May 22, 2018

Pickups After Week 14 - The Waiver Wire- d-Rx 12/10/12


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This is the duckbutter of the duckbutter, but we have to do this piece every week.

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pickups after week 14 - david wilson - fantasy football



Pickups After Week 14


Montell Owens - RB - Jacksonville Jaguars - Owned in 8.8% of ESPN Leagues - 14 carries for 91 yards and a TD, I like it… But, Owens plays against the Dolphins who are solid against the run in week 15 and goes against the Patriots in a game that the Jaguars won't be running much, they'll be trying to score as much as possible to keep up with Tom Brady and Co. Maybe he gets you some points next week, but Week 16 he'll be useless.

Nick Foles - QB - Philadelphia Eagles - Owned in 3.9% of ESPN Leagues - Nick had his best game as a pro yesterday, but the team is in shambles and he is a rookie. There are better QB situations out there, including another rookie in Brandon Weeden or Kirk Cousins.

Bilal Powell - RB - New York Jets - Owned in 8.8% of ESPN Leagues - Bilal Powell is entrenched in a RBBC situation with Shonn Greene, and had a nice game that essentially mirrored Greene's yesterday. As with anyone you are going to pickup at this point, there isn't much upside, especially because he is splitting the load - but if you are desperate at the RB position, he's an option.

Kirk Cousins - QB - Washington Redskins - Owned in 0.2% of ESPN Leagues - If RGIII is out with his knee injury, this kid is capable and you have to like his schedule playing against the Browns in week 15 and Philadelphia in week 16. I think RGIII will play.

Clay Harbor - TE - Philadelphia Eagles - Owned in 00.1% of ESPN Leagues - How is this guy on even 1 team on ESPN, must have been his family members drafting him. Brent Celek suffered a concussion in yesterday's game, so who knows. Maybe just stay away, but if you really need a TE or have Celek and he remains out next week, this is your guy.

Danario Alexander - WR - San Diego Chargers - Owned in 27.2% of ESPN Leagues - He's scored 2 TDs in a game twice now, and is unquestionably Philip's favorite wide out. He's got two great match-ups, seeing the Panthers next week and then the Jets in Week 16. If you need help at WR, and this fella is available on the wire, it's a no brainer to grab him.

Brandon Gibson - WR - St. Louis Rams - Owned in 12.3% of ESPN Leagues - Hugely inconsistent, he had gooses on catches the previous two weeks (vs. Cardinals & 49ers) but breaks out with a 100 yards and a TD this week against… of course Buffalo. This is not a guy you want to have to play in your fantasy football playoffs. He'll burn you when you need him to show up most.

Rob Housler - TE - Arizona Cardinals - Owned in 00.1% of ESPN Leagues - I know, it's hard for me to tell you to pickup someone on a team that started 4-0 and has lost 9 games since. But Rob has some talent and he had 10 targets this week. I guess I'm just listing guys here for that 65 player bench 20 man league that I heard about.

LeMichael James - RB - San Francisco 49ers - Owned in 1.0% of ESPN Leagues - This is really just if you have Frank Gore or think Frank Gore could get injured this week. No other reason to grab this rookie out of Oregon unless you have some bench space for a "what-if an injury strikes" player for week 16.

Jason Avant - WR - Philadelphia Eagles - Owned in 0.5% of ESPN Leagues - With DeSean Jackson gone, it looks like Nick Foles is going to be tossing it to Avant plenty. Jeremy Maclin had a great game as well, so that shouldn't eat into Jason's chances.

David Wilson - RB - New York Giants - Owned in 40.3% of ESPN Leagues - No one liked Davis Wilson more than I did heading into the season. He fumbled his second carry ever and after we saw what (what we knew) this kid is capable of, it's pretty obvious that Tom Coughlin fumbled by not using this rookie throughout the season. David was as explosive a back as the Giants have ever had, and went on to get his first career 100 yard game. 

Louis Murphy - WR - Carolina Panthers - Owned in 00.2% of ESPN Leagues - Louis had 9 targets yesterday, which I like. That's really about all I can say about this one. I see Murphy in all of Cam's Microsoft commercials and ads, maybe now it appears that we'll start seeing him in the passing attack.

DeAngelo Williams - RB - Carolina Panthers - Owned in 69.6% of ESPN Leagues - I'm friends with Williams on Facebook, and he's a really nice guy! But nice doesn't win you championships in fantasy football, so I stay away from Carolina RBs at all costs. DeAngelo is here on this list solely because he ripped off that 53 yard catch for a TD, but he only had 3 TDs before that, and he hasn't run for more than 70 yards in a game once this season. Don't expect much from him.

Kenny Britt - WR - Tennessee Titans - Owned in 72.7% of ESPN Leagues - I feel like Kenny Britt has been on our list here 5 times, so I find it hard to believe he could still be available. If he is, make sure to grab him.

Dwayne Harris - WR - Dallas Cowboys - Owned in 00.2% of ESPN Leagues - As I write this the news around is that Dez Bryant will see a hand specialist tomorrow. Dez has had a rough start to his career, and is finally playing up to his potential, I don't see him having surgery now and bringing this positive energy to a halt. Now, if I am wrong, Dwayne Harris will benefit greatly from #88's departure.





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