May 27, 2016

New England Patriots

AFC East

2016 Schedule

  • Week 1

    NE @ ARI


    9:30 pm

  • Week 2

    MIA @ NE


    1:00 pm

  • Week 2

    HOU @ NE


    9:30 pm

  • Week 4

    BUF @ NE


    1:00 pm

  • Week 5

    NE @ CLE


    1:00 pm

  • Week 6

    CIN @ NE


    1:00 pm

  • Week 7

    NE @ PIT


    4:30 pm

  • Week 8

    NE @ BUF


    1:00 pm

  • Week 9


  • Week 10

    SEA @ NE


    8:30 pm

  • Week 11

    NE @ SF


    4:30 pm

  • Week 12

    NE @ NYJ


    8:30 pm

  • Week 13

    LAR @ NE


    1:00 pm

  • Week 14

    BAL @ NE


    8:30 pm

  • Week 15

    NE @ DEN


    4:30 pm

  • Week 16

    NYJ @ NE


    1:00 pm

  • Week 17

    NE @ MIA


    1:00 pm

PYRO Fantasy Depth Chart

The PYRO Fantasy Football Depth Chart is a rundown of where Team PYRO projects the fantasy production for each team at each position. It is NOT an attempt to inform you of the current starters for each team. For example, we are well aware that Brandon Manumaleuna is currently the starting TE for the Chicago Bears, but if you look at the Bears Team Page, we have Greg Olsen listed at TE. Why? We’re projecting that Greg Olsen will be the most Fantasy Football relevant TE for the Bears this season. Since Olsen will be the Bears leading FF point scorer at TE, it’s his name at the top of the TE column on our PYRO Fantasy Depth Chart.

New England Patriots - 2014 Preseason #FF Preview

new england patriots 2014 season #ff preview



New England Patriots - 2014 Preseason #FF Preview



Last year nine teams had three or more fantasy starters in the top 60 and it is likely that it’ll continue to be that way in 2014. This series: Dressed for Success, will look at NFL teams going into 2014 to find teams that have assembled the right players to be a treasure trove of fantasy studs. 


The team I am really excited about is New England, which finished the season ranking in the lower half of fantasy output at 19th. But three reasons I am high on drafting players on the Patriots going into next season are: 1) continuity at the starting positions; 2) an improved defense; 3) high risk and reward based on health players.


Last year was a first for many of the offensive starters on the Patriots; first year in the NFL for rookie WRs, first year for Edelman being the number one receiver, first year for Brady to be without Welker or Hernandez, first year without either starting TE available at the beginning of the season. Another year in this system will help the highly lauded WRs move the Patriots offense, which was unusually poor last year, gaining nearly 600 less yards in 2013 than in 2012. This team’s offense brought the recent up-tempo offense to the league a few years back and there’s every reason to believe that’s where Josh McDaniel’s wants to lead this offense in 2014.


Another reason for optimism is the team’s defense. The team’s defense started getting bitten by the injury bug early in the season, leaving opposing offenses on the field throughout the season. But with most two major free agent signings on defense, two stout corners, which had been a perennially weak position for the team, the Patriots should see a jump in converting three and outs. I am also convinced that Brandon LaFell is actually being brought in to be a corner, but I don’t have any proof of that. The Patriots defense could be a value pick with many owners and analysts overvaluing Brandon Browner’s four-game suspension at the beginning of the season and the rise of defenses in the NFC West and South. Bottom line is don’t be afraid to wait and get this defense that finished 12th on the season in standard scoring and will likely causing way more three and outs. Three and outs lead to the offense getting the chance to run up the score, which we know Belichick isn’t afraid to do.


The final reason I’m high on these players are because the Patriots are looking unsexy in fantasy this year and will all be available at points in the draft where the risk is lower and the chance of reward is high. Last year, Danny Amendola’s ADP was 49.53 (according to CBS Sports), which in light of his injury risk was unjustifiably high. With plenty of fantasy owners getting burned last year, expect his ADP to drop plenty now. But as with DeSean Jackson last year, picking up Danny Amendola in the 8th round or later has potential to be an ADP victory. Danny managed three 100 yard games while only playing in 12, so the potential is there. I wouldn’t move him earlier than the seventh or eighth round in standard scoring though because historically, he has trouble finding the end zone. But then again, historically his QBs were Marc Bulger, rookie Sam Bradford, and third year Sam Bradford.


Another player that will see his ADP fall is Stevan Ridley, who soared to an ADP of 23.75 in 2013. In light of the Patriots being a true Running-Back-by-Committee (when a group of running backs wear onesies together, there’s a pretty good chance it’ll be a committee) and Ridley’s characteristically poorly timed fumbles, his ADP should be lower than borderline second round pick. But the Patriots did score the 2nd most running TDs in the league last season, first the year before, and Ridley continued to produce the most yards of all Patriots RBs. If I see Ridley slip past the third round in a standard league, I would take him. He might even make you a fan of onesies. 



new england patriots onsies



The two other health risk-and-reward players on the Patriots are Shane Vereen and Rob Gronkowski. Both players missed most of the regular season with injuries; Vereen breaking his wrist and Gronkowski recovering from back surgery and subsequently took a shoulder to the knee.


BB pissed at ward for hit on gronk


This Bill Belichick gif pretty much sums up the reaction of Gronkowski Fantasy owners last year


The risks with Gronkowski are real; he hasn’t played a full season since 2011. But whatever health voodoo curse he is afflicted with hasn’t prevented him from producing three double digit TD seasons even in limited play. If Gronkowski could play a full or even two thirds of a season and replicates his prior production, he would be a great value after the third round. 

Going into 2014, Gronkowski is still rehabbing from surgery and there is no estimate on when he will return. Everything indicates this offseason will be a repeat of waiting on Gronkowski. If Gronkowski started playing in the preseason, I would start drafting him in the late second-third round, but if he is likely to miss a couple of games in the beginning of the season, I would wait until he fell to the 5th round. If someone in your league auto-drafts Gronkowski and is impatient about not having Gronk for a number of games, be sure send him some trade requests. 

Being down a starter for any portion of the fantasy season can be hard to overcome, so if you draft Gronkowski, all your other draft picks should be starters. But, if I were to take a chance on any injury-prone player, I’d take a chance on Gronkowski. 


Shane Vereen has been injured every season in some way. Last season was supposed to be his break out season and his first game had every indication of a breakout, getting 101 rushing yards on 14 rushes, seven catches and 58 receiving yards. But after breaking his wrist and returning in November, he never rushed more than 10 times in a game.


A year removed from his injury and with a less crowded backfield, he has sleeper potential if enough fantasy owners pass on him due to his injury history. His value in PPR versus standard is huge; he averaged 6 catches a game in 2013. He has the potential to be the 2013 Danny Woodhead of 2014, who finished as the 19th best RB in standard. He runs a terrific wheel route and gets plenty of red zone looks.  


It’s an exciting time to be drafting the Patriots, who performed uncharacteristically poorly in 2013. The Patriots players will reward fantasy owners who are willing to draft these players and not let them slide too far. 





Indianapolis Colts - 2014 Preseason #FF Preview




suits pyro character



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The Tuck Rule Game

Rule 3, Section 22, Article 2, Note 2 of the NFL rule book, which states that "any intentional forward movement of [the thrower's] arm starts a forward pass, even if the player loses possession of the ball as he is attempting to tuck it back toward his body."

That is the NFL’s Tuck rule, which was instituted in 1999. The rule was repealed in March of 2013 by a vote of 29-1 with two abstentions. The reason for the repeal was due to this controversial call impacting games at key moments. There is no better example of this happening than during a Divisional Playoff game in Foxboro between the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders on January 19th, 2002, which has since come to be known as “The Tuck Rule Game”.

Tom Brady had taken over as the Patriots quarterback, after Drew Bledsoe was knocked out earlier in the season, and was preparing to start his first ever playoff game. The Oakland Raiders had made the long cross-country trip after defeating the New Yorks Jets at home the previous week. The Raiders were coached by Jon Gruden, and had started the season 8-2, but finished 10-6, losing their final three games of the regular season. The Raiders would not only have to deal with the time zone adjustment, but the California team also had to deal winter conditions.  It was a blustery New England day, with 28-degree temperatures, wind, and a steady snowfall.

The game began with each time fighting to find their footing, and neither team was able to score in the first quarter. The Raiders had the ball in good field position at the start of the second quarter, and proceeded to drive 50 yards downfield, culminating in a James Jett 13-yard touchdown catch. That would be the only score of the half, with the Raiders leading 7-0.

The Patriots received the second half kickoff, and Tom Brady led a methodical six minute plus drive down to the Raiders five-yard line, but stalled out there. The Patriots would have to settle for an Adam Vinatieri 23-yard field goal, to cut the lead to 7-3. The Raiders dominated the rest of the third quarter scoring, but only mustered two Sebastian Janikowski field goals and a 13-3 lead heading into the final quarter.

It was at this point that Tom Brady gave the first glimpse of the clutch quarterback he would become. The Patriots got possession of the ball at their own 33-yard line, with 12:29 left to play.   Brady would complete nine consecutive passes on the drive, which ended with a Brady 6-yard scramble for a touchdown and only 7:57 remaining in the game. The Patriots now trailed 13-10.

The Raiders then put a decent drive together, but stalled out at the Patriots 45-yard line and were forced to punt. Brady and the Pats were unable to do anything on the drive, and were forced to punt back to the Raiders with only 2:41 left to play in the game. Charlie Garner ran for seven yards on the first play, followed by the Patriots first timeout. Garner would carry again for two yards, followed by the Patriots second timeout. On the crucial third and one play the Raiders gave the ball to 240-pound fullback Zack Crockett, who was shut down for no gain by Teddy Bruschi and Ty Law. Oakland would have to punt. This is when the fun began.

Troy Brown returned the punt 27 yards, before he fumbled the ball. Luckily for the Patriots, teammate Larry Izzo recovered the fumble at the Patriots 46-yard line with 2:06 remaining. Brady would then complete a pass to Kevin Faulk for seven yards, followed by a scramble for five yards. New England had first and ten at the Raiders 42-yard line with 1:50 left to play. Tom Brady dropped back to pass, pumped the ball and pulled it back when it was knocked out of his hands by Oakland’s Charles Woodson, and recovered by teammate Greg Biekert. The ruling on the field by head referee Walt Coleman was fumbled and recovered by Oakland, but the game was inside the two-minute warning meaning replays were initiated by the replay official. Replay official Rex Stuart called for a review of the play. The replay showed that Brady started to throw the ball but when he felt Woodson’s pressure he brought the ball back, bringing his throwing arm down and tucking the ball, like he was going to run with or protect the ball.

When Walt Coleman exited the replay booth, he ruled that the pass was incomplete due to the tuck rule. It was at this point that NFL fans became acutely aware of Rule 3, Section 22, Article 2, Note 2 of the NFL rulebook. The Patriots maintained possession of the ball and would finish the drive five plays later with an Adam Vinatieri 45-yard field goal to tie the game 13-13 with only 0:32 left in regulation. The game would go to overtime, and it was clear that the wind had been taken out of the Raiders sails after the tuck call took their fumble recovery away.

New England won the toss, and elected to receive the overtime kickoff. Brady led the Patriots on the first of many big game winning drives. Brady would complete nine consecutive passes during the 15-play, 61-yard drive that lasted 8:25. Brady drove the Patriots all the way to the Raiders 5-yard line, before Adam Vinatieri sealed the game with a 23-yard field goal.

Needless to say, Oakland felt cheated out of this game, and it would even cost Jon Gruden his job with the Raiders. It would go on to become known as “The Tuck Rule Game”, and it will forever remain that way in history, now that the rule has been abolished. The impact of this game became two fold, as it also became the catalyst to Tom Brady becoming Tom Brady. If the Raiders had won that game, it would have been one and done for Tom in his first playoff game. Instead, he would rally that into his first of three Super Bowl victories. The Raiders would make it to the Super Bowl the following season, although they would run into the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, coached by Jon Gruden, who destroyed his former team 48-21. In the end, the tuck rule was all bad for Oakland, and all good for New England and Tom Brady.


By Houdini


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Dion Lewis On Track To Return For Season Opener

The New England Patriots

Pyro's take: The New England Patriots will continue to take a patient and conservative approach with running back Dion Lewis' recovery from a torn left ACL, but things are going well. Some close to Lewis feel that he's about one month away from being able to play in a game, which naturally means that his availability for the season opener Sept. 11 in Arizona is looking good at this point (assuming no unexpected setbacks).

Dion Lewis was having a breakout season as the Patriots third down back and was a fantasy stud until hurting his knee on November 8 of last year. He should slide back into that role when he is healthy but will be a risk for fantasy owners as he is an injury prone and has never played a full season in the NFL.

05/24/16, 01:31 PM CDT by PK Ripper
Source: www.espn.com

Tom Brady "Essentially Guaranteed" To Play All Off 2016 If Granted An Appeal

According to Ian Rapoport

Pyro's take: According to Ian Rapoport, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would be "essentially guaranteed" to play the 2016 season if the Second Circuit grants him the en blanc appeal he is filing today.

If Brady is granted the appeal, his four-game suspension would be put on hold, and it could take the entire length of the 2016 season to reach a verdict on the appeal. Brady is more than likely going to miss four games, the question is whether it is this year or next. For now the situation bares monitoring as the Patriots signal caller is one the most significant players in the NFL.

05/23/16, 09:51 AM CDT by PK Ripper
Source: www.twitter.com

Patriots receiver unlikely ready for beginning of season

Amendola underwent two procedures

Pyro's take: Amendola underwent two procedures this offseason on his left knee and ankle. The Boston Herald reported the Patriots "hope" Amendola will be ready for training camp. However, it's uncertain at this time whether he'll even be ready for the beginning of the regular season.

Amendola, 30, had 65 receptions for 648 yards and three touchdowns in 2015. He appeared in 14 games and became a focal point in the offense when Julian Edelman missed seven games due to injury.

05/16/16, 10:38 PM CDT by PK Ripper
Source: www.bostonherald.com

Brady Suspended 4 games.... Again

A U.S Court of Appeals has sided with the NFL in the Deflategate saga.

Pyro's take: A U.S Court of Appeals has sided with the NFL in the Deflategate saga. The Court held that "the commissioner properly exercised his broad direction under the collective bargaining agreement and that his procedural rulings were properly grounded in that agreement and did not deprive Brady of fundamental fairness."

Brady will now be slated to miss the first four games of the season, but I doubt this is the last episode in this saga of the offseason. Brady is now in line to miss contests against the Cardinals, Dolphins, Texans and Bills out of the gate with Jimmy Garoppolo set to get the starts. Brady's ADP will surely fall from the middle of the fourth round, to where he could now be a value pick with a replacement level QB the first four weeks of the season. The Patriots are on bye in Week 5, so Week 6 is the first time you will be able to slide Tom in the lineup.

04/25/16, 10:57 AM CDT by Stagg Party
Source: twitter.com

Gronk was most consistent fantasy player according to top-12 weeks


Pyro's take: Gronk had another outstanding year last season, finishing with 72 catches on 120 targets for 1,176 yards and 11 touchdowns. in PPR leagues, Gronkowski finished last season with 13 top-12 weeks in just 15 games played. That 86.7% was the highest of all positions for guys that played in multiple games.

We know that Gronk is the top option heading into next season at the tight end position, as he had 10 games last season with either 100 yards or a touchdown. A dominator no matter where he is on the field, Gronk decimates in the redzone and will continue to as the offense will center around him and Tom Brady for yet another season.

04/06/16, 05:50 PM CDT by Stagg Party
Source: pyromaniac.com

Danny Amendola to return next season.


Pyro's take: Amendola, $5M of his cap hit is salary. He is coming off his best season in New England (65 catches, 648 yards and three TDs) and was terrific in the postseason in 2014. Even though he hasn’t produced stats commensurate with his paycheck all the way through, he has been a tremendously valuable player. But $5M is a little aggressive, especially when it’s exactly twice what Julian Edelman will make in 2016 salary. A release of Amendola – which I wouldn’t anticipate – would save $3.5M against the cap.

01/31/16, 06:48 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.csnne.com

Tom Brady completed 27-of-56 passes for 310 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions


Pyro's take: The Broncos defense treated Tom Brady as a pinata throwing him to the ground and basically stomping on him all game. The two interceptions were from the defense putting pressure on him.

He finished completing less than half his passes and a 1:2 touchdown to interception ratio.

01/24/16, 06:09 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.pyromaniac.com

Rob Gronkowski caught 8-of-15 passes for 144 yards and a touchdown


Pyro's take: Gronk was the only Patriot player who could not be stopped, He racked up some yac for himself, as he used his body well to shield off defenders. He beat himself into dehydration and made the only touchdown reception for New England. Most importantly he has only missed two games over the past two seasons.

01/24/16, 06:03 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.pyromaniac.com

Julian Edelman caught 7-of-13 targets for 53 yards


Pyro's take: Like the rest of the Patriots offense Edelman was held in check for the most part of the day. He only averaged little over 7 yards per catch.

01/24/16, 06:01 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.pyromaniac.com

Nate Washington (hip) is listed as probable for Saturday's Wild Card game against the Chiefs.


Pyro's take: Aaron Wilson tweeted that Nate Washington is probable for the game against Kansas City.

Washington caught six-of-11 targets for 105 yards against Kansas City in the season opener.

01/09/16, 01:41 AM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Nate Washington (hip) did not practice Wednesday.


Pyro's take: Aaron Wilson via Twitter "Nate Washington (hip) worked on the side, didn't practice today for Texans."

With Cecil Shorts injured as well, this could mean that rookie Jaelen Strong will be the Texans number two receiver.

01/06/16, 11:57 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Amendola and Edelman Both Out; Edelman QUESTIONABLE


Pyro's take: The two lead WRs are both out for Week 16. Even LaFell is listed as questionable bumping up Martin who is 4th on the depth chart as well as newly acquired Hankerson, who is listed as 5th. Thus both Hankerson and Martin are essentially starters

12/27/15, 12:17 AM CST by M O

Amendola and Edelman Both Out; Edelman QUESTIONABLE


Pyro's take: The two lead WRs are both out for Week 16. Even LaFell is listed as questionable bumping up Martin who is 4th on the depth chart as well as newly acquired Hankerson, who is listed as 5th. Thus both Hankerson and Martin are essentially starters

12/27/15, 12:17 AM CST by M O

Rob Gronkowski named to the Pro Bowl


Pyro's take: Rob Gronkowski was named to the Pro Bowl among three other tight ends

12/23/15, 12:30 AM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: probowl.fantasy.nfl.com

Tom Brady named to the Pro Bowl


Pyro's take: Tom Brady was named to the Pro-Bowl among five other quarterbacks,

12/23/15, 12:02 AM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: probowl.fantasy.nfl.com

Julian Edelman (foot) is listed as doubtful for Week 15


Pyro's take: This opens up the door once again for Danny Amendola to act as the #1 WR out of the slot, and he shouldn't be downgraded much (if at all) with a healthy Rob Gronkowski back in the fold. He'll remain an option in any format with Edelman out, and figures to draw the coverage of Coty Sensabaugh in the slot, who has graded out very poorly in coverage (per PFF). He's an especially strong target in full point PPR formats.--RotoGrinders

12/19/15, 04:23 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.rotoworld.com

Patriots are not worried about Tom Brady's (illness, questionable) ability to start Sunday.


Pyro's take: Jason La Confora via Twitter "Tom Brady feeling a bit better. Pats not concerned about ability to start Sunday. Should be good to go"

12/19/15, 03:05 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Rob Gronkowski caught four passes for 87 yards and a touchdown


Pyro's take: Gronkowski played with a knee-brace and clearly wasn’t 100 percent, but will remain locked in as a TE1 for Week 15.

12/14/15, 08:19 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.pyromaniac.com

Danny A Listed as Questionable, but Fully Expected to Play


Pyro's take: Amendola is officially listed as Questionable. But, according to all reports, he should be good to go in the Sunday night game in Week 14.

12/13/15, 11:20 AM CST by M O
Source: espn.go.com

Gronk, According to PFF, will Give it a Shot Tonight


Pyro's take: I first saw a report on Fan Duel. Then, the Boston Globe has reported not only has the Gronk travelled with the team, but he might actually play. Now, PFF says Gronk intends to play tonbight. It is hard to trust wild Bill. The important thing to note, this is a Sunday night game. It would help to have another option in either Houston, Miami, or the Giants. It is a big gamble in your playoffs. will Tye, the Giants TE, is available in a huge portion of leagues. He would be my backup call.

12/13/15, 10:52 AM CST by M O
Source: twitter.com


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