WR Player Rankings - Week 12 - Thanksgiving

WR Player Rankings - Week 12 - Thanksgiving

Posted by Dawgmaticå on 11/24/10


WR Player Rankings – Week 12



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1.          Dwayne Bowe (@ Sea) – Bowe is on fire like no other in the league right now scoring 10 touchdowns in the last six games with at least one in each of them.  I can’t believe that streak will end against one of the bottom tier pass Ds in the game.  He’s definitely hit his stride so run with him while you can.


2.          Calvin Johnson (vs NE) – Oh my!  In the games that Shaun Hill has started this year, Calvin has averaged almost 10 targets, just fewer than six catches, 80.9 yards and exactly one TD per game.  With the Patriots pass defense ranking in the bottom five of the league across the board, Megatron could be in store for total domination this Thanksgiving.


3.          Roddy White (vs GB) – Roddy will likely be facing off against Charles Woodson for most of this game, but the massive amount of targets he receives and overall skill should be able to overcome the matchup.  It won’t be his best game of the year, but the great ones tend to step up in situations like these.


4.          Greg Jennings (@ Atl) – Jennings has been on absolute fire lately.  In the five games since Jermichael Finley went down for the year, Jennings has now grabbed six TDs while averaging nine targets, 6.4 catches and 104 yards in those games.  In what could turn out to be the game of the week, I expect both he and Rodgers to step up against very beatable Falcons secondary.


5.          Brandon Lloyd (vs StL) – The guy is a must-start every week no matter who the Donkeys play against.  He’s tearing up the league and could have some honors coming his way at season’s end.


6.          Andre Johnson (vs Ten) – Word is Andre looked as good as he has all season on the practice field this week.  Last year he averaged 113.5 yards and 1.5 TDs against these guys, so if he truly looks as good as he’s said to be, the old ‘Dre dominance could show up for a little post-Turkey Day feast on Sunday.


7.          Marques Colston (@ Dal) – Colston started the year off slow, so for those who had the patience enough to hold onto him, congratulations!  The guy could be fantasy gold this Thanksgiving going up against a Cowboys secondary that has a better chance of being caught eating a turkey leg on camera Thursday than defending a pass.


8.          Mike Wallace (@ Buf) – Wallace has now caught a TD in five of Roethlisberger’s six games this year and has quickly become Big Ben’s favorite target.  I can’t see a scenario where he goes through this game without reeling in yet another touchdown pass.


9.          Mario Manningham (vs Jax) – Manningham will be in the driver’s seat for some nice fantasy points this weekend with both Nicks and Smith out.  If he doesn’t reach 100 yards on a good 10 targets or so plus a touchdown, I’ll be shocked.


10.        Larry Fitzgerald (vs SF) – Fitz will have a chance to go over 100 yards and snag a TD against this mediocre 49ers pass D.  If Anderson keeps on throwing him the ball as much as he has been, Larry should have himself quite a game.


11.        Santonio Holmes (vs Cin) – Santonio is one of the hottest wide receivers in the game right now.  He and Sanchez have developed quite a rapport in just six games of action together, which makes it pretty scary to think about what they’ll do in the future together.  As for this game, the Cinci pass D is nothing special, so have fun riding out Holmes’ current streak.


12.        Reggie Wayne (vs SD) – The Chargers pass D is too good to expect Wayne’s normal numbers, but then again, Manning may have to depend on him even more.  It’s a tough one here to be sure, but Reggie is too good to be held down the whole game.


13.        DeSean Jackson (@ Chi) – I expect the Bears to keep DeSean from beating them deep, which could mean a relatively light game for The Green Blur.  Again, as it is with every guy on this team, you just never know what will happen with Vick under center.


14.        Vincent Jackson (@ Ind) – He’s back!  You can’t expect him to be in mid-season form, but it looks like Rivers doesn’t have a problem making even fourth-string WRs look good, so plant VJax in your starting lineup right off the bat this Sunday night.


15.        Steve Johnson (vs Pit) – Stevie J has been out of his mind this year catching 52 balls with nine of them going for touchdowns, three of them coming just last week against the Bengals.  However, though he might catch another one this Sunday, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it against this Steelers D.


16.        Mike Williams – TB (@ Bal) – Williams is the best of the three offensive rookie playmakers this year, and if anyone is going to continue with the fantasy studliness this week, it will be him.  He simply makes plays that shouldn’t be made by first-year guys, and he’s not intimidated by anybody.  Give him a shot against a Ravens pass D that will be beat at least once this game.


17.        Jeremy Maclin (@ Chi) – Maclin could be in for a whole boatload of targets this week if the Bears keep DeSean working in front of them all game.  His route-running and overall skills are actually better than those of DJax, so I expect Vick to find him at least six or seven times this game.


18.        Anquan Boldin (vs TB) – I just don’t see the Ravens passing the ball enough for Boldin to be considered a WR1 or even a high-end WR2 this week.  He should still be able to put up some numbers, but don’t expect more than that just because he’s playing against the Bucs.


19.        Dez Bryant (vs NO) – Dez continues to produce with Kitna as his QB, but this game will prove to be quite a test for the young rookie.  You can’t go against the type of streak he’s riding right now, but I certainly hope you have at least one or two better WRs you’re starting along with him.


20.        Sidney Rice (@ Was) – Rice was only supposed to play 15-20 snaps last weekend in his 2010 debut, but he ended up on the field for all but nine of the 57 offensive plays.  Not just that, but he said he felt “great” after the game and should be in line for a similar day this weekend.  If that’s the case, he’ll put up the numbers as Favre just loves the kid.


21.        Santana Moss (vs Min) – Moss is listed as “questionable” this game and will go down as a game-time decision for Shanahan.  Check out the news coming out of the Redskins’ camp at or to find out whether you should keep him in your lineup or not.  It’s a pretty good matchup for him if he’s healthy enough to go.


22.        Percy Harvin (@ Was) – Harvin could end up having a field day against this woeful Redskins secondary with Sidney Rice finally back from injury.  Play him with confidence and expect somewhere around 100 total yards and possibly a TD.


23.        Braylon Edwards (vs Cin) – Holmes isn’t the only one streaking right now as Braylon is having no problem picking up the slack left by the injured Jerricho Cotchery.  In seven of the Jets 10 games this year, Edwards has made a grab of 30-plus yards.  My guess is that he’ll do it again this week, and more.


24.        Miles Austin (vs NO) – I’m not entirely sure how this much talent can end up with just two catches for seven yards against the lowly Lions last week, but I guess the fact that both of them went for TDs says something… I’m just not sure what.  Miles always has the chance to put up some lofty numbers, but don’t expect the world on Thanksgiving against one of the best pass defenses in the game.


25.        Malcom Floyd (@ Ind) – Floyd is a little banged up, but I still expect him to play.  You might want to check the news coming out of the Chargers camp this weekend at either or just to be sure.  If he’s a go, he’s definitely worth a shot.


26.        Randy Moss (@ Hou) – Moss continued with his yearlong struggles last weekend in the overtime game against the Redskins as he caught zero passes for the second time this year.  Regardless of what has happened up ‘til now, I can’t very well tell you to sit one of the best three receivers of all-time against the worst pass defense in the league… even with a rookie calling the shots.


27.        Terrell Owens (@ NYJ) – The same goes for TO as it does for Ochoschizo.  Both Revis and Cromartie will get their chance to shut him (and his mouth) down this game and I expect them to do a pretty decent job.  Palmer will certainly be tossing it up his way quite a bit, but I still don’t expect more than WR3-type stats for Owens in this one.


28.        Nate Burleson (vs NE) – Burleson continues to reap the benefits that come with playing next to a force like Calvin Johnson.  Over the past three weeks, Nate has averaged almost nine targets, six catches and 85.7 yards a game while hauling in two TDs.  The Pats D allows for two WRs to have nice days against them, so you can bet Burleson will do at least a little bit of damage.


29.        James Jones (@ Atl) – With Driver still a bit gimpy, I expect Jones to continue to produce in his WR2 role this week against the NFL’s 24th-ranked pass D.


30.        Wes Welker (@ Det) – Welker should be able to gather in a good eight catches or so in this one as Brady has finally figured out how to get him the ball without Randy Moss in the lineup drawing coverage.  I can’t envision a ton of yards for the Slot Machine, but a short TD is definitely a possibility against a Lions D that has allowed 25 points per game in the last five contests.


31.        Michael Crabtree (@ Ari) – Crabtree was silent last week, but this Cardinals pass D isn’t too tough to beat.  I can definitely see at least four catches, and if he and Troy start rolling, he might hit 100 yards in this one.


32.        Chad Ochocinco (@ NYJ) – Whether it’s Revis Island or Cromartie Canyon guarding him this game, it won’t matter.  Don’t expect much more than WR3 fantasy stats at best for ol’ Ochoschizo.


33.        Deion Branch (@ Det) – The Lions corners have had a tough time this year, and the Brady-Branch combo won’t make their lives any easier.  Branch has an average of nine targets, seven catches and 70.5 yards over the past two games, numbers I can certainly see repeating themselves this Thanksgiving.


34.        Blair White (vs SD) – With Collie already ruled out for this game, White will have the slot position all to himself Sunday night.  Expect a bunch of targets as Manning will look to control the game with his dink-and-dunk method in this one.


35.        Jabar Gaffney (vs StL) – Gaffney is an up-and-down receiver with no rhyme or reason to his game, but he’s worth a shot against a Rams D that might slide extra defenders Lloyd’s way this weekend.


36.        Ben Obomanu (vs KC) – Obomanu has stepped up his game the past few weeks and will take on the WR1 role with BMW likely sitting out.  The Chiefs pass D is less than mediocre, so if you’re looking for a dark horse to throw in there this weekend, Obomanu could be your guy.


37.        Nate Washington (@ Hou) – Nate has been stellar the past three games either putting up 100 yards or catching a TD in each one.  If rookie Rusty Smith wasn’t the QB for this game, I’d have ranked him in the 20’s against the worst D in the league, but you’ll have to temper your expectations in this one because of Smith.


38.        Pierre Garcon (vs SD) – Garcon has been a train-wreck so far, so don’t expect a lot against one of the best defenses in the league.  However, if he draws one-on-one coverage all game, he might just be in line for a long one.


39.        Lance Moore (@ Dal) – Moore has been the most consistent of the Three Stooges sitting behind Colston (Moore, Meachem and Henderson), and I fully expect him to show it this Thursday.


40.        Mike Thomas (@ NYG) – Thomas will certainly be getting the targets in this game with MSW still on the sidelines, but he won’t be able to do much with them.  He’s a good PPR play, but not much beyond that.


41.        Johnny Knox (vs Phi) – If Asante Samuel suits up, Knox will be rendered useless.  If not, he has a chance to do a little something, but don’t expect a lot with Martz pulling back the playbook lately.


42.        Hines Ward (@ Buf) – Ward hasn’t been the same player this year as he has been in the past, but don’t write off the grizzled vet just yet.  Buffalo’s D is by no means anything special, so a nice game with a TD isn’t out of the question here.


43.        Brandon Gibson (@ Den) – Gibson has played real well the last few games and could be worth a shot against one of the worst defenses in the league.


44.        Steve Breaston (vs SF) – I’ll say it again:  Anyone playing alongside Larry Fitzgerald should be able to put up some decent numbers, and Breaston seems to be doing just that lately.  He’s gone over 90 yards the last two games, though the TDs haven’t been there.  He’s not a bad WR3 call this week.


45.        Danny Amendola (@ Den) – Amendola continues to be a nasty PPR player racking up eight receptions last weekend against Atlanta.  Look for around the same production against a weak Denver D this Sunday.


46.        Derek Hagan (vs Jax) – Hagan will have the first go of it as the replacement WR2 this weekend.  He caught a TD against the Eagles last Sunday night, so there could be some hope for the former third-rounder out of Arizona State.


47.        Louis Murphy (vs Mia) – Murphy is back, and being the WR1 on this team, he might be able to make a dent in the fantasy scoring column.  Don’t use him unless you have to however.


48.        Robert Meachem (@ Dal) – The inconsistency is maddening!  Meach may have caught two TDs last weekend, but he only caught three balls in total for just 50 yards.  Considering he’s caught more than four balls just once in a game this year, it’s tough to recommend him highly, but he’s definitely worth the chance against this porous Cowboys D.


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