September 01, 2015

Jacksonville Jaguars

AFC South

2014 Schedule

  • Week 1

    JAC @ PHI


    1:00 pm

  • Week 2

    JAC @ WAS


    1:00 pm

  • Week 3

    IND @ JAC


    1:00 pm

  • Week 4

    JAC @ SD


    4:00 pm

  • Week 5

    PIT @ JAC


    1:00 pm

  • Week 6

    JAC @ TEN


    1:00 pm

  • Week 7

    CLE @ JAC


    1:00 pm

  • Week 8

    MIA @ JAC


    1:00 pm

  • Week 9

    JAC @ CIN


    1:00 pm

  • Week 10

    DAL @ JAC


    1:00 pm

  • Week 11


  • Week 12

    JAC @ IND


    1:00 pm

  • Week 13

    NYG @ JAC


    1:00 pm

  • Week 14

    HOU @ JAC


    1:00 pm

  • Week 15

    JAC @ BAL


    1:00 pm

  • Week 16

    TEN @ JAC


    8:30 pm

  • Week 17

    JAC @ HOU


    1:00 pm

PYRO Fantasy Depth Chart

The PYRO Fantasy Football Depth Chart is a rundown of where Team PYRO projects the fantasy production for each team at each position. It is NOT an attempt to inform you of the current starters for each team. For example, we are well aware that Brandon Manumaleuna is currently the starting TE for the Chicago Bears, but if you look at the Bears Team Page, we have Greg Olsen listed at TE. Why? We’re projecting that Greg Olsen will be the most Fantasy Football relevant TE for the Bears this season. Since Olsen will be the Bears leading FF point scorer at TE, it’s his name at the top of the TE column on our PYRO Fantasy Depth Chart.

1996 Jacksonville Jaguars

Entering the 1996 season the Jaguars were only one year removed from being a expansion team, and ending their first season with only four wins. The 1997 season didn't start out much better. After nine weeks into the season, they had only three wins, and after splitting the next two weeks, it looked like they were going to head back home at the conclusion of the regular season. But, something strange occurred.

Jacksonville went on a five game winning streak, and in their last game of the season, needing a victory to get into the playoffs, Morten Andersen of the Falcons missed the game winning field goal to put Jacksonville in the postseason. Jacksonville Jaguars entered the playoffs as a wild card team. In the opening round they faced the fourth seeded Buffalo Bills, in Buffalo. Even though this was a close game, the Jaguars came on top with a 30-27 victory. This set up a match-up with the Denver Broncos. The Broncos were the number one seed, losing just three games on the season. Very few gave the Jaguars an even small chance of victory over the best team in football, who were favored by 14 points.

As predicted, the Broncos were dominating in the first quarter. They scored two touchdowns while disallowing the Jags from getting a first down. Vaughn Hebron scored the first touchdown on a one yard gain. On the Denver's second possession they scored again. This time John Elway connected with Shannon Sharpe for a 18-yard touchdown pass. This gave the Broncos a 12 point lead, due to one missed extra point that was blocked, and a failed two point conversion.

The second quarter, held redemption value for the Jaguars. They went on to score 13 points to take a one point lead (13-12). Mike Hollis connected on two field goals, and Natrone Means had a 8 yard run for a touchdown.

The third quarter saw more defense from Jacksonville. Denver only had 37 total yards on 14 plays. The Jaguars added a touchdown, when Mark Brunell hit Keenan McCardell for a 31 touchdown pass, taking a 20-12 lead into the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter, Hollis put up another field goal, a 22 yarder, to increase their lead 23-12, with 11 minutes remaining in the game. The Broncos fought back with a touchdown of their own, as Terrelle Davis scored on a 2-yard touchdown. Denver went again for the two-point conversion and this time they were successful, shrinking the lead to 23-20. The Jaguars on their next possession drove down the field, and with just 3:39 remaining Brunell hit Jimmy Smith with a 16-yard touchdown pass, making the score 30-20. Elway led Denver down the field again, this time hitting Ed McCaffrey for a 15-yard touchdown pass with 1:50 left. Due to no timeouts remaining, and the Broncos unable to recover the onside kick, Jacksonville went on to upset the Denver Broncos 30-27.

This was probably the best performance of Marc Brunell's career. He threw for 245 yards and two touchdowns without an interception. He also rushed for 44 yards. Natrone Means was also a key componet. He rushed for 140 yards and a touchdown, while catching 7 passes for 24 yards. This was a crushing blow for the Broncos as they were good enough, and believed they were Super Bowl bound. "I'm just going to go home, sit on my couch and probably cry," Denver tight end Shannon Sharpe said afterward.

Even though the Jaguars lost the following week to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship, the victory over the Broncos will be something that the fans and team will always feel as a great accomplishment.


By Vaaal-Verde–97_NFL_playoffs

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Jacksonville Jaguars

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Expected to Play

Blake Bortles should be the starting quarterback going against the Titans on Thursday. He hurt his ankle on Sunday, and it was unsure if he would be ready on a short week.

Pyro's take: Bortles is not fantasy worthy, and if your an owner of Bortles, most likely your season was over weeks ago. Strangely though he could have a nice day against the Titans, perhaps two touchdowns and 280 yards passing.

12/17/14, 11:49 AM CST by Vaaal-verde

Third-down Back

Toby Gerhart is right back where he used to be in Minnesota, a third-down back, except for this time he is getting paid on a three-year, $10.5M contract, to do it. He carried five times for 19 yards and caught two passes for 16 yards, mostly on third down.

“It’s what I did in Minnesota,” he said of his role. “I’m really comfortable with it.” Gerhart went on to say, “I’m trying to keep us on the field and move the chains.”

Pyro's take: That's great Toby, keep moving those chains and getting first downs, and catch a couple passes here and there, as the Jaguars shell-out over $10 million on your sorry-ass, I am sure your comfortable with that.

If you havent done so already, he makes for an easy-drop, except for Dynasty leagues.

12/08/14, 01:54 PM CST by Vaaal-verde

Orange Crushed

Ugly! Not only did the Broncos lose to the Rams, but they also lost Montee Ball and Julius Thomas. The good news is that the x-rays came back negative, but he is still scheduled for further tests later today.

Pyro's take: Thomas injured his ankle after making a 2-yard reception during the Broncos’ second drive Sunday in a 22-7 loss to the St. Louis Rams. He had caught a 1-yard pass on third-and-2 during the Broncos’ first drive and finished with two catches for 3 yards. He has 12 touchdowns through nine games this year.

If Julius Thomas is unable to go, look for Jacob Tamme to step into his place. Tamme is a former teammate of Peyton Manning in Indianapolis, so they are familiar with each other. Tamme caught 4 receptions for 41 yards against the Rams on Sunday.

11/17/14, 12:23 AM CST by Vaaal-verde

Getting Attention

Denard Robinson has been a pleasent surprise this season, and has caught the attention of the fantasy masses. Not only has he caught our eye, but the eye of Jaguars ex-running back great Fred Taylor. "Robinson said after Friday's practice that he hopes to spend more time with Fred Taylor to get some more advice. Taylor, who is with the team in London this week, owns the franchise record with 11,271 rushing yards."

"I ask him a lot of things," Robinson said. "That's one of the guys I want to sit down with this bye week. Just to sit down and pick his brain, because watching his highlight tape you see amazing things that he does, little cuts that he makes and those are the things that you want to put in your game."

Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell, who selected Robinson in the fifth round of the 2013 draft out of Michigan."I think there's even a higher ceiling for him than where he's at now," Caldwell said. "He will have some adversity along the way, but he's just three games into it with being our feature back and we'll continue to see how he grows."

Pyro's take: Fred Taylor is someone that any player should listen too. When healthy he was one of the better running backs playing. Robinson has sure turned things around this season, and its too bad that it took this long for the Jacksonville Jaguars' coaches to wait this long to figure out how special he is.

11/14/14, 05:30 PM CST by Vaaal-verde


Allen Robinson will be out for the season and its going to take a huge toll on the Jaguars limited offense production. Blake Bortles targeted Robinson quite a bit, as Robinson has become the most reliable receiver. He will finish the season with the Jaguars’ leader in receptions (48) and receiving yards (548). As for Bortles connection with Robinson he has completed 42 of 69 attempts for 467 yards and two touchdowns and three interceptions when targeting Robinson.

Pyro's take: Who does this benefit? It looks as though Cecil Shorts will be the main target now. With the Bortles-Shorts connection 33-of-56, 375 yards, 1 TD, 4 INT, 24.9 QBR. In the three seasons with the Jaguars He has 156 catches for 2,161 yards and 12 touchdowns.

11/14/14, 05:22 PM CST by Vaaal-verde

Getting More Involved

Julius Thomas was slowed by the Patriots last week only getting two targets and getting 33 yards. So, how will the Broncos get him more active? “Probably stop using him in protection,” Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase said Thursday. “We had to use him a little bit more to help our line situation and take a little bit off the running backs and, obviously as you saw in that game, we got hammered pretty good by those two linebackers and we had to make some adjustments during the game, and part of that was keeping (Thomas) in protection. I know that’s not ideal since he’s one of our better players at a skill position, but we’ll figure out some ways to help our protection and make sure he’s still a big impact player for our offense.”

Pyro's take: There will be a couple games this season, when one of the Broncos receivers will not do what is in him to do. Last week it was Julius, but expect his usual out put against the hapless Oakland Raiders.

11/08/14, 06:29 PM CST by Vaaal-verde

Taking it in Stride

Blake Bortles is taking it in all. After the blow-up in Miami where he gave up two interceptions that turned into pick six, he is taking in where he went wrong by watching the tape. “We went over each one for a while,” Bortles said Monday afternoon after a stop in the EverBank Field trainer’s room.

Bortles leads the league in interceptions as he has thrown 12 of them. “Obviously, I’m not happy with the way I’m playing, but it’s things I’ve gone through before,” he said. “I understand that being down and mad at myself and pouting won’t help the situation. I have to learn from it and get better.” “Obviously, I’m not happy with the way I’m playing, but it’s things I’ve gone through before,” he said. “I understand that being down and mad at myself and pouting won’t help the situation. I have to learn from it and get better.”

Pyro's take: Bortles is a rookie in transition, playing for a bad team. He is going to go through a lot of progressions, and by the time next season hits, he could be a valid quarterback to draft. At this time its best to leave him on the bench, or on the waiver wire.

10/28/14, 07:23 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde


Lee was mostly used as decoy on Sunday's game against the Dolphins. They used him on a fake reverse with Allen Robinson. He also only caught one pass. Jedd Fisch statated “There are different things that we want to do with that package,” Fisch said. “We want to continue to utilize Marqise’s speed the best we can. … I think there are certain things that we can do with that. Obviously, we don’t want to live in a world of having to trick. We want to be able to get out there, execute our plays and utilize our personnel the best we can. His speed helps us there.”

Pyro's take: With the speed they Jags have at offense, they can run a lot of different packages. Marqise Lee may be the fastest of the bunch, and he should be on your fantasy radar if not rostered somewhere.

10/28/14, 11:46 AM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Has Vision

Jedd Fisch has stated that Denard Robinson eye-sight has improved, and that is what has caused his movement up the ranks as playing ability. “I do know that the more vision [backs] have, the more they can see the second level,” Fisch said.

“Not just the down linemen, but start seeing where the linebackers flow over the top and start seeing those cuts. I think that comes from experience and I think that’s where Denard has really improved, the second level cuts.”

Pyro's take: Robinson had his second consecutive 100-yard rushing game in Week 8. Gaining 108 yards on 18 carries (6.0 average). Robinson is averaging 4.8 yards a carry this season, rushing 68 times for 329 yards.

Robinson will be the starter, until he is either figured out and is not producing, or is injured and not producing. Other than that he makes a nice flex play.

10/28/14, 11:40 AM CDT by Vaaal-verde

New Starter in Jacksonville

Denard Robinson looked like the running back the Jaguars have wanted all season, it just took ineffective play and injuries for them to discover it. The offensive line fired off the ball, and I was like, ‘I’ve got to do the same thing. I’ve got an opportunity, so let’s go,’ ’’ he said.

Robinson made the most of his opportunity as he rushed for 127 yards on 22 carries in a 24-6 victory over the Browns.

On his first touchdown, Robinson commented “I saw the opening and hesitated a little bit and bounced it outside,’’ he said. “I was like, ‘I can’t get denied.’ It was my first touchdown, and it was amazing. It’s a great feeling to experience something that you’ve dreamed about your whole life. As a little kid, I thought about scoring a touchdown in the NFL and I did it."

When Gus Bradley was asked if he would remain the feature back, Bradley responded “Yeah, I think so. We’ll look at the film. He did a good job and we hope to get Toby back," Bradley said.

Pyro's take: Denard Robinson could be a decent grab on waiver wire, but I would not count on much, as he has not shown much, besides this break-out game against Cleveland. He doesnt even wear the right number to play running back. He is definitely a risk/reward type of player.

10/21/14, 01:19 AM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Storm Counting

Storm Johnson only carried the ball 10 times last Sunday, in their loss to the Tennessee Titans. This was the exact amount Gus Bradley had in store for him. “Our whole intent was to get Storm 10 carries and he got 10 carries,” Bradley said.

On those 10 carries he gained 21 yards and scored on a 1-yard touchdown. “His toughness and things like that were there,” Bradley said. “But, there’s a couple of areas and just his overall reads and where we actually want the play to hit. He hit it more front side where he could bring it backside, so things like that.”

On the season Johnson has 14 carries for 48 yards.

Pyro's take: Storm Johnson did nothing to take the starting role away from Toby Gerhart, who has done everything to give it away. Most likely the team is going to go to a running back by committee approach, as neither of these runners deserve a full-time approach right now.

10/15/14, 04:20 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Gerhart Downgraded

Toby Gerhart has been downgraded. According to John Oesher twitter, the "Jaguars RB Toby Gerhart (foot) did not practice Thursday. Will be monitored this week as week goes on."

Update: Oesher is now reporting that Gerhart will be out for Sunday.

Pyro's take: If your looking to play Gerhart, I would look to other plans. My opinion as of today is that he will be out for Sunday's contest and Storm Johnson will be his replacement.

10/10/14, 10:02 AM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Next Man

Gus Bradley indicated that Storm Johnson may get some carries going into Sunday's game against the Titans. "Bradley sure indicated like Storm Johnson would be getting a big shot at playing against the Titans."

Johnson is currently fourth on the depth chart, but will be the next man up. The Jags came into camp wanting the running game to work, but Toby Gerhart has either been hurt or ineffective and Jordan Todman and Denard Robinson are not necessarily full-time backs.

Pyro's take: Storm Johnson (6-foot, 209) collegiate career with 335 carries for 1,765 yards and 19 TDs. Played with Blake Bortles at UCF. He made his debut last week and rushed for 27 yards on four carries. Gus Bradley called the performance "very impressive."

Storm Johnson has the built to become a solid running back, and it wont hurt to keep him on your radar. Bradley really wants to open the running game up, and if Johnson can do it, so be it.

10/08/14, 04:56 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Ace Ready

Ace Sanders has finished his four game suspension and feels he is still game-ready despite the lay-off. The Jaguars will be facing the Steelers this week, and will be counting on him due to injuries to the other receivers. "Marqise Lee (hamstring) has been ruled out for a third straight game, and Cecil Shorts (hamstring) called himself 'week to week' meaning Sanders should be the No.3 receiver and No. 1 punt returner despite his layoff."

He will also have to try to familiarize himself with new quarterback Blake Bortles. “I think we can build [a rapport] pretty quickly,” Sanders said. “He got to throw to me a little in OTAs, and I got a feel for him there.”

Pyro's take: Sanders will be counted on a bunch, as he adds a nice balance to Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson. The Jaguars offense thus far has been awful, but he is worthy enough to be on your fantasy waiver wire radar.

10/02/14, 10:53 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde


Marqise Lee will be added to the collection of Jaguar wide receivers that will be out Sunday against the Colts. Lee will be out due to hamstring injury. The receiving crew is left to Allen Robinson, Mike Brown, and Tavarres King. Allen Hurns (left ankle) did not practice and Cecil Shorts (hamstring) was limited.

Lee on the year has eight catches for 73 yards. “We just have to treat it now. I want to make sure I’m 100 percent before I come back.”

Pyro's take: With Hurns and Shorts most likely out and now Lee, it is going to give a sputtering offense even more sputter.The Jags offense is just awful, and when your missing the weapons, it becomes even more of a difficult process.

Most likely Chad Henne will have time to find someone open, as the Colts are having their own problems on defense, and with Robert Mathis out for the year, the pass rush is non-existent.

At this point, I would not start any offensive player on the Jaguars, unless Shorts or Hurns can go.

09/20/14, 07:29 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Lewis to be out 6-8 weeks

Marcedes Lewis will be out 6-8 weeks due to a high ankle sprain. He was injured on the first play of the second half. Lewis exited the game with a 63 yard touchdown. The Jaguars are left with Mickey Shuler and Clay Harbor on the active roster with Marcel Jensen and Michael Egnew on the practice squad.

Head coach Gus Bradley didn’t foresee Lewis being put on "season-ending injured reserve, but he could be given the IR-designated-to-return distinction. A team can use that tool once a season."

Pyro's take: Marcedes Lewis has languished in Jacksonville for over nine-years and has never really been able to showcase his skills on a good team. He is not owned in most leagues, due to the team he is on, rather than what he can do with a football. He should remain on all waiver wires.

09/16/14, 01:15 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Hurns leaves on crutches

It looked all good again, when Chad Henne went deep to Allen Hurns for a 66 yard pass for a touchdown, as he torched DeAngelo Hall on a double move. Unfortunately, Hurns dropped the ball.“It was a great play call by [offensive coordinator Jedd] Fisch, but I was trying to run before I had the ball,” Hurns said.

Hurns sprained his ankle on the final play of the game, but X-Rays are not available at the time. Hurns mentioned he would be okay.

Pyro's take: Depending on the X-Rays, but if he misses anytime hopefully you have enough bench depth to cover. Hurns looks like a big-play receiver as Kenny Stills was last year with Drew Brees, and he should remain on your roster.

09/14/14, 06:48 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Big Shots

Week 2 against the Washington Redskins, and the Jaguars are already talking how they are going to take some deep shots with Chad Henne. It didn't happen too often playing against the Philadelphia Eagles, even though offensive coordinator Jeff Fisch thought Henne was plenty agressive. Allen Hurns was the only receiver to have a reception longer than 18 yards, and touchdown catches of 34 and 21 yards and 46-yard strike down the left sideline.

Fisch went on to say about Henne: “We talked to him about that’s the way our system is built. Our system is we want to throw the ball down the field. We want to use the screen game to be able to make them run laterally so we can throw the ball vertically when they’re tired. With us, in order to run our offense, you’ve got to be able to throw the ball vertically. He’s going to keep ripping it and we’re going to keep encouraging him to let it rip."

Pyro's take: Chad Henne wants to take advantage of the deep-ball and it could become a game changer against Washington. Henne went on to say about the deep pass “If they present themselves out there, and we call them, we’re going to take those shots downfield and expect our guys to make (plays) and me make the throws." He added, “As much as they call it, I’m going to “huck it and chuck it" down the field. I’ve done it before, so it’s not like I’ve never done it. If the plays present themselves and we call those plays, we’ll take full advantage of it."

Washington's defense can be fully exposed to the deep pass, and if Chad Henne connects he could be looking for a nice day. He threw for 266 yards and two touchdowns against the Eagles, so there is little reason why he can't continue that success.

09/13/14, 09:46 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Pierced but slow

The Ravens have found their running back and his name is Bernard Pierce. It wasn't so pretty as halftime hit, but he finished well. Pierce carried the ball 22 times for 96 yards, a 4.4 yard per carry average. If he was able to score, it would have finished as an excellent night. He also added a reception for seven yards.

Justin Forsett finished with eight carries for 56 yards, and had a nice four reception night for 16 yards.

Pyro's take: Its clear that Bernard Pierce is more for standard leagues, while Forsett is made out of PPR material. So, don't look for Justin Forsett to get many carries as 8-10 is probably a max for him, instead look for him to come into passing situations and third downs.

09/11/14, 10:31 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Allen Hurns turn starter?

Undrafted rookie Allen Hurns, has a solid chance of making the starting roster for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has had a great three games this preseason. 13 passes for an NFL-high 230 yards and one touchdown He has 45 more receiving yards than any other player, and he's averaging 17.7 yards per catch. Head coach Gus Bradley has been impressed with how Hurns has done over the course of the preseason. "He has good instincts and is really driven," Bradley said. "We saw it in OTAs – some of the quarterbacks said they really like him. They felt like this guy is a diamond in the rough. Just trust us on this. He has some talent. I think the cool thing for him was it was against the ones. He went out there and performed at that level."

Pyro's take: Allen Hurns has a nice frame standing at 6-3 and weighing 195 pounds, also he should have a great opportunity in Jacksonville, due to the little depth the Jaguars have at wide receiver. At the time the Jaguars have Cecil Shorts, Marqise Lee, and Allen Robinson as potential starters.

He is someone that I would put on the scout list for redraft leagues, and would definitely keep an eye on him for Dynasty league drafts. Players like him appear from nowhere every NFL season, and 2014 could be a Hurns turn.

09/01/14, 03:59 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde


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