Philadelphia Eagles

NFC East

2014 Schedule

  • Week 1

    JAC @ PHI


    1:00 pm

  • Week 2

    PHI @ IND


    8:30 pm

  • Week 3

    WAS @ PHI


    1:00 pm

  • Week 4

    PHI @ SF


    4:30 pm

  • Week 5

    STL @ PHI


    1:00 pm

  • Week 6

    PHI @ WAS


    4:30 pm

  • Week 6

    NYG @ PHI


    8:30 pm

  • Week 7


  • Week 8

    PHI @ ARI


    4:00 pm

  • Week 9

    PHI @ HOU


    1:00 pm

  • Week 10

    CAR @ PHI


    8:30 pm

  • Week 11

    PHI @ GB


    1:00 pm

  • Week 12

    TEN @ PHI


    1:00 pm

  • Week 13

    PHI @ DAL


    4:30 pm

  • Week 14

    SEA @ PHI


    4:30 pm

  • Week 15

    DAL @ PHI


    8:30 pm

  • Week 16

    PHI @ WAS


    4:30 pm

  • Week 17

    PHI @ NYG


    1:00 pm

PYRO Fantasy Depth Chart

The PYRO Fantasy Football Depth Chart is a rundown of where Team PYRO projects the fantasy production for each team at each position. It is NOT an attempt to inform you of the current starters for each team. For example, we are well aware that Brandon Manumaleuna is currently the starting TE for the Chicago Bears, but if you look at the Bears Team Page, we have Greg Olsen listed at TE. Why? We’re projecting that Greg Olsen will be the most Fantasy Football relevant TE for the Bears this season. Since Olsen will be the Bears leading FF point scorer at TE, it’s his name at the top of the TE column on our PYRO Fantasy Depth Chart.

Philadelphia Eagles - 2014 Preseason #FF Preview

philadelphia eagles header graphic


Last year nine teams had three or more fantasy starters in the top 60 and it is likely that it’ll continue to be that way in 2014. This series: Dressed for Success, will look at NFL teams going into 2014 that have assembled the right players to be a treasure trove of fantasy studs. 

2013 was Chip Kelly’s first season as an NFL head coach, replacing long time head coach Andy Reid. From the very first game, the Eagles displayed a remarkably efficient offense that every fantasy owner should still be excited about owning players on the Eagles going into next season. While the Eagles didn’t run the most offensive plays in the NFL, the team tied with the Broncos for first in average yards per play with 6.3 yards per play. In fact, the number of offensive plays run is not a sure indicator of fantasy production; the Bills ran the third most plays in the NFL, but ranked 25th in total fantasy output.

Going into next season, I am really excited for Nick Foles, mildly excited about LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles, and cautiously optimistic about Riley Cooper, and Jeremy Maclin.

Nick Foles is the most intriguing sleeper pick for QB, because it’s hard to tell if he is really talented or just a product of Kelly’s system. The Eagles QBs combined for the third highest fantasy totals by QBs by team (Peyton Manning’s Broncos had 496.8; Drew Brees’ Saints had 437.5, and Vick and Foles’ Eagles had 415; the next best was Andy Dalton’s Bengals at 377.1). For fantasy purposes though, this abstract discussion of who created who probably doesn’t matter. If Foles is actually good, you might be getting the next Aaron Rodgers. In his 11 starts, he’s mustered 10 multi-TD games, with three TD runs. If he isn’t that good, you’ll be getting the benefit of him being part of an extremely efficient system, maybe channeling Matthew Stafford when his value was based on throwing the ball a ton. That is of course if Philadelphia doesn’t run him out of town first. (Read this story on how folks in Philly think Sanchez will fare).

The other knock that Foles has against him, following DeSean Jackson’s trade, is the lack of proven receivers on offense. Riley Cooper had a few amazing games in the middle of the season, but failed to break 75 yards after week 10. Jeremy Maclin is coming off an ACL surgery on a knee he previously had surgery on before has never had a 1000 yard season, but has had one double digit TD season. However, with QBs in fantasy football, the talent around you doesn’t have to be phenomenal; think of the NFL adage “some QBs make WRs better.” As long as Maclin and Cooper could stay healthy for most of the season, I expect Foles to resume playing at a high level. And worry not about Desean, we can be sure DeSean will be leaving some dirt at “the Linc” come next season. The skinny of it is probably this: not everyone throws for seven TDs in a game, even if it’s against the Raiders. You want a QB who can at least exploit a bad team.



With the unknown being so uncertain it’s hard to draft Foles early, but fortunately you probably won’t have to. The trend of waiting to draft a QB will probably continue into next season so you can safely pick him up in middle rounds after the PDA trinity of Peyton, Drew, and Aaron and running QBs have gone. Those in leagues that reward for big-plays should further consider bumping up Foles because the Eagles led the league in 20+ yard passes at 80, with the Broncos coming in second at 68.

The running game in Philadelphia is just as intriguing as the passing game. In 2013, LeSean and Bryce Brown combined for second most productive running game in terms of yardage. With Darren Sproles in the mix, its easily imaginable that this offense can produce two fantasy relevant RBs. In this up-tempo offense, it’ll be easy for Sproles to make separation with opposing linebackers, even if he’s lost a step or two with age. Lesean is still going in the first round and he’s a worthwhile RB to get in the first considering the Eagles tied for the second most running TDs in the league last year. Sproles however is going to slip in standard scoring, less so than PPR, but I wouldn’t let him go past 9th round in standard or 8th round in PPR.. He has more potential than whichever handcuff you are tempted to get at that point in the draft.

 I do like Zach Ertz’s potential to be a good TE in 2014. Ertz outgained Celek in yardage and catches during the season, but scored fewer TDs than Celek.  But if 2013 is any indication, I don’t see Ertz breaking into the top 5 of TEs because the targets between him and Celek seem to go back and forth from game to game. There are better TEs to be had unless you’re waiting till the double digit rounds of your draft to be picking a TE.

 You might have ethical dilemmas about drafting Riley Cooper, like when, I out of principle will not draft players who went to USC (in terms of degrees of socially detestable behavior, Riley Cooper’s Chesney induced comments and attending USC, pretty much the same). But really, Cooper does have some upside, not just as a PPR machine, but also in standard. Last season, Cooper flashed some long play-making abilities. In eight games, Cooper had at least one catch for over 20 yards, with four being over 40 yards. He can be a safe pick in either standard or PPR; I’d be comfortable taking a chance on him in the 7th round as a WR3. Believe in second chances; believe in Cooper; don’t let friends go to USC.

Maclin is a prototypical example of health risk versus reward players. If Danny Amendola taught us all anything last year, it’s that we should never be drafting injury prone receivers in the fourth round. Personally, Maclin hasn’t shown enough consistent production to go anywhere before the sixth; coupled with the injury history; I would only be willing to spend a 9th round pick at most to gamble on Maclin.

 The last stat I’ll share is Philadelphia’s turnover difference: +12 turnovers, fourth best in the league. The short and skinny is that teams that get the ball or maintain the ball more, can produce more fantasy stats. The Eagles are looking like a well put together team and can help your fantasy team look pretty... fly. The city of Philadelphia is ready for winners, and what is this about their being a jail in the stadium?




Washington Redskins - 2014 Preseason #FF Preview




suits pyro character



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Philadelphia eagles court

Philadelphia is known as the city of brotherly love, but you would not know it from the way opposing teams and fans are treated when they visit. The Eagles, and more accurately Philadelphia, and their fans have a rep as being the worst in the country. Whether or not that is true is debatable, but the fans of Philadelphia definitely have a checkered past. So much so in fact, that in 1998 the city of Philadelphia created the Eagles Court, which convened in the basement of the then home of the Eagles Veterans Stadium. The city of Philadelphia and their fans may deny their rep, but being the first city to have a courtroom in one of their stadiums leaves no doubt, so own up to it and be proud.

This history of violence started back in 1949. On August 21st, during a Phillies game, fans began to throw glass bottles onto the field. The fans were upset at call being made by the umpires in the game, and this was their retort. The crowd would not yield, and when they ignored pleas over the loudspeakers the game was forfeited. Umpire Lee Ballanfant was hit in the face with a bottle, and fellow umpire Al Barlick took a tomato to the back of the head. Ah, the days when people brought their own tomatoes to throw.

In the 1960’s, the Phillies first basemen was Dick Allen, who was African-American. The fans of the Phillies did not care for Allen and would routinely boo him. Allen became effected by this would write “letters in the dirt” with his spikes to show the fans his displeasure. The response was that fans would throw garbage, fruit and batteries at Allen. When he played first he would wear his batting helmet at first, and earned him the nickname “Crash”. Remember he played for the Phillies…only in Philadelphia.

One of the most famous incidents happened in 1968. The Eagles were in the midst of a losing season, and had the inside track to the first overall pick in 1969, where O.J. Simpson was waiting. The Eagles began to win games late in the season, and in the final home game there was a halftime ceremony where Santa Claus would come out and wave to the crowd. The crowd was already unruly, and the Santa had left the building. They scrambled and grabbed a fan from the stands, Frank Olivo, who was wearing a makeshift Santa outfit and had him go out. The fans began to boo him, and he was pelted with snowballs. He came back in 2003 to a Sixers game in a Santa suit and was once again booed, welcome back.

At an Eagles game in 1989, referred to as Bounty Bowl II, against the Dallas Cowboys fans once again displayed poor judgment and wasteful behavior. The stadium once again had snow that could not be removed, and instead was packed under the seats. The weather was warming up enough that the snow became perfect for packing and molding into ice balls. Fans began throwing these ice balls at Cowboys players, coaches, the referees, as well as the broadcasters…don’t want to discriminate now do we. Then fans began to pour beer on everyone going through the tunnel. The effect was the team banning beer sales for the final home game, as well as their NFC Wild Card game against the Rams. Ice Balls and wasting beer. There is a history of snowballs and the like, but wasting beer…really?

In 1997 during a Monday Night Football game against the San Francisco 49ers all hell broke loose. Just before the opening kickoff an all out brawl broke out, in the 500 level of Veterans Stadium, when five drunk fans attacked and thrashed Scott Reader, who suffered a shattered ankle as well as cigar burns. The reason he was assaulted was because his friend happened to be wearing a New York Giants jacket…heaven forbid. Reader recalled what a guard told him after the beating. ``The guard told me that he was sorry he couldn't help me, but there were five of them and only one of him,'' Reader said. This was only the beginning; the worst was yet to come.

The Eagles fell behind 24-6 at halftime, and Mayor Ed Rendell knew trouble could be brewing. He ordered additional security to a problem area in the upper levels where drinking and pot smoking ran rampant at every game. Unfortunately, things would get worse. The fans were no longer paying attention to the game, and there was a lot more action going on in the stands than on the field. The destructive behavior of that night culminated with a fan in upper level 500, Robert Sellers, firing a flare into a mob of fans on the lower 200 level. His response was that he got caught up in the chaos of the crowd. The night also included other mob activities: over 60 different fist fights, pick pocketing, car thefts, and stolen Eagles merchandise…you know classic Philadelphia behavior.

The result of this was the courts of Philadelphia taking action. Seamus McCaffery was a member of the Municipal Court in Philadelphia, and he spearheaded the development of the Eagles Court, with the support of members from the city council. Due to the history of violence at Veterans Stadium the city created an actual court located in the bowels of the stadium. McCaffery presided over this court, which was open for business during Eagles and Phillies home games. Fans would no longer have to wait to receive their punishment.

The fans of Philadelphia have continued to earn their ranking as the worst fans in the game, so by now it should just be something that is worn with a badge of honor or stupidity…what’s the difference. I am actually proud to announce that the Eagles Court is no longer in session at Lincoln Financial Field, as the effect of the court worked so well that it is no longer necessary, for now.

By Houdini 

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jason avant is a great receiver


Scouted by Vaaal-Verde

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Miracle at the Meadowlands

miracle at the meadowlands by desean jackson

In a play that has been named as the Miracle at the New Meadowlands DeSean Jackson made a play that had never been done before in NFL History, a walk off punt return touchdown but that was only half the story. With under 8 minutes to go in the fourth quarter the Eagles were trailing by 21 points to the rival Giants before they kicked it into overdrive. Eli Manning and the Giants dominated the game early with three touchdown passes before the half and a lead of 24-3 at the break. The Eagles would score in the third and trail 24-10 heading into the final quarter. The Giants would extend their lead to 31-10 with another Eli Manning strike with 8:17 left on the clock.

The rest of the game was all Eagles as Mike Vick would lead three unanswered touchdown drives in the fourth quarter. Vick would throw two touchdown passes and run one in to tie the game at 31 with 76 seconds left on the clock. The Giants would get the ball back with over a minute but their offense would falter and the punt team would be sent out with 14 seconds left and the dangerous DeSean Jackson waiting at the other end.  DeSean would fumble the kick upon first touch then scoop it up and burst through the Giants coverage team and getting a jaw dropping block by Jason Avant that would free Jackson up with a stroll towards, and along the endzone before finally breaking the plane with no time remaining. The win would propel the Eagles into the playoffs at the expense of the Giants and the game would be voted as one of the most memorable of all time.



By Stagg Party

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Ertz Goes Off

No secret that Zach Ertz has had a tough season. He was hyped to be a weapon from the tight end spot, in that high-profile offense, but his biggest day came way back in week one, where he had three receptions for 77 yards and a touchdown. Tonight though against the Eagles in a losing cause, he had 15 receptions for 115 yards and no touchdowns.

Pyro's take: Even though he may never have 15 receptions in a game again, this is the kind of output most owners expected from him. Hopefully, he cant turn things around next season, and escape the bust label, he sure has the talent to break-out.

12/20/14, 08:54 PM CST by Vaaal-verde

Touchdown Polk

LeSean McCoy has stated that Chris Polk will take over goal line duties. The Eagles have relied on Polk lately down low, and he has delivered. McCoy seasons has been up and down, he has over 1200 yards rushing, but with the size and power of Chris Polk he is more of a logical choice.

“Some of the short-yardage stuff, Polk’s obviously a little bit more powerful back, so they’ve been giving him some of the runs in short-yardage in a couple games, especially last game,” McCoy said.

“He’s not getting all of them, but if it helps the team, that’s what I’m going to do.

“There’s just some plays on 3rd-and-1 type of situations where I probably wouldn’t have gotten it, where I see him kind of hit a guy, drag a guy and get in there. It’s hard to be selfish with a player like Polk to use him to do those type of things.”

Pyro's take: This is great news for standard league owners, with the Eagles offense, Polk will get his chances to score. He is definitely worth a look on the waiver wire.

12/18/14, 11:17 AM CST by Vaaal-verde

Bone Still Bruised

Ian Rapoport has mentioned via twitter that "coach Chip Kelly says at his press conference that Nick Foles’ bone has not healed. He’s out this week."

Pyro's take: Well the Sanchez train keeps plowing ahead. By the time Foles does make it back, your season will be over, but if you have the room and can roster him, then roll with it, stranger things have happened.

12/15/14, 12:33 PM CST by Vaaal-verde


Mark Sanchez believes his skills have improved since being part of the New York Jets organization. "There's a ton of experience in there in those five years and the most important thing is to eliminate the mistakes that happened then," he said Wednesday of his time with the Jets. "And I think coach (Chip) Kelly is going to put me in a good position and it's my job to make the right decisions. I'm thrilled about the opportunity and I'm excited about moving forward with this team."

Pyro's take: He is going to get the start this week, and possibly to the end of the season, depending on the heal rate of Nick Foles collar bone. He makes a great pick-up being in that Chip Kelly offense, just keep in mind he will probably throw as many interceptions as touchdowns.

11/05/14, 08:20 PM CST by Vaaal-verde

Broken Collarbone

Derrick Gunn is reporting via twitter that "League source confirms foles has a broken collar bone .... MRI on Monday will determine how long he's out"

Pyro's take: At this point he will probably miss a month, if the MRI shows ligament damage/tears, it could be a lot longer. Either case, grab a back-up, if your league doesnt count interceptions, Mark Sanchez played admirably.

11/03/14, 01:23 PM CST by Vaaal-verde

On His Way

Darren Sproles looks to be on his way back. Les Bowen via twitter has stated, "Sproles said he was full practice participant today, was close Sunday, hopeful this week but won’t know until he gets more full practices."

Pyro's take: Even though its not official, I say he plays. Great news for owners, as he has played solid all season.

10/29/14, 11:37 AM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Monster Day

Jeremy Maclin superhuman on Sunday. He finished the game with 12 catches for 187 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Pyro's take: Maclin was open all-day, and he continues to be one of the better number 2 receivers for your fantasy team. He should be an easy weekly play either at the two, or flex position.

10/27/14, 11:13 AM CDT by Vaaal-verde


The Philadelphia Eagles are stating via twitter that Darren Sproles was limited in practice, also among him here are the others. "#Eagles practice report | Limited: C Kelce (hernia), LB Kendricks (calf), RB Sproles (knee), G Mathis (knee)"

Pyro's take: Sproles being limited is not a concern, as of yet, he should still play this Sunday.

10/23/14, 10:37 AM CDT by Vaaal-verde

McCoy Looking Good

LeSean McCoy looked like his original self last night against the New York Giants. Catching the ball, making players miss, and breaking tackles. "changing directions with stutter-step moves that left defenders grasping and letting the stadium lights sparkle off the silver soles of his cleats. By the end of the first half, McCoy had 85 yards on 12 carries, more yardage than he had gained in any full game this season. By the end of the game he had 149 yards on 22 carries, his first 100-yard game of the season."

With LeSean McCoy running well it took pressure off of Nick Foles. The Eagles ran the ball nine times in their 19 first-quarter plays and then, with the Giants sucked in, threw it 14 times in their 20 second-quarter plays as they built a 20-0 halftime lead. "I feel I made better decisions. Just go and hit it, whether the hole is there or not," McCoy said. "But the guys up front were blowing them off the ball the whole game."

Pyro's take: McCoy had his best game this season, but it was off of a poor defense in the New York Giants, and instead of gaining momentum he will now have to get it back after the bye-week. Keep starting him, as he is just too versatile to keep on the bench.

10/13/14, 03:00 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Foles Shakey

Through most of the first half Nick Foles looked like the quarterback last season, as he threw completed 14 passes in 20 attempts, 177 yards, and two touchdowns. Then another side showed up, the one that he just cant escape from. With the Eagles on the Giants' 16-yard line, Foles tried dump-off to the sidelines, but did not see Antrel Rolle, standing right in front of Darren Sproles.

Early in the third quarter, he made a similar mistake, this time he threw late, and the pass went right into belly of Giants cornerback Zach Bowman. It was Foles' 10th turnover, the most in the league, and his seventh interception.

The difference between last season and this is perception. People bought into Foles being perfect, throwing just two interceptions, making his imperfections this season magnified.

He finished Sunday with respectable numbers - 21 for 34, 248 yards, two touchdowns. "I made a couple of dumb mistakes with the football that I will work on," he said. "I can fix those things. They're not over my head."

Pyro's take: Nick Foles regardless of the situation is the starter in Philadelphia. Even though he has struggled with some "bone-head" plays, he is a skilled starter, who is dealing with change. DeSean Jackson is gone, and teams had an off-season to prepare for his tendencies.

Foles will use the bye-week to work on his 9:7 touchdown to interception ratio, and try to bump his yards as well.

10/13/14, 02:38 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Sproles Injured

Darren Sproles injured his MCL on Sunday. According to Mike McCoy he will be out 1-3 weeks. Eagles have a bye next week, so Sproles may miss only the Cardinals game the following week.

Pyro's take: The Eagles escaped a brutal set-back, as Sproles went from out for the season to just a few weeks at most. Be patient and wait it out, he will most likely return after the bye-week.

10/13/14, 01:05 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Not Getting it Done

Very surprising the year that LeSean McCoy is having this season. He is averaging 2.7 yards per carry, the worst since arriving in Philadelphia, and it didnt help that he had only 17 yards on 10 carries against the 49ers.

Even with all this, McCoy remains confident "just not getting it done," he repeatedly said - and he is unbothered by the criticism.

"I'm confident in my game," McCoy said. "I know who I am. The teams we play know what type of player I am. That doesn't bother me. I can't answer why we can't get the running game going. And I'm not going to. I'm not going to fight that battle."

Pyro's take: Owners should not have to worry about McCoy, because he is too good not to be able to turn it around, and plays in an offensive system that is top notch. Keep plugging him in your line-up, as he will eventually break-out, and you dont want him on the sidelines when he does.

10/02/14, 10:40 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Foles folds away the day

Nick Foles didn't have the best day against the San Francisco 49ers. He finished with just 21-of-43 pass attempts, or 48.8 percent. "The last time he completed fewer than 50 percent of his pass attempts was October 20, 2013, when the Eagles lost to the Cowboys, 17-3."

Foles also felt that he performed below his standards "I definitely missed some throws that I want to hit, and that's something I'll work towards this week," Foles said. "My job as a quarterback is, when that ball's in my hand, to deliver the ball to where my receivers can catch it, and there were a couple of times where I just let it out there just a little too far."

The difference came in between the distinction of the short and long passing tree. His short game was on, but when he decided to take it deep, he was very unsuccessful. "I've definitely tried to just take some shots, stretch them out a little bit," Foles explained. "I need to be a little more accurate, that's what I'm working on this week, working on that, and staying clean in the pocket so I can deliver the ball to our guys where they can go up and make a play, not where the ball lands in front of them."

Pyro's take: Nick Foles has been a steady producer this season, minus the 49ers game he had thrown for six touchdowns and 978 yards in three games, with just two interceptions. Then the visit to San Francisco turned everything upside down. Now, after four games he has 1173 yards passing six touchdowns and four interceptions. 195 yards passing with two interceptions and no touchdowns, will turn a three week strong streak into a statistical nightmare.

Foles takes on the St. Louis Rams this week and should continue where he left off in week three.

09/30/14, 04:53 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

A bit shady

LeSean McCoy suffered a possible concussion on Sunday, I say possible, because he was cleared by team doctors to continue to play. Ask anyone who saw him play, they would confirm something was not right. With just 10 minutes left in the game, McCoy was turning in a Matt Asiata type performance, on 14 carries LeSean McCoy had just 21 yards. He finished even worse, 19 carries for 22 yards. The Eagles will visit the 49ers this weekend.

Pyro's take: Its hard to believe in this day, that the Eagles staff would liablly allow LeSean McCoy to resume his play not being 100% able to. This is the year though that believing in things strange has gotten a lot easier. If he is cleared for the 49ers trip, which includes getting on a plane for a cross-country flight, expect the same ole' McCoy, but keep an eye out in case he isnt.

09/23/14, 11:58 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde


Darren Sproles was not nearly as successful against the Redskins as he was against the Colts. Sproles only ran twice for 20 yards and caught three passes for 30. Against Indianapolis he had four attempts for 26 yards and one touchdown, he also had seven receptions for 152 yards.

Sproles still has 313 yards from scrimmage on 31 touches through three games. He will look to get back on track in Week 4 against the 49ers.

Pyro's take: Sproles is going to be a boom or bust player, and making part of an already spread out offense is going to make it even more difficult to get him consistent numbers. The best thing to do is play the match-up, or if LeSean McCoy is out, then the start makes more sense.

Against the 49ers it will be difficult for him to get some good numbers going, especially against their pro-bowl linebackers.

09/23/14, 12:01 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Sproles relied on

Darren Sproles was relied on heavily in their opening win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Sproles 11 carries were more than he has logged in all but four of his 123 career regular-season games. Chip Kelly went on to say about Darren Sproles "I've said since day one, I don't know why" Sproles did not run often in the past, Kelly said. "I think he's an outstanding running back. He proved it [Sunday] and it's nothing that he has not proved from the first two or three days we saw him in the offseason program . . . He's really, really talented, and you have to find ways to get the football in his hands."

Pyro's take: Darren Sproles had 71 total yards rushing, while one came on a 49 yard jaunt. The important aspect is that Sproles is getting carries, even though that translates into a 2.2 carry average, Sproles is used to get the homerun, and the other stuff can be ignored if he connects. He was also used in the punt and kickoff role.

The most telling evidence is what LeSean McCoy had to say about the smallish Darren Sproles "I didn't know he had that much fight in him," McCoy said. "His role is bigger here. By committee, we are going to do it together. He looked real good. He gives me that extra push that I like. I know that if I come out or it's his package, he can still make big plays. He is elusive and he's very tough."

McCoy mentioning a committee backfield is not something owners want to hear about their star first round pick, but this could easily be the circumstance. One game wont be a large enough sample size to fully understand the impact of Sproles, but it should be enough to send warning signs.

09/10/14, 01:03 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Ertz making his way

Zach Ertz is showing how his talent and skills can fit in nicely with a Chip Kelly offense. At the tail-end of last season, his rookie year, he was used all over the field, causing mismatches with his size and stature. Last season, he struggled with his blocking and the Philadelphia weather caused him to have limited production, but in 2014 all looks changed, and he should see more targets and snaps.

"Eagles tight ends coach Ted Williams said this week, per the Philadelphia Daily News. "He's one of the best route-runners I've ever seen. He takes a lot of pride in that.

"He has a lot of confidence. He's hard to defeat, because he doesn't take defeat very well. He feels, 'You can't cover me.'"

Pyro's take: Chip Kelly has come out and told reporters that Zach Ertz role is going to expand. Ertz will win the space battle, but is not born with game breaking speed, he is strong at the point of attack, and has sure hands. He has garnered the trust of quarterbacks as 25 of his 36 catches last season triggered first downs, while his size makes him a great red zone target.

Ertz will be drafted in your league, so keep an eye on your tiers and rankings. At this moment his ADP is 107 overall, and climbing.

08/27/14, 12:43 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde

Matthews continues to impress Kelly

Chip Kelly is absolutely right about the overheated NFL hype machine, particularly when it comes to the draft. And yet, right after Kelly expanded yesterday on remarks he originally made to Sports Illustrated's Peter King over the weekend, Jordan Matthews showed a crowd of just under 15,000 people at Lincoln Financial Field why he got so much media attention all spring.

"I see a guy that has a big, huge motor, man. I see a guy that's going to bust his tail from the minute the ball's snapped to the end of the play. He's going to finish every play," Eagles corner Cary Williams said after the first of the team's three scheduled public practices. "I see a guy that goes up to get the ball away from his body - all those intangible things that you can't coach. You see those things out of that guy. Him and [third-round rookie Josh] Huff both have done a tremendous job for us. They're young guys, but they came in with a veteran mentality, making plays."

Pyro's take: We are big fans of Jordan Matthews here at Pyro, and he is proving the Eagles made a good choice selecting him in this year's draft. The Eagles hope that Jordan will be able to step in from day one and earn a starting receiver role. In this fast paced offense he will a rookie that is worth drafting this year in fantasy.

07/29/14, 09:51 PM CDT by Houdini

Chip Kelly giving his tight ends a new look

As the Eagles offense worked on the zone read and run plays during team drills on Sunday, the usage of the tight ends is something to note. The Eagles showcased a look with Brent Celek lined up in the slot to the right of the formation. Second-year tight end Zach Ertz was flexed out wide of Celek. This gives the Eagles a lot of flexibility with the ability to run wide with two good-sized blockers paving the way or to move the ball vertically thanks to the tight ends' pass-catching ability.

"All of our tight ends are very versatile in myself, Brent and James (Casey). We can all do different things and excel at different things. I think that's what makes us very dangerous, especially in the run and the pass game," Ertz said. "I think when you have the three of us out there - Brent in the slot and me out wide – there are a lot of mismatches."

Ertz demonstrated how dangerous his size can be as he used his 6-foot-5, 250-pound frame to shield out cornerback Curtis Marsh and catch a pass from quarterback Mark Sanchez later during a 7-on-7 drill.

"I think just growing up playing basketball," Ertz said. "It's the same thing as going up for a rebound, using your body. You see that's how it is now with a lot of tight ends."

Pyro's take: This type of innovation on offense is why you should feel comfortable drafting Ertz this season. Kelly is looking to create mismatches, and Ertz has the ability to be the play-making tight end in the Eagles offense. For young players it is all about situation, and the situation for Ertz is a good one.

07/27/14, 11:06 PM CDT by Houdini

Musgrave impressed by Foles

Quarterback coach Bill Musgrave was in awe about how well Nick Foles can process everything on the field "You can see so much on film, but when you're out there with them you can see how they process, and Nick can really process." Musgrave did not stop there. He went on to say about Foles "We know he's a gifted athlete. He can throw the ball exactly where he wants to. He can add air, add touch. He can add velocity and really drive it when it's needed. But to see the way that he can visualize formations, coverages, and process what he sees has been impressive."

Bill Musgrave did mention that Nick Foles needs to take less hits, get rid of the ball faster, and move the ball forward with his legs when needed.

Pyro's take: Its probably easy to impress Bill Musgrave after his tenure at Minnesota, and the slop they have had quarterback, but Nick Foles is the real deal, as he put up 27 touchdowns and 2,891 yards in just 11 weeks of full-time play. He can also tuck the ball and run as he had 221 yards rushing on 57 attempts. Combine that with the explosive Chip Kelly offense, and Foles may just end up as top five passer this year.

06/24/14, 08:43 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde


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