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PYRO Fantasy Depth Chart

The PYRO Fantasy Football Depth Chart is a rundown of where Team PYRO projects the fantasy production for each team at each position. It is NOT an attempt to inform you of the current starters for each team. For example, we are well aware that Brandon Manumaleuna is currently the starting TE for the Chicago Bears, but if you look at the Bears Team Page, we have Greg Olsen listed at TE. Why? We’re projecting that Greg Olsen will be the most Fantasy Football relevant TE for the Bears this season. Since Olsen will be the Bears leading FF point scorer at TE, it’s his name at the top of the TE column on our PYRO Fantasy Depth Chart.

Atlanta Falcons - 2014 Preseason #FF Preview




When I think of Georgia, I can’t help think of music: the Memphis blues, and southern fried rock and roll. One group that stands out in my mind is The Allman Brothers Band. In fact, Duane “Skydog” Allman has never received the credit he is due for being an incredibly influential guitar player. Take a listen to Wilson Picket singing “Hey Jude” with Duane on guitar. Eric Clapton give a brief intro.




A little known fact: The song “Freebird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd is dedicated to Duane. He died on October 29, 1971. Here’s to a rock legend, taken far too young.

As far as birds go in the southern state of Georgia, perhaps none are watched as often as the Falcons, at least in the NFL realm. Looking to 2014, we start by looking back. Steven Jackson did not have the resurgence that many suspected when he went to Atlanta last year. Now, it is true, during the last five games of 2013, he looked like his old self. In those last 5 games, he had 5 touchdowns, tying several other backs for most TDs during that time span. In total fantasy points scored in those five weeks, he was rated #12. But, I don’t see it as a trend, more of one last flash of yester year. For starters, Atlanta is not a running team. Last year, the most carries he had in a game was 23, after that, it was 16. In the 12 games he played, he averaged just 13 carries. Steven Jackson has likely hit the RB wall. He is entering his 11th season. Last year was the first time since his rookie season that he did not rush for over 1,000 yards. It was also the first time since his rookie season that he did not finish as a top 20 running back (he finished #32 last year, same as his rookie season).In ten years of play, he has played a full 16 game schedule only three times. Last year he missed four games. His fantasy points per game have been on a steady decline. Since 2008, his fantasy points per game have decreased each year. That is precisely the kind of trend to avoid.




Fantasy Points per Game














Currently backing up Steven Jackson is Jacquizz Rodgers. While he will likely see some more snaps this year, the emphasis is on some. He is more of a change of pace player. At 5’6” and only 196, he is just not a 3rd down back. Last year, the Falcons, who were dead last in rushing, never seemed to get him in space. He had 673 all purpose yards last year. He actually had more yards receiving. Although it is a contract year for Quizz, he just does not have what it takes to rely on him for any fantasy production. Even if Jackson goes down, I don’t see his production increasing. Pyro actually likes the rookie, Devonta Freeman better.


Freeman had a successful year at Florida State in 2013. He ran for 1,016 yards and averaged 5.9 yards per carry. He had 14 rushing TDs and 1 receiving. He caught 22 passes for 278 yards. He crossed the end zone in all but two games. He looks promising, but is way over valued. Atlanta has the hardest schedule for running backs this season. Freeman, as of early August, is going in the 9th round in 12 team drafts at RB #40. He is going before guys like Carlos Hyde and Christine Michael, both of whom Pyro likes better. Look, if either of those two guys were in Atlanta, they would be starting this year. As on now, if I am taking a Falcons running back, I will hang on for a late flyer with Antone Smith (I am keeping my eye on him to see what he does in the rest of the preseason ).


Antone Smith looked amazing, just not on paper. In the Falcons first preseason game, he ran the ball 3 times and gained a total of 5 yards. He also had 1 catch for 5 yards. I know, impressive right? This is why the preseason is so important to watch. If you were just checking the box scores, that is precisely what they showed. However, if you watched the game, you would have seen Smith playing with the ones. He actually got in the game before Freeman. If it wasn’t for sloppy play from his teammates, his stats would have been something else. He had an incredible catch for 34 yards out of the backfield. However, the team lined up illegally, so it got called back. Then, the move of the night was a two cut run that would have been a 76 yard score by Smith if it wasn’t for offensive holding. He was almost caught behind the line of scrimmage. Smith stopped on a dime and cut at a right angle without losing speed. Then, when he broke through, he flipped his hips, causing the linebacker to lock up an ankle, and just like that, he’s gone!





I always talk about trends, trying to see them before others. Well, Pyro has been on Julio since he first came out. This year however, the rest of the league has caught on. The one thing going for him that might keep his value down is his injury last year. But just look at his fantasy points per game average since he came into the league three years ago.


Fantasy Points per Game








This is what you want to see, opposite of what Steven Jackson is showing. Pyro loves this guy so much

D-rx has Julio Jones game tape under his mattress. Before he got injured last year, he was on pace for 1,856 yards and 136 receptions. Both Dawg and Houdini have him as a tier I receiver. As of early August, his ADP for 12 team leagues has him going towards the end of the first round. Here is where the value lies, so far, he is the 5th WR off the board in ADPs. Both Dez and A.J. are going ahead of Julio. Personally, if you want to decide between those three, I say just look at their respective QBs. Romo is coming off back surgery. Dawg thinks he might not finish the season. Plus, the Cowboys have the 30th ranked schedule for WRs (Dez does have #3 playoff schedule though, but you have to get there first. Can you say trade bait?). A.J. has Dalton passing him the ball and a new offensive system that is more run heavy. The Bengals have the #28th rated schedule for WRs. Julio is a freak of an athlete who has Matt Ryan tossing him the ball and an offense that is geared towards the pass. Atlanta is rated with the #24th easiest wide receiver schedule this year. 






Roddy White is the other receiver, making this tandem arguably one of the best dynamic duos in the NFL. Aside from their fantastic claim of two 1,500 yard seasonsthey are for real. White, similar to Jones, was injured last year. That caused a decrease in their stats. But, if you look at Roddy’s last five games in 2013, he was ranked 3rd in yardage for WRs with 502. He ranked as the #8 WR for fantasy points in that same time span (62.2). This is his 10th year in the league. Last year was the first season he did not play in every single game. Last year, he played injured for much of the season, and sat out 3 games. Usually, this means a value pick as owners tend to use a narrow scope in drafting. They generally rely too heavily on last season’s stats. However, right now, his ADP is on par with Pyro’s ranking. As of early August, his ADP is WR #18. I checked the vast majority of the douche canoe sites, and this is a pretty standard rating. Looking at these ADPs, there’s actually more value in guys currently going after Roddy such as Wes Welker, Percy Harvin, and Michael Crabtree. All of whom, are ranked higher by Pyro.







This same ADP shows the 3rd Atlanta receiver, Harry Douglas, going at the start of the 15th round for 12 team leagues. At that stage of the draft, there could be value there. It depends on how you view Douglas. With Gonzalez gone, he could very well see more passes, as they will undoubtedly run a lot of three receiver sets. With the dynamic duo, he will certainly see single coverage, giving Matt Ryan some open looks. However, looking at his career, last year can easily be seen as either a late breakout year in his career, or an anomaly. Last year was his 5th year in the league. In his first four years, the highest amount of TDs he scored in one season is 1. The most receptions was 39. His highest yardage before last year was 498. Then, bam! He more than doubled every major statistical category from the year before. From 2012 to 2013 he went from 59 targets to 133, from 38 receptions to 85, 1 touchdown to 2, from 396 yards to 1,067, and he went from 3.07 fantasy points per game to 7.17. What was the main difference? Well, remember that Roddy White stat, last year was the first year he missed time in his career? It is essentially the same for Julio who played in 13 games his rookies season, 16 in 2012, and then only 5 last year. So, will Douglas have a repeat year? If his stars align similar to last year, then yes. But that requires missed time from the dynamic duo. Personally, I just do not see that happening. If I have Julio, I might take him as a handcuff, but otherwise, in those later rounds, I generally want to go for those guys who might just knock it out of the park and are not relying on an injury to make it happen.


How can you replace a name like Tony Gonzalez? Well, how about a name like Levine Toilolo. No, what about a bronco riding Bear Pascoe? Either way, the tight end role is changing in Atlanta. With Gonzalez, they split him out wide much of the time, in order to get the mismatch. This is generally referred to as a “move” tight end. This is something that was specific to Gonzalez. Coach Mike Smith has gone on record saying they will not use the tight end the same way this year. The shift back to a traditional role for their tight end position is very telling. Do not draft Toilolo and think you are getting a Gonzalez replacement. The position is too deep this year. In a standard 12 team league, Atlanta tight ends should not be rostered.


Finally, there’s Matt Ryan. Last year, Ryan put up a career high 651 attempts. Considering they have the hardest running back schedule in 2014, and since Steven Jackson is there starter, chances are he will be over 600 again this season, although the Falcons have a tough passing schedule as well (#28).  Last year, when Julio was healthy for their first five games, Ryan was rated as the 6th best fantasy QB. The fact that he ended at #15 for the position should equate to value this year, especially with a healthy dynamic duo. So, will he and Julio be tossing balls like they once did in the school yard?





As of early August ADPs, Matt Ryan is rated at #10 at the position. Pyro likes him a little bit better. Collectively, he averages out to a tier III guy for the position. As of the 3rd version of the draft kit, Stagg Party appears to have the most love, putting him as a tier II guy. One quick Pyro promo: a lot can happen in the preseason. If Ryan happens to fall out of favor with the fickle Staggs, you will hear about it. If you order a draft kit, you will automatically be sent the latest versions as soon as they come out.





By Mo 

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The Dirty Birds

the dirty bird dance


There have not been that many great teams in the history of the Atlanta Falcons, but the best team had to be The Dirty Birds.  The Dirty Birds were the 1998 Atlanta Falcons who were coached by Dan Reeves.  The Falcons had gone 7-9 in 1997 and were looking for their identity and an edge in 1998.  The answer to both came in the form of Jamal Anderson.   

Jamal Anderson had his best season in 1998.  Anderson rushed the ball 410 times for 1,846 yards with 14 TD’s.  He also added 27 receptions for 319 yards and 2 more TD’s.  Anderson was the glue that held that team together and is also credited for starting the Dirty Bird dance.  He would bounce back and forth pump his arm up and sideways and them flap his wings like a bird, with all his teammates around him joining in the celebration. 

The Falcons also had Chris Chandler, who was known for not being able to finish most seasons, but played in 14 games and went 13-1 as a starter that year.  The other dynamic part of the offense was the M&M boys of Tony Martin and Terance Mathis.  Martin and Mathis were deep threat receivers and thrived in the play action with the running of Anderson.  All of these players would do their version of the Dirty Bird when they scored, whether at home or on the road.  The team finished 14-2 and would advance to Super Bowl XXXIII where they would lose to the Denver Broncos.  The biggest win of the year came in the NFC Championship game over the Minnesota Vikings, who went 15-1 during the regular season. 

The Falcons were double digit underdogs to the Vikings, but they just kept fighting the whole game.  The Falcons scored first, but the Vikings responded with 20 straight points and had the ball with a 27-20 lead in the 4th quarter and Gary Anderson looking to kick the game clinching field goal.  Gary Anderson had not missed a FG attempt all year…until his attempt to ice the game.  The Falcons responded and drove down the field and scored a TD to tie the game at 27-27 and send it to Overtime.  In the OT Morton Anderson the Falcons kicker kicked a 38 yard FG to win the game and shock the world as the Dirty Birds upset the Minnesota Vikings. 



By Houdini

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The Grits Blitz

the grits blitz

There have been many great defenses in the history of the NFL like the Steel Curtain, Purple People Eaters, Monsters of the Midway, the No-Name Defense and the Doomsday Defense.  When the greatest defenses of all time are discussed there is always one that seems to get left of the list, but the Grits Blitz of the 1977 Atlanta Falcons was one of the greatest defenses of all time. 

In 1976 the Atlanta Falcons were coming off a 4-10 season and decided to clean house.  The Falcons brought in Leeman Bennett, who was an assistant under Chuck Knox with the Rams.  At 39 he was the youngest coach in the NFL.  The other major change in the coaching staff was that Bennett brought along Jerry Glanville who provided the spark the team needed on defense.   

The year before the Falcons best stat on defense was turnovers where they were ranked 7th in the league with 38.  Bennett and Glanville knew that they did not have the talent on the defense, as they had basically the same players as the year before, so they would need a new scheme in order to create an advantage for themselves.  The idea behind the defense was to blitz, blitz and keep blitzing.  The other key to the defense was that you were not blitzing one or two guys in most cases the Falcons were bringing 8 or 9 guys with regularity.  In many ways the Grits Blitz was the precursor to the Bears 46 Defense. 

The defense was so confounding to opposing offenses that the defense became the best defense in the game that year.  The Falcons lead the league in: First Downs Allowed (192), Passing Yards Allowed (1384), Turnovers Forced (48), Turnover Ratio (+23), Rushing TD’s Allowed (5) and the least amount of points given up in a season in the NFL at 129 points. 

Then when you see all these stats that the defense had you have to ask why this team is not mentioned in the greatest defenses of all time.  The answer to that is because they had absolutely no help from their offense.  The offense ranked 26th out of 28 teams and shot the defense in the foot all season long.  When you consider that the team only gave up 129 points during the season and the team finished 7-7 should give only more strength to the argument for the Grits Blitz.  If that defense had an offense that could control the clock and score points there is a good chance the Grits Blitz would be mentioned with the Steel Curtain and the Bears 46 defense.



By Houdini

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Michael Vick's Dog Fighting Scandal

Mike Vick has two areas where he will forever be remembered by fans of the Falcons.  The first was how he resurrected the franchise after poor performances following the 1998 Super Bowl loss and second for the dog fighting scandal that Vick was involved in and spent 21 months in prison for.  The latter is the one that will stick in the minds of Falcons fans. 

Vick had his best season as a Falcon in 2004 when he led the team to a 11-4 record when he was the starter.  The following 2 years leading up to his incarceration he was 16-16 as a starter.  I am not going to go into the details of the case, but Vick bred dogs to fight on his property for money and was involved in executing dogs that lost or were injured. 
Vick was celebrated in Atlanta before this happened and was the face of the city.  Around the country there were positives feelings everywhere for Vick as an amazing athlete, even if some questioned his skill as a true elite quarterback.  Vick let so many people down with his actions: the Atlanta Falcons, the Falcons fans, the NFL, the city of Atlanta and all of his fans around the world.  This is the legacy that he left and will remain, no matter what he does in the future. 

The Falcons were able to rebound as a franchise when they drafted Matt Ryan and the city was quick to rally around him and the franchise to distance them from Vick.  Mike Vick had everything going for him, but he thought he was above things and made a real poor decision that hurt his personal life, but he also let down all the people who looked up to him, another reason why sports figures don’t make the best role models.  His legacy in Atlanta will always be connected to the dog fighting scandal and a reminder to Vick for the rest of his life what could have been if he had thought first.

By Houdini

mike vick end dogfighting

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Eugene Robinson, Hoe's before Bros

Eugene Robinson at Super Bowl

Eugene Robinson was a long time veteran in the NFL before he signed on with the Falcons before the 1998 season.  Eugene Robinson was in his 14th season and was named to his third Pro-Bowl while playing for the Super Bowl bound Dirty Bird Falcons in 1998.  Everything was going right for Robinson going into the Super Bowl, including receiving the Bart Starr Award for leadership in home, on the field and in the community.  All of this came crashing down for Robinson the night before Super Bowl XXXIII.

Robinson was arrested after he tried to solicit sex from an undercover officer in an area north of downtown that was frequented by prostitutes.  Apparently Robinson was not the only one who was heading to that area.  ''Guys had been going there all week,'' a Falcon starter said. ''It's just that Eugene was the only one who got caught.''  It was estimated that at least 5 other players, some of which were starters, had been going there during the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

The next day the Falcons got worked over by the Broncos and it might be fair to say that this incident had a major impact on the game.  Unfortunately, for a player who had a nice career and found glory at the end of his career will be remembered for his biggest blunder over a $40 blow job.  His quote after the game did not help his cause either.  "I really believe I will be found innocent," Robinson said after the game. "However, I am not righteous in the deal.”

By Houdini

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Rankin M. Smith

The Atlanta Falcons, and moreover the entire southeast of the United States owes a debt of gratitude to Rankin M. Smith who founded the Atlanta Falcons and brought the NFL to the South.   This was a bold move for a young insurance executive. 

Smith all along wanted to bring the major sports to Atlanta and the NFL was his #1 target.  Smith and his partners formed “Major Sports, Inc.” with the intentions of bringing professional sports franchises to Atlanta.  They were responsible for getting Atlanta Stadium built in 1965, which was more remembered as Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium.  That same year Smith made a deal with NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle to bring a franchise to Atlanta, for $8.5 Million which was the highest price ever paid for a franchise, at the time. 

The Falcons, despite their poor record drew a ton of fans to see their games.  The South was ecstatic to have a pro team.  The success of the team in the early years led to the expansion to Florida.  Rankin M. Smith was not content with just the Falcons and had some other major accomplishments.  He was responsible for helping to get the Georgia Dome built to host its first Super Bowl in 1994 and also for getting the Olympics to Atlanta in 1996.   Smith left a large footprint in the sports scene in the Atlanta area and will always be remembered fondly in Atlanta. 

By Houdini

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Julia Elliot names the Falcons

When the Atlanta Falcons were founded in 1965 they were not known as the Falcons.  The team owner Rankin M. Smith held a contest for fans to suggest the name for the team.  The winning entry was submitted by Julia Elliott, who was a high school teacher from Griffin Georgia.  There were 40 other contestants who also submitted the name of the Falcons, but as only a high school teacher would she also wrote an essay about the name.  The selling point in the essay was her description of the falcon.  “The falcon is proud and dignified, with great courage and fight.  It never drops its prey.  It’s deadly and has a great sporting tradition.”  That sure sounds like a winner to me.    

By Houdini

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Julio Rehab Looks Good

Pyro's take: Julio Jones continues to rehab after playing through torn foot ligaments and an ankle sprain prior to the Super Bowl. He was active at OTA's jogging on the side and is expected to be at full health well before Training Camp.

Fantasy Goo: Playing with injuries is just something that we have come to expect from Julio. It may be important to note that Calvin Johnson hung up the cleats at age 30. Jones and Megatron have similar builds and play style and Jones is 28 years old.

06/06/17, 01:47 PM CDT by The Hartbeat

RFA Taylor Gabriel

Pyro's take:

04/24/17, 09:47 AM CDT by The Hartbeat

RFA Taylor Gabriel Remains A Dirty Bird

Pyro's take: Gabriel has signed his RFA tender with the Falcons. The deal is good for 1 year at $2.81 million.

Fantasy Goo: Gabriel emerged last season as the Falcons 3rd/slot WR. His blazing speed makes him an interesting late round flier and cheap DFS play. Expect his overall production to decrease due to the combination of Shannahan leaving and Matty Ryan regressing from his MVP season.

04/24/17, 09:47 AM CDT by The Hartbeat

Freeman a Great Cash Play in Week 17

Pyro's take: The Falcons are home to the Saints and are still motivated to get a W. Atlanta carries the highest imp team total of the week with 31.25.

Fantasy Goo: Looking at Pyros own positional points against chart – there are only 3 teams giving up more FF Points to opposing RB1s and only 3 defenses have allowed more rushing TDs on the season. In their last meeting, earlier this season, Freeman scored 29.2 DK pts – his second highest fantasy game of the season.

12/31/16, 05:26 PM CST by PyromaniacMo

Jones OUT

Pyro's take: Julio Jones will not be going in this one per Dan Quinn.

Fantasy Goo: This makes Gabriel and Sanu nice plays against San Fran, but expect most of the damage to be done by Freeman and Coleman on the ground.

12/18/16, 10:54 AM CST by The Hartbeat

Freeman is a Nice DFS Play in Week 15

Pyro's take: Atlanta has the highest implied point total of the week at 32.5. Plus, they have a double digit spread. That means a positive game script and lots of running.

Fantasy Goo: There have been 5 occurrences of Atlanta winning a game this season by more than a TD. Last week was one, but you have to toss that out, because they absolutely destroyed LA. The game script was anything but typical. But in the other four instances, Freeman averages 18.7 Draft Kings points. One of my two official DFS RB picks in Week 15.

12/17/16, 07:23 PM CST by PyromaniacMo

Hansel, So Hot Right Now, Draft Plays of the Week

Pyro's take: The Pyro Heat Index Plays of the Week

QB Matt Ryan (8,500FD/7,300DK) 6.5th best matchup.
RB David Johnson (9,800FD/10,100DK) 4th best matchup
WR Jordy Nelson (7,700FC/7,300DK) 6th best matchup

12/16/16, 09:43 AM CST by The Hartbeat

Jones Game Time Decision

Pyro's take: Julio is still unlikely to play with an injury. Will not have confirmation on status until an hour before kickoff (afternoon game).

Fantasy Goo: Make sure to have a backup WR in the later games in case ATL decides to shut him down this week. Sanu and Gabriel are solid options in his place.

12/11/16, 11:06 AM CST by The Hartbeat

Sanu has Been Ruled Out for Week 14

Pyro's take: Sanu is now officially out.

Fantasy Goo: I want to hear the Sunday morning reports about Julio, but with one less receiver, Taylor Gabriel could be in line for the day. Especially if Julio goes as a decoy, that draws LA's best corner, leaving EJ Gaines on Gabriel. There are only 2 of the starting 96 corners this week that actually give up more fantasy goo to WRs than Gaines.

12/10/16, 02:42 PM CST by PyromaniacMo

Gabriel to Shine with Julio's Toe

Pyro's take: Priced at 5400FD/4300DK Gabriel can be used in all DFS formats. He has eclipsed 3x value in 4 of the last 5 weeks and 2 of those he was over 4x.

Fantasy Goo: LA's Slot corner is EJ Gaines, who is PFF's 118th ranked of 121. And not to mention Julio Jones is dealing with turf toe and could be used as a decoy.

12/09/16, 03:31 PM CST by The Hartbeat

Exhale. Julio is OK

Pyro's take: Julio Jones exited the game on Sunday for turf toe, he should be good to go next week.

Fantasy Goo: Julio's owners can now relax.

12/05/16, 02:23 PM CST by The Hartbeat

Coleman Returns to Practice for Falcons

Pyro's take: Tevin Coleman, barring a setback, should be returning into the Falcons lineup this week.

Fantasy Goo: After missing an extended period of time expect Coleman to see limited snaps this week. Devonta Freeman takes a small bumb down now that he no longer owns the backfield, but still should have a strong game this week.

11/21/16, 12:58 PM CST by The Hartbeat

Direct Quote - Tamme Done for the Season

Pyro's take: He did not elaborate as to what type of surgery it was, but Tamme is no longer roster-able with these news.

Fantasy Goo: With the TE talent getting even shallower, we could see some of Tamme's production be picked up by Hooper.

11/18/16, 09:32 AM CST by The Hartbeat

Sanu Makes for an Interesting Pivot in Week 10

Pyro's take: The Falcons pack up and travel to face the Eagles. MKatty Ice is not fearing this secondary.

Fantasy Goo: Of course, many folks will be on Julio. I will have a share of him myself but might look to get some leverage in DFS with Sanu. This game has a 50 point over-under. According to PFF, he will likely square off against Malcolm Jenkins who has allowed .96 FF Points to opposing WRs for every 2 routes run. Sanu is being targeted more than most think. In the red zone in particular, Sanu has 12 targets, only 5 pass catchers have more.

11/12/16, 10:24 PM CST by PyromaniacMo

No Coleman Means Freeman Should Feed

Pyro's take: Coleman has officially been ruled out for Week #10.

Fantasy goo: In the last 3 weeks, Freeman has been averaging 19 looks per game. I think that could be surpassed in this one. These teams put up the points. In fact, they are both top 13 in points per drive. With Coleman out, plus Freeman's involvement level in a high-scoring team, he will have loads of opportunity. Face it, with fantasy RBs, opportunity is exactly what you chase.

11/12/16, 12:02 PM CST by PyromaniacMo

Coleman Rules Out for Week 10

Pyro's take: After his hot start Coleman cant seem to shake the injury bug.

Fantasy Goo: This bumps Devonta Freeman up to a RB1, start him in all formats.

11/11/16, 01:28 PM CST by The Hartbeat

Freeman to Get the Bulk of the Work with Coleman out

Pyro's take: Coleman officially ruled out.

Fantasy Goo: The Falcons have the highest implied team total of the week. Not only that, he will take advantage of the Packers as he comes out of the backfield. Plus, they really have not played any serious RBs this year, so their D looks far tougher than it truly is.

10/30/16, 11:14 AM CDT by PyromaniacMo

Julio Could be En Fuego This Week

Pyro's take: Atlanta has the highest implied team total as the Falcons are home to the Packers.

Fantasy Goo: The Packers are a funnel D. They are stout against the run, although the RBs they have faced are not much to speak of, thus inflating their stats. But against WRs, they rank 23 when you adjust for fantasy schedule in Standard formats. Their secondary is the walking wounded. They all ready have 4 guys ruled out including Shields. Julio will likely face gunter, who is graded as the 61st best corner by PFF. That is right, if each team starts two, that means there are only 3 starters graded lower. So, yeah, I think Julio can handle that.

10/29/16, 05:14 PM CDT by PyromaniacMo

Freeman Looks to Increase His Workload Against the Packers

Pyro's take: According to league sources, it does not look like Coleman will play Week 8 against the Packers.

fantasy Goo: Atlanta has the highest implied team total of the week. they are expected to score just over 27 points, plus they are at home to the Packers. Without Coleman, the team has moved up Terron Ward, and signed Ridley, but I am expecting this to be the Freeman show. Green Bay is fierce against RBs, but they are susceptible to pass catching backs. Riddick, Bobby Rainey, Ezekiel Elliott, and TJ Yeldon were the only RBs to garner at least 4 targets against the Packers and were the only ones to get double-digit PPR days as well.

10/25/16, 04:31 PM CDT by PyromaniacMo

Ryan on Pace for Career Highs

Pyro's take: Matt Ryan is on pace to throw for 647 more yards than his previous career high set back in 2012, and also a new high in passing TD's.

10/25/16, 03:32 PM CDT by Stagg Party


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