May 23, 2018

Pyro Fantasy Football Power Rankings - Week 16 Power Rankings for all 32 NFL Teams- d-Rx 12/20/12


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This is my favorite new piece on our site, if you have questions on who to play this week for the championship - this piece can help you see the light!

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awesome pyro power rankings header graphic - week 16


Pyro Fantasy Football Power Rankings

Week 16 Power Rankings for all 32 NFL Teams





ff points for each NFL offense broken down by position for week 16



The Washington Redskins offense did not skip a beat without RG3 this weekend. They ran a different variation of their offense that leaned on more of a zone running scheme with Alfred Morris but they still kept their rank at 7th even without one of the most dynamic playmakers in the NFL. Morris carried the ball a bit more than usual, 27 times, and also scored 2 touchdowns. Cousins and Hankerson connected on a pair of touchdown passes to go along with Cousins’ 329 to round out another great fantasy performance by the Redskins as a whole.

The Chicago Bears offense was again anemic against the Packers for the second time this season. The packers flat out have the Bears number and paid a big blow to their playoff hopes. Cutler attempted the same number of throws as Ryan Lindley this week and if it weren’t for getting Marshall somewhat involved in the offense this time around he could have had his worst game of the year. Marshall continued his pace to set all of the Bears season receiving records and Matt Forte chipped in 133 total yards.

The Seattle Seahawks have been storming up the board with two straight 50 point games. Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson have been on fire in recent weeks as the Seahawks have been running teams into the ground as of late. The Seahawks jumped 3 spots in our rankings, tying with the St. Louis Rams for our biggest riser this week. The Rams were able to gain a lot of yards and add a few scores in garbage time but helped themselves in our rankings by doing so.

The New York Giants fell 5 spots in our offensive rankings after being blanketed by the Atlanta Falcons. Eli Manning struggled again and eventually the Giants were down so much that they couldn’t give David Wilson the carries to have another big day. The Giants offense has had a lot of ups and downs this season and has yet to hit their stride at the end of the season as we have been accustomed to seeing. The Raiders also fell 5 spots as they blanketed the Chiefs. The Raiders were unable to score an offensive touchdown as Seabass booted 5 field goals. Without the benefit of a touchdown to their score they were unable to maintain their 14th spot and fell to 19th.






fantasy football points allowed by NFL defenses for week 16



The Miami Dolphins gained 3 spots in the after playing the Jacksonville and holding them to just 3 points. The Dolphins were able to hold the running game in check and forced Chad Henne to take over the game which he failed to do. He was able to put up decent yardage as he compiled 221 yards. The Dolphins were able to get of the field as the held the jags to 6 of 15 on third down and stopped every drive after the first. The Dolphins defense was very good on Sunday as they hope to stay in the playoff chase.


The Carolina Panthers defense continues to improve and now find themselves on the cusp of top 10 status. The Panthers are much improved in pass defense and hold opposing quarterbacks, receivers, and tight ends under the average scores. If the Panthers can find a few run stuffers to support the improved pass defense the Panthers could be a team to reckon with going into next season.


The Kansas City Chiefs benefit in these rankings from not allowing a touchdown to the Raiders offense, as they jump 4 spots in the rankings. The Raiders jumped 3 points by keeping the Chiefs out of the scoring column completely in only their second shutout in franchise history. The Chiefs stuffed the Raiders all game once they reached the Chiefs side of the field.


The Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens, and Cleveland Browns each fell 4 spots in the points allowed rankings as they allowed 24, 43, and 38 points respectively. The Cowboys suffered from the wrath of Big Ben as he threw for 339 yards and 2 scores. The Ravens got in the way of a hot Peyton Manning and Von Miller and gave up 38 points. The Browns got caught in the way of a Redskins team that is trying to force its way into the playoffs. Each of their counterparts were backed into a corner and the offenses performed admirably dealing the opposing defenses some painful body punches.






fantasy football differential for points scored on offense vs points allowed on defense



The Patriots were able to seize the top spot in a loss by scoring 31 points on one of the leagues most highly regarded defenses. They fell down big and threw the ball all over the field to almost complete a huge comeback. The Patriots are a very good team and just need their running backs to solve their fumbling issues to make another long playoff run with the Stetson Man at the helm.

The Falcons took a big stride in what can be seen as a statement game, as if a 12-2 team needed to make a statement. They shut out the Giants, a team who was a division leader going into Sunday and also put up 34 points on offense. Matt Ryan was amazing as he completed 23 of his 28 attempts for 270 yards and 3 scores. The running game was lackluster as they averaged 3.8 yards against a stingy run defense. The defense was also great as they held the Giants to 256 total yards. The Falcons have now positioned themselves well for the playoffs and they want to make a statement this time as they have floundered in previous trips.

The New Orleans Saints jumped 4 spots in the rankings after they walloped the Tampa bay Buccaneers 41-0. The defense has really gotten better after the horrid start to the season and they have strung together a couple of wins, just not enough to keep them in the playoff hunt. The Saints offense and Drew Brees were clicking on all cylinders yet again and their offensive effectiveness is second only to the New England Patriots.

The other side of the coin had the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who fell five spots after being absolutely dismantled. Josh Freeman turned the ball over 5 times and the rookie sensation Doug Martin was held under 2 yards a carry. Things got so bad that the Bucs eventually turned to Dan Orlovsky as the game was so far out of reach and Freeman continued to be allergic to the football. The Bucs defense has been so bad against the passing game that it has brought them down to 31st in our defensive rankings even though they are one of the strongest run defenses around.



By Stagg Party


Welcome to the Fantasy Power Rankings. This weekly article is where you will find out which teams are dominating, or are being dominated, on the offensive and defensive side of the ball, in terms of Fantasy points. See below to see who the BEST team in the league is. These charts and our insight will help you visualize how the season has gone to this point, and give you a better feel for how the season will go week to week.  By using these charts you will have a better understanding of which matchups to exploit on a week-to-week basis, and DOMINATE your fantasy league.  This chart also includes averages at the bottom so you can compare a team’s score to the average and see exactly where they stand in evaluating the matchups.



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