Philadelphia Eagles

NFC East

2013 Schedule

  • Week 1

    PHI (33) @ WAS (27)


  • Week 2

    SD (33) @ PHI (30)


  • Week 3

    KC (26) @ PHI (16)


  • Week 4

    PHI (20) @ DEN (52)


  • Week 5

    PHI (36) @ NYG (21)


  • Week 6

    PHI (31) @ TB (20)


  • Week 7

    DAL (17) @ PHI (3)


  • Week 8

    NYG (15) @ PHI (7)


  • Week 9

    PHI (49) @ OAK (20)


  • Week 10

    PHI (27) @ GB (13)


  • Week 11

    WAS (16) @ PHI (24)


  • Week 12


  • Week 13

    ARI (21) @ PHI (24)


PYRO Fantasy Depth Chart

The PYRO Fantasy Football Depth Chart is a rundown of where Team PYRO projects the fantasy production for each team at each position. It is NOT an attempt to inform you of the current starters for each team. For example, we are well aware that Brandon Manumaleuna is currently the starting TE for the Chicago Bears, but if you look at the Bears Team Page, we have Greg Olsen listed at TE. Why? We’re projecting that Greg Olsen will be the most Fantasy Football relevant TE for the Bears this season. Since Olsen will be the Bears leading FF point scorer at TE, it’s his name at the top of the TE column on our PYRO Fantasy Depth Chart.


Philadelphia eagles court

Philadelphia is known as the city of brotherly love, but you would not know it from the way opposing teams and fans are treated when they visit. The Eagles, and more accurately Philadelphia, and their fans have a rep as being the worst in the country. Whether or not that is true is debatable, but the fans of Philadelphia definitely have a checkered past. So much so in fact, that in 1998 the city of Philadelphia created the Eagles Court, which convened in the basement of the then home of the Eagles Veterans Stadium. The city of Philadelphia and their fans may deny their rep, but being the first city to have a courtroom in one of their stadiums leaves no doubt, so own up to it and be proud.

This history of violence started back in 1949. On August 21st, during a Phillies game, fans began to throw glass bottles onto the field. The fans were upset at call being made by the umpires in the game, and this was their retort. The crowd would not yield, and when they ignored pleas over the loudspeakers the game was forfeited. Umpire Lee Ballanfant was hit in the face with a bottle, and fellow umpire Al Barlick took a tomato to the back of the head. Ah, the days when people brought their own tomatoes to throw.

In the 1960’s, the Phillies first basemen was Dick Allen, who was African-American. The fans of the Phillies did not care for Allen and would routinely boo him. Allen became effected by this would write “letters in the dirt” with his spikes to show the fans his displeasure. The response was that fans would throw garbage, fruit and batteries at Allen. When he played first he would wear his batting helmet at first, and earned him the nickname “Crash”. Remember he played for the Phillies…only in Philadelphia.

One of the most famous incidents happened in 1968. The Eagles were in the midst of a losing season, and had the inside track to the first overall pick in 1969, where O.J. Simpson was waiting. The Eagles began to win games late in the season, and in the final home game there was a halftime ceremony where Santa Claus would come out and wave to the crowd. The crowd was already unruly, and the Santa had left the building. They scrambled and grabbed a fan from the stands, Frank Olivo, who was wearing a makeshift Santa outfit and had him go out. The fans began to boo him, and he was pelted with snowballs. He came back in 2003 to a Sixers game in a Santa suit and was once again booed, welcome back.

At an Eagles game in 1989, referred to as Bounty Bowl II, against the Dallas Cowboys fans once again displayed poor judgment and wasteful behavior. The stadium once again had snow that could not be removed, and instead was packed under the seats. The weather was warming up enough that the snow became perfect for packing and molding into ice balls. Fans began throwing these ice balls at Cowboys players, coaches, the referees, as well as the broadcasters…don’t want to discriminate now do we. Then fans began to pour beer on everyone going through the tunnel. The effect was the team banning beer sales for the final home game, as well as their NFC Wild Card game against the Rams. Ice Balls and wasting beer. There is a history of snowballs and the like, but wasting beer…really?

In 1997 during a Monday Night Football game against the San Francisco 49ers all hell broke loose. Just before the opening kickoff an all out brawl broke out, in the 500 level of Veterans Stadium, when five drunk fans attacked and thrashed Scott Reader, who suffered a shattered ankle as well as cigar burns. The reason he was assaulted was because his friend happened to be wearing a New York Giants jacket…heaven forbid. Reader recalled what a guard told him after the beating. ``The guard told me that he was sorry he couldn't help me, but there were five of them and only one of him,'' Reader said. This was only the beginning; the worst was yet to come.

The Eagles fell behind 24-6 at halftime, and Mayor Ed Rendell knew trouble could be brewing. He ordered additional security to a problem area in the upper levels where drinking and pot smoking ran rampant at every game. Unfortunately, things would get worse. The fans were no longer paying attention to the game, and there was a lot more action going on in the stands than on the field. The destructive behavior of that night culminated with a fan in upper level 500, Robert Sellers, firing a flare into a mob of fans on the lower 200 level. His response was that he got caught up in the chaos of the crowd. The night also included other mob activities: over 60 different fist fights, pick pocketing, car thefts, and stolen Eagles merchandise…you know classic Philadelphia behavior.

The result of this was the courts of Philadelphia taking action. Seamus McCaffery was a member of the Municipal Court in Philadelphia, and he spearheaded the development of the Eagles Court, with the support of members from the city council. Due to the history of violence at Veterans Stadium the city created an actual court located in the bowels of the stadium. McCaffery presided over this court, which was open for business during Eagles and Phillies home games. Fans would no longer have to wait to receive their punishment.

The fans of Philadelphia have continued to earn their ranking as the worst fans in the game, so by now it should just be something that is worn with a badge of honor or stupidity…what’s the difference. I am actually proud to announce that the Eagles Court is no longer in session at Lincoln Financial Field, as the effect of the court worked so well that it is no longer necessary, for now.

By Houdini 

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jason avant is a great receiver


Scouted by Vaaal-Verde

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Miracle at the Meadowlands

miracle at the meadowlands by desean jackson

In a play that has been named as the Miracle at the New Meadowlands DeSean Jackson made a play that had never been done before in NFL History, a walk off punt return touchdown but that was only half the story. With under 8 minutes to go in the fourth quarter the Eagles were trailing by 21 points to the rival Giants before they kicked it into overdrive. Eli Manning and the Giants dominated the game early with three touchdown passes before the half and a lead of 24-3 at the break. The Eagles would score in the third and trail 24-10 heading into the final quarter. The Giants would extend their lead to 31-10 with another Eli Manning strike with 8:17 left on the clock.

The rest of the game was all Eagles as Mike Vick would lead three unanswered touchdown drives in the fourth quarter. Vick would throw two touchdown passes and run one in to tie the game at 31 with 76 seconds left on the clock. The Giants would get the ball back with over a minute but their offense would falter and the punt team would be sent out with 14 seconds left and the dangerous DeSean Jackson waiting at the other end.  DeSean would fumble the kick upon first touch then scoop it up and burst through the Giants coverage team and getting a jaw dropping block by Jason Avant that would free Jackson up with a stroll towards, and along the endzone before finally breaking the plane with no time remaining. The win would propel the Eagles into the playoffs at the expense of the Giants and the game would be voted as one of the most memorable of all time.



By Stagg Party

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Eagles land RB Darren Sproles for 2014 5th-rounder

In a trade with the New Orleans Saints earlier today, the Philadelphia Eagles picked up running back Darren Sproles in exchange for a 5th-round pick in this year's draft.

Pyro's take: Even though Sproles has only one year left on his contract at $3.5 million ($3.4 million base, $100,000 workout bonus), the pickup was well worth it, especially for an Eagles team with a legitimate shot at a 2014 Super Bowl berth.

For those concerned how the trade affects LeSean McCoy's fantasy value, I wouldn't worry too much about it. The Eagles were looking to reduce McCoy's workload a bit anyway, so all they really did was upgrade on the player who was going to receive those extra touches.

As for Sproles' fantasy value, it probably takes a slight hit as well, but likely would have anyway due to the wear and tear he's earned over the years (turns 31 in June).

03/13/14, 01:34 PM CDT by Dawgmaticå

Chip on his shoulder...

“I’m excited to see Jeremy play in our offense, you saw the potential of that in the spring and summer but obviously he didn’t get an opportunity last year. However, what was great to see was how he was literally here every single day since being injured. You can see he has a passion for the game of football. When he was on the field last spring and summer, you saw his intelligence, you saw his great route-running ability and you saw how tough of a one-on-one match-up he could be.” -Chip Kelly

Pyro's take: Jeremy is betting on himself here and made the right decision. As I have said on the Pyro Podcast a number of times, Mac Attack didn't want to split this high flying offense. REmour had it he might follow Andy Reid to KC to secure a long term deal with more guaranteed money; but let's remember - being the #2 receiver in an Alex Smith throwing offense is not what any wideout would call a good time.

I like that the pressure is on here, if Maclin doesn't shine this year, he'll be a bust in the city of brotherly love. The Eagles took Maclin with the 19th overall pick in 2009. That's 30 picks earlier than they drafted DeSean Jackson the year prior.

02/28/14, 07:26 PM CST by d-Rx

Smiley Cooper

Riley Cooper signed a five-year, $25 million contract this week, of which two years and $8 million are guaranteed. Cooper was able to negotiate the contract after catching 47 passes for 835 yards and establishing himself as a reliable target for quarterback Nick Foles; a dedicated downfield blocker; and an individual who, even if nothing much else is up there, is tough above the neck.

Pyro's take: KKKooper should give a couple million of that to Jeremy Maclin's knee. He barely made the team last year, but Maclin's injury catapulted him right into the starting lineup opposite of DeSean Jackson. It's a good signing, he and Foles have a solid rapport, and there is no reason to steal Nick's weapon's now... it'll be a dynamic offense.

02/28/14, 07:19 PM CST by d-Rx

Chris Polk Moving Up?

Chris Polk may be a beneficiary of a trade that would send Bryce Brown off the Eagles and therefore push Polk into a number two role, backing-up LeSean McCoy.

Polk basically had taken away the role from Brown by the end of last season, even though he wasn't counted on much due to the skills of McCoy, but being the sole No. 2 RB could lead to more opportunities.

Head coach Chip Kelly has also stated that Polk would be a better fit for the offense, because of his north-to-south rushing style.

Pyro's take: Anytime a running back can be a handcuff to a great player in a great offense, it demands consideration, and that is what Chris Polk has to offer.

02/25/14, 08:11 PM CST by Michael Valverde

Maclin wants to stay an Eagle

A wise negotiator doesn't put his cards on the table until he absolutely has to, hoping to get the best deal possible.

It doesn't sound like Jeremy Maclin and the Philadelphia Eagles are wise negotiators.

"I’ve always stated, this is where I want to be. The Eagles have stated the same thing," Maclin said Saturday to Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. "We’ll continue to get on the same page with all that and get something done.”

Even though it appears all of the cards are on the table from both sides, a deal is still not done. The Eagles have until March 8th to speak to Maclin exclusively, before other teams can begin to negotiate with the sixth-year wideout. While they could still sign Maclin after that point, it certainly doesn't help that other teams would be able to make an offer -- especially when one just up the turnpike is rumored to be interested.

The New York Jets are expected to be interested in Maclin, and if they are, they could outbid the Eagles. The Jets need Maclin more than the Eagles do, and desperate teams do desperate things -- like paying way more than the Eagles might be willing to.

Pyro's take: Maclin wants to stay with the Eagles, and for his fantasy value I hope he stays there as well. If Maclin were to leave, and go to the Jets or the Chiefs, his fantasy value takes a major hit.

We saw what Riley Cooper was able to do in Maclin's role while he was injured scoring eight touchdowns with a 17.8 YPC average. The Eagles do not have as much space under the cap as the other teams that want #18, so it will be interesting to see if he gives them a hometown discount or not.

02/16/14, 08:13 PM CST by Houdini

Eagles sources believe Maclin will be back

With Cooper and Maclin slated to be free agents, it’s unlikely that both will be back with the Eagles next season. The hunch here is that Cooper walks in free agency and Maclin comes back under a one-year deal.

Pyro's take: Jeremy "No Tacklin" Maclin was injured in the preseason last year, so he didn't play a snap for the Eagles this year. But he'll be back at full strength and all signs point to him wanting to stay in Chip Kelly's up-tempo offense to play with stand-out Nick Foles this year. KKKooper had a great season all things considered, but I suspect the franchise will let him walk in free agency.

There is no certainty here though, as it's been rumored that the Kansas City Chiefs are interested in the Maclin, who was played his college ball at near-by Missouri. But why would the Mac Attack want to have Alex Smith throwing him the pill, that is a recipe to shorten his career.

01/22/14, 02:07 PM CST by d-Rx

Cooper has extra incentive

Riley Cooper's contract expires at the end of the season and he knows it.

"Yeah, it's up," Cooper said. "It's definitely crossed my mind. But I'm approaching this whole season and the next three games, just play as hard as you can and then at the end of the day everything will take care of itself."

The Eagles wide receiver signed a four-year, $2 million contract when the Eagles selected him in the fifth round of the 2010 draft. Entering this season, Cooper played mostly as a fourth receiver and would have likely had the same role if Jeremy Maclin didn't suffer a season-ending knee injury in July.

But after a slow first month starting in place of Maclin, Cooper has become one of the Eagles' most productive players on offense over the last eight games. His rise has coincided with that of quarterback Nick Foles, who has targeted only DeSean Jackson more (52 to 51) over that span.

Pyro's take: Cooper has been held without a 100-yard receiving game or a touchdown in his last three games. At least one of those streaks will come to an end this week.

Cooper and the Eagles will be facing the Vikings and their woeful defense. The Eagles can control their own destiny if they win out, so there is no reason to believe that they will be conservative if they jump out to a lead. That is good news for Cooper.

Riley is playing for a contract, and that extra incentive can be the difference between a 10-yard catch and going out of bounds or taking a risk and turning it into a much bigger play. Start him this week.

12/13/13, 06:41 PM CST by Houdini

McCoy a deadly weapon this week

Q: LeSean, his numbers are better each quarter, first, second, third, fourth quarter. How much of that do you think is him getting stronger or staying strong and the O‑line?

Kelly: Good question, I think it's a combination of all that. I think obviously there is a cumulative effect as the game goes along. I also think your guys up front have to continue to do what they are doing.

At times it doesn't matter how strong the running back is, if we are not strong up front we are not going to get any initial push at the line of scrimmage. Therefore, it's going to be a little bit difficult so it is a combination of both of that.

Q: How tough do you think he is to defend against? He can catch the ball and he obviously can run the ball. If you're on the other team trying to stop this guy, how tough does he make it?

Kelly: He's a tough matchup because you can use him in the passing game and he does have good hands and he can run routes. He had a big play for us in the Chargers game on just a short little three‑ or four‑yard option route that he turned into a 60‑yard gain down the goal line. He is a tough matchup. Some of these guys are runners and other guys are really good receivers out of the backfield but I think he's a combination of both.

Pyro's take: McCoy has had some monster games this season, but last week was snowtactular. McCoy will not be able to run around in the snow this week, as the Eagles will be in the Metrodome.

The Vikings have been extremely poor on defense this season, and with Adrian Peterson most likely missing this game, they could be on field a lot Sunday. Shady should continue to help lead the way in your fantasy playoffs, and if you are playing against him...sorry.

12/11/13, 06:48 PM CST by Houdini

Shady with a tough match-up this week

While the Lions defense has been vulnerable against the pass, it is an elite unit against the run and has particularly ramped up its performance in that area since the first month of the season. The Lions run defense ranks third the in the NFL and only gives up 82.7 yards per game, while the Eagles run offense still ranks second in the league at 146.8 yards per game despite being less explosive than usual in recent weeks.

“It’s going to be a good battle,” Schwartz said. “We’ve played the run very well lately and really all year. Earlier in the season our run stats weren’t that good because we gave up a few big plays (but then would shut teams down the rest of the game). Particularly these last six or seven games we’ve shut down some good run teams and pretty good running backs. We have a great challenge ahead of us in LeSean McCoy and Bryce Brown and even Nick Foles – Foles will pull the ball and run it. It’s going to be a great challenge. We’ve faced similar schemes in the past – well, it’s a similar philosophy but a different scheme when you talk about the Redskins and what (Robert Griffin III) does. That’s obviously going to be a big part of this game because they’re committed to the run and it sets up a lot of the stuff that they do, and we’ve been a team that’s been good against the run.”

Pyro's take: If you are starting the playoffs and are going against McCoy you can feel pretty good. The Lions have not given up over 100 yards rushing in a game since week 6.

Shady is going to have trouble finding running lanes this week. His best chance for production will be in the passing game, but you can forget about him having a blow up week. It is more likely he get blown up this week.

12/07/13, 01:48 PM CST by Houdini

Foles has been amazing, but still not named Eagles starter

Kelly said Monday his two biggest QB criteria are wins and interceptions. Foles is 4-1 as a starter this season and none of his 162 throws has been intercepted.

Asked Monday whether Foles' 152.8 passer rating over the past three weeks is an example of extraordinary quarterbacking or just competent running of his offense, Kelly said: "It's always about the individual. It doesn't matter what plays are called or schemes are run, they still have to be executed. I think he is executing them. All the credit goes to him. He spends a lot of time, he works extremely hard at it. He's got a real good grasp of what we're doing. He's extremely accurate in his throws. He's doing a great job of just making decisions and not putting the ball in harm's way ... He's a really, really good decision-maker. It's exciting to see him grow there."

Pyro's take: Chip Kelly seems have taken a lot of cues from Bill Belichick in terms of how he handles the media. Since Vick injured his hamstring the second time, Foles has won 3 straight games, and has been nearly perfect in doing so.

Foles will remain the starter after the bye week. There is no way Kelly can justify benching Nick for Vick after putting the Eagles in position to control their destiny in their division. I also know that Philly is a tough town, and the fans will not be happy if Foles were replaced by Vick in week 13. If Foles were to struggle, I also have no problem believing that the fans could be screaming for Kelly to go with Vick. Love ya Philly!

11/18/13, 06:22 PM CST by Houdini

Can Foles follow up his brilliant game?

When Nick Foles is good, he’s really, really good.

This streakiness has shown up most notably in his deep attempts. Against Tampa Bay and Oakland, he threw 10 passes longer than 20 yards, completing eight of them for 295 yards and six touchdowns. Sandwiched between those efforts was the ugly game against Dallas, in which his longest gain all day netted just 14 yards.

When he’s been on, Foles’ numbers have been equally absurd in the screen game, which thanks to Chip Kelly now comprises a dizzying array of short throws attacking every area of the field.

Pyro's take: Foles and the Eagles will be taking on the battered, bruised and injured Green Bay Packers this week, and Nick will be looking to continue his hot streak. The Packers allowed Josh McCown to exploit their defense on Monday Night, and there is no reason to think that Foles and Chip Kelly have a few things in store for them this week. If you own Foles it will be hard to sit him for this match-up.

11/06/13, 07:42 PM CST by Houdini

Cooper has 3 touchdown game

Cooper will tell you he doesn't read the papers or listen to the radio talk shows or pay much attention to the negative comments about him on social media. But that's bull.

He knows what people have been saying and writing and tweeting about him this season.

"That's the 'Coop' I know," Eagles coach Chip Kelly said after Cooper became the first Eagles receiver to catch three touchdown passes in a game since Kevin Curtis in 2007. "Some people wanted to throw him under the bus after the first couple of games because he hadn't caught as many balls as people wanted him to catch. But he's a big, physical target.

"The first touchdown [a 17-yarder on a go-route down the left sideline against rookie corner D.J. Hayden] was a great example of it. He muscled up and got physical and got by the guy. That's the one thing that Coop can do. When he's covered one-on-one by smaller defensive backs, he's not going to get knocked off [his route] and does a great job of catching the football.

"So I'm really happy with his production. He did a couple of things similar to what he did in the Tampa Bay game. We found him when he was covered one-on-one and he was real productive."

Pyro's take: We have mentioned in out podcast that Cooper has had his better games with Foles under center. After his record setting day on Sunday, Foles will be the man from here on out. Cooper is available in a ton of fantasy leagues, and if you need a wide receiver who is going to see targets and be single covered, look no further.

11/04/13, 04:53 PM CST by Houdini

Foles named starter by Mike Vick

Nick Foles will start his second consecutive game Sunday when the Dallas Cowboys visit, according to Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

Vick declared himself out for Sunday's game while he recovers from a pulled left hamstring.

“No I’m not playing this week," Vick said. "Not this week.”

Earlier in the day, Kelly was unclear on Vick's status. Vick and Foles did a joint news conference after practice.

“Every day’s just working, trying to get better," Vick said of his recovery.

Pyro's take: It is now official that Foles will start this week. Chip Kelly has been hemming and hawing on this all week and it took Vick himself to put an end to that nonsense.

Foles now has the chance to cement his claim to the starting job in Philadelphia. I have been saying that this would happen since the get go and now is the time for Foles to put an end to this folly, beat the Cowboys and win the starting job. If Chip Kelly is looking to have a longer tenure than all the other failed college coaches, he better get behind Foles and stay there.

10/17/13, 07:31 PM CDT by Houdini

Chip Kelly speaks about Foles

Q. How would you evaluate Nick's performance when you saw it on tape?

COACH KELLY: I thought Nick did a really nice job, really, really happy with how we performed within our offense. Did a good job of taking what the defense gave us. There were a lot of times he got us out of some bad plays and into some good ones with some decisions he made, so we were really happy with how Nick played.

Q. What qualities does Nick have that make him so productive and efficient in the red zone?

COACH KELLY: He executes the plays that we call. A lot of our red zone, we just didn't do [earlier] ‑‑ I didn't do a good job calling plays and putting ourselves in good situations; and I think we called plays and Nick put the ball where we are supposed to be.

Q. Does it give you any competitive advantage to not name the starting quarterback this week until Sunday or when you play?

COACH KELLY: I don't think so. I mean, I think they are still going to practice.

Pyro's take: This was a very interesting press conference for Kelly, as the press was trying to get him to name a starter. The best thing for Coach Chip is that Vick most likely will not be at 100% this week, thus not starting. If Foles has another game like this and wins, the job will be his.

10/14/13, 09:23 PM CDT by Houdini

Arrelious Benn tears ACL done for the season

Wide receiver Arrelious Benn tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, the Eagles said. Benn is the third Eagles player to suffered a season-ending ACL injury this training camp. All three injuries -- wide receiver Jeremy Maclin and linebacker Jason Phillips went down first -- occurred on the same field at the Eagles practice facility.

Benn missed most of the first two weeks of camp with a knee injury. He returned Sunday and practiced only two full days before tearing his ACL. Benn has had an injury-marred NFL career. The Eagles have now lost two receivers that they expected to be on their final 53-man roster. The team acquired Benn from Tampa Bay in the off-season for a sixth-round draft pick. They did get receiver Riley Cooper back on Tuesday after he missed three days because of an excused absence.

Pyro's take: Benn was one of the receivers who was looking to see action with the season ending injury to Jeremy Maclin, but now he will just join him on the shelf.

The Eagles are seeing players drop all too often in this training camp, which does not bode well for Chip Kelly in his first season as head coach.

The Eagles are struggling to find a receiver who can stay healthy or not utter racial slurs, it could be a long year in Philly this season.

08/07/13, 10:50 AM CDT by Houdini

Maclin migh have torn ACL

Jeremy Maclin was carted off the field at Eagles training camp today in what’s Sheil Kapadia reports “appeared to be a non-contact injury.”

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote that “Maclin lay on the ground for about five minutes as the Eagles’ medical staff attended to him”, and that “players were visibly upset” as the situation unfolded.

Maclin has not had an MRI yet, but fears that he has torn his ACL, which he also tore in college in 2006.

Pyro's take: This is horrible news for Maclin fans, and those who thought he was going to have a big season in a contract year. We were not big fans of what Maclin was going to do this year to begin with, and this only makes DeSean Jackson a stronger play, and will give a chance, but not a great one for Arrelious Benn, Jason Avant or Riley Cooper to step up. This also has a negative impact on either Michael Vick or Nick Foles.

07/27/13, 02:45 PM CDT by Houdini

With Westbrook's release, McCoy gets the nod

The Philadelphia Eagles decided to cut ties with former All-Pro running back Brian Westbrook and released him on Tuesday. Westbrook played his entire eight-year career with the Eagles and leaves the franchise ranking 1st in yards from scrimmage (9,785), 2nd in rushing yards (5,995), 3rd in rushing TDs (37), 3rd in receptions (426), 10th in receiving yards (3,790), and 10th in receiving TDs (29).

Pyro's take: Westy still has a ton of talent and can probably still produce at the NFL level, it just won't be for the Eagles. His injury woes are too concerning for the team's management at this point, so LeSean McCoy will get the chance in 2010 to take over for Westbrook as the starting RB of the future.
The 30-year old running back has already stated that he will not be retiring, so we'll see where the multi-talented RB shows up soon enough.

02/23/10, 08:00 PM CST by Dawgmaticå

Manhattan temporarily renamed "Revis Island"

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg temporarily renamed Manhattan "Revis Island" for as long as the Jets stay in the playoffs. The move was made to honor all-world cornerback Darrelle Revis as he looks to shut down All-Pro wide receiver Reggie Wayne once again.

Pyro's take: WOW what a cool move by Mayor Bloomberg! In fact, we'd be 100 percent behind him if he decided to make the change permanent.

01/23/10, 09:30 AM CST by Dawgmaticå

Maclin expected back in practice this week

According to Eagles coach Andy Reid, wide receiver Jeremy Maclin (foot) is due back at practice this Wednesday.

Pyro's take: This is actually a bit shocking, but Reid did say last week that a torn plantar fascia should only be a 1-2 week injury, so maybe Maclin does his return to practice this Wednesday. We'll keep you posted on his progress as the info comes in.

12/21/09, 11:30 AM CST by Dawgmaticå

Sanchez ready to get dirty

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is active and will start against the Falcons on Sunday.

Pyro's take: The Falcons defense is pretty bad, so Sanchez could make for a 12-man fantasy league sleeper this week. The weather isn't all that great though, so don't expect the world out of him.

12/20/09, 11:15 AM CST by Dawgmaticå


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