Overall Ranking

63 '16 '15 '14
Games -- -- --
Attempts -- -- --
Rushing Yards -- -- --
100 Yard Games -- -- --
Receptions -- -- --
Receiving Yards -- -- --
Total TDs -- -- --

Season Schedule

  • Week 1 - Sep 07

    JAC @ PHI

  • Week 2 - Sep 15

    PHI @ IND

  • Week 3 - Sep 21

    WAS @ PHI

  • Week 4 - Sep 28

    PHI @ SF

  • Week 5 - Oct 05

    LAR @ PHI

  • Week 6 - Oct 12

    PHI @ WAS

  • Week 7 - Oct 19


  • Week 8 - Oct 26

    PHI @ ARI

  • Week 9 - Nov 02

    PHI @ HOU

  • Week 10 - Nov 10

    CAR @ PHI

  • Week 11 - Nov 16

    PHI @ GB

  • Week 12 - Nov 23

    TEN @ PHI

  • Week 13 - Nov 27

    PHI @ DAL

  • Week 14 - Dec 07

    SEA @ PHI

  • Week 15 - Dec 14

    DAL @ PHI

  • Week 16 - Dec 20

    PHI @ WAS

  • Week 17 - Dec 28

    PHI @ NYG

  • Week 1 - Sep 09

    PHI 17 @ CLE 16

  • Week 2 - Sep 16

    BAL 23 @ PHI 24

  • Week 3 - Sep 23

    PHI 6 @ ARI 27

  • Week 4 - Sep 30

    NYG 17 @ PHI 19

  • Week 5 - Oct 07

    PHI 14 @ PIT 16

  • Week 6 - Oct 14

    DET @ PHI

  • Week 7 - Oct 21


  • Week 8 - Oct 28

    ATL @ PHI

  • Week 10 - Nov 05

    PHI @ NO

  • Week 11 - Nov 18

    PHI @ WAS

  • Week 12 - Nov 25

    CAR @ PHI

  • Week 13 - Dec 02

    CLE @ PHI

  • Week 1 - Sep 11

    PHI 31 @ LAR 13

  • Week 2 - Sep 18

    PHI 31 @ ATL 35

  • Week 3 - Sep 25

    NYG 29 @ PHI 16

  • Week 4 - Oct 02

    SF 24 @ PHI 23

  • Week 5 - Oct 09

    PHI 24 @ BUF 31

  • Week 6 - Oct 16

    PHI 20 @ WAS 13

  • Week 7 - Oct 23


  • Week 8 - Oct 30

    DAL 7 @ PHI 34

  • Week 9 - Nov 07

    CHI 30 @ PHI 24

  • Week 10 - Nov 13

    ARI 21 @ PHI 17

  • Week 11 - Nov 20

    PHI 17 @ NYG 10

  • Week 12 - Nov 27

    NE 38 @ PHI 20

  • Week 14 - Dec 11

    PHI 26 @ MIA 10

  • Week 15 - Dec 18

    NYJ 19 @ PHI 45

  • Week 16 - Dec 24

    PHI 20 @ DAL 7

  • Week 1 - Sep 12

    GB 27 @ PHI 20

  • Week 2 - Sep 19

    PHI 35 @ DET 32

  • Week 3 - Sep 26

    PHI 28 @ JAC 3

  • Week 4 - Oct 03

    WAS 17 @ PHI 12

  • Week 5 - Oct 10

    PHI 27 @ SF 24

  • Week 6 - Oct 17

    ATL 17 @ PHI 31

  • Week 7 - Oct 24

    PHI 19 @ TEN 37

  • Week 8 - Oct 31


  • Week 9 - Nov 07

    IND 24 @ PHI 26

  • Week 10 - Nov 15

    PHI 59 @ WAS 28

  • Week 11 - Nov 21

    NYG 17 @ PHI 27

  • Week 12 - Nov 28

    PHI 26 @ CHI 31

  • Week 13 - Dec 02

    HOU 24 @ PHI 34

  • Week 14 - Dec 12

    PHI 30 @ DAL 27

  • Week 15 - Dec 19

    PHI 38 @ NYG 31

  • Week 16 - Dec 26

    MIN 24 @ PHI 14

  • Week 17 - Jan 02

    LAC 33 @ DEN 28

    26 rushes

    120 rush yards

    3 TDs

    3 receptions

    19 rec yards

    0 TDs


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Ryan Mathews

Philadelphia Eagles

2010 - 2011 Statistics

                           RUSHING                            RECEIVING                            FANTASY

                            Rush    Yards    TD         Rec   Targets   Yards   TD         Tot Pts   Pts/Gm

2011 Stats         222    1091      6         50        59        455      0         190.6     13.6

2010 Stats         158     678      7          22        26        145      0         124.3     10.4

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2012 Pros and Cons

(+) Mathews averaged 4.9 yards per carry in a year where many experience a sophomore slump (4.3 YPC his rookie season)

(+) NORV TURNER!!! Norv LOVES getting his RB a ton of touches, as evidenced by the fact that in between 1991 and 2008, Turner’s main RB finished in the Top-5 in touches 11 times

(+) More than doubled his receptions from 22 to 50 catches and should see his total increase even more being the 3-down back now

(+) With Mike Tolbert gone, he should handle most of the goal-line situations

(+) His unique skill-set will make him the focal point of the entire offense

(+) Mathews has improved his pass protection greatly which should keep him on the field in passing situations a lot more

(+) Ryan was on the field for a mere 47.75% of the Chargers offensive plays in 2011, ranking 20th in the league…yet he STILL had the seventh-most fantasy points. This year, he’ll be on the field as much as anyone in the league

(+/–) Had just four 100-yard games last year…but in only 14 games

(–) 13 total TDs in two years isn’t bad, but not a single receiving TD as of yet

(–) Mathews has yet to play a full NFL season and was known to be a bit injury-prone in college. Pretty scary little tidbit if he's your RB1

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Fantasy Outlook 2010

ryan mathews - our highest ranked rookie

Let’s just say this right off the bat:  Mathews will have a significant contribution to the Chargers offense in 2010.  With LT gone, the Chargers don’t have a clear number one back on the roster.  Slim-Jim Darren Sproles is the best of ‘em, but odds are he’s not going to have the type of breakout season that Michael Turner did in Atlanta the year after he was released from LT’s shadow.  There are also fullbacks Jacob Hester and Mike Tolbert, but they will only carry the ball sparingly.

Thus, the stage is set for Mathews to contribute right from the get-go.  There was talk about the Chargers taking him too early with the 12th overall pick, but this season should prove that they didn’t just hit the target, they stuck the bulls-eye.  Coach Norv Turner has said he could get upwards of 250 carries which isn’t hard to fathom given the lack of a feature back in this offense.  He will also be used in the red zone.

~ QB Philip Rivers will chuck the ball a lot this season, giving Mathews more space to run

~ Sproles will still play a significant part in the offense, but he’s not an every-down back

~ Mathews led the nation with 150.67 yards per game last year and had 39 positive runs in 41 attempts in the red zone.  He doesn’t mess around

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During this last offseason, the Chargers shipped the face of the franchise for the last nine years, LaDainian Tomlinson, to the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets.  The staff wasn’t happy to see him go, but there was nothing they could do about it, they just couldn’t keep him.  Or so they thought.

Up comes the 12th pick of the NFL Draft in April and who do they grab?  Hometown Cali kid Ryan Mathews, a running back from Fresno State.  Mathews grew up idolizing the Chargers and studying LT.  While LT is a more elusive and agile demon, Mathews is a downhill runner with the ability to break tackles.  But Mathews may be more like LT than you think.  Check out the numbers from the two in college.  Keep in mind that both of them played for WAC teams, Fresno State and TCU, so they were playing very similar competition.


Tomlinson   5'11" 216 lbs
Mathews    5'11" 220 lbs

40-yard dash at Combine:

Tomlinson  4.38 
Mathews   4.45

Bench Press Reps:

Tomlinson   18
Mathews    19

College avg Yds per Carry:

Tomlinson  5.7
Mathews   6.0

Junior year (last comparable college season):

Yds per Season/Per Game/Touchdowns

Tomlinson:  1850 /154.2/ 18 TD'S
Mathews:   1858/ 154.8/ 19 TD'S

As you can see, those numbers are pretty identical.  So like D-Rose came to be with the Bulls, Mathews could become a hometown hero for the Chargers in his first season.

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Ryan Mathews (@rmathews24) can be followed on Twitter at:  http://twitter.com/rmathews24


Follow Pyro® on Twitter @pyroman1ac

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Featured Pieces

This guy is a red zone machine.

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"My main thing is to get into camp as soon as possible," Mathews told Nick Canepa of the San Diego Union-Tribune.  "I've talked to my agent; I need to be there.  Too many guys hold out for all the wrong reasons and I'm not going to be one of them."

Ryan kept good on his word and signed a five-year contract on the 1st of August worth $20.467 million.  The deal contained $15.083 million guaranteed, a $3 million signing bonus, and a one-time "likely to be earned" escalator of $5,183,750.  In addition, Mathews will be able to void the sixth year of the contract (which he will do) if he participates in 35% of the offensive snaps his rookie season or 45% of the snaps in any season thereafter.  Here are the partial particulars:

2010 - $320,000 (+ $911,000 roster bonus)

2011 - Under Contract (+ $5,668,750 option bonus due in March)

2012 - Under Contract

2013 - Under Contract

2014 - Under Contract

2015 - Voidable Year

2016 - Free Agent

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Darren Sproles should be the handcuff to Mathews this year, a role he's become quite familiar with...

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Team Analysis

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Strength of Schedule

strength of schedule for san diego chargers


View Overall Strength of Schedule Chart

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Injury Report


Mathews dealt with his fair share of injuries throughout college, but for now, he's healthy and ready to go

Headed to I.R.

Pyro's take: These guys will be put on the shelf until 2017.

12/28/16, 03:44 PM CST by The Hartbeat
Source: twitter.com

Eagles Running Game...What Running Game?

Pyro's take: The Baltimore Ravens are 4-2 in the last six games, and have allowed only 41 points in the four wins. The also only allow 75 rush yards on the season, with only 5 scores.

Fantasy Goo: Sproles is likely to miss this game if he doesn't clear the concussion protocol. Smallwood has been placed on IR. This leaves just Ryan Matthews and Kenyon Barner. Expect the run game to struggle. Matthews is flex-worthy at best with his own injury history.

12/15/16, 11:59 AM CST by The Hartbeat
Source: www.pyromaniac.com

Matthews Rule OUT

Pyro's take: Ryan Matthews is a no go again for Philly week 13.

Fantasy Goo: Cincy is a much nicer match up for Philly RB's, our diagnostics team has prescribed you 250 CCs of Sproles and 250 CCs of Smallwood.

12/02/16, 10:26 AM CST by The Hartbeat
Source: twitter.com

Smallwood Gets a Major Bump Up as Mathews Ruled Out for week 12

Pyro's take: Doug Pederson has ruled out Mathews. Sproles looks like he will indeed play, although officially he is questionable.

Fantasy Goo: Do not be fooled, Green Bay may look good against the run on paper, but it is deceiving. They have allowed seven of the total eight RB TDs to occur in the last five weeks. In that same span of time, only four other defenses have surrendered more fantasy goo to opposing RBs than the Green Bay Packers.

11/26/16, 10:41 PM CST by PyromaniacMo
Source: www.espn.com

Eagles RBBC

Pyro's take: Sproles has a rib fracture, Matthews is day-to-day.

Fantasy Goo: Matthews should be a game time decision, but now is the time to go out and grab Wendell Smallwood as a potential pick and flick, also a sneaky DFS play.

11/21/16, 01:01 PM CST by The Hartbeat
Source: twitter.com

A new running back by community has formed

Through the first 3 weeks not including MNF, the Eagles have FOUR running backs among the top-40 at their position in standard scoring.

Pyro's take: Through the first 3 weeks not including MNF, the Eagles have FOUR running backs among the top-40 at their position in standard scoring.

09/26/16, 06:38 PM CDT by Stagg Party
Source: pyromaniac.com

Sproles Should See Larger Role


Pyro's take: In Week 2, Sproles played on 53% of snaps while Mathews was in on just 38%.

Fantasy Goo: The Eagles are home underdogs. They could face more passing situations and that is where Sproles shines. Pittsburgh has given up the 2nd most yards to RBs catching passes out of the backfield. Not only that, they are giving up 9.5 targets per game to RBs, 2nd most in the NFL. Sproles could surprise a few folks this weekend.

09/24/16, 04:23 PM CDT by PyromaniacMo
Source: www.pyromaniac.com

Pyro Light Fantasy Football Podcast - Episode 39 - Dave-Te Thomas & PyromaniacMo

Barner rushed six times for 41 yards and a touchdown and caught a pass for 4 yards. He had some nifty runs and ran skinny through a few holes.

Pyro's take: Barner rushed six times for 41 yards and a touchdown and caught a pass for 4 yards. He had some nifty runs and ran skinny through a few holes. Ryan Mathews rushed five times for 18 yards.

Pyro Light Fantasy Football Podcast - Episode 39 - Dave-Te Thomas talks rookie QBs & TEs can be found on the Pyromaniac.com website from the date of 7/24/16.

Fantasy Goo: Yup, Dave Te Thomas was PyromaniacMo’s special guest for a podcast last month and drooled over Kenjon Barner. Does Dave know something we do not know? We do know that Ryan Mathews is injured every season so, maybe Dave Te Thomas has a magic crystal ball or just has balls to make a bold call. Anyway, we have all been told.

08/19/16, 05:26 PM CDT by STiFFKiTTY
Source: www.philly.com

It looks like we’re going to have another running-back-by-committee

It looks like we’re going to have another running-back-by-committee season in Philadelphia. While Mathews got the bulk of first-team reps this spring, he also shared them with Barner and Sproles.

Pyro's take: It looks like we’re going to have another running-back-by-committee season in Philadelphia. While Mathews got the bulk of first-team reps this spring, he also shared them with Barner and Sproles. The team also has fifth-rounder Smallwood. “Well, you go in thinking that one guy can handle the load,” Pederson said. “If that's Ryan, he can handle all the stuff and the pounding. But with the guys we have, with the depth we have at that position, Darren is obviously a big part of that and now with Wendell [RB Wendell Smallwood] coming on, I think it could be a little bit of a running back by committee.”

Fantasy Goo: Ryan Mathews finished 2015 (weeks 10, 14, 15, 16 and 17) with yards per carry of 2.3, 2.9, 5.3, 1.3 and 2.8 to finish the season. The big RED FLAG should be that he cannot be counted on to hold up for a complete season and especially when you need him for fantasy playoff time. The Eagles as a whole look horrible this year. Open your fantasy magazine up, turn to the Philly page and tear out the running back section. Maybe if they were to bring in Arian Foster we could get a little excited.

06/12/16, 09:30 PM CDT by STiFFKiTTY
Source: www.csnphilly.com

Avoiding Murray, the Eagles will Utilize a Committee with Sprolles and Mathews


Pyro's take: DeMarco is in the dog house. That means Sprolling with my homie Darren, should see an uptick as well as Mathews, who returns from injury. The Eagles average just over 22 seconds per play, fastest in the NFL. While I am benching DeMarco, I like Sprolles in PPR, and I think there will be plenty of opportunity for Mathews to put up points. The Eagles are a fast mocing machine on offense, so there should be enough to go around. I think Mathews is a possible GPP play in DFS.

12/13/15, 09:58 AM CST by PyromaniacMo
Source: www.nfl.com

Ryan Mathews (concussion) remained sidelined at Wednesday's practice.


Pyro's take: Jeff McClane via Twitter "#Eagles practice: OUT: Mathews, Thornton, Thurmond. LIMITED: Agholor. FULL: Ajirotutu, Bradford, Ertz, Huff, Johnson, Kelce, Kelly, Peters."

Looking very doubtful that Mathews will play on Sunday.

12/02/15, 09:40 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Ryan Mathews (concussion) is not practicing Tuesday.


Pyro's take: Zach Berman via Twitter "Ryan Mathews is an observer at practice today. That's progress."

He will need to get in one more practice to play, its a long shot that he sees the field on Sunday.

12/01/15, 11:49 AM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Ryan Mathews (concussion) has yet to be cleared.


Pyro's take: Ruben Frank has announced via Twitter "Chip said Mathews still not cleared through concussion protocol."

Its been over two weeks now for Ryan Mathews being in the concussion protocol, and Sunday should be considered questionable for him.

11/30/15, 01:57 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Ryan Mathews (concussion) is not practicing Monday


Pyro's take: Jeff McClane has reported via Twitter "Zach Ertz and Ryan Mathews still going through concussion protocol and aren't at practice. #Eagles"

On top of this, the Eagles have a Turkey-day game, more than possible that DeMarco Murray gets as many touches as the coaching staff calls for.

11/23/15, 10:43 AM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Ryan Mathews (groin) is active for Monday night's game


Pyro's take: Mathews was questionable with the groin injury up to now.

10/19/15, 12:11 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.pyromaniac.com

Ryan Matthews (groin) was limited at Friday's practice.


Pyro's take: According to Eagles reporter Zach Berman he stated via twitter "Add Ryan Mathews to the injury report. He was limited today with a groin injury."

The extra layoff day for Monday Night Football may give him all the rest he needs.

10/16/15, 11:55 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

DeMarco Murray at practice


Pyro's take: According to Philadelphia reporter Zach Berman via twitter "Mychal Kendricks and DeMarco Murray are practicing. Riley Cooper is not practicing"

OC Pat Schurmur will allow DeMarco Murray to go as far as he can, and as long as there are no set backs, look for Murray to get the start.

Ryan Mathews dominated the Jets defense, and with Murray's injury it will be interesting to see how much playing time DeMarco gets.

09/29/15, 03:15 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Not Practicing

Ryan Mathews was not at practice as expected according to Michael Gehlken via Twitter "Chargers RB Ryan Mathews (ankle)"

Pyro's take: Mike McCoy said there's a "possibility" he returns for Sunday's must-win game against the Chiefs. The Chargers will go with a committee of Branden Oliver, Donald Brown and Ronnie Brown if Mathews sits out.

12/24/14, 10:34 AM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Injured Knee Concern

Ryan Mathews showed the after effects of his injured knee after the win over the Oakland Raiders. Eric Williams, ESPN reporter for the San Diego Chargers stated via twitter "His injured knee heavily wrapped, Ryan Mathews limped out of the locker room. Wore a brace during the game.Interested to see how he recovers"

Pyro's take: Ryan Mathews has stated that he feels great, and in that sense, he could just have the normal bumps and bruises, and taking extra precaution for his knee. Keep hang of all Chargers running backs, just in case this situation is worse than what it appears.

Mathews finished with 70 yards on 16 carries.

11/17/14, 01:22 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Ryan Mathews Practicing

Mike Gehlken beat writer for the San Diego Chargers has stated that "Many Chargers veterans, including Philip Rivers, resting at bye-week practice. Ryan Mathews practicing. Fully expected back after bye."

Pyro's take: Mathews return could be right on time, as Branden Oliver has fallen flat as he only has just 55 yards on his last 26 carries. Mathews will retain the starting role, and Oliver most likely will move to the Danny Woodhead role.

11/05/14, 06:19 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com