Cleveland Browns

AFC North

2014 Schedule

  • Week 1

    CLE @ PIT


    1:00 pm

  • Week 2

    NO @ CLE


    1:00 pm

  • Week 3

    BAL @ CLE


    1:00 pm

  • Week 4


  • Week 5

    CLE @ TEN


    1:00 pm

  • Week 6

    PIT @ CLE


    1:00 pm

  • Week 7

    CLE @ JAC


    1:00 pm

  • Week 8

    OAK @ CLE


    4:30 pm

  • Week 9

    TB @ CLE


    1:00 pm

  • Week 10

    CLE @ CIN


    8:30 pm

  • Week 11

    HOU @ CLE


    1:00 pm

  • Week 12

    CLE @ ATL


    1:00 pm

  • Week 13

    CLE @ BUF


    1:00 pm

  • Week 14

    IND @ CLE


    1:00 pm

  • Week 15

    CIN @ CLE


    1:00 pm

  • Week 16

    CLE @ CAR


    1:00 pm

  • Week 17

    CLE @ BAL


    1:00 pm

PYRO Fantasy Depth Chart

The PYRO Fantasy Football Depth Chart is a rundown of where Team PYRO projects the fantasy production for each team at each position. It is NOT an attempt to inform you of the current starters for each team. For example, we are well aware that Brandon Manumaleuna is currently the starting TE for the Chicago Bears, but if you look at the Bears Team Page, we have Greg Olsen listed at TE. Why? We’re projecting that Greg Olsen will be the most Fantasy Football relevant TE for the Bears this season. Since Olsen will be the Bears leading FF point scorer at TE, it’s his name at the top of the TE column on our PYRO Fantasy Depth Chart.

Jim Brown - Greatest Ever

jim brown was a man amongst boys

The history of the NFL is filled with so many amazing stories and characters, unfortunately there are many in the younger generations who have no knowledge of them.  It is important for football fans to understand the history of the game, and the players who set the standard for what is great today. There are always going to be debates over who was the greatest quarterback, running back, wide receiver, or tight end of all time, but unfortunately when these conversations happen, the players of yesteryear seem to be forgotten. There is one player who stands out to me most, even though I never had a chance to see him play live and could only watch NFL films of his amazing prowess, Jim Brown.

Jim Brown was the greatest running back to ever play professional football.  That is a debatable topic, but for sure the answer you will get in Cleveland, and they can back it up.  Jim Brown was the most dominating player at the running back position the game had ever seen when arrived on the scene in 1957.  What followed was 9 years of brilliance and supremacy.  Jim Brown was the original ultra back and set the standard that all other running backs would be measured against. 

The first thing that you need to know is that Brown was a BEAST at his position at 6’2” and 232 pounds.  The average backs at the time were in the 190-200 pound range and Brown weighed as much as most linebackers.  It was not just his size, that gave him such an advantage, but also, he was an amazing athlete and does not get the credit he deserves.  Brown was not only a complete back that could run, block and catch; he was also a kick returner, I bet you didn’t know that.  Can you imagine being 190 pounds running full speed on a kickoff and have to tackle Jim Brown running full speed at you?  Brown also threw 3 TD passes in his career, he was the do it all back and the best in the business. 

Jim Brown was just a tremendous athlete. While he was in college at Syracuse University Jim Brown walked on to all the major sports at the school and played football, basketball, baseball and lacrosse, lettering in all of them. Brown was just an all-around athlete that could do everything. Brown was considered one of the greatest lacrosse players of his era. In his senior season he led Syracuse Orangemen to an undefeated season. Brown was a 2 time all midfielder while playing lacrosse for Syracuse.

I already mentioned about the size and speed of Jim Brown, but to truly understand the speed you have to realize that Jim Brown was also a member of the Syracuse track team in 1954. Then, just to show how dominant he was, in 1957 Brown competed in two sporting events on the same day. He started the day on the track and field where he won the javelin and the high jump event while finishing second in the discus toss. After he was done with the track to meet he went on to compete in a lacrosse game and led the Syracuse Orangemen to a victory over Army.

The tale of Jim Brown does not stop there though. Brown was also a boxer in college. His coach in college, Roy Simmons Jr., thought that Brown could have become the world heavyweight champion if he had dedicated himself to boxing. Think about this in the era of today, where there are some players who will compete in two sports, but how many players do you know that would have played in more than five sports and dominated all them. Jim Brown was truly in a class all of his own, and could easily be considered the greatest college athlete of all time as well. It would be fair to say that Jim Brown was the Jim Thorpe of his generation. There was nothing that he could not do, and do at the highest level.

Jim Brown was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 1957 with the 6th pick in the first round, giving them Jim Brown as a player and Paul Brown as the head coach of the Browns.  After being drafted, Jim wasted no time in beginning to make his mark in Cleveland and the NFL.  In his rookie season of 1957 he finished with 942 rushing yards and 9 TD and added 55 receiving yards with another TD, which was in a 12 game season.  While those numbers don’t seem so great now, they were good enough then to garner Brown the Rookie of Year Award.  Not only did Brown take home the Rookie honor he also was the league MVP in his rookie season…WOW!!!

That rookie season was just the tip of the iceberg, as that was the worst season in the storied career of Jim Brown.  In his second season, which also became the 2nd of 4 League MVP season’s Brown would win; he may have had his best season as a rusher.  Brown rushed for 1,527 yards, 17 rushing TD, 138 yards receiving and a receiving TD.  All of this was done in a 12 game season.  In the math of today with a 16 game season Brown would have finished with 2,036 yards and 23 TD…Fantasy STUD…YES!!!

The next 2 seasons for Jim Brown were the final two 12 game seasons of the NFL and Brown was, as always, dominant.  In those two years Brown rushed for 1,329 and 1,257 yards with 14 and 11 total TD respectively.  Jim Brown was the face of the Cleveland Browns and a reason for the people of Cleveland to feel prideful.  Jim Brown simply imposed his will on the league and they could basically do nothing until he finally retired. 

In Brown’s 4th and 5th seasons it seemed like he was slowing down, which happened to coincide with the season stretching out from 12 games to 14.  In 1961, his 4th season, Brown was still dominant rushing for 1408 yards with 8 TD and added 46 catches for 459 yards and 2 more TD.  That year he saw his yards per carry average drop to 4.6 and it got worse for him in 1962. 

In 1962 there might have been questions flying around Cleveland as to whether or not Jim Brown had lost a step.  In that season, Brown’s worst statistical, he rushed for 996 yards in 14 games with 4.3 yards per carry average, the worst of his career.  Think about that…The worst season of his career and he still rushed for 4.3 yards per carry, which a lot of running backs in the NFL would give their left nut for!!! While his rushing average was down, he did rush for 13 TD.  Brown also had his best season as a receiver that year with 47 catches for 517 yards and 5 TD.  The questions about whether or not he lost a step would have quickly vanished after this season.   

Then there are the final 3 seasons that Jim Brown played, which were the most dominating years of his career.  In those final 3 seasons Brown rushed for 4,853 yards, while adding another 933 yards receiving and finished those 3 years with 45 total TD and averaged 5.4 yards per carry during that time…that is incredible!!!  In 1963, when many thought Brown had lost a step, Brown exploded with what could be argued as his best season as a pro.  Brown rushed for 1,863 yards with an astounding 6.4 yards per carry average.  He also added 12 TD rushing and another 3 receiving, with his highest yards per catch average of his career at 11.2.  Jim Brown was able to do what many other great athletes who have dominated their sports failed to do…leave while still at the top of their game.

If you were playing fantasy football during the time that Jim Brown played, and if you had him on your team you would've had an unfair advantage.  Especially when you look back on that 1963 season Jim Brown would have absolutely crushed the competition in fantasy points. If you extrapolate that season out to 16 games Jim Brown would have gained 2,435 total yards while scoring 17 total touchdowns. Jim Brown averaged 152 total yards with a TD a game for that season. So if you use the most basic fantasy points with no bonuses Jim Brown would've averaged 21 points a game for a 16 game season. That would be an astounding 336 fantasy points on the season. Then you have to factor in the fact that during this time in the NFL there were not many 300-yard passers in the league, so quarterbacks would not have been that dominant, and it is not a stretch to believe that Jim Brown could've outscored most fantasy teams in certain weeks during that amazing season. If I were playing fantasy football during that time I would've had to make adjustments in my scoring system and I would have notated them as the Jim Brown rules.

There is one thing that sticks out to me, that is not talked about when people discuss Jim Brown, was that he fumbled the ball a lot.  Brown had 57 fumbles in his career, which is an average of 6.33 fumbles per year.  Brown had 9 fumbles in both 1960 and 1962.  There is something to consider about the fumbles which can put it into perspective.  The NFL did not have the same rules as the current NFL when Jim Brown played.  Think about how many times you see the ground cause a fumble, and then it is no longer a fumble.  Back in Brown’s day that would have been a fumble.  Then you need to think about all the times a running back is in a pile of players and his momentum has slowed and the referees blow a whistle and the play is dead.  In the old days they would let the play go until they drove the player to the ground and sometimes there would be late hitting while on the ground before a whistle would ever be blown.  The ball often changed hands during these stalled piles, where players liked to play dirty.  Back in those days the game was designed for the defense to have a huge advantage over the offense.  So if you ask me I would feel that it is okay to overlook this stat, but it is still something that warrants more discussion.  

Brown was only 30 years old at the time of his retirement from football and left as the greatest rusher the NFL had ever seen with 12,312 rushing yards.  That was an average of just over 104 yards for every game that he played.  Brown also finished with 106 rushing TD and 126 total TD which was good for an average of more than a TD per game in his career.  Brown was named to the Pro Bowl all 9 years of his career, and the final game he played was in the 1966 Pro Bowl game and finished his career by scoring 3 TD in that game.  That may not seem like a big deal now, where the Pro Bowl is a game that has all the rules set to benefit the offense, but when Brown did this the players actually played the Pro Bowl like a real game!!!      

Jim Brown helped to lead to the Browns to 3 Championship Games (pre Super Bowl era) in 1957, 1964 and 1965.  His only Championship win came in 1964 in a shut out 27-0 win over the Baltimore Colts.  His final season ended with a loss to the Green Bay Packers 23-12.  This is why it was surprising that he decided to retire after coming so close to winning it again, but Jim Brown was his own man and made his own decisions.  Jim Brown was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1971.  Jim Brown completely rewrote the record book at the time of his retirement and it would take more than 30 years before most of these were caught up to, and those who did had the benefit of playing in a 16 game season.  Jim Brown was the Babe Ruth of the NFL when he retired.      

Here is a look at the final stats that Jim Brown put up during his stellar 9 year career. 

Jim Brown career stats


These stats are amazing, but what really stood out at the time was how Jim Brown completely rewrote the record book at the time of his retirement.  Brown held 15 individual records at the time of his retirement and was top 3 in 20 other categories…CRAZY!!!  Here are the records that he accomplished at the time of his retirement.  

(At time of his retirement following 1965 season)
• [1st] Most Touchdowns, Career – 126
• [1st] Most Seasons Leading League, Rushing – 8 (1957-61, 1963-65)
• [1st] Most Consecutive Seasons Leading League, Rushing – 5 (1957-1961)
• [1st] Most Yards Rushing, Career – 12,312
• [1st] Most Yards Rushing, Season – 1,863 (1963)
• [1st] Most Yards Rushing, Game – 237 (vs. Los Angeles, Nov. 24, 1957; vs. Philadelphia, Nov. 19, 1961
• [1st] Most Rushing Attempts, Career – 2,359
• [1st] Most Rushing Attempts, Season – 305 (1961)
• [1st] Most Game 100 or More Yards Rushing, Career – 58
• [1st] Highest Average Gain Rushing, Career – 5.22
• [1st] Most Touchdowns Rushing, Career – 106
• [1st] Most Attempts Career, Combined Net Yards – 2,658
• [1st] Most Attempts Season, Combined Net Yards – 354 (1961)
• [1st] Most Attempts Game, Combined Net Yards – 39 (vs. Chicago Cardinals, Oct. 4, 1959)
• [1st] Most Combined Net Yards Gained, Career – 15, 459

Team Records
Browns’ records held by Brown at the time of his retirement following the 1965 season
• [1st] Most Yards Rushing, Career – 12,312
• [1st] Most Yards Rushing, Season – 1,863 (1963)
• [1st] Most Yards Rushing, Game – 237 (vs. Los Angeles, Nov. 24, 1957; vs. Philadelphia, Nov. 19, 1961)
• [1st] Most Rushing Attempts, Career – 2,359
• [1st] Most Rushing Attempts, Season – 305 (1961)
• [1st] Most Rushing Attempts, Game – 37 (vs. Chicago Cardinals, Oct. 4, 1959)
• [1st] Highest Average Gain Rushing, Season – 6.4 (1963)
• [1st] Most Consecutive Games, Rushing Touchdown – 7 (1957-58, 1962-63)
• [1st] Most Consecutive Games Without Fumble – 12 (1958-1959)
• [1st] Most Points, Season – 126 (1965)
• [1st] Most Touchdowns, Career – 126
• [1st] Most Touchdowns, Season – 21 (1965)

Here is the final breakdown of the Awards and Honors he garnered during his 9 year Hall of Fame Career. 

Awards and Honors
• 1960s All-Decade Team
• NFL’s 75th Anniversary Team
• All-Time NFL Team (selected in year 2000)
• 1957 Rookie of the Year (UPI, AP, SN)
• 1957 Most Valuable Player (AP, SN)
• 1958 Most Valuable Player (UPI, AP, NEA, SN)
Rushing Titles: 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1963, 1964, 1965

There may be many who don’t remember and never saw Jim Brown play, but what he did during his era was unheard of, and due to the domination he displayed over his 9 year career you can understand why Jim Brown is still considered the best running back of all time…in Cleveland for sure!!!

jim brown in his prime

By Houdini

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brian sipe and the kardiac kids

Brian Sipe did not come to the Cleveland Browns with much fan fair. Sipe was selected in the 13th round of the 1972 NFL Draft, 330th overall. Brian became the Browns starting quarterback in 1976, and he was their leader for eight seasons. The best season of his career came in 1980, where he was named League MVP as the leader of the “Kardiac Kids”.

Prior to the 1980 season it had been seven years since the Browns made the playoffs. Sipe and the offense showed flashes of brilliance in 1979, as he threw for 3,793 yards with 28 touchdowns and 26 interceptions.  Cleveland did have some firepower in their offense for the 1980 season, with Dave Logan and Reggie Rucker at receiver. They also had a bruising fullback, yes teams used fullbacks as offensive weapons back in the day, in Mike Pruitt who ran for over 1,000 yards and was a dual threat with 63 catches on the season. The other major cog in the offense was future Hall-of-Fame tight end Ozzie Newsome. The finished the 1979 season with 9-7 record, but missed the playoffs again. Browns fans had reason to feel confident in their bunch heading into the 1980 season. Unfortunately, things never seem to come easy for Cleveland.

The Browns opened the 1980 season with two straight losses, and it seemed that this was going to be yet another season without making the playoffs. They were outscored 50-24 in those two games. Cleveland would bounce back over the next two games, as Brian Sipe threw for 613 yards, with five touchdowns and two interceptions. Sipe showed the possibilities of the offense, and gave hope back to Browns fans. Although, these Browns would never make it easy on their fans even when they were playing well.

The Browns had a 3-3 record as they welcomed the Green Bay Packers, as began to earn the nickname, the “Kardiac Kids”. The Packers were leading 21-13 in the fourth quarter, and that meant two scores as the two point conversion was not in the NFL at this time. The Browns rallied late to win the game 26-21. That began a stretch of games where the Browns would go down to the wire, and test their fans mental fortitude tested.

The following week the Browns faced division rival Pittsburgh, and they found themselves trailing 20-7 in the 3rd quarter. Brian Sipe would then throw three touchdown passes, and bring the Browns from behind for a 27-26 victory. The following week it seemed like the Browns were becoming a strong team, and they led the Chicago Bears 20-7 in the fourth quarter. The Browns were unable to put the game away, and allowed the Bears to mount a comeback before holding them off 27-21. That trend would continue the following week.

In week 10 the Browns traveled to Baltimore to face the Colts, and they had a 28-13 lead in the fourth quarter. Once again, Cleveland was unable to take the drama out of the game, as the Colts rallied with two late touchdowns, but still held on to win 28-27. The Browns found out the following week that you can only play with fire for so long before getting burned.

Sipe and the Browns traveled to Pittsburgh in week 11, and they mounted a 13-7 lead, behind his two second quarter touchdown passes. The Steelers would not allow the Browns to pull away, and shut their offense down the rest of the game. The Steelers were able to rally late to pull out a 16-13 victory over Cleveland.

The “Kardiac Kids” never made it easy on their fans the entire season. In week 13 facing the Oilers in Houston, the Browns led 17-7 in the third quarter, and once again their offense went in the tank. The Oilers closed the gap, but fell just short 17-14. The next week they were home to face the New York Jets, and were down 14-10 in the fourth quarter. Sipe led the Browns down the field before hitting Greg Pruitt (the Browns had Greg and Mike Pruitt on their roster) for late score to win the game 17-14. With only two weeks to go in the season, the Browns were on their way to a playoff berth, and only needed a win at Minnesota to lock down their spot.

Brian Sipe started the game very strong against the Vikings, as he threw for a touchdown as well as rushing for a score. Sipe and the Browns built up a 23-9 lead over the Vikings in the fourth quarter. It seemed all but certain that the Browns would win this game and head to the playoffs. These “Kardiac Kids” though did not know how to handle success. The Vikings would come from behind with three touchdown passes by Tommy Kramer, two of which went to Ahmad Bradshaw, and beat the Browns 28-23. Now the Browns would have to win on the road against the hated Cincinnati Bengals to secure their playoff spot.

The Browns seemed to carry over the fourth quarter of the Vikings game into the season finale, as they found themselves trailing the Bengals 10-17 in third quarter. Brian Sipe then hit Ricky Feacher on two touchdown passes for 35 and 34 yards. The “Kardiac Kids” had come from behind for the eighth time on the season to beat the Bengals 27-24 and reach the playoffs for the first time in eight years.

Brian Sipe was the main reason why the Browns were able to make their return to the playoffs, and he was rewarded for his accomplishment and amazing season by being named the League MVP. Sipe threw for 4,132 yards with 30 touchdowns and only 14 interceptions. Those numbers would still look pretty good in todays passing NFL, but this was era of the running back making it even more impressive. Sipe and the Browns brought the joy back to Cleveland, and prompted a hilarious adaptation of the “Twelve Days of Christmas”, which became the “Twelve Days of Browns Christmas”.

The “Kardiac Kids” would host the Oakland Raiders in the playoffs, and had their fans thinking of the next round as they led by a count of 12-7 in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, the “Kardiac Kids” were unable to hold off the Raiders, who would score on a Mark van Eeghen 1-yard score late in the game to seal a 14-12 victory. There was no reviving the “Kardiac Kids” on this day, but they brought joy and hope back to Cleveland, which had been lacking it since 1972.

By Houdini

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Showdown on Tate and West

Senior Editor for Vic Carucci says that Ben Tate and Terrance West will challenge for the No.1 running back job. The competition will begin in four days, because that's when the Browns opens its first practice in training camp.

When Ben Tate was signed in free-agency this year, he was the clear starter, but they drafted Terrance West in the second round, and the convulsion began.

"West hardly looks as if he’ll have any issues making the transition from a small school, Towson, to the NFL. In fact, it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if he ends up winning the starting job or at least getting a significant number of carries in what is expected to be a run-oriented offense."

Pyro's take: Ben Tate when healthy has played well, but his hang-up has always been not getting injured. To leverage that possibility, the Browns drafted Terrance West out of Towson.

West has a 5-foot-9, 225-pound frame, and is more of glider than a runner. " like a natural in the Browns’ outside-zone-blocking scheme. He shows the necessary patience to allow gaps to form as the offensive line moves laterally and the necessary ability to plant a foot and explode through the hole. He’s also big enough and strong enough to shake tacklers, but has the speed to tear away from them in the open field."

Tate is more than happy to get out of the shadow of Arian Foster, and knows offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan's system through Gary Kubiak, another factor is that Tate's contract is his contract is loaded with performance-oriented incentives.

Right now this competition can go either way, and being part of a mostly running offense, could build hefty stats for the star running back. For your fantasy team if you grab one, make sure you grab the other.

07/22/14, 03:50 PM CDT by Michael Valverde

Cameron Twitter change

Jordan Cameron is being preemptive and taking no chances on his twitter account. After hearing the news that Jimmy Graham lost out on a possible $5+ million dollars because his bio read "tight end" Cameron changed his bio to “Pro Bowl pass catcher” rather than “Pro Bowl TE.” Cameron can be a free agent after the season.

Pyro's take: If Jimmy Graham and the Saints can work out a long term deal, it will bust the tight end bank wide-open, and Jordan Cameron does become a free-agent he can follow suit and turn a long-term deal into a gold mine for himself, or increase the franchise tag amount.

07/06/14, 08:46 PM CDT by Michael Valverde

Welcome to the Arena Football League Josh

The best wide receiver in fantasy football last year was arrested on DWI this morning in North Carolina. He missed two games last year for testing positive for codeine, and was waiting for a July hearing on his current indefinite suspension which was for the NFL drug policy - which people are saying was marijuana.

Pyro's take: First off, he's not playing a game in the NFL during the 2014 season. This mornings run-in shored that ruling up right away - you aren't welcome back for a while cracky.

Second, he may not play in the NFL again, he's a one more strike and you are out player - and that is after the Commish finally let's him back. This morning could have been his last strike for all we know.

#12 may be one of the biggest wastes of talent the WR position we'll ever see- no exaggeration. People that had him in dynasty leagues, and got him super late, damn- he f'd you real bad. Cleveland took a chance on this trouble maker, I'd say it sorta paid off for a season, but this will leave a stain on the franchise that has too many of them already.

Keep up the great career moves Josh, the Flash nickname still fits, but it's for Josh "FLASH IN THE PAN" Gordon.

07/05/14, 04:08 PM CDT by d-Rx

Jordan Cameron dominant in OTA's

Vic Carucci,Senior Editor of the Cleveland Browns website spoke about Jordan Cameron in his OTA practices.

He has been the most consistently dominant performer in each practice. The fourth-year tight end seems to have taken his game to a higher level than last season, when he made his first Pro Bowl. Cameron is showing a better understanding of coverages, which is helping him to find openings deeper downfield, and he looks to be an even more dangerous red-zone target.

Pyro's take: Cameron no longer has Norv Turner, but he learned a lot under him in one season. Jordan has been working on his game in the off-season, and he could become the teams number one target in the passing game with the looming suspension of Josh Gordon.

There are many who believe with Norv Turner gone that Cameron's numbers will decrease, as he did have a stat line of 80-917-7. If that is the case he is going to fall in drafts, but I feel he still has high value, and he could get to 1,000 yards this season.

06/30/14, 09:48 PM CDT by Houdini

Ben Tate-primed for RBBC?

Terry Pluto in an article for has stated that head coach Mike Pettine is installing an RBBC for the Cleveland Brown backfield, and Ray Farmer, the general manager, deserves credit for signing Ben Tate and drafting Terrance West in the third round. Tate has battled injuries for much of his career, and last season rushed for 771 yards and 4.3 carry average, Tate is only 25.

West rushed for 2,509 yards and 41 touchdowns at Towson State, which is in the old division 1-AA.

Pettine stated "I think in the AFC North, you have to be running back by committee. You'd like to have that guy that can carry most of the load, but also be able to alternate've got to be able to get fresh legs out there."

Pyro's take: If Mike Pettine is truly committed to the RBBC, and it sounds like he is, Ben Tate just took a major dip in ADP. Ben is a solid number one full-time back, but as mentioned just can't seem to stay healthy, and the Browns are not exactly built to lose their starter, and have the rest of their season dependent on a rookie from Towson State. Drop Tate in your tiers and raise Terrance West, and make sure if you draft one hand-cuff the other.

06/28/14, 06:21 PM CDT by Michael Valverde

Cam Tag

Jordan Cameron may be facing the dreaded franchise tag. The Cleveland Browns have presented two contract options toward Cameron, but each have been rejected. The Browns are now facing a possibility of either a franchise tag, or a "sticky" situation in next year's off-season.

Pyro's take: The chances of Cameron having a bad season this year looks slim. He will be relied on to be the main receiver, especially since Gordon lost his grip on reality. If Cameron doesnt sign a deal, and gets through the season uninjured, The Browns will have a mess on their hands, as they surely dont want to go down the road of Graham and the Saints. Graham is stating he should be paid as a wide receiver and not get tight end money.

06/09/14, 02:40 PM CDT by Michael Valverde

Browns comfortbale with Hoyer, but how much?

Browns general manager Ray Farmer indicated Monday that he'd be fine heading into the 2014 season with Brian Hoyer as his starting quarterback -- but a lot can happen between now and then.

“I’m comfortable,'' Farmer said at the NFL Annual Meeting. "You’ve got to identify the guy that you think can do the role that you’re asking him to do. Here’s a guy that’s had NFL experience. He’s been in NFL camps. He has some tools to move forward with.

"The notion of experience is one that to me it can get overplayed. You have to identify truly what the young man is going to be asked to do and can he perform in that role. And if he can, don’t be afraid to move forward in that direction.”

Pyro's take: While the General Manager is saying all the right things about Hoyer, as he should. The fact is that the Browns did not like any of the other options that were available to them in free agency at the quarterback position, but that does not mean that they will not draft a quarterback.

The Browns have 10 picks, including three in the first 35 selections of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Not wanting to tip his hand, (head coach) Mike Pettine revealed very little. However, he did mention that there is still a chance a rookie quarterback starts for the Browns in 2014 while also giving brief scouting reports on the top QBs. Pettine also spoke about his desire to find the "it factor."

These are signs that the Browns want competition, and while Hoyer played well, if he is the future of the position in Cleveland he will have to fend off some rookies, including potentially Johnny Football.

03/25/14, 10:49 PM CDT by Houdini

Ben Tate now a Brownie

Ben Tate has signed a new contract which allows him to be part of the Cleveland Browns. The contract is reportedly to be a two year deal worth $7 million. This contract is great for both sides, as the economics protect Cleveland, as they paid Tate less than what Jacksonville got for Toby Gerhart. On the flip side, this will allow Tate to showcase his skills as a primary back.

Pyro's take: The main issue here for Ben Tate is his inability to stay healthy. He has had his chance with Arian Foster going down from injury, but Tate also suffered from broken ribs, and eventually shut down. His rookie year he missed all 16 games, and four in 2012 with foot and hamstring problems. The upside is that when healthy, Tate can be explosive, and catch the ball out of the backfield. He should be counted on as an every down back..let's just hope he doesn't end up hurting his wrist signing a new lease to a home in Cleveland.

03/15/14, 07:22 PM CDT by Michael Valverde

Tate close to signing with Browns

The Browns are frontrunners to land Texans free agent running back Ben Tate, according to multiple sources.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Wednesday that Tate is already in Cleveland visiting with Browns, whose running game finished tied for 27th in the NFL last year. NFL Network also reported that the Browns are his most likely destination.

The Browns contemplated trading for Tate, 25, last season, but opted to wait for him to become a free agent instead.

Tate (5-11, 217) is a former second-round pick out of Auburn in 2010.

Pyro's take: Tate has struggled with injuries throughout his career, but if he signs with the Browns he will get a chance to be the guy. When Tate was drafted he suffered an injury and lost his starting job to an undrafted rookie named Arian Foster. There is no Foster in Cleveland, and if he can stay healthy he will have a good chance to be a viable fantasy option in 2014.

The Browns have weapons in Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron, so Tate would have help to keep the pressure off the running game. The likely addition of a rookie quarterback also adds to the emphasis the team will put on the running game to take the pressure off their young signal caller. That means more opportunities for Ben. If Tate stays healthy and signs in Cleveland, he could be a nice sleeper in 2014.

03/12/14, 04:31 PM CDT by Houdini

Andrew Hawkins set to replace Davone Bess

The Browns offer sheet is worth $12.2 million over four years and includes $4 million in guaranteed money, a number that shows how badly Cleveland could use a player like Andrew Hawkins (5'7"/180).

Pyro's take: I don't see the Bengals matching the offer, so it looks like the restricted free-agent will end up joining the other Ohio-based NFL team.

With Davone Bess out in the weed pasture, it was time to get a slot player that defenses have to worry about, or at least consider. "Baby Hawk" is a crafty and elusive player, and when healthy, made some big plays for Cincinnati.

Imagine if the Browns grab Sammy Watkins in the upcoming draft. A move like that could very well make this the best WR trio in the league - no joke! Keep an eye on this intriguing possibility and where the Browns go at QB... but overall, things are looking way up for Andrew Hawkins.

03/11/14, 08:44 PM CDT by d-Rx

Davone Bess Released

The Cleveland Browns have decided to let Davone Bess try to find another home by giving him his walking papers.

Pyro's take: Davone had struggled to learn that compounding being a shitty player and breaking the law don't mix. This joker even had a guaranteed contract if he could just stay off the non-football injury list. Instead, he traded the guarantee of $3.067 million dollars for a photo of him with a blunt cigarette while wearing a Rasta flag around his neck, and assaulting police officers in a Ft. Lauderdale airport.

According to police Bess was dancing and singing as his pants repeatedly fell down. A police officer approached Davone and asked if he was okay. Without a response Bess grabbed a cup of coffee, squeezed, which caused it to splash on the shirt of the police officer. Davone Bess has stated it was just a big misunderstanding, because he was enjoying listening to his music, and was mishandled by the police.

He went on after the arrest to post nude photos of himself, and then admit into a Florida facility shortly after his arrest. This was not the first time he has been in a medical facility.

03/05/14, 12:46 PM CST by Michael Valverde

Johnny Doesn't Quite Measure Up

Last week Johnny Manziel said that there was no way he would measure under 6 feet tall. Well at the Scouting Combine he did come in under the 72 inch mark that he promised.

Manziel's Measurements:
Height: 5 foot 11 3/4 inches
Weight: 207 pounds
Hand Size: 9 7/8 inches

At Texas A&M Manziel was listed at 6'1" 210 pounds.

Pyro's take: The numbers listed on a College Football Website are sort of inflated for all parties involved. They are sort of like the inflation on one's online dating profile, a little bit taller and typically a little bit higher/lower in the weight department depending on position. The NFL Scouting Combine is the first chance to get official measurements on all of the athletes and is very similar to a first date and a woman sizing you up. After the initial eye test comes the verbal interviews to check your compatibility. Then of course the testing portion that is comparable to an obstacle course that women make you run through before deciding on marriage, which of course is the NFL Draft.

02/22/14, 10:36 AM CST by Stagg Party

Hoyer hopes to the Browns starter in 2014

Brian Hoyer knows the Browns will likely draft a quarterback who’ll threaten his mission to reclaim the starting job.

“My goal is to be the starting quarterback again,” Hoyer said Thursday during a PLAY 60 football festival at the team’s field house, where about 700 Special Olympics athletes and coaches from Cleveland schools took part in activities. “That’s what every day I come in here and work towards, and it’s definitely a motivation for me.”

The Browns could select Hoyer’s main competition with the fourth overall pick or with another lucrative choice early in the first round if new General Manager Ray Farmer makes a trade. Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel, Central Florida’s Blake Bortles, Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater and Fresno State’s Derek Carr are the top-rated quarterbacks in this year’s class.

Nowadays, quarterbacks who are picked early usually play right away, although Hoyer doesn’t seem convinced that a rookie could beat him out.

“Veterans have an advantage on rookies anyway ’cause those guys — I know from my first year — you train so much for the combine, things like that, that you’re not really training for reading defenses, playing football,” said Hoyer, a North Olmsted native and Cleveland St. Ignatius High School graduate who entered the NFL in 2009 as an undrafted free agent with the New England Patriots. “You’re worried about your 40 [-yard dash], your drops, things like that. For a veteran, I’m worried about minicamp. I’m not worried about going out and running a 40. So we’ve got an advantage anyway, and there’s always going to be competition. So I’m looking forward to it.”

Pyro's take: Hoyer is going to have an uphill battle to the starting job, especially considering that the former regime, most notably Mike Lombardi, has been removed. Hoyer is also coming off a torn ACL.

I do agree with him, that if the Browns draft a rookie he will have a chance to compete for the starting job. Although, the Browns, under new management, may decide to go with the youth movement and play a rookie quarterback out of the gate. I wonder if they will ask Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron what they think?

Cameron and Gordon are the two best offensive weapons that the Browns have, and both of them did very well while Hoyer was under center during weeks three and four. Gordon was playing in his first game of the season in week three, and he caught 10 passes for 146 yards and score. Cameron had 16 receptions for 157 yards and four touchdowns during those two weeks.

The Browns still have plenty of time to make their decision, but while he was on the field Hoyer flashed potential. The best bet he has is to get the starting gig while the Browns let their chosen rookie quarterback learn. Although, in this situation, Hoyer will have a short leash.

02/16/14, 01:05 PM CST by Houdini

Johnny Football Won't Throw at Combine

According to his agent Erik Burkhardt on Twitter, Manziel has opted not to throw at the Combine.

"@JManziel2 will do all of his throwing at his March 27th Pro Day & private workouts. Teams will have all the time & access they want."

Pyro's take: Manziel has nothing to gain by throwing at the combine and only a chance for his stock to slip. Many of the top quarterbacks have foregone throwing at recent combines and have not suffered as a result. Manziel will stick to throwing at his pro day at the end of March that will give him more time to work with his longtime coach George Whitfield on his footwork and throwing mechanics.

Manziel has a shot to be the No. 1 overall pick and stay in his home state of Texas if all goes right. From a fantasy perspective the Texans would be a great fit for Johnny as they have a ton of surrounding talent and new Head Coach Bill O'Brien is a noted quarterback guru around the league.

02/16/14, 10:49 AM CST by Stagg Party

Davone Bess, the Amanda Bynes of the NFL?

Six BSO deputies were needed that night to restrain Bess, who was screaming, “Hide the guns!” “Where is my weed?” and “I want to get in the end zone; throw me the football!” according to the incident report.

Pyro's take: I'd say this last week has been the closest thing to Titus Young since that little fella' crazed himself out of the league.

Instagramin' weed and J's with Cocaine Cowboys on a tub television was the beginning, but he didn't play the last 2 games due to serious family problems...

Looks like this guy is going to be out of the league.

01/17/14, 11:38 PM CST by d-Rx

Gordon to start seeing double coverage

Gordon has amassed more than half his yards – 774 to go along with five touchdowns -- in the last four games. During the record-breaking span, some have wondered why opponents have not doubled him. New England covered him with the physical Aqib Talib, who surrendered seven catches for 151 yards including an 80-yard touchdown.

One former league executive speaking on conditions of anonymity said opponents will make the 6-3, 225-pound Gordon a greater emphasis.

“They’re going to start putting a safety over the top and shade him,” he said. “I think it’s going to change. Gordon’s production merits it.

“I love his size and his build-up speed is really good.”

Gordon has been as noticeable as his fellow receivers Little and Davone Bess have been invisible. In the Browns’ 27-26 loss in New England, a game in which Jason Campbell threw for 391 yards, the duo combined for three catches and 24 yards.

Pyro's take: It is amazing to me that Gordon has not been double teamed during this epic run he has been on. The Bears may decide to double him, but I don't think that is going to matter that much in this game.

The Bears defense has started to get pressure on the quarterback as of late, but they still can't stop the run, and are middle of the pack against the pass. The best option the Bears have to cover Gordon is Tim Jennings, who is good, but he can't cover him one on one. Which means there will need to be safety help, but that does not mean as much with the Bears.

The safeties that are going to help are Major Wright and Chris Conte, both of whom have found themselves out of position many times this season. Gordon is a must start, and should continue his epic streak.

12/14/13, 05:58 PM CST by Houdini

Gordon is fantasy gold

Browns receiver Josh Gordon was in no mood to stick around and celebrate all the records that fell at his feet like confetti at a New Year's Eve party.

Following Sunday's 27-26 loss to the Patriots, Gordon snuck out of the locker room with nary a word, and offered only a sentence later through a team spokesman.

"It means nothing to me if we can't win as a team while doing it,'' said Gordon, who caught seven passes for 151 yards, including an 80-yard TD that extended the Browns' lead to 19-3 with 1:25 left in the third quarter.

Gordon's 151 yards passed Braylon Edwards (1,289 in 2007) for the franchise’s single-season record. Gordon now has league-leading 1,400 yards (and eight TDs) in 11 games -- five fewer games than it took Edwards to set the mark.

He surpassed Detroit's Calvin Johnson (1,348) for most yards in the NFL -- despite missing the first two games of the season on a suspension.

Pyro's take: Gordon has been unworldly over the past four weeks. Flash has 36 catches for 808 total yards and five touchdowns!!!

He is the leading receiver on the season and he missed the first two games!!! There is no sign that Gordon will slow down, so get ready for him to carry you through your fantasy playoffs.

Next week Flash will torch the Bears bungling defense, and he will help you pop the champagne in your championship as he lights up the hapless Jets secondary. Good times indeed for the most explosive player in the game right now.

12/09/13, 05:43 PM CST by Houdini

Gordon has no idea who will throw him the ball the next week

Browns coach Rob Chudzinski reiterated that Brandon Weeden suffered a concussion during Sunday's 32-28 loss to the Jaguars and was sent home Monday, and that Jason Campbell (concussion) has been cleared for football activity, but not for practice yet.

Chudzinski said the next 24-48 hours will be crucial in determining who will start Sunday against the Patriots.

He said Campbell is day-to-day and he won't know until Wednesday if he'll be able to practice.

Currently the Browns have second-year pro Alex Tanney waiting in the wings. He was signed last week off the Cowboys practice squad and has a limited package of plays available to him.

Chudzinski also stressed that the Browns are open to starting a current street quarterback if Weeden and Campbell aren't ready in time for the 9-3 Patriots.

Pyro's take: As bad as the quarterback situation has been in Cleveland this season it has not mattered to Josh Gordon, until now. Gordon has thrived with Brandon Weeden, Brian Hoyer and Jason Campbell this season. In his last three games Flash has 29 catches for 623 yards and four touchdowns. In his last two games he has 24 catches for 498 yards and three scores.

If Alex Tanney, or someone else off the street, starts this week Gordon is going to have a hard time continuing his domination. There is no doubt that Flash will see a ton of targets, why wouldn't you throw to him every time, but the person throwing is going to be step down from Weeden. Let me say that again, the replacement would be a step down from Weeden.

12/02/13, 05:49 PM CST by Houdini

Cameron looking to get back on track

Jordan Cameron has virtually disappeared the past two weeks, and he knows he needs to work harder to get open for Jason Campbell.

"I need to speed things up and I need to find a way to get open,'' said Cameron. "I need to try to get in there and do more. I need to step up and make plays and do whatever I can to help this team. That's my goal.''

"I've got to work on releases and find ways to get in the seam or get on the outside a little bit more,'' Cameron said. "It's but it's just a matter of seeing the look and adjusting to it and trying to get open any way I can.''

In the past two games, Cameron has totaled just 33 yards on seven carries with a long catch of eight yards, and no TDs. Since Jason Campbell has taken over the past three games, Cameron has 11 catches for 114 yards (38 average) and no touchdowns. He flashed open early in the end zone on the Browns' first trip inside the red zone last week, but Campbell rolled right and missed him.

Cameron's recent lack of production is in stark contrast to his first seven games, when he caught 45 passes for 515 yards (73.5 average) with six touchdowns.

Pyro's take: Cameron is saying all the right things, and is putting the blame for his poor play squarely on his own shoulders. Jordan was dominating fantasy early in the season, but has been non-existent over the past 3 weeks.

This week Cameron will face the Steelers, who are only surrendering 7.2 points per game to tight ends. That being said, Jordan has a chance to put up a nice game as he should see more targets after all the questions this week about him and Jason Campbell having chemistry issues.

11/23/13, 03:45 PM CST by Houdini

Flash likely to stay in Cleveland

Browns CEO Joe Banner wants his organization to operate with a sense of fearlessness. He’s not afraid to take risks and neither is his coach, who leads the NFL in fourth-down attempts and touchdown passes from punters.

Which leads us to receiver Josh Gordon and the NFL trade deadline Tuesday at 4 p.m. The club reportedly is garnering offers for the 22-year-old Baylor product with a history of big plays and failed drug tests. He is a 6-foot-3 roulette wheel with arms -- and the Browns must decide if he’s worth the gamble.

Unless they can pry a first-round pick from a suitor, the answer should be yes. Gordon is good and getting better. On a club with quarterback issues, he ranks fourth in the NFL in receiving yards per game (97.0) and second in yards per reception (18.2) for players with 15-plus catches.

Pyro's take: It does not seem that any franchise is willing to pony up a first round pick to acquire Josh Gordon. That means that he should be staying put as the trade deadline passes tomorrow.

This is probably the best for his fantasy value this season anyway. If Gordon were to be traded, he would have to learn a whole new system, as well as having to develop chemistry with a new quarterback. In Cleveland Flash is the man, and on a losing team there is not a lot of pressure on him. For a guy who is one strike away from being suspended for a year, staying put is the best thing for him.

10/28/13, 05:41 PM CDT by Houdini


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