WR Player Rankings - Week 16

WR Player Rankings - Week 16

Posted by Dawgmaticå on 12/22/10


WR Player Rankings – Week 16


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Wide Receivers



1.          Vincent Jackson (@ Cin) – How you score three TDs in your second full game against guys who have been playing all season is beyond me.  VJax is obviously one of the best in the league, and his numbers this Sunday will prove that fact once again.


2.          Marques Colston (@ Atl) – It wouldn’t shock me to see Brees throw up a good 45 balls or so in this one, so you can bet Colston will see at least 10 targets and have every opportunity to shine.  Two TDs and around 100 yards are completely within reach here.


3.          DeSean Jackson (vs Min) – DeSean is a lot like Vick in that you never know what he’ll do next.  He can score from anywhere on the field, whether it be a run, catch, or punt return, and there’s always the possibility of getting all three!  The Vikings defense has been beat pretty bad lately, and I expect The Green Blur to take part in keeping up the trend.


4.          Andre Johnson (@ Den) – My only problem with Andre this weekend is that he might be shadowed by Champ Bailey all game.  Will that hinder his game?  A bit, sure, but you can bet that Schaub knows he’s just 14 receptions away from his third straight 100-catch season, so you better believe he’ll get his fair share of targets with the Texans being out of the playoff hunt.


5.          Calvin Johnson (@ Mia) – Miami’s pass D is formidable, but I’ve yet to see a team be able to control a receiver like Megatron.  Let him loose as your WR1 and know that his old buddy, Shaun Hill, will be looking his way early and often.


6.          Roddy White (vs NO) – Roddy had 69 yards and a TD the first time around against the Saints, but I expect those numbers to increase a bit in this one.  Like Ryan, White has been better at home this season, so have no fear in starting him as your WR1 this Monday night.


7.          Brandon Marshall (vs Det) – Marshall’s yearly end-of-the-season roll is in full effect right now after catching 11 balls for 106 yards and a touchdown last weekend.  Have faith in his ego and start him confidently against the Lions this weekend.


8.          Mike Williams – TB (vs Sea) – I love what this kid is made of and it wouldn’t shock me if he extended his yardage for the year up over the 1,000-yard mark in this game.  Seattle can’t cover a thing out there, so roll with Williams as a low-end WR1 this week.


9.          Kenny Britt (@ KC) – He may have started off the season in the doghouse, but his talent is just too special to keep chained up for long.  At 6’3”, 215 pounds, he’s a mismatch all over the field and now that he has the confidence of an All-Pro, the sky is the limit for him.  Play him as a WR1 with confidence.


10.        Reggie Wayne (@ Oak) – If Wayne is shadowed by Asomugha all game, he’s merely a WR2 play for you this weekend.  If not, he’ll come up big in a game that the Colts need to win.  Either way, you’re starting him.


11.        Greg Jennings (vs NYG) – I’m not expecting Jennings to do what he was doing a few weeks ago, but he’s a superior talent and might be able to get back into a groove with Rodgers right away.  He’s a Jeremy Maclin-like receiver, and Maclin scored two TDs last week against these guys, sooo...


12.        Larry Fitzgerald (vs Dal) – One thing’s for sure:  Arizona is going to pass a lot in this game.  Because of this, one more thing is for sure:  Fitz is going to see at least 10 targets, just as he has in eight of the last nine games (the one game he didn’t, he got nine targets).  Against Dallas’ sorry-ass excuse of a pass defense, ten-plus targets are enough for Ella Fitzgerald to put up some nice fantasy points, much less Larry.


13.        Brandon Lloyd (vs Hou) – Tebow didn’t throw the ball a ton his first game, but when he did, he threw it to Lloyd.  Obviously he was watching closely all year and saw that Brandon could pretty much catch anything thrown his way (CHECK OUT THIS CATCH!!!).  Lloyd will be the man again this weekend and though I’d rather see Orton tossing him the pill, Tebow should do just fine in getting him WR2 numbers.


14.        Anquan Boldin (@ Cle) – Boldin’s play has been erratic this season, but his finest game of the year by far came against Cleveland when he went off for 142 yards and three touchdowns back in the beginning of the season.  Expect some solid play from ‘Quan this Sunday.


15.        Santana Moss (@ Jax) – Moss doesn’t get on a roll very often, so you might as well ride it out while you can.  Grossman fed him 13 targets last week en route to a 72-yard day with eight catches and two TDs.  Obviously Rex likes the guy, and so should you.


16.        Jeremy Maclin (vs Min) – Maclin has had his ups and downs this season, with last week’s two-TD performance being one of the better one.  His receiving skills are actually better than Jackson’s, and it seems Vick knows it.  Play him as a WR2 this week with the potential of receiving WR1 numbers.


17.        Steve Johnson (vs NE) – Like Fitzpatrick, Stevie J began his unexpected rise with a TD and 66 yards against New England back in Week 3.  The Pats own one of the worst pass defenses in the game, so even though David Nelson is providing him with some good competition for balls at this point, I expect both players to do well.


18.        Pierre Garcon (@ Oak) – Garcon has a ton of potential in this game with Collie being out for the season.  Is he a sure thing?  No, but if you have him on your squad, he’s at least a WR3 play with low-end WR1 numbers as a possibility.


19.        Mike Wallace (vs Car) – Wallace got back on track against the Jets last week putting up over 100 yards on seven catches in the game.  Pittsburgh needs a win this week, so I expect Big Ben to turn to his best receiver quite a bit in this one.


20.        Hakeem Nicks (@ GB) – Nicks is one of the best young receivers in the game, but with Charles Woodson in his back pocket, he might not put up the fantasy numbers you’re looking for.  You have to start him based on his potential, but don’t expect the world here.


21.        Wes Welker (@ Buf) – The Slot Machine should be able to garner some nice numbers in this one, especially when you consider that he’s 17 catches away from a fourth straight 100-catch season.  Brady will be working hard to get him those numbers, so expect a ton of passes headed his way.


22.        Santonio Holmes (@ Chi) – Holmes has a bit of a turf toe problem going on, but he’ll still be suiting up this Sunday.  He’s a far better option in the short passing game than Butterfingers Braylon, so if anyone is going to put up some yardage against the Bears secondary, it’ll be Holmes.


23.        Miles Austin (@ Ari) – Austin scored a touchdown last week and has another nice, soft matchup again this Saturday.  At the very least, expect a bunch of targets in this one with the upside of coming through with high-end WR2 numbers.


24.        Dwayne Bowe (vs Ten) – After going on one of the best seven-game stretches in the history of the league (Weeks 6-12: 49 catches, 733 yards, 13 TDs), Bowe has either tired out a bit or defensive coordinators have figured out how to stop him.  However, he looked rejuvenated last weekend against the Rams, so expect some fantasy-worthy numbers coming out of him against a middle-of-the-road Titans pass D on Sunday.


25.        Mike Sims-Walker (vs Was) – Sims-Walker’s three TDs the last two games were a nice little boost to his confidence (and his fantasy owners).  He normally plays a lot better at home so you should be fine with him in your lineup, but the prospect of DeAngelo Hall shadowing him all game long makes me a bit nervous.


26.        Deion Branch (@ Buf) – The position Branch took over for on this team was previously held by Randy Moss.  In the last game between these two squads, Moss pulled in a couple of touchdown catches.  I’m not saying Branch will repeat those numbers, but I’m not saying he won’t either.


27.        Percy Harvin (@ Phi) – Harvin doesn’t need a superior QB or anything else around him to produce.  All he needs is the ball in his hands and some space to make things happen.  The Eagles can be beaten through the air, especially by a team’s second receiver, so go ahead and start Harvin with confidence.


28.        Lance Moore (@ Atl) – Moore had the game of his life in their first meeting putting up 149 yards and two TDs on six catches.  It won’t happen again, but he should still have a nice game against this very beatable pass D.


29.        Mario Manningham (@ GB) – Manningham has a chance to outperform Nicks in this one with Woodson playing against Hakeem.  He definitely has his ups-and-downs, so he’s a risk, but sometimes the risks you take get you the farthest in life…


30.        David Nelson (vs NE) – Nelson caught himself yet another TD from Fitzpatrick last weekend.  That’s three weeks in a row now folks, an accomplishment which pretty much puts David out of the “fluke” range.  If you didn’t act on my mention of him last week, go check your waiver wire to see if everyone else ignored me as well and jump on this kid.  With the Bills looking to pass all day against a Patriots team who could be up 14-0 within the first eight minutes of the game, Nelson could be in line for a big one.


31.        Malcom Floyd (@ Cin) – Floyd is likely set to return, but you’ll want to check the news coming out of the Chargers camp at or just to be sure.  If he’s a go, his big-play potential is worth a start.


32.        Arrelious Benn (vs Sea) – The big rookie out of Illinois is turning some heads down in Tampa and will have every chance to put up some more big stats in this one.  With Tampa going up against one of the worst five defenses in the league this weekend, Benn deserves a look as your WR3 or flex for sure.


33.        Mike Williams – Sea (@ TB) – BMW will be the main target again this week, and now that he has a healthy game under his belt, he might actually be worth playing.  Eight catches for 66 yards on 13 targets is nothing to scoff at, so consider Big Mike a worthy play if you need a WR3 or flex this weekend.


34.        Blair White (@ Oak) – With Collie going down, the door is open for the Blair White Project once again.  His potential as the third wide receiver on this team is for higher than those on other teams, so feel free to take a shot at a two-TD out of him this Sunday.


35.        Brandon Gibson (vs SF) – Gibson has been getting the most love from Sam the Ram during the past handful of weeks, so against a crappy pass D like the 49ers, I expect him to command a good 8-9 targets with some nice fantasy stats to follow.


36.        Kevin Walter (@ Den) – Houston is passing the ball a ton right now as Matt Schaub has 116 pass attempts in the last two weeks combined.  Besides that, the Texans happen to be facing the Broncos, which might be the worst all-around defensive squad in the league.  Champ Bailey will likely be shadowing Andre Johnson all day and if he does, look for Walter to get another 10 targets or so like he has in each of the last two games.  He could be a real nice sleeper here.


37.        Derrick Mason (@ Cle) – Mason is having himself another solid season and could definitely be used as a WR3 or flex in this game.


38.        Mike Thomas (vs Was) – If DeAngelo ends up taking down MSW, Thomas could end up being a real nice sleeper this Sunday against an otherwise weak Redskins secondary.


39.        Anthony Armstrong (@ Jax) – With Grossman’s attitude as a QB (which is basically just throw it deep and hope for the best), Armstrong actually has a bit of fantasy value.  He’s not someone you can count on by any means, but if you’re looking for a high-risk/high-reward type of guy, AA is your man.


40.        Danny Amendola (vs SF) – In a PPR league, yes, Amendola is worth a shot.  He can grab 8-10 catches on any given Sunday, especially against a San Fran pass D, so go ahead and take a chance with him as your WR3 or flex.


41.        Davone Bess (vs Det) Bess Bess will be good for PPR leagues, but if you’re expecting more, you’ll want to look elsewhere on your bench.


42.        Michael Crabtree (@ StL) – Crabtree has been underwhelming this year, but he does have five TDs.  Three of those TDs came during the five games Troy Smith started (with one coming against the Rams), so there’s a chance Crabby climbs out of the fantasy cellar this weekend.


43.        Nate Washington (@ KC) – Washington has always had the speed to get open and with Britt drawing most of the defensive attention lately, it’s become that much easier of a task.  He’s a bit too sporadic to count on, but you could do worse playing him as a flex this weekend.


44.        Jacoby Ford (vs Ind) – Ford is one of those guys that defy logic.  He’s tiny, as can be plainly seen if you watch a Raiders game, but his speed and heart seem to pull him through time and time again.  He’s worth a shot if you need a home-run hitter this weekend.


45.        Sidney Rice (@ Phi) – Rice is a superior talent, but so is Asante Samuel.  If Samuel sticks with Sidney all game long, your best hope at production is if Webb (or Favre) tosses a jump-ball up in the endzone so Rice can use his 6’4” height to snag it.  Otherwise he’s a long-shot for good number in this one.


46.        Braylon Edwards (@ Chi) – Mark Sanchez’s arm is too weak to heave it downfield to Braylon in this weather, so unless a lucky pass falls into his lap, don’t expect a whole hell of a lot in Chicago on Sunday.


47.        Hines Ward (vs Car) – The old vet is about as dependable of a player as it gets in this league, even if the stats don’t show it.  The Steelers will likely take what they can get at times against this Carolina pass D, which could favor Ward and his ability to get first downs.


48.        Steve Breaston (vs Dal) – Breaston will have a shot to do some decent things in this one after being a pretty big disappointment so far this season.


49.        Ben Obomanu (@ TB) – Obomanu is still the guy with the most upside in this WR corps, so if you have nobody else in a deeper league, he’s definitely worth a shot.


50.        Donald Driver (vs NYG) – Veterans against good defenses are always a good bet for targets, though I can’t see those targets turning into much this weekend.


51.        Robert Meachem (@ Atl) – Meachem is about as frustrating of a fantasy player there is in the NFL.  One week he’s exploding for either two TDs or 100 yards… the next, he’s throwing up a goose-egg.  Start him at your own discretion and only if you’re the betting type.


52.        Jacoby Jones (@ Den) – Read what I wrote for Walter at number 36 and make that double for Jacoby.


53.        James Jones (vs NYG) – Jones probably has a better chance to do some damage than Driver, though you never quite know what you’re going to get from him on a week-to-week basis.


54.        Andre Caldwell (vs SD) - With Terrell Owens down for the year, Caldwell will immediately step in as a starter and becomes the WR1 with Ochoschizo out as well.  Last weekend after T.O. came up lame, Caldwell went off for 89 yards on four catches with six targets on the day (all tops for the team on the day).  Andre is a former third-round pick so you know he has the skills.  Those who were counting on Owens or Schizo at this point might want to take a chance here.


55.        Nate Burleson (@ Mia) – Burleson is talented enough to put up good numbers at any time, but the chances of it happening are about one in five at this point.  You want to take that chance in the playoffs?


56.        Brian Robiskie (vs Bal) – It’s tough to legitimize ranking any Browns receiver, but this former second-round pick seems to have a nice rapport with McCoy as he went off for 82 yards and a TD last game.  You can’t expect much, but he’s the most likely candidate in this WR corps to put up some numbers.


57.        Johnny Knox (vs NYJ) – Knox is still the biggest threat in the Bears’ offense, even if Bennett is now a bit of a safer play.  Is it possible he gets behind Darrelle Revis and company for a long one?  Yeah, it’s possible, but hardly worth risking your fantasy Super Bowl on it.


58.        Sam Hurd (@ Ari) – Hurd looked decent as a starter last week hauling in four passes for 35 yards on six targets.  Against a low-end pass D in good weather, he might be able to pass as a flex this week.


59.        Emmanuel Sanders (vs Car) – Sanders actually led the Steelers in targets last Sunday (13) as he went for 7 catches and 78 yards on the day.  This third-round draft pick out of SMU is electric as hell, and in a game where the Steelers should be comfortably in the lead by halftime, you might see him get a whole lot of playing time once again.


60.        Earl Bennett (vs NYJ) – Bennett is becoming a nice possession receiver for the Bears, but I don’t expect him to flourish against a defense like the Jets.  Sit him in all formats besides possibly as a flex in PPR leagues.




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