Indianapolis Colts

AFC South

2014 Schedule

  • Week 1

    IND @ DEN


    8:30 pm

  • Week 2

    PHI @ IND


    8:30 pm

  • Week 3

    IND @ JAC


    1:00 pm

  • Week 4

    TEN @ IND


    1:00 pm

  • Week 5

    BAL @ IND


    1:00 pm

  • Week 6

    IND @ HOU


    8:30 pm

  • Week 7

    CIN @ IND


    1:00 pm

  • Week 8

    IND @ PIT


    4:30 pm

  • Week 9

    IND @ NYG


    8:30 pm

  • Week 10


  • Week 11

    NE @ IND


    8:30 pm

  • Week 12

    JAC @ IND


    1:00 pm

  • Week 13

    WAS @ IND


    1:00 pm

  • Week 14

    IND @ CLE


    1:00 pm

  • Week 15

    HOU @ IND


    1:00 pm

  • Week 16

    IND @ DAL


    4:30 pm

  • Week 17

    IND @ TEN


    1:00 pm

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The Great Don Shula

the great don shula with the baltimore colts

The greatness that is Don Shula and his relationship with the Baltimore Colts started in a most unusual way. His first stint with the team began when he was traded from the Cleveland Browns in a 15 player deal.  There he started as the Colts corner back in 1953. He played four season in Baltimore, and in an era where passing was not readily used, Shula came away with three interceptions, but Baltimore finished with only a 3-9 record.  The following season, Shula had five interceptions, but again the Colts finished 3-9. In 1955, Shula again had five picks, and Baltimore finished with just a 5-6-1 record.  Don Shula missed the final three games due to a broken jaw. In 1956, was a low point in Don's career as he had just one interception, and was waived prior to the start of the 1957 season.  The Colts also finished the '56 season with another losing record.  It would not be long before Shula ended up being part of the Baltimore franchise once again, this time not as a player.

In 1963, Don Shula began his head coaching career in Baltimore.  The signing made him the youngest head coach ever in the NFL at the age of 33. In his first season he had a winning record finishing 8-6 for third place in the NFL West.

In 1964, he guided the team to a 12-2 record that won the NFL West, and put them in the NFL championship game, and even though they lost to Cleveland 27-0, Don Shula was named the NFL's Coach of the Year Award.

In 1965, the Colts finished tied with the Green Bay Packers (10-3-1), forcing a one game playoff to determine which team would be playing for the championship.  Baltimore ended up losing 13-10 in an overtime battle.

In the 1966 and 1967 seasons the Colts found themselves out of contention for a playoff spot, even though they finished 11-1-2 in 1967. Their only loss was a blow out to the Los Angeles Rams, which ended up being the tie-breaker to get into the playoffs.

In 1968, the Colts finished the season again with just one loss (13-1).  The Colts defeated the Vikings in the Divisional match-up, and eliminated the Browns in the conference championship the following week to get into the Super Bowl to face the New York Jets.  Even though Baltimore were large favorites, they ended up losing to Joe Namath and his guarantee stated victory.

Shula finished his coaching career in Baltimore in the 1969 season. The Colts finished with an 8-5 record and did not compete in the playoffs.  He finished with a 71-23-4 record, but only 2-3 in the postseason, including two losses where Baltimore was a heavy favorite.

another don shula coaching for colts picture

In February of 1970, Don Shula was lured away from the Baltimore Colts by Joe Robbie of the Miami Dolphins.  Shula received a long-term contract, a percentage of the ownership, and named Vice-President. Pete Rozelle the NFL Commissioner at the time, took this to be tampering and found the Dolphins guilty. The consequence was a forfeiture of their first round draft choice to the Baltimore Colts, where they selected running back Don McCauley out of North Carolina with the 22nd pick. McCauley had a solid career with the Colts, playing from 1971 to 1981. He finished with 770 carries for 2627 yards and 40 touchdowns, he also added 333 receptions for 3026 yards and 17 touchdowns, and was the Colts kickoff and punt returner for 10 of the 11 years he played.

Don Shula retired as Dolphins head coach at the conclusion of the 1995 season.  He led Miami into the playoffs with a 9-7 record, but was eliminated in their first game to the Buffalo Bills.  Shula finished his coaching career with 347 wins only 173 defeats and six tie games (.678 winning percentage). Only he and George Halas have 300 wins under their belt, and Don has coached in six Super Bowls, winning back-to-back in Super Bowl VII and VIII. He won the NFL Head Coach of the Year six times. Winning it from 1964-1968 and then again from 1970-1972.  In 1997, he was inducted into the Pro-Football Hall of Fame as a head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

don shula young - awesome shula picture

By Vaaal-Verde

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The Mayflower Move

the mayflower move collage baltimore colts become the indianapolis colts

On the night of March 29, 1984 in the sleet of snow, a slew of Mayflower trucks, with the Mayflower emblem floated away from home of Baltimore Maryland to arrive in their new port of Indianapolis Indiana. Even though people of Maryland had heard complaints from owner Robert Irsay, nobody would believe that a professional team would deceive all fans, and leave in a stealth like move in the dead of night. Even if it was a deceitful move, was it justified? Could have it been halted?

Irsay never thought he was wrong for the move.  He believed that the mayor and city let him down. He wanted a new stadium, from his stand point the 1953 Memorial Stadium could no longer fill his needs for renovation. Carroll Rosenbloom who eventually sold the rights of the Colts to Irsay, called Memorial Stadium "Antiquated." Rightfully so, Rosenbloom had to share the stadium with the Baltimore Orioles, and when Baltimore mayor William Schaefer and state governor Marvin Mandel investigated the complaints in 1971, they found a messy situation. 

Some of the problems mentioned: 10,000 of the stadium's seats had views that were "less than desirable"; 20,000 seats were out-dated bench seats that had no back support; 7,000 so called seats were actually poorly constructed temporary bleachers that were installed for football games only.

There was not enough office space for the Orioles or Colts, much less both teams combined. Both teams had to share locker rooms, the upper deck of Memorial Stadium did not circle the field, ending instead at the 50-yard line.

Maryland decided to pull together to save the team in Baltimore, by creating a facility near the inner harbor and call it Camden Yards. The $78 million dollar project would keep all sides happy and keep the teams in Baltimore. Unfortunately, the proposal did not pass Maryland legislature.

Rosenbloom was tired of having to deal with the ultra financial conservative of the city of Baltimore and the rejection of the state to refuse to create bonds to invest in making Memorial Stadium a better place to be. In July of 1972, Rosenbloom decided to make a change of his own.  He decided to agree to let someone else inherit the mess, and made arrangements with Jim Irsay to sell the club.  The agreed deal would be: Irsay would buy the Los Angeles Rams for $19 million then trade the Rams and along with $3 million in cash to Rosenbloom for the Baltimore Colts. The situation never got any better.

In 1974, Irsay still remained patient and believed in the city to get things right. He went on to say "It's not a matter of saying that there will be no stadium. It's a matter of getting the facts together so everybody is happy when they build the stadium. I'm a patient man."

The Colts continued to be successful, as they made the playoffs from 1975-77, even though there was no step forward to making any kind of stadium  improvements. In 1976, Robert Irsay began a trek to shop his team to another location. He visited Arizona and Indianapolis, and also got bids from the Los Angeles Coliseum, and from cities in Tennessee and Florida.

In 1977, Irsay went on to say "I like Baltimore and want to stay there, but when are we going to find out something about our stadium? I'm getting offers from towns like Indianapolis to build me a new stadium and give me other inducements to move there. I don't want to but I'd like to see some action in Baltimore."

Jim Irsay even approached Maryland governor Harry Hughes with a request for $25 million in improvements, which was decreased to $23 million by the legislature. There were improvements in the seats, but the luxury boxes were ignored. The money toward the improvements were based on the Colts and Orioles management signing a long term agreement.  Neither owner decided to sign that long term contract, and as a result the funds never arrived.

Meanwhile, in Indianapolis, the Mayor Richard Lugar and then was proceeded by William Hudnut to make an investment in the city to become a 'Great American City'. The plan was also to attract a major sport team, and in doing so they created the Indiana Sports Corporation in 1979. In 1982, construction of the Hoosier Dome, renamed later to the RCA Dome, began.

In February of 1983, business relationships between Irsay and the city of Baltimore had deteriorated, and Mayor Schaefer asked the Maryland General Assembly to approve renovations, the legislature finally approved a $15 million reconstruction, but half would go towards the Orioles' and at that time the lease had expired on the Colts.

In March of 1983, the NFL owners voted to give Irsay the permission to move where he felt was the best situation for his team. In January of 1984 Mayor Schaefer announced that there would be a new stadium.  Schaefer stated: "We're not going to build a new stadium. We do not have the bonding capacity. We don't have the voters or taxpayer who can support a $60 million stadium. One-third of the people in Baltimore pay taxes. Unless private enterprise builds it, we won't build it."

In March of 1984, the Maryland Senate passed legislation to Baltimore, giving the city the right to seize the Colts through eminent domain.  This move put an extreme amount of pressure on Irsay, and cities such as Phoenix removed their offer. Irsay then called Mayor Hudnut and the city of Indianapolis offered the Colts owner a $12,500,000 loan, a $4,000,000 training complex, and the use of the brand new $77.5 million, 57,980 seat Hoosier Dome. This set a chain of events into motion that would bring about the move.

After the phone call Hudnut called his neighbor and friend, John B. Smith, after the deal was finalized, and Smith happened to be the chief executive officer of Mayflower Transit. Upon direction from Hudnut, Smith sent fifteen Mayflower trucks to Owings Mills, and they arrived at the Colts' facility at 2:00 AM the following morning. The reasoning for the late hour of the move was out of fear that the Maryland House of Delegates would also approve the eminent domain bill the State Senate had, which would have resulted in the team being seized the next morning once Maryland Governor Harry Hughes signed the bill into law. Workers loaded all of the team's belongings and the trucks left for Indianapolis. Within eight hours of the Mayflower trucks' arrival in Owings Mills, the Colts were completely gone from Baltimore. Even though the eminent domain bill got signed by a favor of 103-19, and Governor Hughes signed it into action, it was too late to enforce.

To make it more difficult for Maryland State Police was that each Mayflower van took a different route to Indianapolis, and therefore keeping the state from using their powers to keep the Colts in Baltimore through the newly signed legislation. March 30, 1984 became a proud day for the state of Indiana and the city of Indianapolis as the Colts became an official part of the sports rotation.

In December 1985, a U.S. District Court judge threw out the lawsuit which sought to return the team to Maryland, though the city of Baltimore was allowed to keep the Lombardi trophy for winning Super Bowl V.

The Colts’ final game in Baltimore was played on December 18, 1983 against the Houston Oilers, which they beat Houston 20-10.

Punter Rohn Stark was the last active NFL player who played for the Colts while in Baltimore, retiring after the 1997 season. Stark will also be the only player to play for the Baltimore Colts and against the Baltimore Ravens.



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Wayne's team impact

Reggie Wayne has major impact on the young Colts. When he went down with an ACL injury last year. Colts still found a way to make the playoffs and beat the Chiefs in the Wild-Card, but there was a vacant hole on the wings. "He can still play. You know he's gonna get open, you know he's gonna make the catch," Pagano says of Wayne, whom he's known since their days together at the University of Miami (Fla.) two decades ago.

"And you know what he brings to the table as far as the locker room and your facility with the type of leader and type of man that he is. It's gonna be great to have him back in there."

Pyro's take: Andrew Luck may have the "C" on his chest, but Reggie Wayne lead's this team, both in the locker room, on-the-field, and off-the-field. He is pushing the age threshold, as he is 36, but he will be Andrew Luck's security, as he was last year. How will he perform coming off a torn ACL at the age of 36? Tracking his performance over the off-season should be the first step in answering that question.

07/19/14, 07:16 PM CDT by Michael Valverde

Someone enjoys the pipe too much

Colts backup WR LaVon Brazill has been suspended with no pay for 1-year by NFL. He was suspended for 4 games last year, and admitted to marijuana at the time, which means he was probably doing coke or molly :) actually.

Pyro's take: Nice work numb nuts. You are going to have to work at a grocery store or something this year if you want to earn a penny. Brazill was not going to do much this year regardless, but now I'm really going to keep an eye on the Da'Rick Rogers and Donte Moncrief training camp battle. Let's also remember that Hakeem Nicks is no lock to be the WR3, lot's can happen there.

Anyway, for LaVon - Not sure if he and Josh Gordon are buddies, but this doesn't bode well for Flash's punishment for the same exact thing, not looking good Cleveland. Indy, you'll be fine without this player. Love the Nike jersey on Brazill though!

07/04/14, 06:22 PM CDT by d-Rx

Hilton hitting on all cylinders

T.Y. Hilton off-season so far has been what Andrew Luck called "phenomenal." The offense has Hilton moving around in different positions trying to cause mismatches and disruptions to the opposing defenses. "He's played all four spots, both outside positions (and) both slots. We feel like that's important so that teams can't scheme to take him away," said offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton.

Pyro's take: The Colts definitely can pull this off. They have future Hall of Fame wide-out Reggie Wayne, and new comer Hakeem Nicks, with rookie Donte Moncrief in the fold. Also, don't count out Da'Rick Rogers, LaVon Brazill, Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener at tight end.
This could be a scary situation for all defense coordinators, and match-up nightmare's for all defensive players involved. Keep Hilton up high on your tiers, because he is primed to explode.

06/10/14, 07:22 PM CDT by Michael Valverde

Richardson more acclimated

Trent Richardson has stated that he is getting more fluid and his timing which is helping him understand how the offense works. “I didn’t know the snap count last year until the fourth week. “When I had to step in and was hard." Richardson went on to say: "I didn’t have the chance to learn. With the timing, it’s way easier now.”

Pyro's take: After the Cleveland Browns stole a first round draft pick in exchange for Richardson, it made many Colt fans happy even with the price, but it didn't last long as his 2.9 yard per average carry was disastrous. The main reason for his down year was contributed to not understanding the offense. Obviously, that wont be the case any longer, and the leash will be tightened real early. Trent Richardson will need to impress and do it often if he wants to hold on to his starting position, and keep in mind that there was a reason that Indianapolis held onto the oft injured Ahmad Bradshaw.

06/03/14, 03:17 PM CDT by Michael Valverde

Nicks to Colts

Hakeem Nicks is now an Indianapolis Colt, according to NFL beat writer Chris Wesseling. Nicks will be the third wide receiver, and is under contract for one year. The Colts will pay Hakeem $3.5 million with a chance to get more. Nicks has been hurt and his production has dropped, but the one year contract hedges the risk for the Indianapolis franchise. The Colts will now rely on Reggie Wayne, TY Hilton, and Nicks as primary receivers.

Pyro's take: What kind of player are the Colts going to get? If Hakeem Nicks can play up to pre-injury form, then the Colts have themselves a great steal off the free-agent board, if not, then they can still develop LaVon Brazill and Da'Rick Rogers. Nicks is only 26 years of age, and has great cut-back ability with run after the catch skills, but last year, he was the only player not to catch a touchdown while being targeted 100 times. With Andrew Luck throwing the ball, look for that goose-egg streak to be broken quickly.

03/14/14, 08:13 PM CDT by Michael Valverde

Bradshaw signs one-year deal to stay in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Colts have re-signed RB Ahmad Bradshaw to a one-year contract worth the veteran's minimum at $855,000.

Pyro's take: With Donald Brown on his way to San Diego, Vick Ballard coming back from a torn ACL and Trent Richardson playing like utter rhinoceros shit last season, the cheap signing of Ahmad actually looks pretty darn good.

Believe it or not, though he only played in three games last season, Bradshaw turned in the highest rushing performance of 2013 for the Colts when he ran for 95 yards at San Francisco in Week 3.

Another 'believe it or not' - Despite playing in just 60 (35 starts) of a possible 80 games over the last five years, Bradshaw has the 12th-most rushing touchdowns (32) in the entire NFL. That's more rushing TDs than a couple of elite RBs like Jamaal Charles (29) and Matt Forte (27) have put up in that same time period, and only one less than the combined career rushing TDs by Trent Richardson (14), Vick Ballard (2) and the departed Donald Brown (17).

03/12/14, 06:44 PM CDT by Dawgmaticå

Vick Ballard improving

Head coach Chuck Pagano has stated that Vick Ballard (knee) is making progress in his rehab from the torn ACL he suffered in practice last September.

Pyro's take: Ballard might be counted on heavily, especially if Trent Richardson keeps playing like a slab of concrete. Vick was considered number one on the depth chart, coming into the 2013 season, and his injury was a main factor the Colts traded for Richardson. If he can continue to get healthy, he can be a nice sleeper pick in many drafts.

02/25/14, 12:28 AM CST by Michael Valverde

Colts are high on Trent's possiblites for 2014

“Any time you go through what Trent went through – you play a game, wake up in one city and the next day you’re waking up in a different city, and enter a new building and having to learn a brand new offense and learn the terminology (it’s tough),” said Pagano. “He’s probably learned all the same plays as far as the runs, protections and pass routes, but it takes some time.

“We’ve got a volume of calls and concepts. Having a full year and having an off-season is going to do nothing but benefit Trent.”

“We’re all on the same page,” said Grigson, who added Friday he would make the trade again if provided the chance. “We all have expectations for Trent and he has expectations for himself, and they’re for him to be great. I think he’s in a great place, and we’re in a great place with him.

“We’re looking forward to having a great offseason with him. We have the bar set high. There’s room for improvement like I can say for anyone, but there are areas in Trent’s game where he did show up and help us in key situations.”

“We think the sky’s the limit for Trent,” said Pagano. “This will be a very important offseason for him and for everybody on our roster. I look for great things from Trent. Trent looks for great things from himself. There are high expectations not only from us but (what) he has for himself.”

Pyro's take: That is a lot of high praise, and I understand why they are giving it. They want to get the best out of Trent next year, but he will have a lot to prove.

Richardson has yet to have a signature game in the NFL. Trent has played in 31 NFL games, and he has only averaged 4.0 Yard Per Carry or better six times. He has a 3.3 YPC career average. He has not shown the ability to break the big run, and he struggled in the redzone last year.

I though Trent was going to be a beast, and after watching more and more tape, I am not seeing what the Colts are. I am not buying into this hype until I see him produce in a game.

02/21/14, 05:29 PM CST by Houdini

Nicks' TD futility puts him in rare company

2013 Stats: 56 recs, 896 yards, 0 TDs, 16.0 YPC

Whether you play fantasy football or not, if you're a football fan, you've probably at least heard about Hakeem Nicks and his horrific 2013 season.

However, my guess is you haven't heard these two little-known facts:

- Nicks became just the SIXTH wide receiver in the Super Bowl era (1966-2013) to post 55 or more receptions in a season without scoring a single touchdown.

- 175 different wide receivers caught at least one pass this season and of those 175 WRs, 119 caught at least one touchdown pass. Nicks and his 56 receptions was not one of them.

- The receiver with the next highest reception total who was also held without a TD was Chris Givens, who had 34 catches - 22 fewer than Nicks.

Pyro's take: Wherever the talented Mr. Nicks ends up next season, I'd like to warn future fantasy drafters against underestimating his worth. I mean the kid just turned 26 years old, so he at least still has a handful of productive years left in him. It's possible a change of scenery is all he needs to rise back up in 2014.

Granted, he may never become the super-stud we all thought he would be after his first few years in the league, but he shouldn't be ignored on draft day, either. If he's still available after your three WR positions have been filled, he could end up being one of the major steals of your draft.

01/28/14, 05:09 PM CST by Dawgmaticå

Reggie is set to begin running again

A week from Saturday will mark three months since Wayne had surgery for his torn ACL. Wayne is looking forward to Jan. 25, as it will be the next phase in his rehab process.

“I’m going to do straight ahead running, I’m looking forward to doing that. I’ve been walking quite often lately. I get to run on a treadmill and that’s basically it,” Mr. Wayne said.

Pyro's take: This is awesome news for Colts fans and fantasy football owners alike, Reggie Wayne is going to start straight line running this Saturday, just 3 months post op! Unreal.

Since Manning split and Luck took over, this has been Wayne's team by default- so when he went down in the 4th quarter of a Week 7 win vs. Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos, it was a huge blow to the team.

One step at a time, not going to get ahead of myself here, but it appears Reggie will be ready to go right from the get-go for the Colts next season. Welcome back buddy, can't wait to see another 100 catch season!

01/22/14, 08:06 PM CST by d-Rx

Hilton struggling as number one option

After having a club rookie record five 100-yard receiving games in 2012, T.Y. Hilton sped to four more in the first nine games of 2013.

Two of those came in games immediately after Reggie Wayne departed with a knee injury, and the approach by opponents since then is to limit Hilton however possible.

Following consecutive seven-reception games against Houston and St. Louis that generated 121- and 130-yard totals, the bolts for Hilton have tightened dramatically by opposing secondaries.

Entering Sunday’s game at Cincinnati, Hilton had been targeted 25 times in the most three recent games, and he had 15 receptions for 128 yards.

Sunday, he was targeted three times without success in the first half, then caught his lone two passes on consecutive plays early in the fourth quarter. They accounted for seven yards, his second-lowest career yardage total and tying his fewest receptions in a game this season.

“I’m seeing double teams. Sometimes they roll the coverage my way. It just means guys got to step up, which they did, so we’re moving in the right direction. (LaVon) Brazill, DHB (Darrius Heyward-Bey) made a big play and Da’Rick (Rogers) making plays, so as long as they continue to keep doing that, we should be fine.”

Pyro's take: Hilton now only has 135 yards on 30 catches over his last four games. It is great that other players are starting to make plays around T.Y., but if you are counting on him for fantasy production it's just not there.

Hilton will see the Texans and Chiefs over the next two weeks, which is not great news. If you are still in your playoffs it might be wise to look for a better option than T.Y. this week.

12/09/13, 06:06 PM CST by Houdini

Luck could be out of luck this week

In a remarkable 20-game stretch that began on Nov. 11, 2012, all sorts of the quarterback species have been unleashed against the Bengals. From the Super Bowl winners (Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Joe Flacco), from the No. 1 overall pick (Matthew Stafford), from America's quarterback (Tony Romo), from America's villain (Jay Cutler), from the Next Great One (Nick Foles), from the next Not So Great One (Geno Smith), from the journeyman (Jason Campbell) and from the Whodunits (Brian Hoyer and Thad Lewis), and the Bengals have emerged from the brush with a 15-5 record.

Not only that, they have allowed just 19 touchdown passes in those 20 games while picking off 22 passes and leaving opposing passers with a total passer rating of just 70.5, which in this week's NFL stats would be fourth from the bottom, just ahead of Brandon Weeden at 70.5. A total of eight of the quarterbacks the Bengals have faced in that stretch have ratings of at least 88 this week.

Only once in that stretch have the Bengals allowed three TD passes and a 300-yard game and that was both to Stafford in a 27-24 win in Detroit back on Oct. 20. They've allowed just five 100-yard receivers, two in the last two games with Cleveland's Josh Gordon and San Diego's Keenan Allen going for 125 and 106, respectively. Of the 19 TD passes the Bengals have allowed, only nine have been longer than 20 yards.

The numbers are even more dominating at PBS this season, where Roethlisberger, Rodgers, Brady, Smith and Campbell have been a combined out of luck 0-5 with a passer rating of 56 and a suffocating third-down percentage of 26 percent on 18-for-70.

Pyro's take: Luck has been extremely unlucky over the past four weeks. He has thrown for 948 yards, but has been under 232 yards in three of the four games. Andrew has only thrown two touchdowns and five interceptions over that span.

This week he is going to get a very stout Bengals defense who should keep him feeling bad. Luck is not recommended as a starter this week, in fact he may be the poster child for the sit'em this week.

12/07/13, 02:05 PM CST by Houdini

Richardson continues to struggle, but not according to him

Richardson likely isn't living up to his own — or his team's —expectations. His 2.8-yard per carry average since joining the Colts via a trade with the Browns in September has sparked significant debate among fans and media about Richardson's ability to be a true franchise back.

But Monday he offered a vigorous defense for himself.

"I'm not frustrated at all because I think I've been playing good," Richardson said. "If you turn on the film, I don't have any missed assignments. I haven't had any missed reads. I've been playing good. Stuff just hasn't matched up like we thought it would when I'm in there. I think teams match up differently when I come in.

"But if (running back) Donald (Brown) is having a good day or (quarterback) Andrew (Luck) is having a good day, I think that's a good day for me even if people are keying on me. That might let Donald get going or let Andrew have a big day. That's a good day for me, too."

Pyro's take: Richardson may be doing all that he is being asked to do by the Colts, but he is failing in giving fantasy owners any type of return on their investments.

Trent has been purely disappointing in the fantasy world, as he is not rushing for a lot of yards per carry, 2.8, does not break any big runs, and has not scored a touchdown since week 4. He is definitely worth benching, and in 10 team leagues he is close to being worth dumping.

11/18/13, 07:08 PM CST by Houdini

Luck has Hilton, but that's about it

In the two games since Wayne went down, Hilton has caught 14 passes for 251 yards and three touchdowns.

Quarterback Andrew Luck’s passer rating when throwing to Hilton over those two games is 152.1 (158.3 is a “perfect” rating). Luck’s rating while throwing to the other receivers and tight end Coby Fleener is 52.6. Therein lie many of the offense’s difficulties during the 27-24 escape at Houston and the 38-8 splattering by St. Louis.

For all Hilton’s high achievement and the increase in passes to the running backs, the void opened by Wayne’s absence still gapes. The Colts are getting precious little from Darrius Heyward-Bey, Griff Whalen and LaVon Brazill, and not much more from Fleener.

Pyro's take: Since Reggie Wayne has gone down, it has been T.Y. Hilton who has stepped up to the challenge, but, like the cheese, he stands alone. Luck needs someone else to step up and be a factor, if he is going to get back to scoring fantasy points.

This is a short week of preparation, and a tough defense in the Titans that are awaiting Luck tomorrow. There is no indication that any of the other receivers are ready for the challenge, which could mean another tough outing for #12. Hilton should continue to be the only consistent threat in the passing game.

11/13/13, 05:55 PM CST by Houdini

T.Y steals second half of Sunday Night

Turns out, all the Colts needed to rise from the first-half slumber was a little T.Y. Hilton. Or, better put, a lot of T.Y. Hilton.

By the time it was all said and done, the speedy second-year receiver had seven catches for 121 yards and a career-best three touchdowns, all in the Colts’ improbable second-half comeback.

“I told him when he came into the locker room ... ‘This is what you look for from a guy like (you),’” owner Jim Irsay said after the game. “Incredible. What can you say?”

Pyro's take: T.Y. Hilton showed that he is ready to assume the larger role in the offense left by the absence of Reggie Wayne. Hilton was looking very pedestrian in the first half with only one reception, but boy oh boy did he make up for it in the second half.

Hilton showed he can be a reliable redzone target, as he had an 10-yard and 9-yard touchdown catch. Many felt it would be Coby Fleener who stepped into that role, but Hilton is just a straight up playmaker. T.Y. showed his breakaway speed on a 58-yard touchdown catch. This kid is going to continue to put up numbers the rest of this season, as Andrew Luck is going look his way first from here on out.

11/04/13, 04:18 PM CST by Houdini

Colts unlikely to make a trade to replace loss of Wayne

Grigson (Colts GM) is going to have a hard time making a consequential move this time. And it’s not for a lack of want, but a matter of circumstances.

The Colts’ hands are tied here for a couple of reasons. First, they’re nearly maxed under the salary cap. They’ve currently got just more than $1.29 million remaining in cap space despite a $3.5 million rollover from last season.

That means any potential trade the team would consider would have to include a player the team could accommodate in the remaining cap space. So, as much as you might like them to go get Hakeem Nicks – he’s rumored to be on the trade block and some Colts fans are clamoring for him – that’s probably not happening.

So, what are the Colts’ plans, given their limitations?

That’s a mystery. I’ve already checked in with a couple of the bigger-name receivers on the market, including Brandon Lloyd and Laurent Robinson. Neither has been contacted by the Colts yet.

The situation increases the likelihood the Colts will look to address their wide-receiver depth either in house or by making a less-significant roster move (such as plucking a player from another club’s practice squad).

Pyro's take: The Colts are not going to be able to pull off another crazy trade this season, so it will fall onto T.Y. Hilton and DHB to pick up the slack in the offense. Hilton has shown some great ability, but he was only being used on 65% of the snaps so far this season. With Wayne out for the year Hilton will be promoted to playing on 100% of the snaps, and he is the best true playmaker left at wide receiver. T.Y. will see an increase in his fantasy value for the rest of the season.

10/22/13, 10:12 PM CDT by Houdini

Wayne out for season

Coach Pagano has confirmed that Reggie Wayne has torn his ACL, and will be out for the rest of the season. This is confirms what many people thought when they saw Wayne's reaction on the side line and the team doctor shaking his head. His season will finish with 38 receptions for 503 yards and two touchdowns, and his 189 consecutive games...

Pyro's take: FieldTurf® blows! Even an ironman like Reggie is getting screwed by this stuff... he had played in every game since being drafted in 2001.

This is a crushing blow to the Colts and fantasy owners. Wayne has Super Glue for hands and is one of the best route runners in the NFL. Look for TY Hilton, DHB, and LaVone Brazill to try and replace Wayne. No word yet, if the Colts will bring in a free agent over their bye week to help ease the loss. At this moment look for DHB to have increased targets as his height and speed makes him more capable than Hilton or Brazill to fill the need vacated by Wayne's injury.


10/21/13, 01:19 PM CDT by d-Rx

Trent needs to get on track, and fast

“We’ve got to get it going early, especially for an offense like this one we’re about to face,” Richardson said Thursday.

Starting fast is critical. The Broncos are off to a 6-0 start in large part because of their ability to apply early pressure. They’ve scored 45 first-quarter points, second to Chicago (48). The Colts are tied for 12th with 27, but have generated only one Adam Vinatieri field goal and a 73-yard Luck-to-T.Y. Hilton touchdown pass in the past three games.

That has to change, insisted Richardson.
The offense, he said, “is going to have to play a big part of backing up our defense. The running game is going to be crucial ... hold our defense off the field and keeping us on the field.”

Pyro's take: Richardson looked a lot better last week carrying the ball, and made some real nice hard-nosed runs, but he still has yet to be the impact player the Colts and fantasy owners were expecting. The game this week is the time for Richardson to make his money, because this is the type of game his was brought in to help give the Colts an advantage.

The Colts, of all teams, know that they need to keep Peyton of the field as much as possible to have a chance, but I am not sold that Richardson is going to be able to get the job done in this game. If the Broncos jump on the Colts, which is entirely possible, Richardson will be lost in the shuffle yet again

10/17/13, 07:36 PM CDT by Houdini

Collie is now getting a chance in New England

The wide receiver had played just one snap before offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels sent him out for the final minute and 13 seconds, largely because Danny Amendola had been forced out minutes earlier with an apparent head injury.

This was the last-gasp possession for the Pats, and what proved to be the game-winning drive. Suddenly, a guy who had arrived in town just 11 days earlier and barely knew the offense was standing in the huddle with Tom Brady in those frantic, final moments.

If you had missed all but that drive, you wouldn’t have known that Collie was playing in his first game as a Patriot and his first game period in more than a year, and had been a virtual spectator for the previous 58-plus minutes.

That’s because Brady didn’t hesitate to throw him the football. Collie’s limited knowledge of the playbook didn’t hinder him. He got open when it mattered most. Plus, there’s a basis for a near instant trust with a guy who’s been there and done it with another great.

“As a quarterback, you always want guys out there that you trust,” Brady said yesterday. “Certainly, me throwing him the ball in those critical situations shows you how comfortable I am with him.”

“It’s just a matter of putting in the extra time. This is obviously a complex offense. I’m not going to get it if I go with the regular schedule,” Collie said yesterday. “I’m a little bit behind the eight-ball coming in five weeks later than everyone else and not having the offseason. So I’ve got to find every chance I get to cram that in.”

Pyro's take: Collie is that guy who seems like he keeps getting chances around the league, and each time he gets a chance it is followed by some buzz. He was supposed to be the #2 to Anquan Boldin in San Francisco, a job currently being manned by Jonathan Baldwin.

I know the Patriots have a lot of rookies and inconsistent (or hurt) weapons at receiver, but I am not sold on Collie coming in and being a difference maker. Brady is looking for any option that will just catch the damn ball, so Collie is the flavor of the week.

If you lose your job to Jonathan Baldwin I have a real hard time trusting you, so I holding out on running out to grab Collie until I see him on the field for a full game of production.

10/17/13, 06:24 PM CDT by Houdini

Coach Pagano looking for Trent to breakout

Coach Chuck Pagano expects the running back to bust out soon.

"(Richardson) is a between-the-tackles, hard-nosed, tough, rugged runner," Pagano told NFL Media's Albert Breer this week. "And he's got 4.4 speed. So if he gets to the second level, and happens to break a tackle, he can take it the distance. And that's gonna happen. That'll come. He's a young player still. He's learning, and obviously making the transition coming over from Cleveland, being here now for three weeks."

Richardson said he's made strides learning the Colts' offense, which will allow him to see holes better and make big plays.

Pyro's take: Richardson has been a bust so far this season, only averaging 3.1 YPC so far on the season. I will admit that he has had a tough schedule going up against the Dolphins, 49ers and Seahawks, but great players are supposed to step up against top competition. He has now been with with the Colts for 3 games, so Richardson had better step it up this week against the Chargers in the spotlight of Monday Night Football. In my opinion, this game should be a good indicator of what we can expect to see from Trent the rest of the season.

10/09/13, 05:59 PM CDT by Houdini


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