May 23, 2018

Pyro Fantasy Football Power Rankings - Week 12 Power Rankings for all 32 NFL Teams- d-Rx 11/22/12


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There is nothing else like the Pyro® Fantasy Football Power Rankings out there in fantasy football advice land that can help fantasy football owners to take their teams to the next level and start winning rings.

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pyro player rankings week 12 - fantasy football teams and the fantasy points they score and allow each week



Pyro Fantasy Football Power Rankings

Week 12 Power Rankings for all 32 NFL Teams



Welcome to the Fantasy Power Rankings. This weekly article is where you will find out which teams are dominating, or are being dominated, on the offensive and defensive side of the ball, in terms of Fantasy points. See below to see who the BEST team in the league is. These charts and our insight will help you visualize how the season has gone to this point, and give you a better feel for how the season will go week to week.  By using these charts you will have a better understanding of which matchups to exploit on a week-to-week basis, and DOMINATE your fantasy league.  This chart also includes averages at the bottom so you can compare a team’s score to the average and see exactly where they stand in evaluating the matchups.





week 12 - pyro power rankings fantasy football - most points scored by NFL teams in fantasy football



The Pittsburgh offense really struggled without the presence of Ben Roethlisberger. With Byron Leftwich running the show All four of their scoring categories were drastically decreased. Overall, their total points scored dropped 2.3 points causing them to fall 6 spots in the rankings. Now, with their third quarterback under center in three weeks one can only expect them to fall a few more spots until the return of Ben Roethlisberger.


The New Orleans Saints are now the only team in the league to have all four of their position groups to rank in the top five. With the induction of Chris Ivory into the running back by committee the running backs for the Saints have each started to run better. His induction has really sparked this offense and made former Heisman Winner Mark Ingram run harder and harder week after week. To bad their defense is so bad and Payton was out or I would say the Saints are the team to take for NFL betting at Top Bet (click here for more information).


The biggest risers this week were the Houston Texans whose offense lit it up against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The quarterback score for the Texans jumped from 14.7 to 17.3 an incredible 2.6 point leap in a week, things like that happen when you throw for over 500 yards and 5 scores. The receivers also pulled themselves out of last place led by an amazing game by Andre Johnson. They jumped up from 14.7 to 17.8 and now rank 28th in the league.


The biggest faller in the rankings this week were the Baltimore Ravens. A week after dropping the double nickel on the Oakland Raiders they played a much more stifling defense in the Pittsburgh Steelers. After jumping 7 spots last week they feel 8 this week to right around the league average where they will most likely end the season. The most disappointing part of the Ravens offense has to be the ranking of their running backs fueled by Ray Rice as they barely crack the top ten.





pyro power rankings - week 12 - most points allowed by NFL defenses in fantasy football


After allowing a perfect passer rating to rookie RG3 the Eagles defense fell five spots in our rankings.  RG3 took it to them only failing to complete one pas on the day while also running effectively after being stifled in the last few games. The Eagles dream team defense is now merely average in all aspects. The total score for the Eagles increased 2.2 points against a rookie quarterback while their own rookie Nick Foles single handedly caused the Redskins defense to jump four spots.


The Bengals received the best gift a team could ask for at this stage, the ability to play the Kansas City Chiefs last week. They were able to gain 6 spots in the rankings taking on the two-headed monster (not) of Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel. The Atlanta Falcons also jumped 6 spots in the rankings while taking on a two-headed monster at quarterback for the Cardinals in Ryan Lindley and John Skelton. As always this just solidifies the notion that if you have two quarterbacks you really have none.


The biggest riser this week was the Miami Dolphins Defense. They did not allow a single touchdown on defense, they did however allow McKelvin to return an electric punt return. This is a situation that is against the norm, as usually the team that rises the most tends to win the game, not so much this time as they fell to the Bills.


The biggest faller in the ranks this week were the San Diego Chargers who were graced with the unlucky match up of facing the Denver Broncos who are now clicking on all cylinders. Peyton Manning was on his game gaining 270 yards and throwing for 3 scores. Peyton got his old running mate Brandon Stokley involved much more in this game instead of working with too heavily with Eric Decker this game. The San Diego Chargers fell 8 spots and are now merely a mediocre defense instead of the top 10 ranking they have been sporting the last few weeks.






pyro power rankings week 12 - fantasy football points differential NFL teams chart



The San Francisco 49ers put on a dominating display on Monday night football this week and extended their point differential to 20, an outstanding their number further cementing themselves as the top team in the NFL. Their defense absolutely stifled Jason Campbell and the Bears offense and Colin Kaepernick in his first NFL start lit up one of the best pass defenses in the league. This offense seemed to have an extra gear under Kaepernick and he didn’t even showcase his best ability too much, running the football.


On the flip side the Bears fell two spots after the whooping the 49ers put on them. Their differential fell an amazing 5 points from 8.9 to 3.9. They are now merely looking like a team merely in the wildcard hunt rather than the one seed the looked destined for just two short weeks ago. Without Cutler this offense is really struggling and needs him back in order to make that final playoff push.


The Washington Redskins jumped 4 spots in the rankings this week after facing the downtrodden Eagles. Their offense performed at an exceptional level and their defense stifled Nick Foles in his first NFL start. The Redskins need their defense to start playing better and better if they plan on becoming one of the better teams in the NFL week in and week out. The Redskins opponents last weekend just happen to be the biggest fallers in our rankings. The Eagles have just lost it and all the hopes Eagles fans may have had in Nick Foles quickly diminished with that efforts against a weak Redskins secondary. The Eagles are now reeling and also lost their best player LeSean McCoy is now also suffering from a concussion. 




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