September 01, 2015

Overall Ranking

927 '13 '12 '11
Games -- -- --
Targets -- -- --
Receptions -- -- --
Receiving Yards -- -- --
100 Yard Games -- -- --
Total TDs -- -- --

Season Schedule

  • Week 1 - Sep 07

    NE @ MIA

  • Week 2 - Sep 14

    NE @ MIN

  • Week 3 - Sep 21

    OAK @ NE

  • Week 4 - Sep 29

    NE @ KC

  • Week 5 - Oct 05

    CIN @ NE

  • Week 6 - Oct 12

    NE @ BUF

  • Week 7 - Oct 16

    NYJ @ NE

  • Week 8 - Oct 26

    CHI @ NE

  • Week 9 - Nov 02

    DEN @ NE

  • Week 10 - Nov 09


  • Week 11 - Nov 16

    NE @ IND

  • Week 12 - Nov 23

    DET @ NE

  • Week 13 - Nov 30

    NE @ GB

  • Week 14 - Dec 07

    NE @ SD

  • Week 15 - Dec 14

    MIA @ NE

  • Week 16 - Dec 21

    NE @ NYJ

  • Week 17 - Dec 28

    BUF @ NE

  • Week 1 - Sep 09

    NE 34 @ TEN 13

  • Week 3 - Sep 23

    NE 30 @ BAL 31

  • Week 4 - Sep 30

    NE 52 @ BUF 28

  • Week 5 - Oct 07

    DEN 21 @ NE 31

  • Week 6 - Oct 14

    NE @ SEA

  • Week 7 - Oct 21

    NYJ @ NE

  • Week 8 - Oct 28

    NE @ STL

  • Week 9 - Nov 04


  • Week 10 - Nov 11

    BUF @ NE

  • Week 11 - Nov 18

    IND @ NE

  • Week 12 - Nov 25

    BUF @ IND

    106 receptions

    1355 rec yards

    5 TDs

    -5 rush yards

    0 TDs

  • Week 13 - Dec 02

    NE @ MIA

  • Week 1 - Sep 12

    NE 38 @ MIA 24

  • Week 2 - Sep 18

    SD 21 @ NE 35

  • Week 3 - Sep 25

    NE 31 @ BUF 34

  • Week 4 - Oct 02

    NE 31 @ OAK 19

  • Week 5 - Oct 09

    NYJ 21 @ NE 30

  • Week 6 - Oct 16

    DAL 16 @ NE 20

  • Week 7 - Oct 23


  • Week 8 - Oct 30

    NE 17 @ PIT 25

  • Week 9 - Nov 06

    NYG 24 @ NE 20

  • Week 10 - Nov 13

    NE 37 @ NYJ 16

  • Week 11 - Nov 21

    KC 3 @ NE 34

  • Week 12 - Nov 27

    NE 38 @ PHI 20

  • Week 13 - Dec 04

    IND 24 @ NE 31

  • Week 14 - Dec 11

    NE 34 @ WAS 27

  • Week 15 - Dec 18

    NE 41 @ DEN 23

  • Week 16 - Dec 24

    MIA 24 @ NE 27

  • Week 1 - Sep 12

    CIN 24 @ NE 38

  • Week 2 - Sep 19

    NE 14 @ NYJ 28

  • Week 3 - Sep 26

    BUF 30 @ NE 38

  • Week 4 - Oct 03

    IND 28 @ JAC 31

    15 receptions

    196 rec yards

    0 TDs

    0 rush yards

    0 TDs

  • Week 5 - Oct 10


  • Week 6 - Oct 17

    BAL 20 @ NE 23

  • Week 7 - Oct 24

    NE 23 @ SD 20

  • Week 8 - Oct 31

    MIN 18 @ NE 28

  • Week 9 - Nov 07

    IND 24 @ PHI 26

    11 receptions

    83 rec yards

    0 TDs

    0 rush yards

    0 TDs

  • Week 10 - Nov 14

    NE 39 @ PIT 26

  • Week 11 - Nov 21

    IND 28 @ NE 31

    8 receptions

    107 rec yards

    1 TDs

    0 rush yards

    0 TDs

  • Week 12 - Nov 25

    NE 45 @ DET 24

  • Week 13 - Dec 05

    DAL 38 @ IND 35

    14 receptions

    200 rec yards

    1 TDs

    0 rush yards

    0 TDs

  • Week 14 - Dec 12

    NE 36 @ CHI 7

  • Week 15 - Dec 19

    GB 27 @ NE 31

  • Week 16 - Dec 26

    NE 34 @ BUF 3

  • Week 17 - Jan 02

    TEN 20 @ IND 23

    111 receptions

    1355 rec yards

    6 TDs

    0 rush yards

    0 TDs


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Reggie Wayne

New England Patriots

2008 - 2011 Statistics

                           RUSHING                            RECEIVING                            FANTASY

                            Rush    Yards    TD         Rec   Targets   Yards   TD         Tot Pts   Pts/Gm

2011 Stats           0        0      0           75        132      960       4        120.0     7.5

2010 Stats           0        0      0          111       176     1355       6        171.5    10.7

2009 Stats           0        0      0          100       149     1264      10        186.4    11.7

2008 Stats           0        0      0           82        130     1145       6        150.5     9.4

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2012 Pros and Cons

(+) Reggie Wayne had 75 catches and nearly 1000 yards receiving last year with no help from his quarterback all year 

(+) The arrival of Andrew Luck will instantly improve Wayne’s numbers

(+) Wayne will be the sure fire #1 for the Colts and Luck, as rookie QB’s do, tend to favor their best receiver (Cam Newton-Steve Smith)

(+) Has been one of the best possession receivers in the league for the past decade and Luck will depend on him from day one

(+) Wayne has been an exceptionally healthy receiver in his career missing a total of 3 games throughout his 10 plus seasons in the league

(+) Wayne has been nothing but consistent in his career and if he was able to post the stats he did last year you should feel confident with Luck running the offense

(-) Had the worst season of his career since 2002 without Peyton Manning and will play again in 2012 without him

(-) Wayne has never been a huge touchdown machine but his 4 last season were his lowest since 2002

(-) With this offense expected to use many 2 tight end sets it is hard to see Wayne receiving 115+ targets like he has in every season from 2004 on

(-) Wayne is 33 years old entering the season and will have to rely more on his veteran guile

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2009 Review

reggie wayne main image

Reggie Wayne showed us once again why he is one of the safest bets as a fantasy wide receiver to come along since, oh, say, Marvin Harrison.  His numbers weren’t Top-3 in the league kind of good, but as usual, they were #1 fantasy receiver good.  There was a lot of pressure on him coming into the season with this being his first campaign as the undisputed WR1 on the Colts, and he responded as well as he possibly could.  So whether it’s Peyton Manning that makes him as great as he is, or whether his individual skills put him at the top of the heap on their own, Wayne continued to ease his 2009 fantasy owners week-in and week-out regardless of the answer.  100 catches, 1,200+ yards, and 10 TDs tends to do that sort of thing…

reggie wayne 2009 stats

~ Made his fourth career Pro Bowl team (consecutive)

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2010 Fantasy Outlook

As long as Peyton Manning continues to be the Colts quarterback, Wayne should have no problem staying among the top receivers in the game.  After losing the Super Bowl this past year, you can bet your freaky Aunt’s farm that Wayne and Manning will be driven hard to go above and beyond the norm this upcoming season, which bodes well for at least a repeat performance out of old Reg.  Book him as a #1 fantasy wide receiver again in 2010, especially in PPR leagues, as he has put up top-3 numbers in that format three of the past four years.

~ Wayne is looking to extend/enhance his current contract, but this shouldn’t be a distraction

~ He and Manning are both Super Bowl driven

~ Wayne is one of the smoothest route runners in the game, a perfect quality for Manning to use

~ With Anthony Gonzalez coming back and the rise of Garcon and Collie, the double-teams should be at a minimum

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Reggie does not have a Twitter account.  The official Team Twitter account comes through here: Colts Player Tweets


Follow Pyro® on Twitter @pyroman1ac

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Featured Pieces

Reggie Wayne Desktop Wallpaper

reggie wayne wallpaper thumb

Click here to download this 1920x1200 JPEG of Aaron Rodgers for your desktop wallpaper.

When Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne Played Together

marvin harrison vs. reggie wayne

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Reggie signed a six-year, $39.5 million contract in March of ’06 which included a $12.5 million signing bonus.  Reggie always plays the same speed no matter what, so this doesn’t have any bearing on his draft status.   The remainder of the contract is outlined below:

2010 - $5.47 million

2011 - $5.95 million

2012 - Free Agent

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Tough to say which guy would get more time if Wayne were to go down, but either Austin Collie or Anthony Gonzalez could be considered your handcuff to Wayne

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Team Analysis

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Strength of Schedule

strength of schedule indianapolis colts


View Overall Strength of Schedule Chart

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Injury Report


The man has never been hurt in his NFL career. As green as the money that Pac-Man Jones let's "rain"


Reggie Wayne is suffering from a triceps injury that will require surgery once the season is over. According to Mike McCormick via twitter "WR Reggie Wayne says he is dealing with the triceps injury that has plagued him. Says he will have surgery after the season."

Pyro's take: Reggie Wayne's career is coming to a fast halt, as his statisitcal numbers have shown that he is averaging only three catches for 18 yards and zero touchdowns the past five games. These numbers are worse than whatever Hakeem Nicks is doing. Look for more of Donte Moncrief, TY Hilton, and the rest of the crew to try to carry Wayne through one last season.

12/24/14, 01:47 PM CST by Vaaal-verde


Reggie Wayne is getting slower, which is no surprise considering he was never fast in the first place. He is having more and more trouble staying up in pace with more than five receptions per game. This is what we can expect from a 36-year-old wideout one year removed from blowing out his knee. Wayne isn't going anywhere as a solid possession receiver and security blanket for Andrew Luck. Luck almost hit Wayne on a intermediate route down the side-lines, as he was wide-open, but Luck over threw the pass.

Pyro's take: Look for Donte Moncrief to get more and more looks as the season progresses for Wayne, as he's averaging just four catches for 44-yards with one touchdown over the last five weeks.

11/24/14, 01:40 PM CST by Vaaal-verde

Should Return This Week

Head coach Chuck Pagano believes that Reggie Wayne will return this week. According to Stephen Holder via twitter "Pagano expects Richardson will play at NYG this week. Hoping Reggie practices later this week."

Pyro's take: It will be nice if Wayne can return this week. When he is out of the lineup the Colts become a different team. He may not be doing much on the stat sheet, but his game is much more than just numbers.

10/27/14, 02:56 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Could Miss Two Weeks

Reggie Wayne shoulder injury could keep him out two weeks. Chuck Pagano did not comment on Wayne's MRI on his elbow. The injury occurred when Reggie Wayne went up in the air to catch the ball, but Adam Jones cut under him, making Wayne fall awkwardly on his arm. “I’m good now,” he said. “I just kind of fell on it, fell on my arm.

“Go home, have an adult beverage and see how it feels in the morning.”

Wayne struggled on Sunday, doing things that are not his style, like drop passes.

Pyro's take: Look for Hakeem Nicks and Dante Moncrief to get some action going if Wayne is out. Nicks has some waiver wire value now that Wayne will probably be out at least one week, so in a desperate grab, he is a good one to go with.

10/21/14, 08:31 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Wayne looking good

It was fitting that with the lights of Macholtz Stadium shining down on the Colts, Reggie Wayne might have been the brightest star. Wayne caught seven of Andrew Luck’s first 10 completions and was the main threat with T.Y. Hilton out on Thursday night with a jammed finger. Several of Wayne’s catches he had to make adjustments to, which was a good sign for a player needing to be tested during a continued rehab process.

Pyro's take: Wayne is the cog that really makes the Colts offense move. Luck has such faith in him, which is why without Wayne Luck threw for more than 500 less yards than he did in his rookie season.

Now that Reggie is back, and looking good, the calming influence in the offense is back. With the question marks surrounding the running game, Wayne's health is crucial to their success.

07/31/14, 10:06 PM CDT by Houdini

Wayne's team impact

Reggie Wayne has major impact on the young Colts. When he went down with an ACL injury last year. Colts still found a way to make the playoffs and beat the Chiefs in the Wild-Card, but there was a vacant hole on the wings. "He can still play. You know he's gonna get open, you know he's gonna make the catch," Pagano says of Wayne, whom he's known since their days together at the University of Miami (Fla.) two decades ago.

"And you know what he brings to the table as far as the locker room and your facility with the type of leader and type of man that he is. It's gonna be great to have him back in there."

Pyro's take: Andrew Luck may have the "C" on his chest, but Reggie Wayne lead's this team, both in the locker room, on-the-field, and off-the-field. He is pushing the age threshold, as he is 36, but he will be Andrew Luck's security, as he was last year. How will he perform coming off a torn ACL at the age of 36? Tracking his performance over the off-season should be the first step in answering that question.

07/19/14, 07:16 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Reggie is set to begin running again

A week from Saturday will mark three months since Wayne had surgery for his torn ACL. Wayne is looking forward to Jan. 25, as it will be the next phase in his rehab process.

“I’m going to do straight ahead running, I’m looking forward to doing that. I’ve been walking quite often lately. I get to run on a treadmill and that’s basically it,” Mr. Wayne said.

Pyro's take: This is awesome news for Colts fans and fantasy football owners alike, Reggie Wayne is going to start straight line running this Saturday, just 3 months post op! Unreal.

Since Manning split and Luck took over, this has been Wayne's team by default- so when he went down in the 4th quarter of a Week 7 win vs. Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos, it was a huge blow to the team.

One step at a time, not going to get ahead of myself here, but it appears Reggie will be ready to go right from the get-go for the Colts next season. Welcome back buddy, can't wait to see another 100 catch season!

01/22/14, 08:06 PM CST by d-Rx

Wayne out for season

Coach Pagano has confirmed that Reggie Wayne has torn his ACL, and will be out for the rest of the season. This is confirms what many people thought when they saw Wayne's reaction on the side line and the team doctor shaking his head. His season will finish with 38 receptions for 503 yards and two touchdowns, and his 189 consecutive games...

Pyro's take: FieldTurf® blows! Even an ironman like Reggie is getting screwed by this stuff... he had played in every game since being drafted in 2001.

This is a crushing blow to the Colts and fantasy owners. Wayne has Super Glue for hands and is one of the best route runners in the NFL. Look for TY Hilton, DHB, and LaVone Brazill to try and replace Wayne. No word yet, if the Colts will bring in a free agent over their bye week to help ease the loss. At this moment look for DHB to have increased targets as his height and speed makes him more capable than Hilton or Brazill to fill the need vacated by Wayne's injury.


10/21/13, 01:19 PM CDT by d-Rx

Pro Bowl: Wayne replaced by Vincent Jackson

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne has a prior engagement (practice for the Super Bowl) and won't be able to play in this year's Pro Bowl on Sunday. He will be replaced on the roster by Chargers WR Vincent Jackson.

Pyro's take: This was an obvious choice. Jackson had a downright sick year in helping to lead San Diego to a 13-3 record and a fourth straight AFC West crown. On the season, VJax surpassed his career highs in receptions (68), receiving yards (1,167), and touchdowns (9).

01/28/10, 02:30 PM CST by Dawgmaticå

Colts coach still vague on Week 16 playing time

When addressing the media during his Monday press conference, Colts coach Jim Caldwell was still indeterminate as to whether his star players would play the whole game, a few series, or even at all against the Jets next Sunday.

Pyro's take: He also said that playing time would be determined by a player's health, but that could mean anything at this point as Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Pierre Garcon, and Joseph Addai have all dealt with various nagging injuries throughout the past bunch of weeks.
We'll keep you posted on with any and all updates coming through as we know many fantasy football seasons depend on some of these Colts players.

12/21/09, 01:30 PM CST by Dawgmaticå

Wayne listed as probable

The Colts listed Peyton Manning (glute), Reggie Wayne (foot), Pierre Garcon (knee), and Joseph Addai (knee) as probable on their Week 15 injury report and all are expected to start as usual Thursday night.
Donald Brown, however, is still out with a chest injury.

Pyro's take: This was expected, though how long they end up playing is the real question. If the Colts manage to get a big lead against the Jaguars tonight, expect the starters to be pulled for the 4th quarter so as not to risk injury. Our guess is that it won't be a blowout, so it's safe to use all these guys on your fantasy football team this weekend.

12/17/09, 10:30 AM CST by Dawgmaticå

Wayne ready to go on Sunday

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne (foot) is being listed as probable for the game on Sunday, but is fully expected to start as usual.

Pyro's take: Wayne will play, as he got Wednesday off merely to give him some rest. Get him in your fantasy football lineup and expect WR1 numbers yet again.

11/27/09, 03:30 PM CST by Dawgmaticå

Wayne practices in full Thursday

After taking the day off to rest on Wednesday, Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne (knee) came back to practice in full on Thursday.

Pyro's take: Reggie, as always, is a must-start WR1 on your fantasy football team this week, especially in a game that could end up a high-scoring affair.

11/26/09, 06:45 PM CST by Dawgmaticå

Wayne rests on Thursday

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne was given the day off by coach Jim Caldwell on Thursday to rest his previous injuries. He is still expected to start on Sunday.

Pyro's take: Wayne is just fine and is an automatic start on your fantasy football team each and every week.

11/06/09, 10:00 AM CST by Dawgmaticå

Wayne active and starting Sunday

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne (groin) is active and will be making the start against the 49ers today.

Pyro's take: The streak stays alive and hits 104 straight games today. Make sure you get Reggie back into your fantasy football lineup if you took him out fearing the worst.

11/01/09, 11:00 AM CST by Dawgmaticå

Reggie Wayne Practices Friday Should Be A Go

Wide receiver Reggie Wayne took part in Friday's practice and is expected to play thru his strained groin injury when the Colts play the 49ers at home today.

Pyro's take: Wayne is a gamer, he hasn't missed a game since 2002 ---> impressive! He'll do whatever it takes to play on Sunday... his coach feels the same way:

"He's a guy who has been very durable, a guy you can always count on," Colts coach Jim Caldwell said. "I suspect he'll do everything under his power to be out there Sunday, as well."

11/01/09, 09:00 AM CST by d-Rx

Wayne back at practice Friday

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne (groin) was back at practice on Friday and supposedly, the Colts sound optimistic that he will play this weekend.

Pyro's take: Wayne has the NFL's longest streak of WR starts right now (103), so we didn't expect him to miss this game. Feel free to get him into your fantasy football lineup, but you might want to check back with us on Sunday just to be sure he's a go.

10/30/09, 02:15 PM CDT by Dawgmaticå

Wayne held out of practice again

Colts star wide receiver Reggie Wayne (groin) was held out of practice again on Thursday.

Pyro's take: Based on what Reggie said earlier in the week, we're guessing that he plays on Sunday, but you'll want to check back tomorrow to see if he gets a day of practice in before committing him to your starting fantasy football lineup.

10/29/09, 06:45 PM CDT by Dawgmaticå

Wayne held out of practice on Wednesday

Despite Colts coach Jim Caldwell saying that his groin feels good, he decided to hold star wide receiver Reggie Wayne out of practice on Wednesday.

Pyro's take: Smart move by Caldwell. Though it seems Manning can make any receiver a fantasy football stud, the Colts will need Wayne to be healthy if they want to make a run at the Super Bowl. We'll keep you updated on his status throughout the week.

10/28/09, 03:00 PM CDT by Dawgmaticå

Wayne's injury likely just a strain

It was unclear what the severity of wide receiver Reggie Wayne's groin injury was on Monday, but Colts coach Jim Caldwell doesn't seem too concerned. "We'll probably have a little better feel for it as the week goes on. At this point, there's just a strain," Caldwell said.

Pyro's take: We won't know anything for sure until at least Wednesday, but our guess is that the team rests their star receiver before playing him on Sunday. Check back for updates on this fantasy football WR1.

10/27/09, 11:15 AM CDT by Dawgmaticå