Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC South

2014 Schedule

  • Week 1

    CAR @ TB


    4:30 pm

  • Week 2

    STL @ TB


    4:00 pm

  • Week 3

    TB @ ATL


    8:30 pm

  • Week 4

    TB @ PIT


    1:00 pm

  • Week 5

    TB @ NO


    1:00 pm

  • Week 6

    BAL @ TB


    1:00 pm

  • Week 7


  • Week 8

    MIN @ TB


    1:00 pm

  • Week 9

    TB @ CLE


    1:00 pm

  • Week 10

    ATL @ TB


    1:00 pm

  • Week 11

    TB @ WAS


    1:00 pm

  • Week 12

    TB @ CHI


    1:00 pm

  • Week 13

    CIN @ TB


    1:00 pm

  • Week 14

    TB @ DET


    1:00 pm

  • Week 15

    TB @ CAR


    1:00 pm

  • Week 16

    GB @ TB


    1:00 pm

  • Week 17

    NO @ TB


    1:00 pm

PYRO Fantasy Depth Chart

The PYRO Fantasy Football Depth Chart is a rundown of where Team PYRO projects the fantasy production for each team at each position. It is NOT an attempt to inform you of the current starters for each team. For example, we are well aware that Brandon Manumaleuna is currently the starting TE for the Chicago Bears, but if you look at the Bears Team Page, we have Greg Olsen listed at TE. Why? We’re projecting that Greg Olsen will be the most Fantasy Football relevant TE for the Bears this season. Since Olsen will be the Bears leading FF point scorer at TE, it’s his name at the top of the TE column on our PYRO Fantasy Depth Chart.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 2014 Preseason #FF Preview

buccaneers preseason preview



Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 2014 Preseason #FF Preview




Alright, alright, alright. Let’s get this Tampa Bay preview rolling by discussing… the Chicago Bears.  If you read my Pyro Index vol. 1, then you know the Chicago Bears have the most wins of any organization in football.


At the end of the 2013 season, they had a combined total of 747 wins, including the playoffs. Obviously, any coach is going to feel the heat in the windy city if they are not successful in with this organization. So, when Lovie Lee Smith coached the team in 2012 and they failed to reach the playoffs for the fifth time in six years, he was canned. That man was CANNED after all the HEAT.




So, fast forward to 2014, and Smith is in the coaching seat once again, this time in Tampa Bay. The Bucs were in the NFC North division once upon a time, but now round out the NFC South along with Atlanta, Carolina, and New Orleans. Smith, not known for his offensive prowess, will have a difficult time putting up points in that division. In his nine years coaching in Chicago, his average offensive rank for total points was 18th.



lovie smith high school


According to the projected Pyro Power Rankings for 2014, Carolina and New Orleans are in the top four for stingiest defenses. Those defenses are going to be tough this year, and teams facing them may find it difficult to put points on the board.  To quote Dawg on the subject of Lovie Smith: “Lovie’s name should be changed to Hatie for fantasy owners”. Truly, I have not heard such linguistic beauty since Keanu Reeve’s Shakespearian performance.



Take that Bill and Ted! Quarterbacking the Bucs through an excellent adventure this year is Josh McCown. He did a masterful job filling in for Cutler last year. He played in eight games but started only five. He was 149 for 224 on the season and totaled 1,829 yards. Amazingly, he tossed 13 touchdowns with only 1 interception, plus he ran another one in for a score. Of the five games he started, he went over 300 yards three times. The other two games were both over 200 yards. The important thing to remember, this was done under Marc Trestman. This is a huge reason why Pyro’s final draft kit ranking has McCown rated #24 at the position.  Some people have been touting McCown and his reunion with Smith. Alright, the two worked together, but when McCown was on fire last year, Lovie was no longer on staff. They don’t call Trestman the quarterback whisperer for nothing. I have serious doubts that McCown will put up the same caliber performance under Lovie Smith. Do not get caught up in the douche canoe hype. I have seen McCown on some crazy lists from some of those top 40 fantasy sites out there all claiming McCown is going to breakout. Tap the brakes, and remember Lovie Smith is no Jack Kennedy and he sure as hell isn’t Marc Trestman!


Mike Glennon is the backup to the 35 year old McCown. This is just Glennon’s second year in the league. Last year for Tampa, he started 13 games. On his biggest day, he threw for just 275 yards. On his worst day, he threw for 90. His completion percentage was just below 60%. He totaled 2,608 yards and tossed 19 TDs and 9 INTs. I could see Glennon getting some action this year. I just don’t know if McCown can with stand a full season as a starter. Glennon will have a better supporting cast this year, but the guy is wildly inconsistent. Pyro puts him at #41 for their final preseason ranking.


The Tampa 2 may no longer be defined as a defensive scheme created by Monte Kiffin and Tony Dungy after seeing the two Tampa receivers take the field this year. Sometimes, “it takes two to make a thing go right, it takes two to make it outta sight”.



The 2 I am referencing are the Tampa receivers in 2014: Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans. These two monsters are both 6”5’. So, you may ask yourself: Does height matter for wide receivers? Thank goodness Pyro has got your back on this one.



Starting off with Vincent Jackson, he is entering his 10th year in the NFL and 3rd in Tampa Bay. Since arriving, he finished 6th and 14th respectively for fantasy wide receivers. Last year he was targeted 159 times and pulled in 78 receptions. After doing some strenuous calculations, I have determined that is a 49% catch rate. Out of the top 35 targeted guys from 2013, that is 2nd worst (Torrey Smith 48.1%). It gets worse, his average yards per target was 7.85 yards beyond the line of scrimmage.  The average is 7.8 yards down field with a 58.5% catch rate. So, he was just average for his targets downfield, yet his catch rate was almost 10% worse than the norm.  He averaged 15.7 yards per catch. So, he doesn’t do too bad once he actually catches the ball, although the average yards per catch for receivers last year was 13.3. But the problem is the ball falls incomplete more often than not when thrown to him. Look, he can put up some big numbers. He had four games where he went for over 100 yards and on three of those occasions he also crossed the end zone. At those times, you love him on your team, he can win you a handful of weeks. Generally however, I want consistency on my fantasy roster. A Vincent Jackson is not bad if you have a couple other receivers that are giving solid performances week in and week out.  Pyro puts him just inside the top 20 for the final preseason rankings. My problem with him is the ADP, well, that and all the drops. As of the end of August, he is going in the 3rd round for 12 team leagues. That is a heavy price tag on a guy whose catch rate is just below 50%.



Continuing to look at the new Tampa 2, we turn our attention to Mike Evans. As of the latest ADP data, you can grab him 6 rounds later. He is going at the tail end of the 9th round for 12 team leagues. As stated, he is also 6”5’ but about 10 pounds lighter than Jackson. Evans weighs 231 and ran a 4.53. He played 2 years with Johnny Freefall at Texas A&M.  He had more receptions his first year, 82 to 69. But in his final year he had more yards and more TDs. In 2012 he had 1,105 yards and went to 1,394 last year. Then, his touchdowns rose from 5 to 12. He played in 13 total games last year. He went for over 100 yards 5 times, 2 of which went for over 200. He did have a tendency to disappear for a game here and there. There were a total of 5 games he totaled less than 60 yards, his worst being an 8 yard outing on 4 receptions. Pyro has him ranked at number 39, the third highest rookie receiver. Check out some of his college highlights.



Doug Martin burst onto the scene in 2012 and was just 74 shy of 2,000 all purpose yards. Stagg Party is highest on him with D-rx lowest. On the last tier sheet of the preseason, Staggs has Martin as high as #7 where as D-rx has him at #12. According to ADP’s from the end of August, he is going as the 12th running back off the board. Personally, I think there is a lot of hype on this kid who really has not shown us that much. In 2012, he totaled 12 touchdowns (11 rushing). He averaged 4.56 yards per carry. But his total rushing yards (1,454) were skewed with some heavy performances. He put up 251 yards in one game. Looking just a bit closer, you discover he did that against Oakland. He only had 4 other games were he rushed for over 100 yards that year. Then, there are the six games he played in 2014. He only went for over 100 yards once. He averaged a pedestrian 3.59 yards per carry. All of that was before the injury mind you. Plus, he only scored one rushing touchdown and one receiving touchdown and both of those came in week 1. Tampa is tied for the 14th easiest schedule against the run this year. By the way, in 2012, when he was at his best, Tampa had the 6th easiest rushing schedule. It’s not that I need to see it from a guy for several years before I am drinking the Kool-aid, hell, I am dancing to the Duke (Andre Ellington) in most of my drafts this year. But to me, Martin built a huge reputation on just one amazing game versus Oakland and has done little else since.  It’s not that he doesn’t have talent. But, I have him as my 15th running back, just below Le’veon Bell and Zac Stacy.





The official back up to Doug Martin is still a bit murky. Before they lost the rookie Simms for the season (most speculate), Rainey was the #2. At the end of last season, most bets were on Mike James. But, Rainey had an excellent camp. Both guys filled in nicely when Martin went down. In fact, I had both on my dynasty team at one point last year. Rainey has dominated the carries in the preseason but has not done much with it, maintaining an embarrassing 2 yards per rush on 32 carries. Although James has a better average (5 yards per carry) they have only handed it to him 6 times. Clearly, Rainey has been getting the reps, which indicates the team’s confidence in him as their #2.  In 12 team leagues with 16 roster spots, neither guy is being drafted according to late August ADPs. Instead of handcuffing Doug Martin, I would spend late round picks on guys like James White or Alfred Blue. You should be able to get a Martin backup off waivers if the need should arise.


Now that Tim Wright has become a Patriot, it leaves the tight end position a bit suspect in Tampa. While they solidified their offensive line in the deal, the remaining tight ends are the rookie Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Brandon Myers. Pyro has Jenkins as their highest ranked Tampa tight end. He is another converted basket ball player which seems to be the trend these days. He set Washington school records with 146 receptions, 1,840 receiving yards, and 21 touchdowns for a tight end. The guy has talent, and now it looks like he will have the opportunity. Keep this in mind, rarely do rookie tight ends ever make an immediate impact. It generally takes several years for them to get going. Granted, we have witnessed that learning curve shorten as of late with the likes of the Jordans  (Cameron & Reed). But, chances are, this kid is still a year or two away from breaking out. He could be a guy to watch, but there is just too much talent at the position this year. If you end up waiting on tight end, take a Zack Ertz, Travis Kelce, or a Dwayne Allen instead. Seferian-Jenkins can be claimed off the wire if he ends up being the real deal.




By Mo



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Errict Rhett was a superstar running back for the Florida Gators and a second round, 34th overall, selection by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 1994 NFL Draft. Errict Rhett had the potential to be one of the greatest running backs the NFL had ever seen, but a holdout for money would be the undoing to all that potential. 

Rhett is a player that has faded from memory for a lot of people, but I remember him as being a beast for the Florida Gators. The Gators have produced some of the greatest running backs in the NFL like Fred Taylor, Neal Anderson and of course Emmitt Smith. Although, Errict Rhett was the best running back to ever play at Florida, and he is still their all-time leader in yards. Here is how he stacks up to Emmitt Smith, who ranks second all-time behind Rhett. 

1. Errict Rhett: 1990-1993, Total Yards: 5393 yards (4163 rushing, 1230 rec) 34 td
2. Emmitt Smith: 1987-1989, Total Yards: 4391 yards (3928 rush, 463 rec) 36 td

When the Buccaneers selected Rhett in 1994, they were coming off a 5-11 season, and lacked any real firepower on offense. The Florida star stepped in and was welcomed with open arms in his home state, and did not disappoint with his rookie performance. Rhett became the starter halfway through the season, and finished with 1,011 rushing yards and seven touchdowns. The following season he had 1,207 rushing yards, while scoring 11 times. The feat was made even more impressive when you consider that the Bucs offensive line was one of the worst in the league at the time. Rhett also ran for 192 yards against the Redskins, which was the third best rushing game in team history. 

Heading into the 1996 season Rhett was under contract for $336,000, which was only $130,000 more than the lowest-paid running back in the league. So for a player that had been as effective as he was, it seemed fitting that he would want to holdout for a better deal. For Rhett, that was complicated by the fact that his agent was Drew Rosenhaus. Rosenhaus was known for dramatic holdouts to get his clients more money, but just about every general manager in the league also hated him. There was yet another issue with complicated things, and that was Buccaneers new head coach Tony Dungy.

Rhett, Rosenhaus and the Buccaneers were unable to reach an agreement before the start of the 1996 season. It was reported that Rhett turned down a six-year contract worth $2.3M per year. Rosenhaus was pushing for $3M per year with a $5M signing bonus, and thus began Errict’s 93-day holdout. Rhett, through Rosenhaus, said that he would not play unless he got a contract extension. Then Rosenhaus demanded the Bucs trade Rhett before the trade deadline that season, and that fell upon deaf ears as well. In the end, Rhett got nothing, and returned to the team under his same original contract.

When he returned to the team, he was not welcomed back with open arms. Tony Dungy was the new head coach, and his star running back had held out for half of the season on him. As far as Dungy was concerned, he did not need him. Errict would only run for 539 yards and three scores, with 3.1 YPC average. After the season ended, Dungy and the Buccaneers began to move the team in another direction.

The Buccaneers had drafted Mike Alstott in 1996 as a fullback to block for Rhett, but with Rhett missing games he was also used a lot as a rusher. Tony Dungy liked him so much, that he did not feel he needed the 5’11” 210 pound Rhett anymore. In 1997, with the 12th overall pick the Bucs looked to replace the former Florida star, with a then current Florida State star, Warrick Dunn. That pick was a death sentence for Rhett in Tampa. He did play the following season, but only had 31 carries for 96 yards and three scores in 11 games played. Dunn became the feature back, and Rhett was never the same player again.

The story of Errict Rhett did not have a good ending, and Rhett has only himself and his trust in Drew Rosenhaus to thank for that. It was poor decision after poor decision by Rosenhaus, coupled with Tony Dungy and his lack of respect for Rhett that derailed this once promising career.


Errict Rhett career stats


By Houdini

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Mike Alstott: The A-Train

Mike Alstott career stats

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Not Ready

Greg Auman, beat writer for the Tampa Bay Buccs, has stated that "Josh McCown's injured thumb: Said he still hasn't done any football activities with throwing hand. Won't say when he could return."

Pyro's take: Most likely when McCown does return it will be as Mike Glennon's back-up. If you haven't already, its safe to drop him.

10/15/14, 01:03 AM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Evans Returns

Mike Evans returned to practice according to Greg Aumun via his twitter stated "Bucs WR Mike Evans wasn't testing injured groin at full speed, but was in full pads, catching passes, going through drills at a jog."

Pyro's take: This is a good sign, as a practicing player always is. Will he be-up-to full speed before Sunday is the real question. IF you planned to use him this Sunday, this looks like the week he will return, if not, look for Vincent Jackson to have another solid week against the Ravens.

10/08/14, 01:45 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Missing Time

Mike Evans will miss time due to a groin strain. Its estimated that two-four weeks. It looked like the rookie was getting on track with Mike Glennon at quarterback, as he had four receptions on seven targets for 65 yards and one touchdown. Glennon was focused on Evans from the start as seven of his first 22 passes went to Evans' direction. "Mike Evans played well, made big plays," coach Lovie Smith said Monday. "But losing him in that period of the game didn't help our cast any at all, either."

Pyro's take: Mike Evans will return soon, unfortunately, he will miss growing time and continuity with Mike Glennon. In the meantime, owners of Vincent Jackson, this maybe a good opportunity for turning around his season.

09/30/14, 07:11 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.tampabay.com


McCown sprained his right thumb in the brutal loss to Atlanta and will see a hand specialist Monday. Tampa Bay Times stated that all options remain open until then, but it's unlikely he will play in the next Sunday's game at Pittsburgh.

McCown has not performed well as he was 5 of 12 for 58 yards and an interception returned for a touchdown before the injury forced him to leave late in the first half of the 56-14 loss to the Falcons on Thursday. It was the fourth interception in three games for McCown. Considering the difficulty gripping the ball, it would not surprise if McCown is lost for several weeks.

Enter Mike Glennon at quarterback. Glennon was Glennon went 17-of-24 for 121 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions.

Pyro's take: Glennon's ability to drive the ball down the field to his outside receivers could help the running game. The Bucs also expect to have RB Doug Martin and TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins against Pittsburgh.

Even though Glennon is a better fit for the Buccaneer system, there is a reason he wasn't the starter to begin with. Glennon may be able to start-up Vincent Jackson and the rest of the crew.

09/20/14, 04:43 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.tampabay.com


Doug Martin still cant get it going. He will be out this week and Bobby Rainey will step up.

Pyro's take: Rainey has good value against the Atlanta defense, which is ranked 24th against the rush. Tampa Bay is going to try to run as much as possible tonight, to cool Matty "Ice."

09/18/14, 06:12 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.buccaneers.com


Doug Martin was on the practice field today, as reported by Greg Auman beat writer for the Tampa Bay Times, and NFL via his twitter account @gregauman.

Pyro's take: Good news for all Martin owners, and hard news for those that went out and grabbed Bobby Rainey off the waiver wire recently, unless it was a hand-cuff move. Don't release Rainey as of yet though, Martin has a history of injury, and so far this season Bobby Rainey has outplayed him.

09/16/14, 01:40 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Sefarian-Jenkins not practicing

Austin Sefarian-Jenkins did not practice today, making it a third straight day. Jenkins caught one pass for 26 yards on two targets last week. If he is unable to go the Buccaneers will only be able to carry just two tight ends on the roster, Brandon Myers and Luke Stocker.

Pyro's take: The Buccs drafted Austin Sefarian-Jenkins because of his 6-6 and 262 pound frame, and his three successful years in Washington. There he caught 146 passes for 1,840 yards and 21 touchdowns. Keep an eye out, but it doesn't look good that he will play this Sunday.

09/12/14, 02:55 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.tampabay.com

Martin wrapped

Doug Martin left Sunday's game with a leg injury, and was seen in a wrap in the locker room, according to a tweet by Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, @gregauman. Also, Mr. Auman stated that Martin mentioned a player had rolled his leg.

He did return, but was very limited as he had only nine yards on nine carries. Bobby Rainey filled in for Doug Martin but fumbled to close out the game.

Pyro's take: Fantasy owners were somewhat shy on Doug Martin, because of his dismal year in 2013, but not enough to keep his ADP out of the 20's to 30's range. He could be fine going into next week, but I would keep my options open for another running back replacement. Rainey is the hand-cuff, and you can also put out a search for Justin Forsett, Isaiah Crowell, or James Starks.

At this time keep Martin, and have a back-up plan if he will miss any significant time.

09/08/14, 11:05 AM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.nola.com

Evans caught on video fighting at a Miami Nightclub

TMZ seems to have cameras on everyone at all times and that includes Buccaneers rookie wide receiver Mike Evans. The entertainment website posted a video of Evans on Friday that shows the No. 7 overall pick taking part in a brawl outside of a nightclub in Miami.

The video starts with Evans yelling at the bouncers, then at about the 23-second mark, things get a lot more intense. During the 54-second video, Evans throws at least two punches and even jumps over the hood of a car.

TMZ purports that the video was taken on Aug. 15, however, Evans' agent disputes that. Deryk Gilmore told the Tampa Bay Times that the video is from March. Gilmore added that Evans was trying to get back in the nightclub to get his girlfriend.

According to Gilmore, the then 20-year-old Evans wasn't drinking on the night of the incident. The wide receiver actually just turned 21 on Aug. 21.

Pyro's take: The rookie is not getting the type of press he wants right now, so maybe this will help to get his mind back to football. In the Bucs third preseason game Evans had three catches for 44 yards, highlighted by a 24-yard touchdown reception from Josh McCown. His size and ability should allow him to be a productive fantasy receiver as a rookie.

08/26/14, 09:33 PM CDT by Houdini
Source: www.khou.com

Martin will be a do it all back for the Bucs

Though RB Doug Martin caught 49 passes as a rookie in 2012, the Bucs felt they could use another pair of hands in the backfield.

That's why in the third round this year they drafted West Virginia RB Charles Sims, who hauled in more than 200 passes in college. At 6 feet, 215 pounds, Sims is a bigger back — but he will miss at least half of his rookie season after tearing a tendon in his right ankle.

Martin is only 5-9 but he's proving he's not short on skills. He worked hard in the offseason on route-running to adapt to new coordinator Jeff Tedford's offense. Martin's pass-catching ability surprised coach Lovie Smith.

"We went into the draft because we thought that was an area we needed a little bit of help," Smith said. "But I think from watching practice, you've seen Doug has caught the ball a lot better.

"As I've said all along, Doug is a good football player. It's just that toughness he's going to bring. The first thing for our tailbacks is they need to get positive yards and be able to make guys miss or run over guys in the open field."

Pyro's take: The Muscle Hamster is going to be flexing his muscles even more now, with the injury to Charles Sims. Martin should get a heavy workload, similar to what Matt Forte saw in his last two seasons under Lovie Smith.

Martin saw a lot of work last season, before being injured, and he was not impressive with a 3.6 YPC average. With all the explosion he showed as a rookie, his longest run last season was for 28 yards on 127 carries. I expect the Hamster to be running, but he might be running for his life. Defenses are going to sell out to stop the run, and force Josh McCown to beat them.

08/18/14, 10:32 PM CDT by Houdini
Source: www.tampabay.com

Evans makes a rookie mistake

The Bucs' top draft pick received a formal coronation with cannon blasts Saturday night. Fittingly, they were blanks.

Instead of celebrating his first pro touchdown, receiver Mike Evans had to deal with the fallout from a touchback.

"It was a rookie mistake," he said.

And it shaped up as Tampa Bay's most electrifying offensive play of the night, for a few moments. Evans leaped for a Mike Glennon pass on an intermediate route on third and 15, bounced off safety Jimmy Wilson and dashed down the left sideline for what was initially declared a 42-yard second-quarter touchdown.

One stride from the end zone, however, veteran corner Brent Grimes, pursuing from a favorable angle, had poked the ball from Evans' right arm. Upon review, officials determined Evans hadn't crossed the plane with possession. Because the ball landed in the end zone and rolled out of bounds, it was a touchback.

"It was a good play by (Grimes)," Evans said. "I should've had the ball in my outside arm."

Pyro's take: While the Evans made this rookie mistake, which would be devastating if this were week one of fantasy, he showed nice ability as well. Evans finished the game with two catches for 52 yards. I would much rather he make this kind of mistake after making a 42-yard grab, than the kind of mistake like dropping every pass thrown his way. The Bucs are going to be frustrating offense, but this rookie will have a lot of opportunities to make plays.

08/17/14, 08:54 PM CDT by Houdini
Source: www.tampabay.com

Evans learning the importance of technique

Mike Evans, six-foot-five and somewhere north of 220 pounds, is a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' new super-sized corps of pass-catchers already nicknamed the "Dunkaneers." He is adept at fighting off defenders for contested passes and he was drafted seventh overall in May because he's expected to create mismatches with smaller defenders.

Given his stature, one would think that the line of scrimmage would be his domain. Try to press a receiver of his size, who also has the speed to get downfield in a hurry if he slips by, and you're asking for trouble. The problem is, this is the NFL, and even cornerbacks of average size know how to deal with big receivers at the line.

Evans found that out on Saturday when he encountered a worthy opponent in Pro Bowl cornerback Alterraun Verner, who checks in at 5-10 and 186 pounds. The rookie from Texas A&M is eagerly working on all aspects of his game to speed his transition to the NFL, and getting off the line against press coverage is one of the most important issues.

"It's really technical," said Evans. "[Wide Receivers] Coach [Andrew Hayes-]Stoker, we work releases all the time. Even in walk-through we work releases. I found out today, Alterraun was right there and he didn't budge. I gave him so many moves and he didn't budge. So you've got to be real technical and give it all you've got.

"At this level, every inch matters. You need that inch to make the catch. Any separation you can get is great."

Pyro's take: Evans has the size and skill to be a beast in the NFL, but he also has to have the desire to be better at his craft. His experience with Verner is a wake up call that he will need to be precise in everything he does to excel at this level.

The good news is they have yet to put the pads on, and he has the drive to get better at his technique. In my opinion Evans should post the best fantasy numbers of all the rookie receivers.

07/28/14, 09:53 PM CDT by Houdini
Source: www.buccaneers.com

Martin's Full-Time Duty Done?

Offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford stated he believes that alternating running backs may be more successful than going with a full-time back. Tampa Bay does have plenty of weapons to make this work, as Doug Martin, Mike James, and Bobby Rainey eached rushed for over 500 yards. Also, Tampa used a third round pick on Charles Sims from West Virginia.
Tedford has used this type of system at California and believes the NFL is just too physical not to use the system. “I think you have to alternate,'' Tedford said Tuesday. "Even when we had two, 1,000-yard rushers (at California), J.J. Arrington was a 2,000-yard rusher and and we had a couple times guys had a thousand yards apiece. But I don’t believe that one back can carry the load. It’s just too physical..."

Pyro's take: Jeff Tedford is the new offensive coordinator, so it may be difficult to discern the difference between "coach speak" and his dedication to this offensive schematic. He went with it at Cal, but this is a whole new level. Keep your eye on camp and more news on OTA's as this could be detrimental to Doug Martin's ADP.

06/03/14, 07:36 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.tampabay.com

Evans gives Tampa their own Twin Towers

The 6-foot-5, 231-pound Evans gives the Bucs ''Twin Towers'' at receiver, where he will pair with fellow 6-5 wideout Vincent Jackson, a player he frequently has been compared with.

"He was our guy," general manager Jason Licht said of the redshirt sophomore who turns 21 in August. "What stood out? It was what stood up on him. It's an old Houston (Rockets) reference, we've got the Twin Towers now.

"He's a big guy who can run. Very physical, very tough and has phenomenal hands. Not just good hands, phenomenal hands."

Pyro's take: Evans is going to have a chance to produce out of the gate, as he will be slotted in as the number two receiver opposite Vincent Jackson. Everything that Lovie Smith is doing in Tampa is trying to create the team he was fired from in Chicago. He acquired their backup quarterback, and now have their Alshon Jeffery in Mike Evans.

Evans is currently the odds on favorite to be the rookie of the year according to Bovada. Evans opened as a 3/1 favorite to win the award, while his former teammate, Johnny Manziel, has 15/2 odds.

05/12/14, 09:43 PM CDT by Houdini
Source: www.tampabay.com

Wide receiver now Buc's draft target?

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trading away their wide receiver 2 in Mike Williams, it now leaves a gaping hole behind Vincent Jackson. Anyone have confidence in Skye Dawson or Chris Owusu in your lineup next season? Didn't think so. In a deep draft for wide receivers we expect the Buc's to select multiple guys to provide some depth but when do they start?

Pyro's take: I think they start right away with the seventh overall pick. If Sammy Watkins is available at 7 they select him after just a second after they are on the clock. If Watkins is off the board, which I believe they will, then they should select Mike Evans with slightly more hesitation, but not much. Evans might actually be a better fit with the Buc's and new quarterback Josh McCown who is used to having a big, talented group of wide receivers coming from Chicago.

In selecting Evans the Buc's top 2 would rival that of the Bears in size and skill and McCown will be a happy man. Tim Wright also looks like he will work in at wide receiver next season along with his tight end duties so adding one more pass catcher in the first round would make the starting unit dangerous. Evans learning under Vincent Jackson, who is similar in size and speed, would be an ideal situation, especially with Jackson now north of 30.

Look for the Buccaneers to select the best receiver available at 7 and add another player for depth in the middle rounds.

04/04/14, 11:53 AM CDT by Stagg Party
Source: www.pyromaniac.com

Martin cleared to return

"CLEARED!!!! Excited to be back y'all!!"

Doug Martin on his Twitter account.

Pyro's take: Doug Martin had a tremendous rookie season but suffered a sophomore slump before a season ending shoulder injury. New Head Coach Lovie Smith has already anointed Martin as the team's bell cow back so he will have the opportunity to return to his fantasy glory of his rookie season.

The Muscle Hamster should see a heavy workload as Lovie Smith has a tendency to lean on his lead backs during his time in Chicago. He is a three down back that should strive in a way similar to the role Matt Forte played for Lovie in Chicago. Big things are on the horizon for the 25 year old running back next season as the Bucs look to rebound from a down season.

03/31/14, 01:08 PM CDT by Stagg Party
Source: www.twitter.com

Tampa Bay inks two-year deal with TE Brandon Myers

After a lackluster 2013 campaign with the New York Giants, tight end Brandon Myers has moved on to sign a two-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers worth $4.25 million, of which $2 million is guaranteed.

The deal also includes $1.5 million in incentives.

Pyro's take: He's not much of a blocker, can't run very well, and doesn't have the measurables (6'3", 256-pounds) to be much of a red zone threat, but he's a really really nice guy, so he's got that going for him.

Considering how little HC Lovie Smith likes to use tight ends and the fact that TE Tim Wright is a far better playmaker at the position, I'm going to go so far as to predict that Brandon Myers ends up outside of the Top-30 fantasy TEs in 2014.

03/12/14, 07:28 PM CDT by Dawgmaticå
Source: www.buccaneers.com

McCown is a Buc and the starter

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and new head coach Lovie Smith made some free agent waves on Wednesday when they were able to grab free agent QB Josh McCown off the market, signing him to a two-year deal. Instantly, with the lack of success at the position recently, many wondered whether or not McCown would eventually be anointed the starting quarterback at his new home.

Well, we don’t have to wonder for long as Smith has already confirmed that, yes, McCown is indeed the number one guy for the Bucs.

Bucs' Lovie Smith, asked if Josh McCown is his quarterback: "Yes, he is."

Some at least thought that there would be at least a small amount of competition between McCown and Mike Glennon, but Smith wasted no time in making the proclamation just hours after they signed their new man under center.

Pyro's take: Lovie wanted his man, and he got him. McCown had been with the Bears, and was initially brought in when Lovie Smith was the coach. Now that Lovie is the new head man in Tampa, he is putting his stamp on the team, and that begins with starting the veteran Josh McCown at quarterback.

Mike Glennon may still be the future of the Buccaneers, but he is going to start the 2014 season with a clipboard in his hand. McCown proved he can be an effective quarterback playing in eight games last season and throwing 13 touchdowns to only one interception. Even though he is named the starter, he is still a low end fantasy option. Lovie Smith has proven one thing, he does defense, and Marc Trestman is not going to be calling the offense for the Bucs.

03/12/14, 04:41 PM CDT by Houdini
Source: fansided.com

Jackson playing for the fans

"You want to finish strong every time you play at home, or even on the road," said wide receiver Vincent Jackson. "Every game’s important, but we want to leave a good taste in the mouth for our fans – go out there, play hard, put up a great effort and performance and hopefully come out with a win.”

Jackson will almost certainly suit up for Sunday's home finale despite missing most of practice on Wednesday and Thursday. He has been managing a hamstring injury for weeks but was able to play through it last Sunday and catch three passes for 70 yards and a score against Buffalo. Jackson's status is a little more clear heading into the weekend this time around, however, as he is expected to be listed as probable instead of questionable on the official injury report.

Pyro's take: VJAX is going to play this week, and he is a true gamer, but he is going to be limited by the hamstring. If he were 100% healthy it would still be a tough match-up against the 49ers.

Jackson was targeted eight times last week, so now that he is feeling better he should see double digit targets. Just don't expect him to have one of his monster games in this one.

12/14/13, 05:07 PM CST by Houdini
Source: www.buccaneers.com

Jackson will be a gametime decision

The status of Bucs WR Vincent Jackson, whose 963 receiving yards are more than double any teammate, for Sunday's game against Buffalo remains in question after he was again limited in practice by a hamstring injury Friday.

Coach Greg Schiano said he was "optimistic, cautiously" about Jackson, saying the decision will likely come from the veteran Sunday.

"He knows his body. He knows if he can do it or not," Schiano said. "And he desperately wants to help us win."

Jackson declined to comment.

Jackson, who is listed as questionable, also leads the team with 61 catches and five touchdown catches.

Schiano said Jackson's familiarity with the offense allows him to play with less practice: "A guy like Vincent can because he has so many cumulative reps, and he works so hard when he is out there."

Pyro's take: Jackson is a must start if he plays this week against the Bills. It is never good news when a player is dealing with a hamstring injury, but it is better news that this game is in Tampa instead of Buffalo. The other piece of good news is that this is an early game on Sunday, so you will not have to wait to make your decision.

12/07/13, 11:02 AM CST by Houdini
Source: www.tampabay.com


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