 8 Recs for 69 Yards & 0 TDs


Grant's value this week completely depends upon James Starks' health. Watch the news before the game to see if Starks will be playing or not before you determine whether or not you can get Grant in there as a so-so flex play.


John Kuhn (RB Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #46)

2011 Season: 9 Carries for 15 Yards & 3 TDs || 11 Recs for 46 Yards & 2 TDs


Kuhn has five TDs on 20 touches this season. That's pretty insane. If you're in a touchdown-heavy league, he's not too bad of a play. Otherwise, why would you have him on your team?


Greg Jennings (WR Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #18)

2011 Season: 53 Recs for 761 Yards & 7 TDs


Jennings (knee) says that he's pretty close to 100 percent now and should be securely fastened into starting lineups as normal. However, he hasn't gotten the love he would normally see from Rodgers lately as Greg has only caught five balls on 11 targets over the last two weeks...but I expect that to change this week as Rodgers is going to need him in this tough interdivisional showdown.


Jordy Nelson (WR Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #11)

2011 Season: 40 Recs for 756 Yards & 9 TDs


Nelson has been on fire as of late catching 16 of the 18 balls thrown his way over the last three games while turning them into 291 yards and FIVE touchdowns. He rarely drops a pass, has sneaky speed, and actually has quite a bit of strength in that 6'3", 217-pound body of his. Basically, he's become a must-start in fantasy leagues.


Donald Driver (WR Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #66)

2011 Season: 22 Recs for 233 Yards & 2 TDs


Driver had his best game of the year last weekend catching four balls for 72 yards against the Buccaneers. That said, he's barely been playable this season, but if you're looking to catch lightning in a bottle, standing next to any Packers receiver is as good of a place to get lucky as any.


James Jones (WR Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #62)

2011 Season: 21 Recs for 356 Yards & 4 TDs


Plain and simple, James Jones cannot catch a football. He's got speed and strength, but to get Aaron Rodgers to trust you, you have to be able to catch his (normally) perfectly thrown balls. However, like I said with Driver, any of these secondary Packers receivers can produce on any given Sunday...or Thanksgiving Thursday for that matter.


Randall Cobb (WR Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: Unranked)

2011 Season: 15 Recs for 234 Yards & 1 TD


The rookie playmaker has a ton of talent, but unless you're in a return-yardage league, Cobb likely isn't worth starting. You gotta love his skills, though.


Jermichael Finley (TE Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #9)

2011 Season: 34 Recs for 475 Yards & 5 TDs


Jermichael has been a disappointment for fantasy owners all season long, but it's tough to take him out of your lineup knowing that he has those three-touchdown games in him. Unless you have one of the 4G Network guys such as Gronkowski, Gates, Graham or Gonzalez, Finley should still be in your lineup with him being in such a high-powered offense like the Packers.




Detroit Lions (7-3)


Lions Schedule


Opponent Defensive Ranks

Green Bay Rush Defense – 2011: 102.5 Yards Allowed/Game (12th) || 6 TDs Allowed (T-6th)

Green Bay Pass Defense – 2011: 289 Yards Allowed/Game (31st) || 18 TDs Allowed (T-24th)


Detroit Offensive Cast


Matthew Stafford (QB Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #2)

2011 Season: 244/398 – for 2,843 Yards, 25 TDs & 10 INTs


Stafford was super-close to being the top quarterback in my rankings this week, but until Rodgers falters, I just can't take him out of the spot. That said, if you have both these studs on your fantasy team, I wouldn't blame you for starting Second-Half Staff over Rodge seeing how the Packers pass defense has given up the most fantasy points to opposing QBs this season.


Kevin Smith (RB Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #18)

2011 Season: 20 Carries for 159 Yards & 2 TDs || 6 Recs for 71 Yards & 1 TD


I remember watching this kid play when he was a rookie and knowing there was something special about him...then of course came all the injuries and Kevin Smith became just another NFL dream smashed to pieces. But then as fate would have it, injuries would plague the Lions backfield and give Smith one more shot to make it work...and he did. Last week's 200-total-yard, three-TD effort was a thing of beauty, and though he won't repeat those numbers against a much better rush D this week, you still should get him in your lineup as a solid RB2.


Maurice Morris (RB Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: Unranked)

2011 Season: 48 Carries for 201 Yards & 1 TD || 10 Recs for 89 Yards & 0 TDs


Morris has been no more than a back-up running back throughout his career, so it really shouldn't be a surprise that he has returned to his proper role so quickly. Unless you are in a super-deep league, don't bother here.


Keiland Williams (RB Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: Unranked)

2011 Season: 41 Carries for 119 Yards & 1 TD || 1 Rec for 5 Yards & 0 TDs


Ugh. After that fumble last weekend against the Panthers, I'm surprised he wasn't cut.


Jahvid Best (RB Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: OUT)

2011 Season: 84 Carries for 390 Yards & 2 TDs || 27 Recs for 287 Yards & 1 TD


Best is still out dealing with his post-concussion issues. Keep him stashed on your bench.


Calvin Johnson (WR Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #1)

2011 Season: 59 Recs for 974 Yards & 11 TDs


Megatron must have felt like the only man on the planet not getting to celebrate a Stafford-tossed TD last weekend, but no matter. He was cheering harder than anyone else regardless and is one of the true class-acts in the NFL. That said, Calvin loves going up against these teams in the NFC North, with the Packers being no exception. In seven career games against the Pack, Johnson has eight touchdowns, his most against any team in the league. With the Packers allowing the second-most fantasy points to wide receivers this season, how can you deny him the #1 slot?


Nate Burleson (WR Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #40)

2011 Season: 41 Recs for 391 Yards & 2 TDs


Burleson has been awesome the last couple of games and should be able to continue his strong play against this weak Packers secondary. Get him in your lineup as either a WR3 or flex this week.


Titus Young (WR Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #52)

2011 Season: 28 Recs for 363 Yards & 2 TDs


Even though Titus has caught a TD in two of his last three games, it's hard to play him as more than a flex due to a rookie's inconsistency. However, if he's going to have a bust-out game, this one might be the one he does it in.


Brandon Pettigrew (TE Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #10)

2011 Season: 50 Recs for 435 Yards & 3 TDs


After disappearing for a few weeks, Pettigrew got back in the scoring column last weekend on a nice little seven-yard pass in the fourth quarter to go up on the Panthers for good. Who knows? That could be the catch that gets him going as a top ten tight end again.


Tony Scheffler (TE Week 12 Fantasy Ranking: #24)

2011 Season: 14 Recs for 177 Yards & 5 TDs


Scheffler caught a touchdown for the third week in a row last Sunday, but he still doesn't have more than three catches in any one game yet this season. Start if you want, but you're looking for that lucky TD more than anything else.




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