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Attempts -- -- --
Rushing Yards -- -- --
100 Yard Games -- -- --
Receptions -- -- --
Receiving Yards -- -- --
Total TDs -- -- --

Season Schedule

  • Week 1 - Sep 07

    SF @ DAL

  • Week 2 - Sep 14

    DAL @ TEN

  • Week 3 - Sep 21

    DAL @ LAR

  • Week 4 - Sep 28

    NO @ DAL

  • Week 5 - Oct 05

    HOU @ DAL

  • Week 6 - Oct 12

    DAL @ SEA

  • Week 7 - Oct 19

    NYG @ DAL

  • Week 8 - Oct 27

    WAS @ DAL

  • Week 9 - Nov 02

    ARI @ DAL

  • Week 10 - Nov 09

    DAL @ JAC

  • Week 11 - Nov 16


  • Week 12 - Nov 23

    DAL @ NYG

  • Week 13 - Nov 27

    PHI @ DAL

  • Week 14 - Dec 04

    DAL @ CHI

  • Week 15 - Dec 14

    DAL @ PHI

  • Week 16 - Dec 21

    IND @ DAL

  • Week 17 - Dec 28

    DAL @ WAS

  • Week 1 - Sep 05

    DAL 24 @ NYG 17

  • Week 2 - Sep 16

    DAL 7 @ SEA 27

  • Week 3 - Sep 23

    TB 10 @ DAL 16

  • Week 5 - Oct 01

    CHI 34 @ DAL 18

  • Week 6 - Oct 14

    DAL @ BAL

  • Week 7 - Oct 21

    DAL @ CAR

  • Week 8 - Oct 28

    NYG @ DAL

  • Week 9 - Nov 04

    DAL @ ATL

  • Week 10 - Nov 11

    DAL @ PHI

  • Week 11 - Nov 18

    CLE @ DAL

  • Week 12 - Nov 22

    WAS @ DAL

  • Week 13 - Dec 02

    PHI @ DAL

  • Week 1 - Sep 11

    DAL 24 @ NYJ 27

  • Week 2 - Sep 18

    DAL 27 @ SF 24

  • Week 3 - Sep 26

    WAS 16 @ DAL 18

  • Week 4 - Oct 02

    DET 34 @ DAL 30

  • Week 5 - Oct 09


  • Week 6 - Oct 16

    DAL 16 @ NE 20

  • Week 7 - Oct 23

    LAR 7 @ DAL 34

  • Week 8 - Oct 30

    DAL 7 @ PHI 34

  • Week 9 - Nov 06

    SEA 13 @ DAL 23

  • Week 10 - Nov 13

    BUF 7 @ DAL 44

  • Week 11 - Nov 20

    DAL 27 @ WAS 24

  • Week 13 - Dec 04

    DAL 13 @ ARI 19

  • Week 14 - Dec 11

    NYG 37 @ DAL 34

  • Week 15 - Dec 17

    DAL 31 @ TB 15

  • Week 16 - Dec 24

    PHI 20 @ DAL 7

  • Week 1 - Sep 12

    DAL 7 @ WAS 13

  • Week 2 - Sep 19

    CHI 27 @ DAL 20

  • Week 3 - Sep 26

    DAL 27 @ HOU 13

  • Week 4 - Oct 03


  • Week 5 - Oct 10

    TEN 34 @ DAL 27

  • Week 6 - Oct 17

    DAL 21 @ MIN 24

  • Week 7 - Oct 25

    NYG 41 @ DAL 35

  • Week 8 - Oct 31

    JAC 35 @ DAL 17

  • Week 9 - Nov 07

    DAL 7 @ GB 45

  • Week 10 - Nov 14

    DAL 33 @ NYG 20

  • Week 11 - Nov 21

    DET 19 @ DAL 35

  • Week 12 - Nov 25

    NO 30 @ DAL 27

  • Week 13 - Dec 05

    DAL 38 @ IND 35

  • Week 14 - Dec 12

    PHI 30 @ DAL 27

  • Week 15 - Dec 19

    WAS 30 @ DAL 33

  • Week 16 - Dec 25

    DAL 26 @ ARI 27

  • Week 17 - Jan 02

    DAL 14 @ PHI 13


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Alfred Morris

Dallas Cowboys

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Alfred Morris

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Razorback is Back for Jones

Pyro's take: Run DMC has returned for Week 15 after reportedly falling in his shower in the offseason. Jerry Jones has always been fond of DMC.

Fantasy Goo: Expect DMC to cut into Morris' carries as he could be a healthy scratch. Zeke is still the workhorse back here, but if he gets injured it becomes an RBBC rather than Morris being a top 10 fill in. You can drop Morris if need be.

12/18/16, 10:58 AM CST by The Hartbeat
Source: twitter.com

Great GameScript Against the Browns in Week 9

Pyro's take: The Browns are giving up the 2nd highest yards per carry to opposing backs.

Fantasy Goo: The game script is ripe for the Cowboys ground game. They are expected to score nearly 28 points and are 7 point road favorites. Which means if they were at home, they would likely be favored to win by 10. The Cowboys, who boast the 4th best run blocking line according to Football Outsiders, should feed Double E all day.

Double the Goo: Elliott could be facing a lengthy suspension for past domestic violence charges. It is not clear when or if this comes down, but what with Josh Brown in the news, the NFL can't be seen playing favorites. Alf is a guy to grab now if you can afford the bench space

11/01/16, 09:11 PM CDT by PyromaniacMo
Source: www.footballoutsiders.com

Elliott Could Face a Lengthy Suspension

Pyro's take: This stems from a domestic violence charge.
Elliott could very well face a lengthy suspension.

Fantasy Goo:
I would make the move to pick up Alfred Morris if you can, and do it now.

10/30/16, 11:51 AM CDT by PyromaniacMo
Source: fantasyteamadvice.com

RUN DMC Not Worried About His Future In Dallas

Dallas Cowboys

Pyro's take: Dallas Cowboys RB Darren McFadden (elbow) could start the season on the NFI list due to an elbow injury suffered during Memorial Day Weekend in May. McFadden missed all of the preseason and training camp practices with the ailment and saw the emergence of Alfred Morris in his absence. McFadden spoke to reporters on his preparation to return to football activities this week. “I can’t put a number of practices on it,” he said. “It’s just all about taking the reps and getting a feel for things and getting moving around.” McFadden's status for the regular-season opener remains uncertain.

Fantasy Goo: McFadden's name has been in the midst of trade rumors in the wake of Alfred Morris having stellar preseason performances. If McFadden remains in Dallas, he will likely enter the season behind Ezekiel Elliott and Morris on the depth chart as a role player. McFadden should start the upcoming fantasy football campaign on the waiver wire with Elliott and Morris as Dallas' top two draftable running backs.

09/03/16, 04:31 AM CDT by PK Ripper
Source: www.espn.com

We Want E.Z.

Garrett said the Cowboys have a plan for Zeke getting 8-12 plays, touches as a runner and a receiver.

Pyro's take: Garrett said the Cowboys have a plan for Zeke getting 8-12 plays, touches as a runner and a receiver.

Fantasy Goo: Ezekiel Elliott is about to blow the roof off of this MUTHA or maybe he will not. Elliott is about to play his first preseason game. We do know that since he is a Cowboy that his performance will be huge talk for everyone. It is all on Elliott’s shoulders now as we have all hyped him plenty. Let me shift gears. Alfred Morris and or Darren McFadden will possibly have the keys to the Cowboys offense for a couple weeks or so this season. Elliott is a rookie and if he does not for some reason produce what Jerry Jones expects or by injury we could see Morris or McFadden playing. Last year McFadden was the #4 rusher in the NFL. Morris showed that as a veteran he can be “The Man” per the recent preseason game. My point is that everyone should consider using a pick on Morris (as of now) or DMC who both offer low risk with possible ass kicking reward. DMC did well without Tony Romo playing. With Romo the whole offense should be 'Dyn-o-mite'.

08/23/16, 02:04 PM CDT by STiFFKiTTY
Source: twitter.com

Darren McFadden broke his elbow trying to rescue his iPhone

McFadden underwent surgery for a broken right elbow Tuesday morning and is expected to miss at least two months

Pyro's take: McFadden underwent surgery for a broken right elbow Tuesday morning and is expected to miss at least two months. There's a possibility he'll be ready for the opener on Sept. 11 against the New York Giants.

Fantasy Goo: The E.Z.E. Ezekiel Elliott train is picking up more steam! Elliott appears to be destined for the first round in many fantasy drafts with this news. He has not played a single down in the N.F.L. but, we all know that Dallas Cowboys hype is often the largest. It will now cost a pretty penny for the rookie. Alfred Morris stock is rising as well with the backup role set to be his if DMC recovers slowly. Alf could also see more time to begin the season being he has actually played in the league.

06/14/16, 05:54 PM CDT by STiFFKiTTY
Source: sportsday.dallasnews.com

Redskins won't make an effort to re-sign Alfred Morris in free agency.


Pyro's take: John Keim via Twitter "It's me. On video. Talking Alfred Morris' future in Washington." Video is in source link

02/04/16, 10:23 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Alfred Morris played 42-of-71 offensive snaps Week 12 against the Giants.


Pyro's take: After Matt Jones fumbled again, Morris out-touched Jones 24-to-9 and it seems as though Morris is the lead dawg again. Obviously, this hasn't added up to much either.

11/30/15, 02:21 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.pyromaniac.com

Alfred Morris exited Week 11 against the Panthers with a rib-cage injury.


Pyro's take: Morris left last week with the same injury, but was able to return. Look to Matt Jones to dominate the load if he is out.

11/22/15, 01:15 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.pyromaniac.com

Alfred Morris will remain the Redskins' starting running back.


Pyro's take: Gruden maintained entering the bye week that he intended to stick with Morris as the starter, and when the team returned to work on Monday, the coach said that his plans hadn’t changed.--Mike Jones

“No, no,” he said when asked about a potential change in the depth chart. “We’ll keep them both. I think you’re going to see both of them play a lot. I think, you know, they’re both going to get their touches.”

“You know, it’s just going to be game-plan specific, mostly, but mainly it’s trying to do a better job of sticking with it and just performing better, executing better with everybody — execution with everybody,” Gruden said. “It’s not one person who we can really isolate, honestly: ‘We have to fix his technique.’ It’s everybody. Sometimes they’re great, sometimes it’s one person, but altogether, like I’ve said, it’s all about being in concert together with one another and that’s what we’re going to continue to focus on.”

11/02/15, 06:19 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.washingtonpost.com

Gruden likes the Joneses


Pyro's take: Washington Redskins official twitter stated "Gruden on RB Matt Jones: 'He does have a rare combination of size and speed, and he has good vision right now."

Alfred Morris is the "bell-cow" but Matt Jones is making a serious dent in that situation. The more he plays the more he earns. He has great keeper and dynasty value, but limited in redraft.

09/22/15, 02:25 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Keep an eye on Matt Jones


Pyro's take: Matt Jones came on this preseason as did teammate Alfred Morris his rookie season. Head coach Jay Gruden mentioned the role for Jones: "We’re going to work Matt [Jones] in there, obviously," Gruden said. "Alfred [Morris]’s still the bell cow. We want to keep him fresh for 16 games. If he gets 12-20 carries, Matt Jones gets eight to 10, I don’t know how that’s going to work or play out."

09/11/15, 03:48 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: espn.go.com

Morris still working on becoming a receiver

During his two years in the NFL, Morris has rushed for more yards than anyone except Adrian Peterson. He was one of three Redskins to reach the Pro Bowl in 2013. He might prove to be the most important cog in new coach Jay Gruden’s offense.

While Griffin and star offseason acquisition DeSean Jackson have received the majority of the attention so far, Morris has quietly improved his route-running skills out of the backfield. He is expected to be a more integral part of the passing game this year.

“It’s not really that big of a deal,” Morris said of his role as a receiver. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time so I’m just thankful that they are allowing me to do that and giving me chances, and just building that trust and confidence in me.”

To improve in these departments, Morris occasionally leaves his positional drills to catch passes from Griffin at the beginning of practice. The extra work has shown in 7-on-7 drills when he is lined up across from a linebacker.

“He’s been snagging balls,” Young said. “Catching everything.”

Gruden referred to Morris as “steady Eddie” and said he has taken the new pass-heavy offensive philosophy in stride.

“You never hear a peep from him,” Gruden said. “If I throw the ball 10 times in a row in practice and he’s in there, he doesn’t say a word. A lot of guys would be ripping their chinstrap off, ‘Give me the ball!’ But Alfred is a total team player and a total class act. And he’ll get his touches, no worries about that.”

Pyro's take: There was talk last season that Morris was going be used more out of the backfield as a pass catcher, but that did not materialize. Now with Jay Gruden as the coach he may have a better opportunity to make this a reality in 2014. No matter what, Morris is a beast as a running back, and his numbers through his first two seasons prove that. Jay Gruden may lean more to a passing offense, but he knows that there must be a balance to the offense. Morris is by no means going to turn into Matt Forte overnight, but he should be able to grab 30 receptions this season, which will make him more appealing in PPR leagues.

08/17/14, 03:07 PM CDT by Houdini
Source: www.washingtontimes.com

Morris on Hall-Of-Fame track after two seasons

Last season, Alfred Morris became just the eighth running back in NFL history to rush for 2,800 yards and 20 or more touchdowns during his first two years in the league.

Below is a list of the seven other players Morris joined with his accomplishment (* - Hall of Famer):

* Earl Campbell (1978-79) - 3,147 yards, 32 TDs
* Eric Dickerson (1983-84) - 3,913 yards, 32 TDs
Edgerrin James (1999-00) - 3,262 yards, 26 TDs
LaDainian Tomlinson (2001-02) - 2,919 yards, 24 TDs
Clinton Portis (2002-03) - 3,099 yards, 29 TDs
Adrian Peterson (2007-08) - 3,101 yards, 22 TDs
Chris Johnson (2008-09) - 3,234 yards, 23 TDs

Pyro's take: The question now is whether or not Alfred can keep up his torrid pace under new Head Coach and Jon Gruden's younger brother, Jay Gruden.

At this point, it doesn't look likely.

Gruden found tons of success in deploying a pass-heavy scheme during his three years as the Bengals offensive coordinator, so it would stand to reason his offensive system would follow him to Washington. If so, Morris might be looking at a bit of a slide down the fantasy totem pole in 2014.

Gruden's penchant for the RBBC certainly won't help matters, either.

01/29/14, 12:57 AM CST by Dawgmaticå
Source: www.pyromaniac.com

Alfred Morris ready for the Cowboys

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said that running back Alfred Morris, place kicker Kai Forbath and tight end Jordan Reed all practiced fully after nursing various injuries.

Morris suffered bruised ribs on his left side during Washington’s game at Oakland and didn’t finish the game.

Morris said that he was “fine” and also didn’t see any reason why he wouldn’t play against the Cowboys.

Pyro's take: This was a very fortunate bye week for Morris as he was able to heal up his ribs and should not miss this week 6 match-up. The Cat is a good candidate to score a touchdown in this heated game against the hated Cowboys on Sunday Night. Morris should be in your lineup this weekend.

10/09/13, 06:15 PM CDT by Houdini
Source: www.washingtonpost.com

Alfred Morris has bruised ribs

Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris said X-rays showed he did not break any ribs, but he’s not sure when he’ll return. Morris left Washington’s 24-14 win against the Oakland Raiders late in the third quarter.

He said his “ribs are fine, a little tender. I’m all good.” But the good news for Morris is that Washington has a bye this week before playing at Dallas on Oct. 13.

“It helps me out,” Morris said. “It gives me extra time to recover. Even though the bye week is early for me it’s perfect timing. ...It could be a fast recovery or a slow recovery. I really don't know."

Pyro's take: Thankfully the Redskins are off this week so fantasy owners can breath a sigh of relief that Morris will get an extra week of rest before trying to make it back for week 6. Morris the cat just used one of his nine lives, but the good news is he does not have broken ribs and has 8 lives still left.

09/30/13, 06:38 PM CDT by Houdini
Source: espn.go.com

Alfred Morris is adding pass catching to his repertoire

Mike Shanahan has been impressed with the work Alfred Morris has done to add pass catching to his game, and recently had this to say.

“A lot of people come out of college and they just don’t spend the time on catching the ball. He has spent a lot of time in the offseason catching the football, running routes and you can see that hard work has paid off because he’s a lot more natural,” Shanahan said. “It gives you another dimension.”

Thanks to his offseason dedication, Shanahan said Morris has a much better chance of staying in the game on third down, as he brings the most weapons to the huddle.

“[Morris] has always been a blocker – he’s got that strength – but he does have a different type of gear and he does have excellent hands. You just couldn’t see it right away because he didn’t work on it,” Shanahan explained. “There have been a lot of backs in the past that have been in colleges that really don’t throw the football a lot. They emphasize the running game and Alfred was one of those types of guys.

“He’s elevated his game and he will be able to catch the ball and be a lot more instrumental in our passing game.”

Pyro's take: This is fantastic news for Morris fans, and I am one of them. This bruising runner has been considered an absolute non factor in PPR heading into this season, but that quickly changes. Morris was dynamic last season running the ball for more than 1,600 yards, but was not on the field when the Redskins needed a threat in the passing game.

If Morris is able to be even moderately effective in the passing game and have around 30 catches, he becomes a real all around threat, not to mention that he has also spent time this offseason working on becoming a more explosive runner. This is the dedication that is needed to succeed in the NFL, and this 6th round pick has done nothing but work since arriving on the scene.

08/14/13, 10:30 PM CDT by Houdini
Source: www.redskins.com

Morris needs a healthy RGIII

When backup quarterback Kirk Cousins got in the game for the Redskins last season, Alfred Morris ran for just 96 yards on 32 carries (3.0 YPC) and two TDs.

Pyro's take: A bit of simple arithmetic would then show that Morris ran for 1,517 yards on 303 carries (5.0 YPC) and 11 TDs when Robert Griffin was under center. Basically, the fantasy value of Morris the Cat somewhat hinges on the health of Griffin. Morris could certainly be considered amongst the Top-10 RBs in 2013 if Griffin starts under center in Week 1. However, if Griffin is out of the mix for any reason or (heaven forbid) ends up being placed on the PUP list, you might want to consider dropping Morris down a few slots in your rankings.

07/06/13, 06:30 PM CDT by Dawgmaticå