Overall Ranking

294 '16 '15 '14
Games -- -- --
Attempts -- -- --
Passing Yards -- -- --
300 Yard Games -- -- --
Rushing Yards -- -- --
Pass Touchdowns -- -- --

Season Schedule

  • Week 1 - Sep 07

    CAR @ TB

  • Week 2 - Sep 14

    DET @ CAR

  • Week 3 - Sep 21

    PIT @ CAR

  • Week 4 - Sep 28

    CAR @ BAL

  • Week 5 - Oct 05

    CHI @ CAR

  • Week 6 - Oct 12

    CAR @ CIN

  • Week 7 - Oct 19

    CAR @ GB

  • Week 8 - Oct 26

    SEA @ CAR

  • Week 9 - Oct 30

    NO @ CAR

  • Week 10 - Nov 10

    CAR @ PHI

  • Week 11 - Nov 16

    ATL @ CAR

  • Week 12 - Nov 23


  • Week 13 - Nov 30

    CAR @ MIN

  • Week 14 - Dec 07

    CAR @ NO

  • Week 15 - Dec 14

    TB @ CAR

  • Week 16 - Dec 21

    CLE @ CAR

  • Week 17 - Dec 28

    CAR @ ATL

  • Week 1 - Sep 09

    CAR 10 @ TB 16

  • Week 2 - Sep 16

    NO 27 @ CAR 35

  • Week 3 - Sep 20

    NYG 36 @ CAR 7

  • Week 4 - Sep 30

    CAR 28 @ ATL 30

  • Week 5 - Oct 07

    SEA 16 @ CAR 12

  • Week 6 - Oct 14


  • Week 7 - Oct 21

    DAL @ CAR

  • Week 8 - Oct 28

    CAR @ CHI

  • Week 9 - Nov 04

    CAR @ WAS

  • Week 10 - Nov 11

    DEN @ CAR

  • Week 11 - Nov 18

    TB @ CAR

  • Week 12 - Nov 25

    CAR @ PHI

  • Week 13 - Dec 02

    CAR @ KC

  • Week 1 - Sep 11

    CAR 21 @ ARI 28

  • Week 2 - Sep 18

    GB 30 @ CAR 23

  • Week 3 - Sep 25

    JAC 10 @ CAR 16

  • Week 4 - Oct 02

    CAR 29 @ CHI 34

  • Week 5 - Oct 09

    NO 30 @ CAR 27

  • Week 6 - Oct 16

    CAR 17 @ ATL 31

  • Week 7 - Oct 23

    WAS 20 @ CAR 33

  • Week 8 - Oct 30

    MIN 24 @ CAR 21

  • Week 9 - Nov 06


  • Week 10 - Nov 13

    TEN 30 @ CAR 3

  • Week 11 - Nov 20

    CAR 35 @ DET 49

  • Week 12 - Nov 27

    CAR 27 @ IND 19

  • Week 13 - Dec 04

    CAR 38 @ TB 19

  • Week 14 - Dec 11

    ATL 31 @ CAR 23

  • Week 15 - Dec 18

    CAR 28 @ HOU 13

  • Week 16 - Dec 24

    TB 16 @ CAR 48

  • Week 1 - Sep 12

    CAR 18 @ NYG 31

  • Week 2 - Sep 19

    TB 20 @ CAR 7

  • Week 3 - Sep 26

    CIN 20 @ CAR 7

  • Week 4 - Oct 03

    CAR 14 @ NO 16

  • Week 5 - Oct 10

    CHI 23 @ CAR 6

  • Week 6 - Oct 17


  • Week 7 - Oct 24

    SF 20 @ CAR 23

  • Week 8 - Oct 31

    CAR 10 @ LAR 20

  • Week 9 - Nov 07

    NO 34 @ CAR 3

  • Week 10 - Nov 14

    CAR 16 @ TB 31

  • Week 11 - Nov 21

    BAL 37 @ CAR 13

  • Week 12 - Nov 28

    CAR 23 @ CLE 24

  • Week 13 - Dec 05

    CAR 14 @ SEA 31

  • Week 14 - Dec 12

    ATL 31 @ CAR 10

  • Week 15 - Dec 19

    ARI 12 @ CAR 19

  • Week 16 - Dec 23

    CAR 3 @ PIT 27

  • Week 17 - Jan 02

    CAR 10 @ ATL 31


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Derek Anderson

Carolina Panthers

2010 Statistics

Completions = 169  /  Attempts = 327  /  Completion% = 51.7%

Passing Yards = 2,065  /  TDs = 7  /  INTs = 10

Rush Attempts = 5  /  Rush Yards = 25  /  Rush TDs = 0



Total Fantasy Pts = 113.1

QB Rank = 30

Fantasy Pts/Game = 9.4

QB Fantasy Pts/Game Rank = 44

*Games Played = 12

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2009 Review

Derek Anderson

~  Ranked 44th in the league in QB fantasy points with 34.3 (basic scoring system)

~  Finished with 3 passing touchdowns

~  Finished with a 42.1 QB Rating

~  Finished with a 44.5% completion percentage

~  Finished with 111.0 passing yards per game

~  Finished with 81 completions

~  Finished with 182 attempts

~  Finished with 888 passing yards

~  Yards/attempt (4.88)

~  Amount of sacks taken (11)

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Featured Pieces

Like Stacy's Mom, Derek Anderson is proving to be a one-hit wonder.

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Anderson signed a two-year, $7.25 million contract in March '10 that included $3.25 million guaranteed along with another $11 million available through incentives:

2010 - $650,000 (+ $2.7 million in bonuses)

2011 - $3.9 million

2012 - Free Agent

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Team Analysis



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Strength of Schedule

SOS - Cardinals


View Overall Strength of Schedule Chart

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Injury Report


He sprained an MCL and missed the last quarter of the season.

Back to backup for big Derek Anderson

Cleveland coach Eric Mangini has decided to switch quarterbacks once again and named Brady Quinn the starter for Monday night's game against the Ravens. Derek Anderson will once again be relegated to backup duties for the Browns.

Pyro's take: Anderson has been about as bad as we have ever seen working under center. In six games of action, DA averaged 113.5 yards/game, 4.42 yards/attempt, had a 42.9 completion percentage, threw for two TDs compared to nine INTs, and ended with a QB rating of 36.2. We don't know for sure, but he could be the worst fantasy football QB of all-time. See ya buddy!

11/11/09, 10:15 AM CST by Dawgmaticå
Source: twitter.com

Mangini to announce starting QB Wednesday

Browns coach Eric Mangini said on Monday that he will wait until Wednesday to announce his starting QB for Week 10, but that he pretty much already knows who it will be.
"I know where I'm headed, but we'll talk about that on Wednesday," he said. "I haven't talked to the quarterbacks about it yet, so that's part of it."

Pyro's take: The time has passed where certain monetary escalators would have kicked in if Brady Quinn were to start, so we're torn as to who the Big Man-gina will choose on Wednesday. Our bet is that he still backs Derek Anderson, but that's simply because we know what an idiot he is. Neither QB has any fantasy football value regardless.

11/09/09, 12:45 PM CST by Dawgmaticå
Source: www.cleveland.com

Time for Derek Anderson running out

After yet another disgusting performance by Browns quarterback Derek Anderson, coach Eric Mangini still would not commit to making a change at the position. "We'll look at it. At everything. We'll look at every single position," Mangini said when asked who would start after the team's Week 9 bye.

Pyro's take: Anderson has played in six games this year and in just one of those games did he end up with a QB rating over 51.0. The big Man-gina has been adamant about not playing Quinn since yanking him in the middle of the Week 3 game, but something's gotta give. Either way, neither one is worth a second of your fantasy football time.

11/02/09, 02:00 PM CST by Dawgmaticå
Source: www.cleveland.com

Derek Anderson still has his starting job

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Browns coach Eric Mangini is not considering making a move at the quarterback position because he already knows what Brady Quinn can (and can't) do.

Pyro's take: While we tend to agree that Quinn is not the answer, Anderson has gone above and beyond the call of duty to show that he certainly is not the answer either. So once again, what's a big Man-gina to do?

10/26/09, 04:00 PM CDT by Dawgmaticå
Source: twitter.com

Mangini sticking with Anderson at QB

Browns coach Eric Mangini stated for the record on Monday that he is "not looking to make a move [at quarterback]" despite Derek Anderson's second straight horrible outing.

Pyro's take: Brady Quinn has to be pulling his hair out over this. Anderson has proven that he's obviously not the answer for the Browns, yet the big Man-gina still sticks with him. Fantasy football should not even be mentioned with these two QBs.

10/19/09, 02:30 PM CDT by Dawgmaticå
Source: www.cleveland.com

Derek Anderson to remain Browns starter

Despite putting forth one of the worst performances in QB history, Browns quarterback Derek Anderson will remain the starter according to coach Eric Mangini.

Pyro's take: "DA will continue to start," Mangini said without hesitation. "Some of the throws could've been better..." Granted, your receivers sucked badly Mr. Man-gina, but you didn't even pick this guy in the first place, and now you want to keep him as the starter?
No Browns player should be on your fantasy football team, save for maybe Jerome Harrison.

10/12/09, 07:00 PM CDT by Dawgmaticå
Source: www.cleveland.com

Derek Anderson glad Braylon is gone

Though he hasn't said so publicly, a league source says that Browns starting quarterback Derek Anderson is happy that receiver Braylon Edwards has been traded to the Jets.

Pyro's take: We're sure that the feeling is mutual buddy. Not just because you and that other crap QB (Brady Quinn) suck, but because your team sucks, your coach sucks, your organization sucks, your city sucks.....
Braylon's fantasy football value takes a jump up while Anderson's is still swirling around the toilet.

10/07/09, 01:15 PM CDT by Dawgmaticå
Source: profootballtalk.nbcsports.com

Derek Anderson still the Browns starter

Browns coach Eric Mangini is satisfied enough with the play of quarterback Derek Anderson to keep him the starter. "I thought he played really well. In terms of managing the game, there were some times where he checked a few things and got us into a good play," Mangini said.

Pyro's take: Whether it be Tweedledee or Tweedledum, love the one you're with, eh Man-gina?
Neither Anderson nor Brady Quinn are worth the piss in the pot in your fantasy football league.

10/06/09, 03:45 PM CDT by Dawgmaticå
Source: www.nationalfootballpost.com

Can Derek Anderson and Braylon Edwards repeat 2007?

Browns wide receiver Braylon Edwards had a career year catching 16 touchdown passes in 2007 with Derek Anderson as the quarterback. "You know DA. He's a guy who likes to throw the deep ball, likes to get the ball out," Edwards said. "I like to run deep routes, so it's natural he'd look for me in those situations."

Pyro's take: Braylon has a point, and there's no denying the past, but the past is the past. The Browns have a new coach now, and more importantly, a different offensive coordinator than 2007, one who led the Browns to a ranking of 30th in passing TDs and 31st in passing yards last year.
Don't let your fantasy football team buy into the hype.

09/30/09, 02:30 PM CDT by Dawgmaticå
Source: www.cleveland.com

Derek Anderson named starting QB for Week 4

Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini has named Derek Anderson his starting quarterback for the Week 4 game against the Bengals. "Giving Derek the opportunity is something I think will help us offensively," said Mangini.

Pyro's take: The Browns have one offensive touchdown in 2009 and the second fewest points (29) in the league (Rams, 24), so something needed to be done. Anderson, however, is not the answer. Not for the Browns, and not for your fantasy football team.

09/30/09, 01:15 PM CDT by Dawgmaticå
Source: www.cleveland.com

Derek Anderson moves into backup role

Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini let QBs Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson know Tuesday night who won the starting job. However, the rest of the team didn't find out until Wednesday when Quinn took the first-team reps in practice.

Pyro's take: Ohhhh Eric, you're such a sneaky Mangina.

We're not sure if the Browns just upped their season win total from 4 to 5 with the Quinn call, or lowered it from 4 to 3. Either way, neither Quinn nor Anderson were worth drafting to your fantasy team this year, and that's the most important thing to know.

09/09/09, 02:30 PM CDT by Dawgmaticå
Source: www.cleveland.com

Both Anderson and Quinn sit out Thursday game

Hmmmm... so there's no QB controversy, eh? We like the pretty boy to win this one, but one never knows with Mangina in 'da heeeouse...

Pyro's take:

09/03/09, 05:00 PM CDT by

Same BS, different day for the Cleveland QB situation

According to coach Eric Mangina, Anderson and Quinn will both see significant time in the next pre season game.

Pyro's take: Anderson has the upper hand, but one bad decision and one decent outing out of Quinn could change that. We think Anderson will emerge, but Quinn will see PT, too in the regular season. In other words, leave 'em both on the waiver wire.

08/27/09, 01:00 PM CDT by
Source: msn.foxsports.com

Browns QB situation still unclear

Cleveland Browns QB Derek Anderson had a decent game against the Lions Saturday night going 8-of-13 for 130 and an INT, while Brady Quinn was nearly non-existent going 3-of-5 for 29 yards.

Pyro's take: The coaching staff has been impressed with Anderson since they started watching film on him.

Whoever wins this job will likely lose it at some point during the season, as each QB has proven to be prone to bad stretches of play. Stay away from both these guys on draft day unless you have more rounds than normal and can handcuff them together at the end.

08/25/09, 08:30 AM CDT by
Source: www.ohio.com

The Cleveland passing game looks good Saturday...

vs. the Lions, though. We have a feeling that the Lions may only improve 1-2 wins this season - if that. We had originally thought differently, given all of the changes, but that Bobby Layne hex thing (see Lions' pyro team page) is looking more real every day.

Pyro's take: The good news for the Browns is at least Derek Anderson, Braylon Edwards, and Brian Robiskie were clicking there for awhile.

08/23/09, 04:00 AM CDT by

Quinn takes lead over Anderson in QB competition

Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn seems to have taken the lead over fellow Browns QB Derek Anderson in the fight to become the starter in the Browns opening game. Anderson was thought to have the slight edge through two weeks of camp, but Quinn showed enough in the first preseason game to give him the edge now.

Pyro's take: Anderson only had six snaps in the game, but was 0 of 2 with an interception and couldn't move the ball at all against a suspect Green Bay defense. Quinn, though not spectacular going 7 of 11 for 68 yards and a pick, at least moved the ball well. Game action is much more important in gauging a player's ability versus half-assed practices without pads, so we can see how Brady came out with the lead here. Either way, they're both pretty fantasy useless this year.

08/17/09, 04:00 AM CDT by
Source: www.cleveland.com

Quinn and Anderson listed as co-starters on Browns depth chart

Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini listed QBs Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson as co-starters on the team's first depth chart Tuesday. Their names were separated by just a slash.

Pyro's take: This is truly an indication that nobody has any idea what will happen with this race. We could make all the guesses and assumptions in the world, but honestly nothing has been settled and won't be for a few weeks.

08/11/09, 04:30 PM CDT by
Source: sportsillustrated.cnn.com

Browns QB winner to hold position

Head coach Eric Mangini said Sunday that whoever wins the QB battle between Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson will remain the starter, and that he will not use a two-QB system.

Pyro's take: We're not high on any of these guys. Let Quinn continue to drink his protein crap and Anderson to continue to play one-year wonder boy and let's leave it at that.

08/04/09, 07:00 AM CDT by
Source: www.nationalfootballpost.com

Derek Anderson will embrace backup role

The Browns QB, who is fighting with Brady Quinn for the starting job, said Saturday that he'll take on whatever job he gets. "What my role is is going to be determined and I’ll embrace whatever it is."

Pyro's take: Nobody knows who's winning this race. You could talk to 50 people and 20 would say Anderson, 20 would say Quinn, and 10 would not give a flying hoot. We don't have any real updates as both QBs have been given equal chances with the first-team.

08/04/09, 06:45 AM CDT by
Source: chronicle.northcoastnow.com

Browns' QBs to stay

Head coach Eric Mangini said Sunday that he expects both Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn to remain with the team throughout the season, no matter who wins the starting job. "In my mind, Brady and D.A. will both be here," Mangini said.

Pyro's take: This will be tough for whoever loses. Quinn is getting impatient with backup duty but Anderson went to the Pro-Bowl just a few seasons ago. However, Anderson has said he will embrace whatever role he is given and we expect Quinn to do the same.

08/04/09, 06:45 AM CDT by
Source: www.ohiomm.com